Mud Run Prep with MedStar Health – Injury Prevention

Hi, I’m Jamie with the digital team at MedStar Health, and I signed up for a mud run and obstacle course. One of my biggest goals going into the race is simply to get out of it without injuring myself. So I turned to the experts at MedStar Health. Today we’re meeting with Rebecca Lee, physical therapist at MedStar Health at Hunt Valley who’s going to provide me with some recommendations on things that I can do before and during the race so that my day doesn’t end with a trip to the ER. My name is Rebecca Lee, I’m a physical therapist at MedStar NRH Hunt Valley inside US Lacrosse Headquarters. So here at Hunt Valley I do physical therapy. I treat primarily athletes just because we are inside US Lacrosse. We do see anybody. Anybody’s welcome. But the majority of the cases that we see are athletes from, literally, 9-years-old all the way up to 65-years-old. So anyone is welcome. My top three tips for avoiding injury or reducing your risk of injury in a mud race would be if you have any pain right now, address it, don’t ignore it. Number 2, would be practice the obstacles as best that you can. I know that you don’t always know the obstacles going into it when you get there you get surprised, but there’s usually some kind of correlation to older ones, so definitely practice, practice, practice. And number 3 would be get in a good warm-up. So you don’t want to be cold and kind of go into the race. You’ve got to get a good warm up in to get your muscles ready to go.

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