Miniclip 9 Ball Pool Rules? Know More About It

Miniclip 9 Ball Pool Rules? Know More About It

What’s going on Guys? I am back with this new video of 8 Ball Pool
or should I say 9 Ball Pool? Because Miniclip has finally released its
amazing 9 Ball Pool mode And then, everyone is losing their mind 😀 I’ve been playing this game since yesterday
and honestly? I’m enjoying it! Hats off to Miniclip. But I’ve been noticing something strange
Some users are actually unaware of the proper rules of this game. So I came up with this video to help you Guys
So Guys please observe this video and I’m sure it will help you to increase the winning
chances. So, I came up with these three rules. This is the first and basic rule of this game
So Guys, You have to start potting all the balls in an ascending order which means We
have to start potting from ball number 1 then 2, 3 and so on and we have to end it with
ball number 9. You Guys can see how I am doing this. So Guys, lets go ahead with rule number two. This is an important rule. Suppose Guys, your target ball is blocked
with some other ball. But, don’t worry, You Guys can pot any ball
on the table with the help of your target ball and it’s completely legal. As you can see Guys, I will try to pot this
green ball with the help of my target ball which is red. So, lets do the same with this purple one
too. And we will get the chance. So this example also shows that You Guys can
win the game early as possible by potting the 9 ball with the help of your target ball. Like this! So guys, this is THE most important rule. It is the Golden break. But, what is Golden Break? Suppose, we are taking the break and after
breaking if the 9 ball gets potted that’s the Golden Break and you will win instantly. You Guys can also get the Golden Break by
potting the 9 Ball with your target ball without giving your opponent any chance to play. Like I am doing right now. As you can see Guys, I have got this Golden
Break Achievement. So that’s it Guys for today’s Video and I
hope it helped a lot of you Guys who were not aware of these rules. Please like if you liked this video and make
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Guys out. Thank you very much ^_^

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  1. if I legally hit the correct number ball and make it, but also sink the nine without calling it do I continue shooting after spotting the nine?

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