New Consoles Launching Soon Says GameStop COO – IGN Daily Fix

New Consoles Launching Soon Says GameStop COO – IGN Daily Fix

Could a new console launch be just around the corner? Well, GameStop COO Tony Bartell seems to think so. GameSpot reports that Bartell made the comment while talking to investors and analysts this week, saying: “Although we have not modeled extensive growth for ew innovation in this presentation, we are very pleased to see the introduction of technology like virtual reality and rumored new console launches, some of which seem imminent.” If this is true, I’m betting on an Xbox One refresh this summer. But if Nintendo somehow busted out and released the waffle-making NX in a matter of months, I’d be pumped up like Mario’s water pack in Super Mario Sunshine. Wahoo! I guess that was a Mario impression…OK Enough about imaginary consoles. Let’s talk about what you can get on store shelves right now. And guess what, Sony’s PlayStation 4 has topped the hardware charts in the United States again in March, beating out Microsoft’s Xbox One as well as Nintendo’s Wii U and 3DS. Sony said they are “truly humbled by the success and look forward to delivering more amazing gaming experiences.” On the games front, Tom Clancy’s The Division unsurprisingly took the top spot in the United States last month. The Ubisoft online shooter/RPG hybrid beat out Far Cry Primal and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD. And hey, Zelda was one of two Wii U exclusives hitting the top 10, joined at No. 7 by Pokken Tournament. The Wii U is the little console that could apparently. So please, please put earmuffs on it while talking about the NX, okay? The first DLC pack for Dark Souls 3 is apparently launching this autumn, or springtime for my upside-down Aussie friends. Website VideoGamer says Bandai Namco has confirmed the release window for the add-on content, which will bring new bosses and weapons to the challenging action-RPG. That sounds cool and all, but hey Bandai Namco, how about you add a dog companion for my character? They’re all the rage these days in games and up the paw-some factor by infinity if I do say so myself. And that’s your Daily Fix for April 15th. I’m Naomi Kyle, have a bodacious weekend people, make sure you download our official IGN app to get more news, and last but not least, remember you can get your Fix anytime online at IGN.

100 thoughts on “New Consoles Launching Soon Says GameStop COO – IGN Daily Fix

  1. HE said rumored. He is just trying keep investors from cashing out since no one goes to GameStop any more

  2. FFS! will you people please get some common sense and realise there is not going to be new consoles for years yet, just slim versions with 4k playback, get a grip!

  3. You have to combine the 2 consoles together to get a direct communication line open to the Aliens, Then they'll come to earth.

  4. Yes yeeees We need new consoles every 4 years or less . Growing up in the 80s and 90s we had consoles like the super nintendo , 3do neo geo dreamcast and so on . I worked as a kid in the summer time and saved all my money to buy every console. I loved it.

  5. Super Mario Sunshine was released in 2002, I think we need a remaster on the NX, I will throw money at that. D< 60fps and 1080p resolution <3 Hoping the NX can handle that anyways…and if so, let's go find some stars! :3

  6. New console? Isn't PS4 upgrading its console soon? Man these companies are slick….all this hardware and yet not as nearly as much games as the previous consoles aka PS3 and 360.

  7. Mehh the division i play it from time to time with my friend cuz he ask's me even though im like blehgg…idk how people can play this for hours and hours.

  8. Okay we get it Sony is humbled that they received their 32nd award of console of the month. Now you can stop telling us that and just take that out of existence.

  9. what would be helpful would be some sort of thing to plug in the back of a ps4 or xbox one to make it more powerful that allows it to do 4k and help with VR like the PS4.5 does or whatever, that way people dont have to get a whole new console

  10. Ok so I'm a Xbox gamer have been since the original and I love it. I just recently purchased a ps4 because I want best of both worlds. but I'm struggling for games, any good suggestions?

  11. I was told that the Xbox one was gonna last for 6 years so I bought it. Already some company's are confirming consoles after just 3 years. Like if want the best out of your console

  12. new consoles are imminent. source gamestop lol!!!!!!!!!! as they are usually the most reliable source and what did they expect the current consoles to be here for the next 20 years?

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