Maniac Cousin Destroys Xbox one

Maniac Cousin Destroys Xbox one

How do you not even know where your own game is i don’t know i must’ve just misplaced it or something i’m gonna go check the game folder oh here it is that’s the 360 version so it’s not gonna work on xbox one hey calm down it’s just a game hey, don’t do not do what you think you’re doing don’t put it back down what are you HEY! put that xbox down! ok HEY!!! stay inside hey what you doing, seriously have fun with your own game *crash* oh my god Oh oh my god you ok? Michael just broke my xbox what’s going on with you 2? he broke my xbox, look at this oh come on that’s not right i know *sigh* hey you you’re leavin wh wha what! now you broke my sons xbox ya *CRASH* FINE ooh you’re outta here that one *engine starts* *engine revvs* good riddance

10 thoughts on “Maniac Cousin Destroys Xbox one

  1. What a dumb kid! He is literally the most Stupid kid i ever seen in my life! The good thing that i don't have any Xbox One or PS4,only PC,and why you must to waste your time playing the GTA V this game is super boring now

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