No License || Baku Series S4:E8

No License || Baku Series S4:E8

Lil Broomstick: Thanks for the ride homie Baku: Yeah don’t worry about it Lil Broomstick: So I’m thinking about goin’ on tour next year Baku: Is that a cop car behind me? Lil Broomstick: Yeah I think so *Police Sirens* Baku: Sheet Lil Broomstick: These mufuckas again Baku: He really don’t want no smoke *Car window opens* Cop: You know why I pulled you over? Baku: It do not matter Cop: BITCH-B…buddy…you were zippin’ and zoomin’ through that damn neighbourhood Baku: Alright so you dealin’ tickets or what? Cop: Ima need to see that license… …and the REGISTRATION Baku: Y’all fuckin’ cops bruh Baku: I ain’t got no license Lil Broomstick: Damn. Cop: New jailhouse just opened up Baku: Y’all better fill that bitch up then Cop: Where’s the registration? Lil Broomstick: It’s right here Baku: You don’t need to see that shit Cop: Step out of the car Baku: Good *Car door opens* Lil Broomstick: Always on some D U M M Y S H I T Baku: Listen I gotta go pick up a pizza Cop: What kind? Baku: B O N E L E S S Cop: You on drugs? Baku: I might have been on that pack Cop: You were going… …60 miles over the speed limit Baku: I gotta keep it 100 Cop: I can respect that Cop: So you driving out here with no license? Baku: Look I played Gran Turismo *Sicko Mode plays* Lil Broomstick: Drake… Lil Broomstick Come pick me up this man Baku fucking around with the cops Drake: That’s just all he know he don’t know nothing else Lil Broomstick: Nah come on his bitch ass bouta get arrested Drake: I tried to show em’ Cop: So basically… Ima hit you with that bullshit tonight, okay? Baku: Ima have to say nah Cop: You’re under arrest Cop: You have the right… …to shut that shit up Baku: Fuck it Cop: Anything you say or- Baku: Y E E T Cop: Damn it worked Cop: We gettin’ outta here Cop 2: Wassup Cop: Put on these glasses Cop 2: Look Baku (Fading in): Yeah we got a little situation Cops: YAINT GOIN NOWHERE BUDDY Baku:…What the fuck? Baku: Dog… Baku: I O-BLITERATED y’all bitches Cops: I DON’T KNOW ABOUT THAT ONE CHIEF Lil Broomstick: Yeah come pick me up Baku: Bullshit that’s BULLSHIT Cops: S U B J U G A T I O N Lil Broomstick: Yo come get me Operator: Yeah food services Lil Broomstick: He on that pack… Lil Broomstick: I don’t know what the fuck he thought was gon’ happen…

100 thoughts on “No License || Baku Series S4:E8

  1. How to get likes in Sethicals comments"

    literally quote anything from the vid and instant 200 likes.

  2. Bruh , he deserves to go to jail-baku was dangerous driving and tried to YEET an officer, why everyone mad

  3. saw one on instagram like this but it was tony stark as the police, steve rogers as the driver and bucky barnes on the passenger seat with falcon as drake

  4. Cop: You know why i pulled you over?

    Driver: It do not matter.

    Cop: BITCH B Buddy

    You were zippin and zoomin threw that damn neighborhood

    Driver: Aight so u dealing tickets or what

    Cop: ima need to see that licsense and regggastraaaaation

    Driver: yall fuckin cops bruh
    I aint got no liscense

    Cop: new jailhouse just opened up

    Driver: yall better feel that bitch up den

    Cop: wheres the registration

    Passenger: right here

    Driver: you dont need to see that shit

    Cop: step out of the car

    Driver: good

    Passenger: always on some DUMMY SHIT

    Driver: listen i gotta pick up a pizza

    Cop: What type

    Driver: BONELESS

    Cop: u on drugs?

    Driver: i may been on that pack

    Cop: you were going 60 miles over the speed limit

    Driver: i gotta keep it 1 hundred

    Cop: i can respect that. So u driven out here with no license

    Driver: look i played GRAN TURISMO

    Passenger: Drake you gotta pick me up man this man baku is fuckin with the cops

    Drake: thats all he know he dont know nuthin else.

    Passenger: nah cmon man his bitch ass bouta get arrested.

    Drake: i tried to show em

  5. i wish i had the ability to Y̸̡̦̯̤̳̥̱̒́̐̓̓͜͝ͅĘ͇̠̭͖̹̻̬̫̫̇͛͐͒͆È̤̠̙͍̤͑̈̈́̍̒͗́͘͞T̘͈̤͚͓̗͑̉̌̇̂͒͘ my problems to another dimension

  6. Watching this at 1:00AM and eating a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch is the best feeling ever😩🙏

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