Make This: Dice Tower

Make This: Dice Tower

So in this weeks build video Ive go a Project
for making a dice tower this would make an excellent Christmas gift
Its not to late to knock one out this year 2015 and it took me about 1.5 hours to knock this
out Ive got a few glueing tricks that are going
to speed up the workflow but still give you good strength long term for this project and then coming up in the next couple of days
my wife suggested after I made this that we have something that would capture the dice
as they come out So I made a tray that also acts as a lid so
that when you store it its a nice little decorative box that you store just about anywhere you
want Here is a quick video of the thing working
before we get to the project video I started off this project by raiding my scrap
bin trying to find anything I felt would meet the rough dimensions I wanted for this project I was looking to make the box about 8in tall
3 to 3.5 in wide and about inch and a half deep or so and I am looking for boards that are about
the same thickness that will allow me to maintain that kind of rough shape. I landed on some curly maple and nice board
of walnut once i plained them to the same thickness I went ahead and ripped a straight edge. Because these were scrap boards I knew they
had a pretty straight edge already so I just ran them over the table saw. This curly maple is also pretty problematic
for a jointer when its thin like this it has a tendency to tear out because parts of that
are end grain that are going over the jointer so the table saw actually gives a cleaner
cut Now Im going to square up one edge of this
walnut board and confirm my length I was looking for something that was about
16 in this one ended up at 15 5/8ths in which was ok because I actually needed an
opening at the bottom for the dice to roll out so because the front side is shorter then
the back side this worked out, i just adjusted my length to 8 inches and the off cut just
ended up being the front piece without any additional cuts needed and the maple strips down he side will be
the same length I know this looks like the maple might be
touching the fence down there at the end… It is not so safety police feel confident that I am
not doing anything wrong and guys I’m trying out a new format
I am not doing as much fast forward I’m trying to give you some realtime video let me know in the comments do you like this
format? Do you want more of it? Do you prefer just the fast forward videos? Or do you like
the cut aways where you can see more specific steps? So now Im ripping the pieces i have cut to
length down to their 1 and a half inch thickness and there I was kind of looking to see where
the best chatoyance was on the curly maple that way I save the nicest piece and Im cutting
off the piece that might have less of the curly figure now I have got and extra piece that I have
here and this is going to make the paddles on the inside that the dice are going to bounce
off of. and the way i set that angle is I kind of
just laid a piece of maple against the side and the walnut to see what looked right and
marked the angle with a pencil and then took that over to the mitersaw and set the angle
based on the pencil mark the bottom piece is going to be what kicks
the dice out of the dice tower and I’m marking the width here. I am going to sneak up on this cut. Want the
two 45s to point into each other
so that it will sit flat on the bottom and the back of the dice tower settings my blade to 45 degrees here for the
bottom cuts and I’m adjusting the fence so that I cut
right on the edge having a push block here is pretty important.
For me this is not the type of cut I am comfortable with pushing through by hand I actually cut my reference mark off so Im
going to go ahead and mark that again now that I have a nice sharp edge to mark against I am using a piece of the walnut to make sure
that Ihave those boards exactly on the edge I want this to be a nice tight fit you are going to see this its at the bottom
where the dice come out so spend a little extra time making sure that that joint is
tight by sneaking up on the fit Quick note with the miter saw: i don’t know
if anyone else saw is this way but when I plunge straight down I get a slight waiver
in my cut but if I pull the saw all the way out, then
down, then back in to make the cut I get a square cut hear i am cleaning up the smaller pieces just
using the sand paper to get a true square edge and it also takes care of any tear out now for the bottom side I did just use wood
glue but the down side with that is the dry time
with a standard wood glue is pretty long for a project like this with a project like this that is not going
to be sat on or stood on you don’t need it to be tough as nails so what Im actually going to recommend is
that you put a few dabs of CA glue, or super glue, on the top middle and bottom of the
bonding surfaces and spread regular wood glue on the rest of the joint then when you put the board down the CA glue
is going to hold it tight like a clamp while the wood glue dries. this is going to give you all the strength
of regular wood glue but the convenience of CAglue being able to speed the project along especially if you are trying to make this
for a christmas present anything that can save you a couple of hours
in the shop waiting on glue to dry is a good thing to
do. I spread glue along the bottom and the side
of the paddles now that the bottoms dried I’m going to come
back with a chisel and clean up any squeeze out to ensure we have a nice flat glueing
surface and now I’m switching gears to use the method
I spoke about earlier with the CA glue the left side here, i am actually going a
bit over board with the CA glue and you will see Ijust remembered i had the wood glue to
use use a thin amount of glue, you don’t want
a lot of squeeze out to have to clean up on the right side I remembered and this is
the method I recommend a few drops of CAglue to hold it down and
regular wood glue in-between and this is the best method for small projects Ihave found a quick spray of activator to speed up the
cure time of the CA glue now its time for sanding this will take care of any inconsistencies
in the panels if they shifted during glue up and it preps it for the finish don’t forget to sand a little on the inside again thats going to be a pretty visible part
of the project sand with the grain if you sand against it, or across it it will
leave scratch marks that are difficult to remove now wipe everything down and use some spray
lacquer this is a clear semi-gloss finish which i think gives it a nice appearance for me the trick is lots of light coats and
light sanding in-between Thanks for watching please subscribe for more
videos and coming up next week will be the tray slash
lid video

30 thoughts on “Make This: Dice Tower

  1. I absolutely love this project, very informative video, and boy is the final result gorgeous!! Any chance that you have some sketches with measurements for this project? Even just back of the napkin notes for length, width, and depth would be really handy in trying to recreate this (for the lid/tray too if possible). No need for formal CAD printouts or anything just something to help me better visualize the dimensions. I just stumbled upon this and definitely thinking about making some of these for Christmas presents 🙂

  2. Two thumbs up on the "real time" vid! Personally, I find the "fast forward" vids annoying and almost always worthless.

  3. its been a few years, but hopefully you kept to this same format. Fast forwarding might be fine for movies trying to look like comics, but in teaching, fast forwarding does nothing but adds confusion. And these videos are instructional, not a comic. Nice tower. A lot of work, but very nice. And good tips on how to make one of these. Nice music too.

  4. I really enjoyed the video and am planning on using this for a future project. I think it'd be nice for future reference to add materials into the description of the video. It makes it nice and convenient for anyone who uses the tutorial. Thanks for the video though super helpful.

  5. Impressive, most impressive! You inspired me to make one of my own, though not as nice as yours or time consuming but bigger and hopefully functional as yours are!

  6. Thank you for the video! This is my second woodworking project so I am going low tech with just a skill saw and some jigs I made. However, I am just using some poplar board from Home Depot and will stain it all one color. When should I apply the stain? Thanks

  7. Getting some scrap wood is easy. I have done a lot of that in the past. Most of my work is done by hand. I have a good share of power equipment in my shop, but when it comes to something as small as a dice tower. I just use my hand tools. It may take some time, but the satisfaction is much greater. I make them for friends and family. After seeing some on line for sale for up to 200 dollars. I figured I can make my own and make them look even better. Thanks for posting your video.

  8. Dude… it's never wise to push wood across a table saw… EVER!

    Had four teachers from middle school into high school preach that over and over every day of every year with every class. Reason being is that one had a 2×4 kick back and hit them in the gut and another who lost a finger.

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