My Top 5 Nintendo Switch Games of 2019!

My Top 5 Nintendo Switch Games of 2019!

What’s above OJ here welcome back to
another video and today we’re going over my top 5 Nintendo switch games of 2019
now this isn’t based on anything outside of just what I like to play the most
there are games that aren’t going to be listed on this top 5 here that
definitely deserves to be up in the top 5 or that you might like a little bit
more but I’m just essentially going over the games that I really enjoyed for 2019
on the Nintendo switch so here are my top 5 number 5 Luigi’s Mansion 3 this is
a game that I thought that I was going to like but I didn’t think I’d like it
as much as I liked it if it made sense cuz I played the previous Luigi’s
Mansion games and I thought that they were really good like I didn’t think
that they were horrible or anything but the first one was really short the
second one was kind of weird with the structure but I still enjoyed it and I
had a cool multiplayer mode too so I was thinking okay well this one’s gonna be a
nice mix between the two of them it’s gonna be a solid game but I definitely
like that a lot more than I thought I would based on my previous history with
the franchise the interesting thing with this game is that it felt like it just
kept going forever and forever and forever I mean there are a lot of towers
to get through or a lot of floors to get through there’s some like backtracking
that you kind of have to do in this game there’s a lot of exploration and extra
kind of snooping around that you can do using the Poltergust so there’s a lot
more depth in this game than what originally appears to be and that’s on
top of the local multiplayer and also the scare scraper mode with the online
multiplayer which is getting more content as well so this game really
surprised me I didn’t expect for it to be in my top games of 2019 when I was
looking over the whole list of games on the Nintendo switch but it definitely
fit right in there at number 5 for me for 2019 number 4 pokemon sword and it’s
shield so this game has a ton of controversy right everyone has been
talking about this game bashing it up and down or saying that it’s amazing you
know pet up going either like extremes on both ways and here’s where I sit with
this game I like it I think it’s a very fun game
has some flaws definitely when it comes to like the walled area graphics
obviously we can talk about the tree and all of that which we’ve talked about so
many different times but when you get down to it the core essence of kind of
like what Pokemon is it is a phenomenal game there are a lot of
life improvements that make the game a lot more fun to play and better than all
of the previous pokemon games being able to take your pokemon box anywhere that
you want so you can trade with somebody or you can access a pokemon that you
want to raise or you can easily just kind of categorize things just makes
things way better it makes the enjoyment of the adventure so much better also
having stuff like polka jobs kind of added in there in order to build more
experience when you’re not using those Pokemon and also get more rewards and
money to what’s just having stuff like the online I know people have talked
about that a bit but I like being able to kind of go there and have the online
and get different stuff like with the camping and all of that all that just
adds more elements and more dynamic nough stewed experience of Pokemon and
it even makes just building up and leveling up your Pokemon and getting a
competitive team so much better that battle animations and kind of what you
do in the actual battle how the cameras look and everything is very slick and
the boss battles or more like gym leaders I should say more like it the
gym leaders are the best that they’ve ever been when it comes down to each of
the gym leaders their style what you have to do once you’re inside of the gym
just kind of how it sets things up and I actually really like Dynomax and I think
Dyna maxing is really cool and it’s fun to do when you’re fighting those epic
battles and the gym leader theme I mean who can like not talk about that the gym
leader theme is epic it’s really really good so I had a ton of fun playing
pokemon sword and shield still playing through the game I’ve clocked in around
40 hours plus at this point and I’m not gonna stop I’m gonna keep playing on
with the game and I’m actually really excited for the future of this series
because they’re gonna continue building off of the base of what they’ve built
with pokemon sword and shield in future games so at number four is pokemon sword
and shield number three Dragon Quest 11s echoes of an elusive Age definitive
edition on the Nintendo switch so technically this game came out back in I
guess 2017 right with the original Dragon Quest eleven echoes of an elusive
age in Japan on the PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo 3ds now a year later we got
that game on the PlayStation 4 localized and also on the PC and then a year after
that we’re getting Dragon Quest 11 s echoes of an elusive aged definitive
addition and it’s exactly just that if you look at the previous releases and
the different versions of the game between the 3ds PC and PlayStation 4
this version of the game on the Nintendo switch has the most content that has the
best ease of use and it’s overall just a better game than the previous versions
of the game and on top of that it’s not just a direct port like lots of people
like to say that it is it’s actually a custom-built kind of ground-up version
for the Nintendo switch that’s why it looks as good as it does on the system
that’s why it runs as good as it does and that’s why it has so much cool stuff
added into the game it’s not like a lot of the other ports that will get on
there that you can clearly see yeah maybe not the best this one is
absolutely phenomenal and better pretty much in every single way when it comes
to the PlayStation 4 and PC versions of the game except for the resolution but
outside of that this game has so much added content in there with the extra
stories and with all of the quality of life improvements being able to speed up
the battle having the fun-sized Ford’s to where you can craft anywhere and not
have to be just at the campsite it is amazing in terms of what they’ve done
with this game to make it better and also the music no longer kills your ears
they have the music that’s much higher quality and you can kind of change some
of the tracks and stuff so it’s phenomenal plus they have the Japanese
voice acting with the English voice acting as well this is the definitive
version of the game and it is a solid amazing RPG especially if you grew up in
the 80s and early 90s and the Golden Age of RPGs this is exactly what it’s about
when it comes to Dragon Quest 11s echoes an elusive aged definitive edition
it’s just that and it’s just as good as everyone says it is that plays the game
you really want to check it out on the Nintendo switch and since it is a
version built for the switch that’s why it’s make it into my top games of 2019
even though I did play the game on the PlayStation 4 it really does feel almost
like a different game at times so at number three dragon plus 11s on the
Nintendo switch number two astral chain this game I knew I was gonna love this
game right astral chain is absolutely certified platinum games nuts
right the game just has so much stuff going on with it actually has so much
stuff at the beginning that I was kind of like confused in terms of how to
control the character how to control your legion and what they do that
activate moves what you can do with yourself how you fight when to kind of
back off when to dodge went to equipped there’s so many different elements to
the game but when it all connects seriously it’s like putting together
that first jigsaw puzzle when you were a kid and you’re like ah so that’s where
that goes that’s where that goes and you’re looking at it and you’re like wow
I put together this and that’s exactly what a tional chain feels like to me
once you put all the puzzle pieces together and you get it it’s just a work
of art it is a beautiful game with an amazing art style and a great gameplay
battle system but I’ve never experienced before in any other games even with
Platinum Games titles a lot of people like to compare it to Bayonetta or
compared to near or something like that but no it’s actually not like any of
those games when it comes down to it there are some elements here and there
dodge offsetting from Bayonetta that’s a pretty cool thing that they added in to
astral chain but outside of that the combat system is completely unique to
what Nintendo and to what Platinum Games wanted to do which was the near
developer who was the producer and lead game director on this one so it’s just
so cool to see that this game was announced in 2019 and was released there
was no delays there was no issues february announced BAM right there it
was released and we got to play it so it was fantastic at the end of August and
it’s a really great game so if you haven’t picked up or you haven’t played
a tional chain yet if you like action games you like Bayonetta you like
vanquish you like near you like stuff like that
astral change should be on your list of games to play before the end of 2019 or
heck even in 2020 pick up the game you will not be disappointed about how
awesome this game is so at number 2 is astral chain and number one you guys
know what this is going to be it has to be it’s the People’s Choice game of the
year and that is Fire Emblem three houses so I could go on for probably
about 10 to 15 min and then take a little bit of a break I
think go on again for like another ten minutes how much I like Fire Emblem
three houses but to me this is the greatest Fire Emblem game of all time
and I’m going to break down why it’s the greatest violent game of all time and
also why it’s my number one switch game of 2019 so to me it’s the greatest Fire
Emblem game of all time because in scope is the largest in scope you have three
separate stories that was part of the core marketing campaign of the game it
was ingrained in their golden deer black eagles blue lines pick your side but
play them all so I love that about it when they ingrain it into the marketing
it’s part of the DNA of the game and it’s an amazing thing because each one
of the readers of each one of those houses they have their own stories and
their own personalities and you want it to get to know them and what they want
to do so you want to replay the game you want to experience all the stories so
the scope and scale is bigger than any previous fire moon game that I have
played and I’ve played all of them the next up is the combat they refined
things so well in this game that even for Fire Emblem veterans you’re like wow
I can do that oh snap they added these combat arts in there okay you have these
new beasts that you can fight and you have to execute in different ways that
you did it previously it’s not just a cut and paste of what we’ve seen before
there are new tactics within the old gameplay system and that’s what I love
about the New Age Fire Emblem games is taking that old system of strategy RPG
and taking it and saying what can we add into it to make it more dynamic whether
it gets pairing up with other people on the battlefield or in this place it’s
combat arts and beasts and kind of breaking the different stuff and getting
the materials when you do so so there’s instant reward or gratification for
doing the extra mile and breaking all the different barriers on beasts so
there’s so many things that they add into this to keep you guessing to keep
you going to keep you entertained with the combat and I absolutely love that
about Fire Emblem three houses now the graphics look good when it comes to the
character models but there are some stuff they can work on but overall
best-looking Fire Emblem game ever made so that’s pretty much
easy considering there was no real fireman game on the Wii U there was 3d s
and of course Super Nintendo and GameCube and Wii and all of that GD a
much weaker systems than the Nintendo switch but I am happy with how the game
turned out and I feel that the next game lissa is even gonna make things even
look better with it kind of like pokemon sword and shield building off of that
base now the reason why it makes it to my number 1 game is pretty much all of
the stuff that I talked about there it has an amazing combat system and has
slick graphics it has an amazing story and it has tons of content and replay
value and if you look at all of these games on this list I spent at least
minimum of I think 20 hours plus in each one of these the shortest game out of
all this was Luigi’s Mansion and I spent around 21 hours in that game and that’s
just the single player if you count multiplayer I’ve spent a bit more but
that’s the least amount I think that content is overlooked a lot it’s great
if you have an amazing experience but if it only lasts 5 to 6 hours then it was a
great expanse but there’s not enough there all of these games offers so much
content whether it’s do multiplayer like Luigi’s Mansion and a beefy
single-player campaign or it’s like three separate campaigns for fire of the
three houses with one of them the Black Eagles took me 85 86 hours to be Dragon
Quest I’m already over 50 hours in that game
astral chain 40 hours pokemon sword shield 40 plus hours so Fire Emblem
to me gives me the most value gives me a great single player gives me great
combat but I can play for this amount of time and be like wow I really got my
money’s worth for this game awesome stuff for all of these games here about
Fire Emblem three houses is my number one Nintendo switch game of 2019 so what
are your top five or even your top ten switch games of 2019 heck let me know
your games of 2019 I’d love to hear you guys his thoughts in the comment section
below alright guys that wraps it up for this video here gonna trouble into
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for the next one he’s

50 thoughts on “My Top 5 Nintendo Switch Games of 2019!

  1. I agree with your top 5 as I love all of those. I didn't like the online trading on Pokémon S&S as I liked how you deposit a Pokémon for what you want in previous gens but I like the wild area and easier to level up. Mario Maker 2 for me is my number 1 as I love playing through people's creations. Ports like Mortal Kombat 11 and The Witcher 3 were also good. A good year for a switch owner.

  2. Great list OJ👍
    5. Mario Maker 2
    4. Links Awakening
    3. Luigi’s Mansion 3
    2. Fire Emblem 3 Houses
    1. Dragon Quest 11 S definitive edition echoes of an elusive age. That title😂😂

  3. 1st to 5th… dragon quest XI, Fire Emblem, Collection of Mana, Pokemon , Links Awakening. I have yet to play Luigi mansion 3 and astral chain but definitely will be playing them

  4. Astral Chain and DQXI S are hands down my GOTY lol. I may try Fire Emblem Three Houses later down the line, but I want to play Awakening, or even Path of Radiance first.

  5. Switch had an amazing year! here are some more amazing games.
    Mario Maker 2, Marvel UA 3, Cadence of Hyrule, Link's Awakening, Yoshi's Crafted World, and a niche game Daemon X Machina.
    Edit: I haven't played the Touryst yet but it looks great.

  6. Top 5 Switch games: 5) Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 4) LoZ: Link's Awakening, 3) Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night 2) Dragon Quest XI S 1) Luigi's Mansion 3.
    I did not include ports. If I did, Ori and the Blind Forest would be 5 and Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice would be 2.
    My overall game of the year is Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

  7. My Top 5 Games:
    Astral Chain 👑
    Fire Emblem Three Houses
    Pokemon Sword
    Dragon Quest XI S
    God Eater 3

    3 Honorable Mention:
    Atelier Ryza
    Dusk Diver
    Daemon x Machina

  8. I still need to get to Astral Chain. Purchased it on Day 1 but I was still busy with Fire Emblem. Three Houses got me very invested until Pokemon Sword and Shield came out. I am planning on beating Pokemon, playing its post-game, then getting back to Fire Emblem, then Link's Awakening and then Astral Chain (if Animal Crossing doesn't take up my time by then). I wanted to get to OuterWorlds since I am a huge Fallout fan, but Nintendo has taken up all of my free time.

  9. The controversy stopped when the games released

    Graphics are irrelevant the games look great enough for a Pokémon game


  10. Great list OJ! My top 5 Switch games of 2019 are:
    5. Super Mario Maker 2
    4. Witcher 3 Complete Edition
    3. Pokémon Sword and Shield
    2. Dragon Quest 11 S
    1. Fire Emblem Three Houses (My GOTY)
    Still need to get Luigi’s Mansion 3, Astral Chain, and Link’s Awakening.

  11. Saw your #4 Choice
    contemplates hitting the dislike out of busting chops / joking around

    Saw your #3 Choice
    SMASHED the like button and shared the video on Twitter

    Dragon Quest 11S is such a phenomenal JRPG let alone a phenomenal Nintendo Switch title. It was in my Top 5 games of 2019 too, with so many improvements, great gameplay as well as all of the new mechanics and features implemented make DQ11S one of, if not- THE definitive JRPG game on the Switch!


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    I think its disturbing a afro american is supporting a racist like him. He should know about the central park 5 scandal and that trump wanted the death of this innocent afro american guys. You can watch it on netflix. Its disgusting. I unsubscribed radical reggie immediately. I hope no game company is supporting him.

  13. Great choices OJ! I only played a few of the ones you had listed but these are the ones that myself played so I have a top 5 even though some of them had versions in other platforms. I have certain reasons for why they are numbered the way they are as I had some personal reservations with them but they all great games that they call are pretty much equally a #1 for some person or another.
    But this is my top 5 on the Nintendo Switch 2019:

    5. Pokemon Sword & Shield
    4. Astral Chain
    3. Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout
    2. AI: The Somnium Files
    1. Fire Emblem Three Houses

  14. Guessimg OJs list blind before I watch the Video…

    5) Pokemon SnS
    4) Super Mario Maker
    3) Luigi's Mansion 3
    2) Astral Chain
    1) Fire Emblem: Three Houses

    Lets see how well I did lol

  15. 5. Mortal Kombat 11. Great fighter, runs decently on Switch. Erron Black main here.
    4. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. Love Marvel. Stan Lee would be proud.
    3. Mario Maker 2. Unlimited gameplay.
    2. Astral Chain. Never played anything like it before. Such a cool game and the Legions are awesome.
    1. Fire Emblem: Three Houses. My Personal GOTY and favorite RPG of all time.

  16. my switch game of 2019 is hands down dragon quest xi s with fire emblem not far behind. (zelda links awakening and astral chain were both really amazing as well).

  17. i agree with this list.. i need to get back into astral chain to finish. and 3 houses is just amazing. i randomly recently wanted to start another gameplay. its great

  18. In scope I think Radiant dawn had bigger scope (tho the execution was a bit more hit or miss Looking at you character that are literally pointless and OP character that are literally OP)
    Also for how it Look I think Echoes look better overall and I could argue for Fire emblem Sacred stone too.

    Perso I would rate this Fire emblem game like around 3 or 4 (It good but I played Echoe and Sacred stone and kinda like them better (It mostly come down to the annying monastery, Takeing like 60% of the gameplay and being kinda boring…))

  19. Awesome vid and Top 5 OJ.

    The games i have enjoyed the most either Finished, Played a good amount or just started on the Switch in no order and off the top of my head are – Astral Chain, MK11, The Witcher 3, Ori, FE 3 Houses, MUA3, LM3, Link's Awakening and Cadence of Hyrule, there is many more but these games standout.

  20. Three Houses is awesome man! I just finished the my 4th route a couple weeks back. It was my first FE game ever and I’ve sank like 360 hours into that things I couldn’t play anything else. Can’t wait for the story dlc so I can start another play through

  21. I just started Dragon Quest 11 and I’m wondering what the next game I should play is after. You think I should go with Persona 5, Bayonetta 1&2, DMC5, or Luigis Mansion 3?

  22. Yeah, I agree with you on the top 3, but to me Oninaki comes really close after. If I had to pick a #5 it may probably be Final Fantasy X or Tales of Vesperia.
    Btw I've spent 760 hours alone with Three Houses, and the Blue Lions Route was my first one and is still my favorite. You said there where 3 stories… but there are actually 4.

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