Nintendo Direct Soon? 12 New Switch GameStop SKU’s & Trails of Mana HYPE! | Switch News

Nintendo Direct Soon? 12 New Switch GameStop SKU’s & Trails of Mana HYPE! | Switch News

What’s up everyone
OJ here welcome back to another switch news video today we’ve got some
awesome information for you guys so let’s go ahead and get right into it and
we’re starting off with once again the Nintendo Direct rumors are swirling
around we have the GameStop johnny-on-the-spot when it comes to
unidentified Nintendo’s switch SK U’s being in the system we’ve seen this
before and it does seem like we could be getting a Nintendo Direct sometime in
the near future so let’s go ahead and get into this article here game stops
internal system has updated with a ton of untitled SKU or stock keeping units
that’s what they used to identify a product for the Nintendo switch well
over a dozen entries currently exist in the database all without names you guys
are checking out that right here the system that’s in reference here is one
that employees from Gamestop can access customers can’t find these listings
under any normal circumstances meaning they aren’t present on game stops
website so this is something that only somebody that works at Gamestop can
release out there and that’s what they’ve done again here now as for the
listings themselves the new SKU x’ are often associated with events such as
Nintendo directs as we’ve seen before in the past that it’s unclear if we’ll be
seeing a new presentation anytime soon though it’s worth mentioning that
Nintendo has hosted ones in September in previous years we’ll have to wait and
see if that pattern holds true in 2019 so if you go all the way back to 2017
and to know how that big September direct where they reveal a bunch of
games like doom and all that stuff like that that was great la noir and
everything and then in 2018 we had another big September direct where that
was like Luigi’s Mansion and town and a bunch of other games as well so some
people are saying that we’re also going to get that with this year and pretty
much it’s been a hundred percent when we see these new SKU x’ that’s usually what
we see in terms of event and also here’s the bank guys this is also associated
with tendo’s III directs as well so not only
do we see this at presentations with Nintendo directs outside of III but we
also see it at e3 but this whole game stop SK you Thane and everything that’s
going down so I have a couple theories in terms of what this is going to be one
and probably the most popular theory out there is that there’s going to be a
Nintendo Direct announced for September I think that Nintendo we are what about
a week or so away from getting into it I think that we’re going to see some type
of Nintendo Direct announced for September maybe mid-september or so
there is a lot of content coming out the September from ninokuni to the new
Nintendo switch light we also have legend of zelda links awakening we also
got daemon ex machina there’s just a ton of games and of course Nintendo’s
biggest game up there hyping up or one of the biggest games out there Dragon
Quest 11s definitive edition on the switch as well so with all that content
I think Nintendo is going to want to strike while the iron is hot right so I
think that we could be seeing a Nintendo Direct announced so we can get some more
reveals and release States for October right now we have about two big games
for October and that is Luigi’s Mansion three and The Witcher 3 on the Nintendo
switch and we really don’t have anything for November or December outside of
Pokemon sword and shield for November so maybe they detail a lot more of the
November games maybe we get it to some of the other games for the rest of the
year so that could be very interesting and what I’m looking forward to with
this Nintendo Direct not necessarily for there being a bunch of announcements and
having a bunch of games this year and all of that if I had one game that I
could predict or that I would say would be at this Nintendo Direct which I’ll
probably do another video on but that would be monolith softs project they’ve
been way too silent since they know Bay Chronicles 2 torn of the golden country
and they have so many different teams right they have multiple different teams
and all of those teams aren’t working on major games but the big team that made
Xenoblade Chronicles X hasn’t made a game in a while they’re working on
something but we don’t know what that is you have to remember it was kind of just
like a part of the team that made Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and torn of the
building country 40 people plus right that made those games building off the
Xenoblade Chronicles X from the Wii U so that mein Takahashi team has been
working on something since then 2015-2016 ish or so so this is going to
be extremely exciting if they had now some type of new big Xenoblade game or
even it’s a new IP maybe it’s something like that
I would hope that we get that type of announcement because usually after that
we don’t get any more big announcements for the rest of the year it goes into
the holiday mode people start buying all the different games that are coming out
people catch up on games that came out earlier in the year Super Mario maker
Fire Emblem whatever the case is plenty of content to play so I’m just excited
to see maybe if we get some type of announcement from monolith soft as like
a new Xenoblade game Xenoblade 3 or even a new IP from them that’s what I would
guess would be the big announcement from that show just because they’ve been so
quiet they’ve been so quiet for a long time now so what do you guys think about
this potential Nintendo Direct being associated with these new SK use for the
Nintendo switch in game stop system let me know your thoughts in the comment
section below alright I’m moving on to the next topic
here we have some trials of mana gangs come 2019 gameplay hype going down I’m
gonna start talking about this game quite a bit as someone whose first RPG
ever was Secret of Mana on the Super Nintendo I have a profound love for the
mana series and it will always hold a special place in my heart and trials of
mana is a game that I literally thought would never happen in my lifetime I
never thought that Square Enix would remake this game in this way in this
form with these type of graphics how it looks I just didn’t think they would do
that if anything we could be getting something like a Final Fantasy 8 a
remastered that type of thing but a full remake with the quality and the beauty
of these graphics is absolutely phenomenal and I wanted to talk about
the game a little bit more because we have some new gameplay from games column
2019 so for gamer net Dengeki online and Famitsu posted new direct feed gameplay
videos of trials of mana remake demo playable at the gamescom 2019 the videos
are the first time we are seeing the live PlayStation 4 version of the game
we previously saw the Nintendo switch version of the game in action so
seeing the pushing for vision looks a little bit better from what I can see
when it comes down to it but generally pretty much the same geometry and
everything like that now trials of mana is throughout for the PlayStation for
Nintendo’s switch and PC in early 2020 and you guys can check out more
information on the game link in the description below but Charles of mana
for those who don’t know it’s part of the original trilogy of The Secret of
Mana games and many consider trials of mana to be the best game out of the
series so if you’re looking to get into the mana series this could be the game
that gets you into it now some would argue with that that hey Secret of Mana
on the Super Nintendo is the best in the series and there’s definitely an
argument to be made there there’s some amazing things about Secret of Mana one
of my favorite things at least back in the day was the local multiplayer that
you can actually still do on the Super Nintendo classic because Secret of Mana
is on there but this game is just looking absolutely stunning I think the
PlayStation 4 version of the game looks really good it looks smooth it runs well
the action is nice and fluid and I’m definitely going to be picking it up on
the PlayStation 4 and also on the Nintendo switch maybe even from the PC
as well and I’m gonna be picking up a lot of copies of the games because I’m a
huge fan huge fan of the mana series and I think that this just looks phenomenal
so I’m really happy about this gameplay great to see the PlayStation 4 version
of the game running looks smooth and nice and I’m looking forward to playing
more of the game when it drops early 2020 so what do you guys think about
trials of mana with this new places and for footage of the game let me know your
thoughts in the comment section below all right I’m moving on to the final
topic here we’ve got the Famitsu sales charts for the past week this is August
12 2019 through August 18 2019 and this is a little bit of a special week
because they didn’t have a sales data charts for the previous week so they
combine both weeks and put them into one and one of the cool things about this at
least if your Nintendo switch fan that is and this is switch news is that the
Nintendo switch actually took the top 10 spots on the chart now there is a list
of 30 different games that you guys are going to be seeing here and the top 10
from the bottom of the top are as follows you have the powerful pro
baseball super you’ll party Olympic Games Tokyo 2020
Pokemon let’s go Pikachu in Eevee minecraft mile kart 8 deluxe Fire Emblem
three houses Super Smash Brothers Ultimates Sudi spirits Nintendo switch
version and Super Mario maker to a couple milestones that we’re seeing here
when it comes to software is that Super Mario maker 2 has crossed a half million
mark five hundred and thirty six thousand units plus really cool to see
there remember guys Japanese sales that is only the physical sales it does not
include digital sales in the equation so just in Japan alone probably looking at
around 700,000 units or so when it comes to Super Mario maker 2 on the Nintendo
switch just in Japan that’s actually pretty crazy
while Kart 8 deluxe 2.4 million units for that game absolutely crazy for that
as well and firing three houses continuing to sell in the top five for
that game that game is over two hundred and thirteen thousand units in Japan
alone great to see that for Fire Emblem as well also games like Legend is not a
breath of the wild splatoon to those were all littered throughout the top 32
so hardware sales once again the Nintendo switch dominating on that front
with ninety two thousand units plus and to be exact ninety two thousand six
hundred and seventy-seven units Nintendo switch is officially over eight
point seven million units in Japan alone it should hit the nine million mark
pretty much in the next few weeks here we can be seeing nine million for the
Nintendo switch that of course 10 million once we get into the holiday 10
million plus actually so not bad at all and pretty much all the other systems
you guys are gonna see the hardware as well and this which sold a lot more than
any other system out there on the market so pretty good sales all around when it
comes to Nintendo’s switch software taking the top 10 spot selling 90,000
units plus for the last two weeks very good there an average of 45,000 units
per week on that and it’s only gonna continue going up with the Nintendo
switch light and other big games coming out so what do you guys thought the
topics here when it comes to the news we have the unspecified switch games we
also got trials of man or what do you guys think about that and of course the
switch sales here I’d love to hear you guys thoughts in the comment section
below alright guys that wraps it up for this video here it’s about the links in
description below we got Facebook and Twitter gonna give us a like and up on
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this video lets me know you guys want more constantly the scoring for in the
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news thank you so much for watching and we’ll catch you guys for the next one

40 thoughts on “Nintendo Direct Soon? 12 New Switch GameStop SKU’s & Trails of Mana HYPE! | Switch News

  1. Nintendo Direct is coming in September, they always have Nintendo Directs in September. Both in 2017 and 2018 it was September 13th. Coincidence?

  2. people have passion for the hoppy interns making games are now gone there basically being replace by money men

  3. Damn, hopefully they port Xeno X and remaster the first Xeno and do a collection as well of all the Xeno saga/series. Oh hopefully a Metroid update and then Bayonetta, oh men now I am hype.!!!!!!!!

  4. A Fall Nintendo Direct is a pretty much a sure thing when in September is anyone's guess. Nintendo has jam packed September with games can't wait to see what more the have for the rest of the year besides Luigi Mansion, Witcher 3 and Pokemon Sword and Shield.

  5. I’m getting tired of square making hd remakes i want square to make a new game there nothing but a cash grab a joke company now

  6. If they are already showing the SKUs, doesn't that mean the Direct could come next week rather than in September? Nintendo does have Astral Chain launching next week.

  7. Please!!
    I want Kingdom Hearts coming for Nintendo Switch 🙏
    If my Dream is dropped, I’ll get the story so far on PS4 and stays a PlayStation exclusive forever

    I also want Bayonetta 3, release date of Trials of Mana, Last 2 DLC Fighters for Smash Bros

  8. Maybe everyone already forgot about Shin Megami Tensei V but I still hope we will get more information in TGS or Direct.

    If I'm not mistaken SMT V was announced before Bayo 3, the funny thing is Bayo fans still keep asking when Bayo 3 come out(some of even venting their frustration toward Astral Chain) while SMT fans already losing their hope at this point. lol.

  9. New Xenoblade game is more of an E3/TGS kind of reveal. What they could announce in a direct though is an HD port of not just XBC1 but also XBCX, hopefully…

  10. @PlayerEssence
    All the Monolith devs that weren't working on XBC 2, were working on Botw. I'm not hyped for the trial of mana remake(I have no problem playing the original), although I'll probally pick it up due to the principle(ie unlike that horrible Secret of Mana remake, this one seems to have been done properly).

  11. My Nintendo September direct speculations are:

    -Updates on all games coming up going into this holiday season
    -Bayonetta 3 teaser trailer
    -Metroid prime 4 teaser trailer
    -New 3D Donkey Kong game by retro studios
    -New banjo n kazooie teaser trailer
    – Super Mario 3D world port to the Nintendo switch for January.
    – Super mario sunshine DLC for super mario odyssey.

  12. Really nice video PE Ninja Master. A September Direct is looking highly likely showcasing games from October – March 2020, I would love too see a new Monster Hunter game, Xenoblade Chronicles X Port and Metroid Prime Trilogy. Trails of Mana is looking dope. Nintendo is killing it with the Hardware n Software sales.

  13. This is really weird that we don't have a December (christmas game) this year. Yes I know Pokemon could be the christmas game, but it's release in November. December 2017: Xenoblade 2. December 2018: Smash Ultimate. Decmeber 2019: ?????

  14. Don't forget about Super Robot Wars V (Oct 3), Ghostbuster The Video Game Remastered (Oct 4), and Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Complete Edition (Oct 18)

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