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  1. I wouldn't mind using a cell phone app as long as they made the app as a hotspot exclusively for the Switch so it won't make your cell phone bill skyrocket… Say I'm travelling in a car and I want to go online, I need an online connection, and there is where the app comes into play.

  2. im pretty sure once it comes out and people play while walking. We're going to have another instance of people getting robbed while playing nintendo switch. I think its an ok idea, but their MP implementation is iffy at best. Play where you want blah blah blah.

  3. As long as I can play Breath of the Wild on the go without an internet source I don't care. I just want to continue the Legend of Zelda universe.

  4. Nobody wants to voice chat with strangers anyway. The only player that needs a headset with a mic is the player that plays with friends that he already knows since before. But since you can do all that localy on the switch with split screen, also taking into account that Nintendo is known to only support servers with max 16 players, the casual switch player wont realy need a global voice chat

  5. If you dont have a smart device and lots dont the voice chat is not there? So to get the full effect of the switch I need to spend $300 plus tax $60 plus tax $500 plus tax <~~~~ smart phone which i do not have!!!!!!! Plus anything else you need????? DAMN THATS LIKE $1200 JUST TO USE THE SWITCH? WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO AFFORDABLE SYSTEMS ANYMORE NINTENDO? THATS GONE TO RIGHT?

  6. look at it this way, most people use discord, teamspeak, mumble, and other chat apps. Pretty soon it's going to be alot more of a common thing, and everyone should own at least some kind of smart phone.

    Another thing is, as far as online on the go, It is highly preferred to find a very strong WiFi hotspot, enough bandwidth that can both operate the Nintendo voice chat app and play online games on switch with 4 or more people.

    Otherwise, it's simply best to play online at home, and just play your low budget indie games on the go to conserve battery life

  7. App is likely their answer to the voice chat they're so afraid of using since they removed it from games like Pokemon and Animal Crossing…

  8. Hopefully Reggie really did mean facilitate, the Switch will still have it's own chat solution and the app. will be a social hub to use both in and out of gaming.

  9. well to have wifi connection in for example finland you will have to have a smartphone with wifi hotspot capability unless you live in a big city as most places outside big cities dont have wifi connections, but as most mobile providers in finland offer plans with unlimited data for a fixed monthly fee its no problem having a smartphone with you and connect your switch to it

  10. This is Nintendo we are talking about here, adds are they will add all this missing features on the Nintendo Switch xl or slim next year…:/

  11. Not sure they really got Ubisoft support; they are just porting a game from years ago (Rayman) and not bothering with anything new

  12. Heard that the battery life isn't that good (during tablet mode). Especially playing heavy game like Zelda. Is this true?

  13. I dont think Nintendo realizes that internet is muuuuuuch slower in the western hemisphere than in the east. Wifi is going to be a problem over here.

  14. Why need an app? Why the hardware cannot provide all functionality needed? If you are playing multiplayer games over internet then voip should work along side it. Is there some hardware limitations in the wiiU2 I mean the switch that the system cannot handle such functions? Having to need the switch and phone in your lap during play is just extra. Nintendo was not ready and should have waited to release this console, the online service and launch line is gimped (the 5 games)

  15. I know. I read this interview. The reason Reggie gave is absurd. However, I do agree with him. I like this solution. Why? It eliminates the need to use processing power and bandwidth for the Nintendo Switch. Everybody who will get a Switch already has a phone. I like it. You can also schedule a match like "I just got off work but before I get home I want to go to Starbucks to play Mariokart. Let me login on my phone to set up a match in 20 minutes or so. Let me check if my best friend is online." Sorry. With all due respect, i disagree. I don't think it is very cumbersome. I think they did this also for home usage as well. It's gonna be REALLY hard to voice chat with a joy con in each hand waving them around with a cable sticking out of one. Bluetooth? Sure but eliminating voice chat and stuff on your switch not only frees up the screen space and bandwidth… it also helps improve battery life.

    Reasons why it's good.
    1 Increase battery life
    2 Decrease CPU usage
    3 Decrease need for screen to display other stuff or going back and forth from player screen to game screen
    4 Frees up joy cons – they don't need an audio jack and u can still move around freely
    5 Bluetooth would decrease battery life significantly.

  16. Very bad idea. If I had a kid, I wouldn't let them have a smartphone until they were at least 15. Regular basic cellphone at 11

  17. Why does Nintendo always negate their cool ideas with a bunch of head scratching decisions? For example: N64 using cartridges instead of CD’s, those tiny Gamecube discs, Wii not being HiDef, Wii U underpowered. Is it just me??? For every good piece of news, they announce something that will piss you off. Let’s look at The Switch…The GOOD: Console gaming on the GO, No Region Lock, modern Cartridge based games that don’t require huge installs. The BAD: more motion controls, phone app for voice chat, VERY poor battery life, underpowered AGAIN, very expensive accessories, expensive indie games, no new AAA 3rd party support AGAIN, no D pad, awkward placement of the Right-Joy-con analog stick, & 32 gig onboard memory in 2017!. I can go on and on… and if you think Zelda is the great Nintendo savior you are putting way too much stock into one game. Historically, Zelda never pushed huge numbers. Most people will finish Zelda in 2-3 days then what?? I cannot stress this enough, NINTENDO needs NEW 3rd party support. All their successful consoles had robust 3rd party support. This console doesn’t quite know what it wants to be. It’s like a jack of all trades/master of none. Everywhere you turn they made some sort of compromise. I am very concerned.

  18. What if you hand your smart phone and one joycon to ypur friend and the Switch will display on two screens? long ago there were rumours the NX would somehow work with phones.

  19. I honestly never use voice chat even for games like Halo. It does help, but shooters are mainly action games; just shoot the enemy in front of you. I also don't mind too much if you need the app to get your friends together, since it's a step up from what they've had before.

    What has me concerned is that it sounds like you'll need it even for random matchmaking. Why should I have to pull out my phone to connect to random people?

  20. Honestly, I'm willing to wait and see how it turns out. I'm cool with it for now. Granted, I'm more of a single player kinda guy so I probably wouldn't end up using voice chat all that often anyway.

  21. i get nintendo behind different, but there are some things you don't mess with. which is why I'm really hoping the mobile app is not the only voice and matchmaking solution. sometimes i just don't want to be tethered to my phone while playing games on my couch. is a blu tooth option really too much to ask for? what if i want to charge my phone? i don't want to be stuck on the wall just so i can talk.

  22. LOL, she thinks she will have to put the phone on her ear to chat. I guess you can put the Xbox controller on your ear too to chat Ashley, since you've never heard of a headset or earphones.

  23. erm yer a celephone headset solves this problem in like 5 seconds you know the thing most people cary with them.

  24. Let's pay for Nintendo's online service as well as charge are cell phone data plans double for telecommunication online chat for multi player online sounds good.

  25. I dont understand this.. If I want to chat I have to plug in a headset into my phone? but then what about if I want to listen to the game on the switch? i wear two headsets? lol

  26. I have a Lumia 950 XL… while that is technically a smartphone, not everyone uses iOS or Android. So I'm worried about whether the smartphone will be required, and if so, what platforms? I'm not willing to support Apple or Google, so that may be a deal breaker if Nintendo doesn't reach out to people on other mobile OS platforms like WP, or at least allow access to a website for people who can't use the app. Nintendo platforms have historically been some of the most forgiving of people not owning an iOS or Android device…

  27. introducing: the new smartphone from Nintendo that is the only smartphone that is capable of working with the switch

  28. Just like with the Ghost in the Shell live action movie, I'm going to wait for it to come out before I pass judgement on if the phone app idea is good or not.

  29. What if they are making the app for people who want to write chat instead of speaking. This has always been horrible on consoles, but everyone is familiar with chatting on the phone. I'm guessing you'll create parties, write chat messages in-game both through the app, and the chat audio will be put out through the audio on the switch console. So all audio will go through the audio output on the console. Anything else would just be stupid i think

  30. "…Smart phone required to play multiplayer…" I guess Nintendo didn’t think of the people that don't own a Smart phone (don't have one now, or will ever get one, or can’t get one) so I'm stuck with single player…Nintendo just lost an opportunity with this idea…so sad.

  31. the ladies kind of dramatizing it a bit saying like they're going to have to get smart phones almost all phones right now or smartphones I have an Android that's $35 and it's a smart phone it can do everything that a $400 smartphone can do maybe not picture quality or two and things like that but you don't need to get an iPhone

  32. when you're hatin on the small amount of games that are available do you ever feel like a bit ignorant later when something like this does good. especially after seeing E3 this year,what's coming out and what has already come out. not to mention how many switches sold. honest question. also to the lady it's quite comfortable in your hands and it's not hard to put it on your lap or set it down or anything to use your phone I can actually hold it and use my phone. I do agree that the app thing is kind of strange but then again that's just Nintendo maybe they just want to do it just to say they did it first? hopefully not hopefully it has some cool features and it makes sense but I feel like in the end we're just going to end up putting on a Bluetooth cuz my fiance even said she doesn't want to hear everybody in the chat room out loud on speakerphone haha

  33. Of course the Xbox one sold better than the wii u, the wii u sucked, it was a failure.
    The Xbox one did well though. Try comparing it with the wii

  34. So I can only play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe only locally with my friends if I don't have the Nintendo Switch app?

  35. The ps vita is actually better than the switch the vita has built in voice chat and has YouTube and Netflix the switch you need a phone wtf I just spent £279 on a switch and it has not got voice chat or achievements vita is cheaper and better I'm not saying that the switch is bad its a good gameing console

  36. makes you wonder if the game blog interviewers at some point said.. "whoa whoa whoa… wait a sec.. off the record.. WTF? are you effing kidding me?? back on record.. and what extra features can we expect…?"

  37. no I believe it's rediculas in 2017 mabey they planned not to have online chat but they relized how much it would be a big down fall on a sale point so they may a shity day of fix ing it so they can be like are we have chat

  38. I wanted to buy a switch, mainly for breath of the wild (obviously), but still – to this day – nothing has been done to create a good networking program built into the switch.

    A couple of my freinds have the switch and if I was going to buy one, I would hope to be able to play games with them while chatting, without the stress of downloading some third party app and hooking it up to my switch while keeping my battery alive on my mobile device. Also (correct me of i am wrong) but is it not true that you cant run the app as a background process on your mobile? Meaning if some other app interferes with chat app, of you need to make a call, then will you be kicked from the chat app? That sounds like a nightmare.

    Why cant Nintendo simply integrate a chat party and invitation system similar to that of playstation 4? Is that too logical to ask for.

    This is the only reason I have not bought a switch yet and it seems such an easy fix, I dont understand why they have not done it yet! I will not pay for a switch until they have better networking features either. Which is sad as I was looking forward to Zelda, Mario, Splatoon 2 etc. But I wont pay that price if I cant even communicate with freinds without jumping through hoops.

  39. This is the most annoying video ever with no help! Plus I don't think she has EVER heard of headphones 😂🤦🏻‍♀️

  40. Well can your friends just say bad words just like people on online games like BOI why nintendo switch noooooo you should of thought that

  41. Will if I’m offline I could tell my friends to go and play with me if I could use Bluetooth to use my phone to voice chat with friends then ends up being the same thing

  42. Sure if you spend all day shuffling words around you can make anything sound bad, stop trying to compare Microsoft or Sony to Nintendo because you'll end up with this lousy explanation, the head set from the PS4 works just like it would on the PS4 and now a days everyone dose have phones and I don't think people expect you to hold up ur phone while you play unless ur an idiot so try putting it on speaker or put on ur headphones or better yet a Bluetooth headset, I don't like this vedio mainly cus you didn't even bother explaining how the app works, but I can see how high you put your hopes up for something that Microsoft and Sony still don't manage to do, them prepare for them to disappoint you in the future cus they will be doing that sooner or later

  43. Better just use discord works way better did u know that there you can actually invite other friends who are playing another game

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