New UI GL Change | Guild Leader Change In Game | Ragnarok Online

Like/FaV Its a joke boys/girls. You’re going to watch the new UI implemented for changing GL. The original form in kRO, was by support ticket in the gnjoy web. Explaining the reasons for change and once accepted, a GM the performed manually. In the UI of the guild, we Sort by best state ONLINE/OFFLINE For GL have 3 options, user without ”powers” only 1 and ”super user” 2 options. First option is kicking out members.
Third option is a rodex system. Second option (only available for GL) delegate guild leader powers. Exchanging the guild titles and other user is now the new GL. From that moment no longer you have the ”powers” of GL. This change so fast, allows ”deceive” in WoE. It can be great fun, now let’s watch the new GL. Now directly without waiting, we will try to change back to GL. Other user no the old GL. Less than a day you’re GL, you can not delegate your position to another user. He wanted to show the change of PIN numerpad but the day 09/23/2016 in Korea the logging zone (its K.O) xD Debido a la ”muerte” del zone que controla el logging al server no pude grabarlo y lo mostraré en otro video.
Thanks for watching…. like/fav/sub xD

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