13 thoughts on “Moshi Monsters – A profitable UK online gaming business

  1. I joined Moshi Monsters a few years ago. But now I'm older, I've grown out of it. I play on Club Penguin instead. And I think Moshi Monsters has been copying Club Penguin cause now they got plush toys, trading cards, books, mini figures, I havnt been on Moshi Monsters for about 4 months now but I just go on it to see how my monsters doing.

  2. wher are the moshimonster shop cose whan to tack my mumther to get me my birthday present my birthday is october thay 8 th re pliy back

  3. what i done was make pics and and give them to all the kids in my local area so they will see the fun and about 897 kids joined in my area but i did it after school

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