Nintendo Switch Setup Video

Hey, what’s up everyone it’s Erik for Plugged
In at GameStop, and right now we are truly getting plugged in as we are about to go through
the setup for the Nintendo Switch. In our previous video, we unboxed the Nintendo
Switch and showed you everything that comes in the box when you buy it brand new. And right now we’re about to show you what
it’s like to setup your system step by step. If you haven’t seen the unboxing video go
ahead find the link in the details below and watch that one as well. Right now, though let’s see all the steps
you’re going to go through when you set up your brand new Nintendo Switch. All right so I have unpacked my Nintendo Switch
I have attached the Joy-Con controllers. And the only thing left to do is go ahead
and turn it on. The power button is right here. Here we go, we’ve got the Nintendo logo
right at the begin. And then the Switch logo, and there’s that
iconic Switch sound, with some opening music there for the first initial set up. So it’s going to ask me to pick all of my
preferences I’m going to go for English so we know what we are doing through the rest
of this setup. We live in the Americas. View the end-user license agreement I hope
you can read fast, there it is. Okay good, we agree. Accept. And now it’s going to look for Wifi network
but we are not going to connect to one right now so I will just skip this I have the option
to hit x there and go later so I can set it up. We are not in Los Angeles or Vancouver but
close enough. Let’s go ahead and set up the date here. And it’s not 1 AM but it’s pretty close to
noon so there we go. We are good to go. Next question it’s asking would you like to
connect to a TV and play on a larger screen. Yes. I am going to go ahead and click connect it’s
asking me to detach the Joy-Con controller so I am going to do that right now. Set this down and for the remainder of this
I am going to use the Joy-Cons to set this up so use the left stick to select next press
A on the right controller and then use the rear stand to prop up the system. So I am going to go ahead and do that. Setting up the dock looks to be a very simple
process you can see I only need these three things. I need the actual dock itself which I have
got right here. I need am HDMI cable and the AC adapter. Both of these are already plugged in and ready
to go the HDMI is plugged into the TV and the AC adapter is plugged into the wall. So I am going ahead and press next. So next step is to go ahead and actually plug
these cables in so just open up the back of the dock here. Go ahead and plug the HDMI into the bottom
one, they are all labeled so there is no making mistakes here. The AC adapter goes into the top, and just
make sure that both of the cables are going through that cutout. Close the back up, and there you go. Our dock is all set up I am going to hit next
here and that’s it our dock is ready to go. Okay, now we’ve got the dock all connected
to the TV and a power source so we are ready to go. The only thing we need to do is put the system
in the dock. So let’s do it. Make sure before we put it in that you close
that kickstand, because it’s not going to fit if you don’t, and then just set it in
make sure you press down firmly so everything connects you can see the LED turned on the
screen went blank, and we are connected to the TV. So from here I am just going to use the Joy-Con
controllers again to navigate my way through the additional setup. So i am going to select success because I
can see the Switch on the television and I am going to get to set my icon and nickname. I am going to choose, let’s see we have a
bunch here Luigi, Donkey Kong, we’ve got Zelda, I am going to pick Zero Suit Samus. And I get to put in my name. Very cool. I am not going to put my name though I am
going to put in honor of one of my good friends I am going to put my good friend Nintandy
name in here because he loves Nintendo and his name is Andy. And then I can just hit the plus button there
to accept so here we go we are ready. So we’ve added that user to the console and
at this point it’s going to give us the option to add additional users if you have other
people in the house that want to play with the system you can do that. For now, I am going to go ahead and skip it. And here we go parental controls can be used
to restrict features of the console I am going to take a look at them but I am not actually
going to set any up. You can use your smart device to maybe watch
your kid’s play time restrict any features that you might not want them to use thing
like that. You can even see when they are playing if
you want get notifications. So I am going to go back I am going to skip
parental setup for now, and setup is complete. I am going to go ahead on my right Joy-Con
and hit that home button. And finally, here it is we are on the Nintendo
Switch menu screen. You can see we’ve got the icon up here in
the corner. It is telling me to insert a game card or
download some software from the Nintendo E-Shop. Down at the bottom here we’ve got news. So let’s take a look at that. All kinds of news here. Latest on Switch, the Nintendo eShop, more
about playing on the big screen, and then we’ve got all kinds of quick setup guides
things like that you might want to look through. Right down to how to install your micro SD
card. Very cool stuff. So let me go back the next one is the Nintendo
eShop we are not connected to Wifi at this time so we haven’t done the update so we can’t
use the eShop. Next up album. This is actually for the screen shots so you
can use on the left Joy-Con this share button to save screenshots this is where they will
all be saved. Controllers it’s just showing me which controllers
are being used. I can pair new controllers let’s say you wanted
to buy the Neon Red and Blue versions as a secondary version this is where you would
do that. System settings so all of our settings are
here. Airplane mode of course this device is able
to be taken on the go with you so you can set airplane mode turn off the Wifi and everything
like that adjust screen brightness, you can lock the screen, this is another place you
can go back to set up parental controls if you should decide you want to at a later time. Connect to the internet, data management,
add users, create and edit a Mii so again the Mii characters will be able to be used
on this, and then amiibo as well. There is also themes right now the only two
themes are basic black and basic white, I am going to go ahead and change it just to
see how that looks. And then any sort of notifications things
like that will show up here. TV settings so you can go ahead and adjust
your resolution. So you can select whether you want to be in
standard def or high def there. And then system setting you can update from
there. Change the name of your console if you would
like. So here we are back out at the main menu again
now in the standard black and then sleep mode. So that’s it we are all setup and ready to
start playing games on brand new Nintendo Switch. For more information about the Nintendo Switch. Just go to you can find
more information about the system, accessories, and games there. Well that’s going to do it for us this time
but we will be back soon with more of the coolest items coming to GameStop.

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