Nintendo Switch Skins that dont DESTROY it!

Nintendo Switch Skins that dont DESTROY it!

(intense music) – We’ve talked about a few different ways you can customize your Switch. For instance, shell exchanges which are cheap and can look
really good if done properly but that’s also kind of
the main issue with them if they’re done properly. I might even be stripping
the screws a little bit. You have to buy a whole extra tool kit, take apart joy cons,
put them back together and there’s always the
chance that in doing so you might accidentally
ruin the joy con some way, messing up one of the censors, messing up the HD rumble or just bricking the joy con entirely. (sighs) And if you ever want to change the shell, well you have to do it all over
again compounding the risks. So, it can be a little scary if you’re not used to doing DIY type of stuff and then there’s paint jobs
which can also look phenomenal if you get the right person
to do it but that’s the thing, you need to contact a specialist, have someone actually take a lot more time and effort and put into it which can cost way more
than a shell exchange. And once again it’s a permanent process, if you ever want to change that again you either need to spend all that money all over again and getting
a new set of joy cons or you need to do a shell exchange which we’ve already kind of
covered the worries about that. Frickin’ plug back in. Now a third option that we haven’t really talked a whole lot about yet is skins and the reason for that is
since the Switch has come out the only real options that have existed are either skins that only cover like the front part of a joy con which I’ve just never
found to look really good, it’s not a full body wrap or in the case of a higher
quality skins like from D Brand, they ran into an issue
where their adhesives were actually causing
physical damage to Switches where yeah it would look good
while trapped in the skin but if you ever wanted to change it or take it off or anything
like that you’re going to see permanent physical
damage to the Switch that just does not look good. Thankfully when they
discovered this back when the Switch first came out, they immediately took
care of the situation. They canceled all their preorders, they refunded everyone their money and they took a step back and recently they reached out to me
that they finally fixed it. (upbeat music) Over the last year they’ve been working along side with 3M to devise new adhesives to use for their wraps that are not going to cause any
damage to their Switches which they now guarantee and to actually kind of show you guys, they sent me a bunch ones to showcase which look really cool. So let’s take a look at these guys. Now before we break down through
all these different colors setting everywhere all over this table, let’s just talk about what the
different skin options are. So, first off there are two different skins you can grab for
the dock of your system. There’s a faceplate one which just changes this front faceplate and leaves gaps for the Switch
logo and the word switch. And then there’s an
accent skin you can get which is going to cover up those as well and do the sides of your dock. Now for the Switch main body, there’s a single skin you can get which is going to cover the entire back, the kick stand and also
wrap around to the front which I love so much. That’s something you can’t
do with shell exchanges because that requires
you to actually mess with like the screen and such and it’s a lot harder to do
and not really feasible so this is going to give you an option that’s not going to only
change the back of your Switch which is cool for showing other people but with the front covered as well you can have that confidence of knowing oh yeah, I have this custom Switch that I designed with the colors I like. And then there are of course
the joy cons themselves. Now kinda like with a shell replacement, this is doing not only the front but also the back. There is a gap right here because it would be to diffcult to make, you know, no bubbles or cause problems with all these tiny areas here but it covers all the
important bits of the joy con giving you that awesome different
visual color that you want aside from the standards
that Nintendo offers. And that’s one of the
really cool things too is that if you already own
a set of like gray joy cons and you decide you really
want something in red but you don’t want to
throw down a bunch of money for just brand new Mario colored joy cons, you can go to skins for
just 5 bucks for each one and it looks great. Now as far as actual color
options go for these guys, there are currently ten
different skin color options for the Switch. There are 7 different, gal-glo-glossy, There are 7 different glossy colors like the red we have right here, they also do it in blue, yellow, green, orange, purple and pink. They have a single matte option
right now which is a white, which I think looks really good and then they have 2 different
kind of special options which are both in black which are a camo and a carbon fiber. Now what’s cool about these guys is that they’re not only
just kind of a pattern design but they actually have the
different texture to them as well compared to all
the solid colored ones. The camo as a little bit
of a roughness to it, which I kinda like and the carbon fiber is really smooth. Now of course an important part about of picking colors for your Switch is not just what your favorite colors are but something a lot of
people have been doing is metic choices which these open up a lot more options than you normally have. I mean there are some easy ones you can do like double red for Mario, double yellow for Pikachu, double green for Link or you can mix and max some colors for some different ideas like doing a red and white for more general Pokemon aesthetic or green and white for Yoshi. Now of course we can’t have all
ten of these guys laying out and not have me actually
talk about which ones are my favorite. So to start with, the number 1 for me is the matte white which actually surprises myself a little bit too. I’m not normally huge fan
of just straight white for systems but I really
like the way this one looks, escpecially the fact
that there is no official version of this just yet. I mean we did a shell exchange for one but that took a lot of work. This is much more straight forward way which still looks really great and it’s something that you
can’t get through Nintendo. They’ve been focusing on colorful options and you only kind of gray scale
one right now is plain gray. And I think the white
just looks a lot better. After that, I’d have to say being a little more cliche for my self, I love the reds and blues. I like that they’re actually deeper colors than the ones you get on the Switch. I’m not a huge fan of the neon effect they have on those ones. I like the Mario red ones but these glossy red look really
good too and I love the blue. So, I’m going to put a link down below for you guys to check out for yourselves if you’re not a fan of the idea of doing a lot of hard work
for the shell exchange and you don’t want to
spend a bunch of money on paint job or buying
a new set of joy cons. This is an awesome, affordable way to customize your Switch
just the way you want.

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  1. just bought all my skins this morning , not gonna lie pretty anxious about fucking up the application , watched their installation video but crikey im not good with internet tutorials

  2. I'm sad that I don't live in america- a 50 usd kit to make my switch all pokemon coloured is gonna run me like 75 aud :'(

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