Nov. 2018: Free PS4/PS3/Vita PlayStation Plus Games Revealed

Hey, remember when those PlayStation Plus
games leaked a few weeks ago? Well now they’re confirmed, along with the
rest of the November lineup. If you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you’ve
got some more free games awaiting you in the new month. Let’s take a look. First up on PS4 is Bulletstorm: Full Clip
Edition. This current-gen port is an enhanced version
of the original game that includes all the previously released DLC, and it runs in 4K
on a that nice PS4 Pro. It’s a fresh, clean coat of paint on a shooter
that’s all about making a big, gory mess. Second, PS4 is getting Yakuza Kiwami, which
is also an improved version of the original game. You can experience the definitive first chapter
of Kazuma Kiryu’s story, with an all-new feature where rival Goro Majima will pop up throughout
the story. Moving to PS3, you can enjoy PlayStation Plus
with friends Jackbox Party Pack 2. The second pack introduced the smash-hit Fibbage
2, along with Earwax, Bidiots, Bomb Corp., and the return of Quiplash with Quiplash XL. Five-games-in-one ain’t bad. And neither is three-games-in-one, as PS3
is also getting the Arkedo Series. This collection of vintage-looking games includes
the platformers Arkedo Jump and Arkedo Pixel, plus the match-four puzzle game Arkedo Swap. As for Vita, you can enjoy the salty story
of Burly Men At Sea. This folktale game mixes point-and-click adventure
with a branching visual novel that lets you tell a unique story about three bearded sailors. Finally, Vita owners can also take Roundabout
for a spin. You take on the role of limo driver who taxis
around a whole bunch of goofy passengers, FMV-style. Thanks to cross-buy, you can drive both Roundabout
and Burly Men At Sea onto PS4 as well. And those are your free PS Plus games for
November; they’ll be available from Tuesday, November 6th until December 4th. Remember that you can always check out gameplay
clips and reviews for these titles on GameSpot, and be sure to stick with us as we report
on the new PS Plus games every month.

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