OLD: Caillou Steals from Gamestop/Grounded

OLD: Caillou Steals from Gamestop/Grounded

[Important] Read this message. Caillou: Hey dad. Boris: Yes Caillou? Caillou: Um, can we go to GameStop? Boris: Um, I guess we can go. But one more thing, if you misbehave, then you will be grounded. Got it? Caillou: Yes dad. Let’s go. (Caillou & Dad walk out to the car) (Car moves out from home property) (Car arrives at GameStop) Caillou: Yay! GameStop, here we come! So dad, this is the game that I want. Boris: Caillou you seriously want GTA 5?! That game is for 18 or older (Not really necessary) & you’re not older enough. Besides, it’s too violent & inappropriate for your age. Just look at the cover. ~ GTA V Cover shown ~ Boris: But Caillou, let’s look around the store for games that are fun & appropriate for your age. How about we get “Sonic SEGA All-Stars Racing” instead? Caillou: No, “Sonic SEGA All-Stars Racing” is boring to me! I want GTA5 & that’s final! Boris: I had a feeling this is going to happen. Boris: Caillou, you can either get a game that’s more appropriate or we can go home with nothing at all. Your choice. Caillou: NO!! I PICK NEITHER!! I WANT GTA5 (x5) & THAT IS FINAL!! Boris: THAT’S IT!! YOU ARE GROUNDED FOR A WEEK!! WE’RE GOING HOME RIGHT NOW!! YOU’RE GETTING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! (Boris & Caillou walk out of the store) (Car moves out from GameStop) Boris: Now stay in your room for 1 whole week. It seems what whenever we go to a store, this happens all the time. Caillou: NO!! I REFUSE TO STAY IN MY ROOM!! YOU ARE NOT THE BOSS OF ME!! Boris: ACTUALLY, YES I AM!! & YOU BETTER LISTEN TO WHAT I JUST SAID OR ELSE YOU ARE GROUNDED FOREVER!! (Caillou walks to his bed) Caillou: Man, Sometimes I just hate my dad right now! He always gets in the way of my fun! I wanted GTA5 so bad, but guess what? He doesn’t want to get it for me, I wish my life didn’t suck! I wish I could just go to GameStop myself & just take the game. Wait, that gave me an idea! I will sneak to GameStop & get the game instead. (Caillou laughs) Caillou: Now I’m going to jump out of the window so my dad doesn’t see me getting out! (Caillou Laughs) (Caillou falls off the roof) Caillou: Ouch, that really hurts! (Caillou runs off to GameStop) (Caillou arrives at GameStop) (Caillou walks into GameStop) Caillou: Yay! It’s still here, & I don’t think anyone’s looking for it, so I’m going to steal it & bring it back home. (Caillou runs out of GameStop with GTA5 in his hand) (Caillou runs away from GameStop) (Caillou arrives back home, goes on the roof, & jumps through the upstairs window) Caillou: Oh my gosh, this is so fun! I love throwing people out of cars & even running them over & over again! (Caillou laughs) (Boris walks to the living room with an Angry expression on his face) Boris: What was that, Caillou? Caillou: Um, (x11) Boris: Let me see what you’re playing. (Boris finds out that Caillou is playing GTA5) (Boris Rages) Boris: CAILLOU, DID YOU SERIOUSLY STEAL GTA5 FROM GAMESTOP?! TELL ME RIGHT NOW!! Caillou: Yes I did. (Boris Rages More) Boris: CAILLOU!! HOW DARE YOU STEAL GTA5 FROM GAMESTOP!! YOU KNOW DOING A THING LIKE THAT COULD HAVE GOT YOU ARRESTED!! THAT’S IT!! YOU ARE SO GROUNDED (x9) FOR 3596459864869406 YEARS!! GO UPSTAIRS TO YOUR ROOM RIGHT NOW!! Caillou: But do I still get to keep the game? Boris: NO!! GO TO YOUR ROOM RIGHT NOW & I WILL TAKE THE GAME BACK TO WHERE YOU STOLE IT!! GO NOW!! (Caillou cries, running back to his room)

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  1. I subscribe to this because I love that Boris cares about Caillou more and I know he doesn't want him to watch inappropriate stuff that's why he grounded him so yeah that's why I subscribe to this have a nice day everyone

  2. Do You Want To Stop Making Grounded Videos Out Of Caillou? Because Is Child Abuse And Starts Getting Old. How About Making grounded videos Out Of Someone (Like Boris, Kym, Or The Troublemakers Except Caillou And Rosie) And It was Inspired By Tbone Animate And HaniflmranAnimator And Stop Making grounded videos out of Caillou. Okay? Thank You.

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