NECA 1990 Ninja Turtles Movie Figures AVAILABLE at Gamestop?! TMNT Toys UPDATE

NECA 1990 Ninja Turtles Movie Figures AVAILABLE at Gamestop?! TMNT Toys UPDATE

Hey, what’s up Turtles fans? Okay. So kind of big news for like the action figure like figurine Fans like the Turtles fans you guys Have seen me do videos on like these 1990 Turtles figures that were a San Diego comic-con. They were like little seven inch figures of all four Turtles Well, it looks like there’s been some interesting stuff to pop out today on the Internet and this is over on gamestop, and it looks like those seven-inch 90’s movie turtles action figures are gonna be Available look 2299 for each turtle. You have oops. There you go. You have Raphael, right? There you have Michelangelo right here Leonardo right there and then Donatello and it looks like the release date at least here on we’re here on gamestop is February 1st, 2019 but it looks like you can go ahead and order them already. So Wow, I’m definitely gonna pick all four of these up, I don’t know about you guys I do unboxings or whatever whenever they get here and Yeah, so let’s go through it really quick and just kind of see if there’s anything worth talking about and here so it says Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 90’s movie Raphael action figure only at game stuff by NECA and and a superhero you see Raphael released today again 2 1 2019 Let’s go to product details Figure stands in 7 inch scale and our fully articulated and you can see them right there looks perfect Just like the movie. Wow, these are gonna be awesome to have What’s videos and screenshots? Ok, let’s go back Again See Michelangelo Steve, is everything different? It doesn’t look like it but we’ll get a good look at him here. That’s what he’s going to look like Yeah, pretty awesome. So yeah, let me know down below. Are you gonna be ordering these are gonna be picking these up? I for sure and I Wouldn’t they were announced for this year’s comic-con? I could see that Interesting comment sections here and they’re not here on the channel They’re just kind of like on websites and stuff that people were kind of upset that they were just only for comic-con People attending comic-con, but it looks like they’re gonna be available for everyone. There’s Leonardo Let’s keep going and then we have Donatello right here let’s take a look at him Yeah, so yeah, let me know down below if you’re gonna pick these up and just what you think about it So yeah, leave your comments down below I don’t believe they’re going to be in like the type of like packaging that they had them in yeah at San Diego comic-con the packaging for that was like this giant like VHS box thing that looked like the old like 1990 movies VHS box and each figure had a little like party get going I don’t think they’re gonna come in something like that Unless they’re like little VHS boxes, which I’m not sure we’ll have to wait and see what the packaging looks like. But yeah Right. Now, this is all we know but that’s pretty much it If you’re stumbling across this channel want more Ninja Turtles content in your life. Go ahead. Hit that subscribe button Ok, quick little cutting as I was finishing up the video as across this Instagram post by NECA it’s the neck official. You can see it right there. It says Announcement we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to bring you this mind-blowing at Gamestop exclusive Individually packaged. So yeah, and it looks like they will be individually packaged seven inch scale figures From the 1990 TMNT movie. They’re not arriving until early 2019 But you can pre-order now on the GameStop website they’ll come in a scaled-down version of the 1/4 scale packaging and won’t have quite as many accessories But at last the retail release we’ve been looking for we’ve been working on for so long yeah, I heard they were only allowed to release so many and that’s why they’re always kind of like Exclusive releases only for like comic-con and stuff looks like I don’t know It doesn’t look to me like there’s a limit on these So I guess we everyone can just kind of have at it on the website at it I don’t know if I don’t know how that works with like pre-orders and stuff. So yeah, that sounds awesome Hope we get to see more Yeah, turtle stuff released to everyone like this from that guy. This is awesome. And that’s it for this one. Just a quick one I might come out with another one later tonight or earlier tomorrow. We’ll talk about that We’ll talk about something else in a little bit So yeah, I hit that thumbs up button if you enjoyed the video, that’s it for this one guys I’ll see you in a little bit with another one. Take care Pizza dude’s got 30 seconds

21 thoughts on “NECA 1990 Ninja Turtles Movie Figures AVAILABLE at Gamestop?! TMNT Toys UPDATE

  1. Though I have the 1/4th scale 1990 TMNT in my collection, the fact that these were announced to be at retail was too good of a chance to pass up so I preordered them immediately. As cool as 1/4th scale Foot Soldier is … we’re all just waiting for Shredder now. I can’t wait for that one.

    Does anyone else own the 1/4th scale 1990 TMNT figures?

  2. As a proud owner of the SDCC set, I'm good. However, I might consider buying another Donatello figure; but ONLY if Neca supplies his belt with strings for his Bo staff.

  3. I may pick these up
    I go to GameStop almost every week
    Sry I just love TMNT

  4. I placed my pre-order almost 2 months ago.

    I cannot wait.

    These will be nice to have.

    I hear there's also gonna be a Foot Soldier & Shredder (1990 movie) coming soon.

    Larger 1st & then smaller.

    If the smaller versions go to GameStop as well…

    I'll pre-order.

  5. Would the 7 inch figures by any chance happen to still be available at the local GameStop stores or do I have to order them only through the GameStop site?

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