Nintendo’s SMALLEST & MOST OBSCURE game console! – Pokemon Mini + 10 Games

– Hey guys, Metal Jesus, here, and I’m back again, with Kelsey. – How’s it going? – Good. – So today we’re gonna be talking about a really cool system, one that you might not have even heard of, but it’s Nintendo’s smallest
cartridge-based handheld, and it is called the Pokemon mini. – This thing is crazy. Let’s take a look. (heavy metal) When we started working on this video, I was trying to get
the games, the systems, it was nearly impossible. I mean, we were reaching out
to people in the community, like the local Seattle collectors, and many of ’em are saying they didn’t even know what it was. – Yeah.
– It’s crazy. – It’s crazy. This is something that– I mean, you would think a Pokemon thing would be fairly mainstream, not obscure, but the reason you might
not have heard of this, and maybe the reason it kind of flew under the radar for a a lot of collectors, is because, although
this is an actual system, I mean, it takes cartidges,
these are individual games, it was marketed more like a toy. It kinda looks like a
Tamagotchi, I get that, and so this was sold in Toys “R” Us and KB Toys, and not so
much in the Gamestop, EB Games-type thing. So it’s an odd one. – And I think, to your
point there, is that, again, it’s a full game system. And we’re gonna kinda walk
through the device here, but it takes catridges. There’s not many that
were released for it, but it’s kinda like a little,
mini Game Boy, essentially. – And what’s so funny is
it’s the exact same size as a Game Boy cartridge (laughs). – [Metal Jesus] I know. That’s hilarious. I know. – So let’s talk about what
this thing is, first of all. So it came in three different colors, and these three Pokemon, I have no idea why they chose these
three, they’re so random. Chikorita green, okay? That one makes sense,
it’s a starter Pokemon. Wooper blue, just a very random Pokemon from the second generation,
and Smoochum purple, or Smoochum pink, whatever they’re– – [Metal Jesus] Smoochum? – Smoochum, yep. I forget, oh yeah, they
are calling it purple. These are very random Pokemon. You might not know that. – No, I didn’t know that–
– But they don’t really belong together
– At all (laughs). – In any way. I don’t know what their
reasoning was for that. But this thing was about
$40, when it came out, and the games were 20-ish. So certainly much cheaper than, at the time, the Game Boy Advance had just come out, so cheaper than that, for sure, but also, why get this when you could get a Game Boy Advance – Right, right. Huh. Well let’s go ahead and walk
around the device a little bit, here, because again, I
think this is gonna be the first time a lot of people have seen this. And then we mentioned
that it takes cartridges, so they pop out in the back, here, and this is what they look like. Little tiny miniature cartridges. Now, it’s important to know that this came at a time whenever
backlit screens weren’t really the norm, or at least– Well that’s not true. There was the Game Gear,
and stuff like that. – It wasn’t Nintendo’s norm. – That’s just true. And so this one is not backlit, when it came to you,
although we wanna mention, though, that for fairly little money, you can actually have it backlit. – Yeah, eight to 10 bucks,
they sell these screens, (beeping) and they’re pretty nice quality, and I recommend it,
because it doesn’t look like it’s super difficult
to install, either. – Yeah, it’s not, and we’re gonna get to that in a little bit, here, but– So, and then it has a d-pad here, it has a power button, there’s
also a reset switch, here, if it gets stuck or crashes, or whatever, a, b buttons, you have
a c button right here, which is often used to bring up the menu. – It’s kinda cool ’cause
you can play most things with one hand, that way, ’cause
the c button’s on the side. – It’s a very comfortable little handheld. – Absolutely. – Some other things, here. I mentioned IR port, so you
can do multiplayer with that. It also has rumble, and
it has motion-sensing in here, as well. So some games will actually
use all of that stuff (laughs). – [Kelsey] Which is pretty crazy. I mean, not even a Game Boy had that. – [Metal Jesus] I know. And then, it’s all powered
off of a triple A battery. – [Kelsey] And it lasts for 60 hours. – I know!
– Off of one triple A battery. – Isn’t it crazy?
– Yeah. – Of course, that’s the reason why they went with a non-lit screen, backlit screen, basically, yeah. So this is my green one, right here, and then we also have– And we’ll be showing in a lot of the B-roll, here,
one that’s been modded. – Yeah, to be backlit. – Absolutely. – So you wanna talk about some of the games, and stuff,
that came out for this? – I think we should. – So this system has a
whopping 10 games for it, which is even less than the Virtual Boy, so not exactly the most insane selection, and we didn’t even get all
of them in the states, so– Some of ’em are pretty cool, though. The first one that comes bundled with all of them is
called Pokemon Party mini, and this is like a
collection of mini games. What’s cool about this one
is it utilizes everything that this system can do. So it’s got the IR sensors,
so you can do multiplayer, it’s got the rumble, it’s
got the motion sensing, and the real-time clock, as well. – [Metal Jesus] This definitely
reminded me a little bit of the WarioWare series of games, where they’re– They’re not short like that,
but they’re simple like that. Usually there’s like one
mechanic that it’s doing. For instance the boxing,
you shake it to box. And the sprinting, you
have to kinda tap the a really quick, that sort of stuff. It’s not the most impressive
games, but it’s fun. – [Kelsey] They’re fun. They’re cute, and, I don’t know, it amused me for a good five
or ten minutes (laughs). – [Metal Jesus] Yeah. – [Kelsey] So another one that we got in the US is the Pokemon
puzzle collection. This is a pretty good one, actually. I feel like these puzzle
games are mostly pretty fun. I mean, they’re definitely just kinda your standard matching puzzle game things, like those sliding puzzles, and– – [Metal Jesus] I think this is good for a portable device, like this. – [Kelsey] Absolutely. – [Metal Jesus] I mean, so you can whip it out at the doctor’s
office, or whatever, and just play a couple
rounds, and stuff like that. And then, also, there is a second one that was Japanese-only. This comes with another 80 new puzzles. So if you didn’t get
enough in the first one– The nice thing is that you
can kind of figure these out. You don’t necessarily
need to know Japanese. – Yeah, there’s a little
bit of text in it, that you might have to do, but there’s not a ton of menus, so trial and error, you can get it,
if you don’t speak Japanese. – The one place I screwed up on this, we should mention this, is that some of these games support save slots. And so this is one of ’em, where I popped it in, and I didn’t realize that it was prompting me to
clear out save spots, which I thought was really funny. – Yeah. So the system itself can
only hold six save files, which is probably okay if
you don’t own all ten games, which most people don’t, but when we were trying to play all of these games, which we’re only missing one, here, we did run into the save
file problem (laughs). – Yeah, so just be aware that
you gotta do a little bit of file management on that. The next one is– I actually played this
one for quite awhile, this is Pokemon Tetris. – Yeah, this is pretty cool. So, the weird thing about this one is, I mean, it’s basically just normal Tetris, but you’re also catching
Pokemon as you do it. Now, you have to clear the full four lines in order to catch the Pokemon, otherwise they just kind of disappear after awhile. But it doesn’t really punish you, you just kinda keep playing
Tetris, like normal. – [Metal Jesus] Yeah, but
it’s a full-blown version of Tetris, which is cool. – [Kelsey] Yeah, it’s fun. And we’ve got Pokemon Pinball mini, which is a totally misleading name, because this is not pinball. – [Metal Jesus] I know, it’s so funny, because it’s just the
plunger part of pinball. It’s so weird. They could’ve put a full
version of a pinball game on there, but they just didn’t. I don’t know why. – [Kelsey] And I don’t know why you would call it pinball, I mean, pinball’s a pretty
established concept, right? – [Metal Jesus] Although, I
actually had fun with this one. It’s definitely challenging, ’cause you’re basically just trying to knock the pinball into these holes, and to clear the screen. Which, again, is not pinball, but it is definitely a fun game. – Yeah, it’s still a fun little game. And we’ve got Pokemon Zany Cards. These are just four card games, nothing super exciting to this, but– – [Metal Jesus] Again, good for portal play, I guess.
– Absolutely, yeah. Which is really all you
need this for, right? – Yep, exactly. – No one’s blowing this up on their TV. (laughing) And now let’s get into some of
the Japanese exclusive ones. We have Pokemon Race. Is this a Japanese exclusive one? – [Metal Jesus] Yes, it is. – [Kelsey] This one’s actually pretty fun. – [Metal Jesus] I know, this is actually– I mean, it feels like a– I don’t wanna say a full-blown game, but it has a full level,
and you were playing it, you were actually kicking
my butt, which is annoying. – [Kelsey] It’s a racing platformer, and you go through different levels, racing different Pokemon who
have different strengths. So for instance, the second level, you’ll be racing against a Wooper, which is better at swimming than you are, and it will be faster
than you in the water. So you wanna try to stay above the water. But it’s kinda fun one. It’s a little slow, I feel like, – [Metal Jesus] Yeah, it is. It can be a little frustrating, but at least it’s a actual game. – Yeah, yeah. We’ve got this one that we can’t really play a whole lot of, ’cause my Japanese isn’t quite there, yet. This is Pokemon Breeder, and it’s really like a Tamagotchi-type thing. It’s a pet-raising game, so you’re– – [Metal Jesus] Which seems like they had to do this for this device, right? – [Kelsey] Oh, absolutely. I’m surprised this one didn’t come out in America because I think
this would’ve been excellent. I guess they already had
the Pikachu mini Tamagotchi. – [Metal Jesus] Oh, okay. – [Kelsey] You’re familiar with that one? So maybe they’re just like, eh, we don’t need another one, but– (laughs) I don’t know. I thought this one seemed pretty cool, but probably, unless you speak a lot of Japanese, not gonna get through it. – Right. – [Kelsey] The next Japanese-only one is called Pichu Bros. mini, which we didn’t play a whole lot of. But it is just another kind
of mini game-type thing. – [Metal Jesus] Yeah, a
collection of mini games, which this thing is kinda
designed for, I think, so– – And then our final one is one that we don’t actually have, ’cause it’s so freaking rare, and expensive. – I printed it off, just so
I’d remember what– (laughs) – [Kelsey] So it’s called
Togepi’s Great Adventure, and it’s basically a game where you have to guide Togepi out
of a tower and avoid traps. I mean, we haven’t
actually gotten the chance to play it, unfortunately, so I wish I could tell you more about it, but it’s looks pretty cool. – It seemed like it’s very
hard to get this game. Actually, if you’re kinda wondering where we got all this from, actually, a fan my channel’s named
Vincent from Connecticut, offered to send all this
over for this video. And the reason why I mentioned that is because he’s obviously a collector of the Pokemon mini, and he’s
been trying to get this game. And the last time it was
listed on eBay complete, in decent condition, it was $600. – That’s crazy. – Yes. – I only own two of these games, and I think they’re two of the
really cheap ones (laughs). – Yeah. I mean, thankfully, not all of them are super expensive,
but it seems like there are a couple that
are very collectible. – Definitely. The Pokemon Breeder one
is also not a cheap one. – Oh, is it? Okay.
– Yeah. So that’s all the retail releases of this game, although
there’s kind of one more, because if you own a GameCube
copy of Pokemon Channel, which is a pretty cheap
Pokemon game on the GameCube, they actually do have some of these games built-in via emulation, like inside the game itself, as well as one game that didn’t come
out, called Snorlax’s Lunch. – Really?
– Yeah. – [Metal Jesus] Wow, that’s cool. – So I don’t know, it’s kinda cool. But the other thing is that there’s actually like a pretty big
homebrew community for this. – I was blown away when we were doing some research on this. I mean, yes, we’ve shown 10 games here, but there’s way more than that in the homebrew community. – [Kelsey] Yeah, the system’s
been broken wide open, and people have done all kinds
of games and ports for it. This emulation team, I guess,
or game development team, called Team– It’s either Poke Me or PokeMe, I don’t know how they
prefer to pronounce it, made a ton of ports for, like, Sonic, R-Type, all kind–
– That’ll be amazing. – Yeah, like just really weird stuff that you would not expect to see on a tiny console like this. – Well, I know, me personally, when I was preparing for this, I was trying to get one of
those SD cards for this– – Yeah, like a flash card of
some sort to play all of those. – I know, to try some of the homebrews, and kind of be able to show you guys, but again, this thing is so obscure that I don’t think there’s
that many collectors out there, I couldn’t find one. I couldn’t find one for sale. – Yeah, it’s pretty niche, but you can learn more about some of those games that are available, and see some of that
yourself at That’s where you found
a lot of this, right? – Yeah, that’s where I got this printout, right here, because they’ve got the screenshots and all that sort of stuff. It’s actually a really cool Web site. Also, too, again, we wanna mention at the end, here, that the screen mod, the backlit screen mod that
we are using, right here, is actually from a site
called, and again, I was blown away, it’s like $10 for just the parts. – [Kelsey] Yeah. That’s pretty cheap. – [Metal Jesus] That’s pretty cheap, so– – [Kelsey] And it looks really good. – It does. I think that if you’re gonna collect for this, you would probably want that. – Yeah. If you’re still used
to the Game Boy screen, and stuff, which, I grew up with it, so I can still deal with it. – Oh, do you? Okay. – It definitely looks a lot better to get yourself one of those backlit– – Yeah, and actually that site also has a mod for the original Game Boy. – I’m sure. I’m sure they have backlit
or frontlit for everything. – Yeah, it’s definitely really cool. And also, again, another huge shout-out to Vincent from Connecticut,
who was kind enough to send all this stuff to
me, all the way to Seattle, and let us show it in this video. It’s so cool. – It’s pretty awesome. – It’s pretty cool. Where can people find you on the Internet? – You can find me on my YouTube channel, which is just I am also on Twitter @KelseLewin. – Awesome. All right guys, thank you
very much for watching. Thank you for subscribing, and take care. These are definitely some
of my favorite videos to do, covering weird, and
obscure, and bizarre pieces of video game history that
most people don’t know about. I mean, honestly, when
I first ran into this, I didn’t know what it was, either. It looks like a toy, and then, to my surprise, it turns out to be, basically, a really small, miniature Game Boy from Nintendo. It’s crazy. So hope you guys enjoyed that. All right. Have a great day.

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