MLB The Show 19 – Gamestop MVP Edition | PS4

Hi. I’m Ramone Russell from
the San Diego Studio. The MVP edition of MLB The Show
19 includes a few digital items to help give you a head start
to the baseball season including the
limited edition steel book. You’ll have your
choice from 1 of 30 Diamond Tier Flashback
players to help power up your Diamond Dynasty
squad from day one. The Prestige Gear Up Choice pack
allows you to choose four total items for you to enhance and add
style to not only your Diamond Dynasty squad, but your Road
to the Show player as well. Also included are ten standard
packs and one classic stadium. Rounding out the goodies in the
MVP edition is 6,000 in Stubs. Stubs is the only
virtual currency offered in MLB The Show 19. Trade Stubs to help enhance
your Diamond Dynasty team, Road to the Show player, or you can use
them in Franchise mode. You can also use Stubs to test
your market savviness in our virtual marketplace. That’s it for the MVP edition. MLB The Show 19
launches exclusively on the PlayStation 4,
March 26th.

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