*NEW* GAME MODE UPDATE In Red Dead Redemption 2 Online GUN RUSH (RDR2 Online)

*NEW* GAME MODE UPDATE In Red Dead Redemption 2 Online GUN RUSH (RDR2 Online)

what’s up guys and welcome to another
video today we are doing two videos that is right only because Rockstar have
released some new content for Red Dead online I didn’t expect it today I
carried on doing different videos planning for the rest of the week I did
not expect them to bring out some content today I really expect it coming
towards the end of the month but well done to Rockstar because the other day I
slated them saying that Red Dead Redemption online is dying it’s becoming
dead players are no longer having fun with it if you’re grinding out the game
you’re still here playing the game because you know in the long term
once properties wagons all that stuff comes out it will definitely be worth it
but there was no more fun in its game well Rockstar have brought out a battle
royale game mode called gun rush and you got two different modes one a
single-player by yourself solo the other one as a group I think you could go up
to four players when I played it there was only two players does not too many
people going in these lobbies right now I do not know why because I am so
freakin pumped for this I really freakin enjoy this right now so far I’ve done
two games in this game mode one as a solo and one as a duo
I did try and get a bigger group unfortunately there was no around to
play with me right now as in friends and I couldn’t find some random people to
play with online but there’s solo one I think I finished third and then the one
that I was in a squad with I actually managed to win and I absolutely freaking
bossed it and it may be so happy because it was my first game I’ve said many
times that when I go into showdown series I’m terrible I mean I always get
mid-table but I came into this when it’s a squads thinking that ok if I do bad at
least hopefully I can have a team member that can carry me as frickin carried him
he got one kill one death and then I just absolutely Bossed it didn’t die once
and I think I’ve got 4 or 5 kills I can’t remember but pretty much right now
my tactic is run round get a shotgun get a rifle or a repeater or something like
that and in get on a horse you do not need anything else that’s shotgun
frickin amazing absolutely amazing close range I had players trying to shoot me
from horses I just completely took them out because they had a rifle I had a
shotgun just got close into them and just wipe them out another good thing
that I’ve noticed so far is that if you have good vision just go to the edge of
the map just sort look scout out you can do really well because there are a lot
of players I just run in just wait for a bit watch them and eventually they will
come out it seems like people a bit amateur right now as it is a new game
mode and thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you Rockstar for actually listening because this
gun rush mode is actually pretty decent I don’t know how long it’ll last for
those that just want to be here for fun but this is great for me for someone
like me I actually really frickin enjoy and I’m so glad that they actually
brought this in to this game I will probably do another video this week
breaking down everything showing you good spots good ways to actually get a
lot kills to actually win the game because right now everything’s new I got
my strategy and I managed to win a game and I’m gonna keep on saying that
because that is a massive accomplishment for me first game first win pretty
freakin sick but I’ll do some videos I’ve definitely played it because
actually pretty enjoy it right now I’ll do some videos on this and I will show
you guys how to do well what sort of loadout you want it’s not the same as the
other battle Royals that you probably thinking of Fortnite or anything
like that they normally last about three minutes and as soon as you die to back
out go into a new Lobby you start again you’ll get some good money as well about
four to eight dollars as well as about 80 to maybe 150 XP and as always 4
gold nuggets so it’s still pretty decent for money I think I’ll be playing this a
lot ditch races a ditch showdown series a long time ago I think I might actually
ditch hunting to play a bit of this game mode just so I can get some money just
so I could get used to it and all that stuff but as I said that quite a few
times this is a second video of today just wanted to thank Rockstar I’ll go
definitely give them crap when there’s something that I don’t agree with when
there’s something that’s going wrong in the game but I also want to give them
praise when there is something good so the other day I said Red Dead Redemption
online is dead well today I’m saying it’s starting to
be revived it isn’t revived but this is going in the right direction so thank
you again Rockstar anyway guys I hope you guys did enjoy if you did enjoy
don’t forget to leave a like and subscribe but for now I’m going so see ya

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  1. Great vid man! I'll leave a like for you, if you don't mind, can you watch my Red Dead 2 Funny Moments and give it some feedback? It's only 2 min long. You don't have to of course, have a nice day! 🙂 Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZUmJLXCTLk&t=3s

  2. How people enjoy multiplayer with auto aim I will never know , yea its fun just to press a button snap to target , press another button done . Unless they disable auto-aim I won't touch online matches in rdr again .

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