Life-Saving Letters | Ep. 6

Life-Saving Letters | Ep. 6

[Music] January 2017 we had gone to watch one of my nephew’s play basketball le was running up and down the court at halftime playing with the other little girls running up and down the bleachers and we go to bed that night everything was just normal but around 10 o’clock she woke up telling me that her legs were hurting and I thought well she was running a lot tonight but just tired and she’s always been a very healthy child she was never really much of a crier because she’s always around boys and always had to be tough but she was continuing to hurt I had tried everything I had massages her legs, ice, heat at 3 a.m. she looked at me and she said mommy please help me so I did I put her in the car and I took her to the Children’s Hospital they took her straight back and the doctor did some tests the ER doctor he came in he talked to me and he said her x-ray looks great her blood work looks normal however I don’t want you to leave yet he said there’s two more tests and I’m waiting on that aren’t back and at 8:30 a new doctor comes in and that’s when he told us all the tests were highly suspicious for leukemia that was the worst moment of my love Ellie crawls up in my lap she put her hands on my face and she said breathe mommy breathe two days later they send us to Memphis at St. Jude you know when we got here she says mom I am mad at you and I said why are you mad at me and she said well you’ve taken me to the hospital where kids have cancer so she asked me she said “mom do I have cancer?” and I wasn’t gonna lie to her I said that’s what the doctors think and that’s why we’re here she just said mom I don’t want to be a cancer person so I just felt there and held her and just told her it was gonna be okay a few days later we got some unexpected news when Ellee had her bone marrow biopsy and some other testing done it moved Ellee from a low risk category to a high risk I wasn’t prepared for that at all you have a million questions going through your mind at that point but your biggest question is is my little girl gonna be okay please God don’t take her you know that was just the beginning of her battle Ellee’s treatment it is pretty intense you know I think about the medicine that my child has had and it is more than the majority of people take in a lifetime but she just amazes me every day with how strong she is she’s my hero and she’s a blessing to us but she misses doing things that she used to do we tried to find things for her to look forward to even though she felt so ill the thing that seemed to bring her the most joy every day was a trip to mail room so that became part of our daily routine to see does Ellie have mail she got mail from all over the United States I still don’t know who some of the people were who sent her just a card that says stay strong brave girl we’re so proud of you and we read every card she has ever gotten the mail brightened her day not only did it comfort her but it was a huge comfort to me and her father just to know that we had that many people who loved her, were thinking about her we would never have enough time to thank them I know that my baby will never stop this is only going to make her stronger I know that she will tackle anything in her future but I do think St. Jude they are giving her a future we’ll never be able to repay St. Jude for what they’ve done to allow me to be with her every day I don’t have to worry about paying those medical bills at the end of this cause all I need to worry about is focusing on her that’s all I want to do is just to make sure she’s okay she’s comfortable and for that I’m forever grateful [Music]

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  1. PROOF the DOJ, HHS, CDC, VICP covered up Causation Correlation between Vaccines & AUTISM

    Dr. Andrew Zimmerman WHISTLEBLOWER , as of Sept. 7th, 2018, which he informed several DOJ attorneys on June 15, 2007 that;

    #8. … "there were exceptions in which Vaccination could CAUSE Autism ." …

    #9. … "in a subset of Children an underlying mitochondrial dysfunction, vaccine induced fever and immune stimulation that exceeded metabolic energy reserves could, and in at least one of my patients, did cause regressive encephalopathy with features of Autism Spectrum disorder . " …

    #10. … "I explained that my opinion regarding exceptions in which Vaccines could CAUSE Autism was based upon advances in science, medicine, and clinical research of one of my patients in particular." …

    #20. … "In my opinion, it highly misleading to allow the Department of Justice to continue to use my original written expert testimony , as to Michelle Cedillo, as evidence against the remaining petitioners in the O.A.P. in light of the above referenced information which I explained to the DOJ attorneys while omitting the caveat regarding exceptions in which Vaccinations could CAUSE Autism. " … (In Layman's = The DOJ LIED, committed Purgery) (This is what a REAL Unbiased Journalist sounds like, Folks) ( Dr. Zimmerman's Affidavit , don't Believe me read it for yourself)

    We ALL live in a Corporatocracy, where as the Bottom-Line matters more than Human LIFE, even our CHILDREN'S LIVES. The DOJ omits data/evidence just as the CDC omits data-sets (Scientific Findings) to protect the Bottom-Line & SALES of BigPharma, RISKING the Health of the Population & targeting our CHILDREN 1st and foremost, then our Seniors and then Mother's-To-BE!! There's no difference between the two.

    The O.A.P. Omnibus Autism Proceedings, which consisted of over 5,400+ petitioners of Vaccine Injured, ONLY 6 Cases were reviewed that determined the outcome for the 5,400+. Doesn't sound like Due Process to me Folks (Violates the 5th Amendment) in the 1st place, this is how our Justice System works today and further evidence of the CORRUPTION within the VICP. The VICP has PAID out more than $4,033,000,000.00 BILLION DOLLARS in DAMAGES due to VACCINES!!! This figure should be 10X's that, at over $40 BILLION In DAMAGES, but alas the VICP are CORRUPT PAID SHILLS. The 5,400+ Injured CHILDREN represented an additional $1,000,000,000.00++ BILLION DOLLARS in DAMAGES to add to that VICP Total and do you know what happens IF that TRUST runs out of MONEY?? The VICP would be REVOKED and BigPHARMA would be LIABLE once again, paying out 10's to 100's MILLIONS each year, instead of us Tax Payers! So, there were plenty of REASONS why these DOJ Attorney's LIED, as well as the DOJ Admin's & the VICP Kangaroo Hearings . Until this program is ended, BigPHARMA will continue the POISONING of our Children & our Seniors & all our Pregnant Mother's to be ( there's NO SCIENCE demonstrating Vaccines are Safe for developing fetuses–ZERO!..NEVER EVER! ). Besides, EVERY FDA Vaccine Clinical Trial VIOLATES the SCIENTIFIC METHOD FACT!!…because NO CONTROL (Saline-Placebo) is EVER used in the Experiments! (a 7th Grade Biology Student would know this is WRONG/FRAUD! ) Yet, our "White Coats" in lockstep, follow their orders Jack-Boot style, Damn COWS is all they are, with no Critical Thought what-so-ever.

    BILLIONS in DAMAGE FOLKS*, what more evidence could you possibly want, THINK!! What Drug, Plain Train, Car or Tool would you CONTINUE to USE, IF it CAUSED *BILLIONS in DAMAGE? HMM??? LOL! Folks better WAKE UP or it WILL literally cost you TIME from your LIFE or WORSE a Loved One!!! FACT!

    These are 2 perfect examples that demonstrate exactly how the Federal Government & BigPharma, intentionally violate the Scientific Method, committing Fraud.

    Dr. Gary Goldman CDC WHISTLEBLOWER Official Statement….."When research data concerning Vaccine used in Human Populations is being suppressed and/or being misrepresented, this is very disturbing and goes against all scientific norms and compromises professional ethics."…..

    Take a listen to Dr. Gary Goldman (CDC) at the 21:42 & 30:00 mark….this should Help everyone understand what we're ALL dealing with, from the *Horses-mouth.*

    Dr. William Thompson CDC WHISTLEBLOWER Official Statement…."I regret that my coauthors and I omitted statistically significant information in our 2004 article published in the journal Pediatrics. The omitted data suggested that African American males who received the MMR vaccine before age 36 months were at increased risk for autism. Decisions were made regarding which findings to report after the data were collected, and I believe that the final study protocol was not followed."….

    Dr. William Thompson, CDC WHISTLEBLOWER …still one of their TOP Scientist (he's protected, thank God). In August of 2014, Dr. Thompson came forward and stated: He conducted a FRAUDULENT Study, his Colleagues conducted a FRAUDULENT Study and Top CDC Admins conducted a FRAUDULENT Study, that was ordered by Congress via the DOJ. The study in question was the last Federally funded study that looked at the Causation Correlation concept between the MMR Vaccine & Autism. Sadly, all of these Scientist & Admins OMITTED Scientific Data (Data-sets), that demonstrated Causation Correlation between the MMR Vaccine & Autism. They ALL Violated the Scientific Method.

    In a science experiment, One is not allowed to OMIT data that does NOT fit the Scientists Hypothesis, this is FRAUD. A scientists is supposed to adjust their Hypothesis based upon the data collected, not the other way around. Due to the Conflicts of Interest/Corruption that exists within the CDC, FDA, NIH, HHS, etc. not even Science is safe or effective in the United States or with our Allies as a matter of Fact.

    African American Males have a 340% INCREASED RISK of an Autism Diagnosis, IF that CHILD receives the MMR Vaccine PRIOR to 36 months of age. FACT!!

    This was the data-set (Scientific Findings) the CDC Covered up & literally threw in the Trash. When Dr. Thompson was ordered, along with his Colleagues to dispose of this information. Dr. Thompson knew it was a violation of Federal Laws, like FOIA and he kept all of his data. He gave Congress (Posey (FL)) over 10,000 pages of this evidence as PROOF of the FRAUDULENT SCIENCE. Sadly, since our Congress & Senate are CORRUPT as well…..Nothing has come about because of this? Not even so much as a WARNING to AFRICAN AMERICAN PARENTS ???? Sadly, the DOJ has FAILED to ACT as well, which confirms their CORRUPTION! The Scientific Journal "Pediatrics" that published the paper, has yet to RETRACT the paper, despite the testimony of FRAUD, by a Author, so the Pediatrics Journal is CORRUPT, a worth-less RAG!

    What I have stated is a FACT and not up for debate … if anyone could debate these FACTS anyways, but simply IGNORING the 10,000 pages of EVIDENCE and Testimony of Dr. William Thompson is the norm today. There's no way to disprove/debunk this, one can read Dr. Thompson's Testimony & Listen to Congressman Posey's statements before Congress.

    Next…..Research Dr. Judy Mikovitz WHISTLEBLOWER An accredited Scientists that has exposed Retro-Viruses that exist within EVERY Vaccine. Retro-Viruses are viruses that reside in other animal kingdoms and when injected in Mammals, can lay dormant, but upon activation, can create a firestorm of illness (Your Dr. won't have a clue what's wrong). SV40 is such a Retro-Virus, that resides within the Polio Vaccine, which has contributed to the mass epidemic of 1,000.000's of Cancers we see today. Once again, despite Dr. Mikovitz alerting the Alphabet Soup Regulators, Congress, Senate, etc. regarding the DANGERS concerning Retro-Viruses, our Federal SHILLS still remain SILENT, protecting BigPharma's Bottom-Line, instead of protecting Human Life.

    What everyone should know & consider about Vaccines :

    1. ALL Vaccines contain Retro-Viruses (cause Cancer++).

    2. ALL Vaccines contain Round-Up/Glyphosate & 1/3rd contain ARSENIC (cause Cancer++).

    3. All Vaccines contain TOXIC Chemicals (Neuro-Toxins/Chemo Drugs/Aborted Fetuses).

    4. The Science behind Vaccines is Fraudulent (Pseudo-Science).

    5. Safe Vaccines could be manufactured, but purposely they are left TOXIC.

    6. Federal Regulators have been Captured by Industry (All Credibility Lost).

    7. The Scientific Method is DEAD within the United States & with our Allies (AND it's NOT just Vaccines, think again!)

    What ACTUALLY ELIMINATED 95% of ALL Infectious Diseases in North America & the World for that matter ….(even Countries that DIDN'T have Vaccine Campaigns) This is NOT TAUGHT at BigPharma's Universities for some reason. Hmm? Wonder WHY?

    #1. Proper Waste Management & Clean Water (Thank a Plumber, NOT a Dr.)

    #2. Nutrition (Bread Basket-Vitamin C CURED Scurvy)

    #3. Quarantine (CURED Spanish Flu)

    #4. Less Confined Living Conditions

    #5. Clean Terrain (Hygiene-CURED the Spanish Flu)

    It's US against Them (the Remorseless Psychopaths, Fraudulent Scientists & SKEPTIC Paid SHILLS )

    Either, you're with the PEOPLE or the Psychopaths in Washington (& their buddies; DOJ, Saddam, VICP, Osama, CDC, Noriega, FDA, the Shah, EPA, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), HHS, Trilateral Commission, NIH, Saudi's, AMA, Likud Coalition, Stalin, Israeli Govt., BigPharma, Hitler, etc.). It's real simple Folks..

  2. AUTISM EPIDEMIC: If anyone has a child that has been diagnosed with Autism or you suspect your child may have some of the attributes that are associated within the spectrums known as Autism. I'd invite you to research a Kerri Rivera with AutismONE. These folks have CURED well over 501 kids of their spectrum diagnosis and have helped literally 1,000's upon 1,000's of kids all around the World in over 70 Countries. Western Medicine has NOT CURED ONE CHILD!! ….. in addition states it is IMPOSSIBLE to CURE Autism?…. nor are they even INTERESTED in LEARNING from someone who is SUCCESSFUL at HELPING ALL these KIDS & YOUNG ADULTS ….WHAT??? This is the TRUTH and the FACT of the matter!?!? This is yet another PRIME example of Western Medicine FAILING the population of the ENTIRE world….PERIOD!! There is a CURE for Autism do NOT give up hope. Peace to all caring, logical, and ethical human beings.


    Here's a link to AutismONE's 2014 Conference, where they discuss the protocols that are CURING/reversing the tide, of the Autism EPIDEMIC . At the end of this conference, you'll get to listen to an angel named "Rachael" (#112 CURED of ASD). Who will melt your HEART as she encourages all the parents not to give up hope and allows us all, another insight into the sickness known as Autism . At the 55:00 mark, you can listen to this darling tell you the TRUTH and remember, IF Western Medicine had it their way…..Rachael would be a CUSTOMER (bottom-line) for life, instead of being Healthy & Healed to live a full life.

    Per MIT statisticians, they estimate by 2025-32 every other CHILD Born in the United States (ONLY) will be Autistic. Today, it's 1 in 36 Born are Autistic…and in Boys, it's 1 in 28. The Poisoning of America's Children is going to END the United States as we know it, at the very least Bankrupt it. This issue is so SERIOUS, the DATA is so Disturbing, yet it is being IGNORED by everyone in the Mainstream, even the CURE for Autism is being IGNORED. Disgraceful Remorseless Human Beings are running the show.

    We ALL should ASSUME… That ALL VACCINES now contain the CARCINOGEN known as Glyphosate-Weed-KILLER & 1/3rd of ALL Vaccines now contain ARSENIC! A study done in January 30th, 2017 out of Germany CONFIRMED it. You'll want to look under : Potentiell toxische Elemente/Potential Toxic Elements & Arsen-Gesamt/Arsenic Total Here's a couple links on the Scientific Study. Spectrum Analysis Results on 16 Vaccines

    – ALL vaccines tested contained mercury in small amounts (even the ones that were supposedly “mercury free”).

    – Half the vaccines contained toxic, carcinogenic nickel in small amounts.

    – Slightly over 1/3 of the tested vaccines contained small amounts of arsenic.

    – Over 90% of the tested vaccines contained uranium (yes, the stuff used to make nuclear bombs).

    – ALL tested vaccines contain minor traces of aluminum, even if not labeled . Gardasil, Gardasil 9 and Synflorix contain TWICE as much aluminum as indicated.

    – The aluminum content in the so-called attenuated vaccines is around 1000-6000X times above the safe limits for drinking water! And these vaccines are supposedly “safer”? By the way, aluminum adjuvants commonly used in vaccines have been identified by immunologists as a trigger for later development of food allergies in children.

    MomsacrossAmerica tested 5 Vaccines and ALL had Round-up/Glyphosate in them. Glyphosate is a CA Prop 65 Carcinogen & listed as a Group 2A with the WHO/IARC, "Probable Carcinogen to Humans". A TOXIN is a TOXIN, no matter the ppb or excuse given. MOMS are doing the JOB of our Federal Alphabet Agencies are supposed to do….so sad, but way to go MOMS!!!! (show'em how it's DONE!) Here's a link, enjoy! These Spectrum Analyzed results (EVIDENCE) were sent to Congress, Senate, HHS, CDC, etc. and ALL IGNORED the DATA, which is what PAID SHILLS do, naturally 🙂

    In addition, Dr. Anthony Samsel also tested over a DOZEN Vaccines and found that over 90% of the VACCINES, contained the TOXIN ROUND-UP! Multiple labs were used in the test, to maintain objectivity. He as well sent these Scientific Findings to Congress, Senate, CDC, NIH, FDA, HHS, EPA, WHO and they haven't done SHIT about it. These Alphabet Agency's simply IGNORED the DATA (FACTS), just like Dr. William Thompson's testimony was IGNORED (FACT). (They're Remorseless Worthless POS, real simple).

    Here's a link, enjoy lstening to Anthony :

    Momsacrossamerica also tested Mothers breast milk and found 3 out of 10 Women's breast milk were contaminated with Round-Up/Glyphosate. Once again, the FDA, EPA and Monsanto have LIED, conducted Fraudulent Science. Of which, it is their OPINION that Glyphosate does NOT Bio-accumulate, which this test proves them to be wrong. What a surprise, yet another example of Pseudo-Science by our Alphabet Regulators, LOL!

    If you're a woman and if you ever get PREGNANT or you have CHILDREN, especially a daughter, do not carry your cell phone on you OR work/sleep next to Wifi's/Smart Meters/EMF's, etc.. This is from the Yale University Medical (don't listen to me) , here's some honest ethical PHD's/MD's that are actually trying to improve the Health & Well being of the People. Developing fetuses are at EXTREME RISK, then Little Girls, because they are born with a finite number of eggs, once those eggs are damaged it's PERMANENT. Men can regenerate sperm, which is a positive for us, but CHILDREN in general have thinner skulls & more water in their brains, so the EMF's penetrate & persist worse. Lab experiments with Rats & Mice, exposed to normal EMF's experience Fertility issues. By the 3rd Generation 40% were STERILE and by the 5th Generation ALL were STERILE. Our cells are no different than theirs…..(Mammals)

    EVERYBODY BETTER WAKE UP or it WILL cost you TIME from your Life or worse, a Loved One & your Genealogy!! (Over 1800 Studies – EMF's cause DNA Damage, even the mitochondrial DNA!) (Health Liability WARNINGS from Manufactures)

    Mobile Phone Mast Effects on Common Frogs (Rana temporaria) Tadpoles: The City Turned into a Laboratory

    MAINSTREAM EMF Science is Pseudo-Science i.e. Industry PAID Agenda Junk Science, no different than VACCINE Pseudo-Science & Tobacco Science & Asbestos Science & Glyphosate/Round-Up Science & Cannabis Science & Bovine Growth Hormone Science & 2,4-d Science & Mercury Amalgam Science & GMO Science & Anthropogenic Climate Change Science & Lead Gas Science & Artificial Sweeteners Science & Pregnant Women-Fetus X-Ray Science & Downwinders Science & Nagasaki/Hiroshima Radiation Science & Fukushima Radiation Navy Sailors Science & Gulf War Syndrome Science & Depleted Uranium Science & 9/11 NIST/FEMA Science & DDT Science & Agent Orange Science & Geo-engineering Science & Cholesterol Science & Talcum Powder Asbestos Science & Chemo-Radiation Cancer Science & Autism Spectrum Science & Bio-SOLIDS Science & I can go on & on & On , folks! These are ALL Non-Replicable Agenda BIASED Science that VIOLATE the SCIENTIFIC METHOD = CORRUPTION/FRAUDULENT….FACT!!!

    Hence, It's US against Them (the Remorseless Psychopaths, Fraudulent Scientists & SKEPTIC Paid SHILLS )

    Either, you're with the PEOPLE or the Psychopaths in Washington (& their buddies; DOJ, Saddam, VICP, Osama, CDC, Noriega, FDA, the Shah, EPA, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), HHS, Trilateral Commission, NIH, Saudi's, AMA, Likud Coalition, Stalin, Israeli Govt., BigPharma, Hitler, etc.). It's real simple Folks..

  3. St. Jude is the patron Saint of "Lost Cases and Hopeless Causes". That is why this hospital is particularly beautiful


  5. Dear Ellee

    I don't know if you'll ever read this but I want you to know that you are a strong, brave beautiful little lady. You have such a big heart and you stuck through all the trials that was put in front of you. You are a fighter and I hope you know that mommy and daddy love you very much. You cried through the pain and the emotions and remember it's ok to cry! Life will bring you down at times but you learned to pick yourself up and keep walking. Life isn't fair, there's always gonna be another obstacle somewhere down the road and some of those obstacles can be avoided but this couldn't be avoided. I know when you go into the mail room you feel really happy and I'm glad so many people love and care about you. All of us heard your story and was touched by it. Just know that you are always loved and someday you'll look back and think "i endured all that and look at where I am now". Thanks to anyone who reads this and mind you this is for everyone. Love you all ❤❤❤

  6. Someone at the game likely had an untreated Staphylococcus Aureus Pneumonia/sinus infection airborne, biofilm forming? Enterovirus outbreak in USA and worldwide allegedly led to children not being able to walk, allegedly, but may have been a Staphylococcus Aureus Sinus infection /pneumonia outbreak? Pathogen -> Mucus + Fibrin -> steals hosts Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Zinc etc. -> exacerbates previous health conditions and weakens?

  7. Chemo makes cancer worse and gives you new cancers. The worst thing you can do if you get diagnosed is get st jude treatment. These doctors are parasites and bullies.  Either get it removed via surgery and if you can't, then take medicine. Chemo will kill you faster.

  8. We must stop feeding our children fake foods , junk foods. We will forever be burdened by disease and degeneration if we don't feed the body properyly.
    This poor child was surely fed almost all processed junk food from an early age you cannot tell me different. Boxed fake waffles, boxed frozen foods, fake sugar laden processed cereals, etc etc. Feed your children pure food and cancer will not find them

  9. These aren't even real stories or people, even the doctors are fake. These are actors. This charity is on the IRS most dirty list for tax fraud and even stealing donators identities to funnel income into their illegal money washing tax rebate system which they have been busted for 4 times.

  10. Ellee and family, you are all stronger than you think. This is going to be hard. BUT, One day Ellee can tell her story to others for hope. My friend Ben & I have been friends for over 20 years. He was diagnosed at 3 with leukemia. He has been cancer free since 12. We are 43, well he’s 44 haha and has a sweet little boy of his own now. 🥰 And we even still prank call eachother and are very immature. There is HOPE. Bless you all. Big hug for mama.

  11. This was an add that I didn't skip. The government should defund Planned Parenthood, and start using those funds for St. Jude. Instead of our tax dollars paying to kill children, they should pay to save children.

  12. This was an ad on a video and I couldn’t press skip because it was so captivating, very amazing video

  13. Yeet! What’s up! I also had leukemia and my treatment ended last September! You’ll make it! I know how it feels, good luck.

  14. this scam is more about St. Jude than Ellee…..Way to use a story to advertise your hospital…doesn't sit well with me….If this was an ad that was honest and upfront about what St. Jude provides I would have no problem….but you're trying to circumvent the process with stories that may or may not be true.

  15. Bless you beautiful Elle. I pray that the illness leaves you and one day you are completely healed. God please give this family strength and blessings to continue their journey.

  16. Hmm…..just better know that there better not be any stolen or used dna cells not authorized for research or burn that hospital to the ground just sayin..there was never no consent.. Stem cell research and liposuction abortions where are cells going saw on you tube scientist doing forced attachments to bodies also placentas where do tthey go? Dna thieves fuck yo kids bitches they don't belong to the bodies that didn't birth them ….scientist think they are owners of bodies fuck America and the Jennifer writing this comment doesn't give a fuck or care about your witch descendent kidsand of dna of the Jennifer writing this comment is in any of you witches put it there other than children had and the number is not alot…don't want no connections to no body not birthed through the womb of the jennifer writing this comment bitches witches or whomever else… ..Depopulate

  17. Incredibly moving. Power of empathy, community, and a mission-driven hospital. Thank you. First 5-minute commercial I've watched in my life.

  18. I am sick of this ad I've had it come on for me about 25 times!~ its starting to give me headaches
    ; – ; When ever im going on frigin songs to get me upbeat thi sebfhfroerhgewfejfbwjgkb
    I feel bad for the kids but WHyYYY
    LIKe EVEry SInGLE vIdeO I WaTCh DANGIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Elle got to sign to a college basketball team and my girlfriend was on that team. I remember the day I was sitting at work and my girlfriend texted me and said elles mom sent them a text message that said her cans after her last round of chemo came back and they couldn’t see anymore cancer. It was the most beautiful moment. We still get pictures of her and she made my girlfriend some pictures and a bracelet. We still get so excited when we see how full her hair has grown back, how strong she’s gotten, and the miracle she is💕🥰

  20. Dear Ellee,
    if you read this in the end,here's something for you to know.
    You are really strong and brave. You should also know that people all around the country really care about you.
    We all do.
    P.S. Keep visiting for mail!

  21. If I see this fucking ad again I'll never donate to this damn organization. Fifty fucking times in a damn day.

  22. Dear Ellie hope all is well but for YouTube for the love of God this ad has been continually spammed after every single song I put in the middle of my workout. Please stop giving me a 5 minute ad every 2-3 minutes.

  23. One day my sister and my aunt and I were watching my little cousin who around the time was about 4 he said his legs were hurting my aunt said maybe we could walk it off my cousin said no so my aunt massaged his leg then he was fine but later that day we had a very big party but my cousin was screaming and crying in the living room and was saying he felt sick. So later on when summer ended fall came and that’s when we figured out my little 4 year old man had cancer. His Parents went through many rough times and my cousin would have to take steroids to make him feel better. Every other week are parents gave us a chat about how our cousin would be a little rough because if his steroids. 2 years have passed now and now my little cousin goes to kinder garden and he will be moving up to 1st grade now. He is a very healthy and happy kid now and he has beat cancer

  24. Dear Ellee

    I hope if you see this you know that you have been so lucky that you didn't die and you have a strong heart. God loves you and everyone will support you. I saw this on an ad and right when it started I searched it up to say this to you. Keep dreaming! It is totally okay to cry through the pain. Me, lots of the viewers, your family and friends are praying for you. Dream big! If you hit rock bottom, you can only go up. Pain is a part of life, and it will end. It might come back but let's just be positive.

    XOXO, Unicornio

  25. I feel so bad for Ellee; however, having this ad on every video I watch does this girl an injustice. Prayers for this sweet little angel.

  26. Sad stuff. I sent them Money my Mom used to send to them… Gets me mad when you see all of these drugs out there are they really looking for a cure for cancer or what.. I have lost 6 friends in the last 10 years. This is just nuts.. Something else out there is giving people cancer.. The junk they put in our food I am not surprised..

  27. Forbes: St. Jude [is] among the least efficient [charities] due to a combination of overhead and not-low fundraising costs.

  28. On February 13, 2007 my wife passed away doe to an overdosed on pain medication. When my work asked me if I wanted them to donate flowers for her funeral I said that I would prefer that they give a donation to St Judes because to me flowers are nice but I wanted their money to go to a better use than use them on flowers as I felt that buying flowers was a waste of money. I wanted that money to go towards a very good use and who knows maybe it helped to save a life as that meant more to me than anything else. May God give these precious children the strength to fight the cancer and beat it and may He give us the cure so that no other children or anyone else has to die because of cancer.

  29. Chemicals cause cancer. They don't get rid of it. Shame of you all for not taking a holistic approach to curing children. God sits on his throne and see's your evil deeds.

    Everyone needs to eat clean, remove chemicals, remove over-the-counter and persceiption medications, watch Dr Sebi, watch the University of California lecture on health aging (search Health Wealthy Aging University of California into the search bar) to learn about how animal protein is unhealthy (especially red meat), and seek out mentors on YouTube who are some of the brightest minds in the world. Chemicals are the problem, not the solution.

    Processed food is not food and is dangerous. There is a UK study from the last 5 years that shows more than half of cancer patients dieing from chemo, not cancer. A US study from the last 5 years that shows chemo spreads cancer to previously unaffected organs through the bloodstream, and also increases severity of flares. Learn, study, research, and grow. Don't believe the evil institutions backed by indoctrination and corrupted money. God bless folks.

  30. Cancer and disease are curable by a holistic approach and clean eating. Don't listen to people who are not awoke.

    Dr. Sebi already found the cure. You all need to realize these morbid institutions that push chemicals on children and others are monstrous and evil. No one has to suffer through treatments like I did as a child. Cut out the processed food, the fast food, the additives and preservatives, buy natural products from Health Food Stores (shampoos, soaps, products) that aren't riddled with dangerous chemicals. Eat non-GMO, spread knowledge and stop perpetuating misinformation that chemotherapy is ever a wise approach. These drug companies and people who work at them will have their time at the Gates of Heaven and it's up to him if you enter with your disgusting and vile past actions upon youth in your worship for Science. We had everything we ever needed. Humans creating new chemicals and drugs is not the answer. This is shameful on so many levels.

  31. Get the diseased/cancer dog out of my home. Set on cautch all day while my family is being destroyed quantumly. When I find you I kill you. Dog 💘

  32. just a heads up.. cancer treatment causes more fatalities than cancer itself. it used to be normal for people to live and die with cancer. die with cancer,. that is not from cancer… If you love your children, leave america so they don't force you to poison your kids. I survived the worst and they can too!!!

    in america, doctors keep 6% of of whats spent on medications for chemotherapy. That comes out to roughly 40 grand in commission per every patient. This country has exploited our young and old alike. the studies are available, please educate yourself!!!

    The banks that pay for these hospitals to exist are subsidized, they are compensated by insurance companies, don't believe they are doing this from the heart. Its capitalism at work, and its claiming lives.

  33. This was an add on a | X Factor video that I was watching, and I had to find it. Both of my grandmother's lost the battle with cancer not long after being diagnosed. I hope and pray every night that God will place his hands on each and everyone of theses sweet souls and heal them. I hope that soon she and all the other boy's and girls who are fighting, will be able to do what they love, and to be kids again <3 God bless

  34. holy fuck this thing is annoying 5 god damn minutes. i'm in the shower and instead of music or a 15 second ad i'm treated to this pile

  35. I saw this ad while I was drunk and I remember screaming, "HOW IS HER BLOOD WORK NORMAL IF SHE HAS LEUKEMIA???" , leukemia by definition causing your body to make excessive white blood cells.

  36. U are such a BEAUTIFUL little girl,I am glad u are at St.Judes.This hospital is the BEST,and hope u are well in no time!! I have an illness called lupus&on a bad day for me….this is what I needed,to see your strength!! I have children,grandchildren&great grandchildren,I am 62.i will try&send u a card,Love to you&family, Beth💖

  37. Mommy: Mia was a sweet little girl she was always nice to her friends but at night my mom and bro kicked her out of the house so that my story at noon Mia wasn't going to the bathroom so I took her to the Children Hospital and the dr. Said she is ok but she needs medication At 3:am She looked at me and She said Mommy Please Help Me so she was cold so I gave her a blankets.


  39. I lost a good friend to non-hodgkin's lymphoma back on May 3, 2019. She was 23 years-old. She had just got married back in the fall of 2018. She was looking forward to becoming a mother and alot of other things. Why can't the bad people suffer and the good people stay with us? She was also a sign language interpreter. She was also a big Taco Bell nut, too.

  40. I will never give to St. Jude and it's not because I'm heartless. I really do feel sorry for these kids however most of the proceeds go to the CEO to make him or her richer. I don't fall for these things. St. Jude has been around way before I was born. And I'm almost middle age. Cancer should have a cure by now. Fuck the CEO and his or her greed.

  41. I also did not skip this add because you see it sound like my life My 5 year old also told me her wrist hurt took her for Xray said nothing wrong then one night she said my leg hurts for 3 weeks i took her 7 times to her doctor's office seen 3 different doctors the next morning after she said my leg hurts she passed away it was the local coroner 9 weeks later that told us she had leukemia all he could say is they feel she had AML . Now i ask myself what would i have done if she would have asked me mommy am i going to die how could i have looked into her eyes and answer this! so this story I say stay strong live long Elle many many prayers for you

  42. I would like to thank every single person who helps those beautiful and amazing kid's.. May God bless you all… From the bottom of my ❤.

  43. You guys should partner with Phoenix Children's Hospital Children's Hospital of Wisconsin and children Hospital Colorado

  44. I m glad to be a donor so all the family memebers can be with there love ones and no worries about bills GOD BLESS  ST.JUDE AND ALL THE DONORS  to make this happen…lost my mother to cancer……..

  45. I am a facilities maintenance tech, with many years of experience in hospital maintenance, remodeling and construction, it would be a dream come true for me if I could work at this hospital, to work at a place where you can be proud to work at and where you feel like you and the organization are actually making a real difference in people's lives and not just a slogan or mission statement on a wall or piece of paper.

  46. Dear Ellee,
    You are such a strong little girl, I know Mommy and Daddy and your puppy and your brother and your whole family love you so much because of how strong you are, always continue to be strong, and keep being happy! God bless😘,
    Love Deenah.❤️💕

  47. First ad I’ve ever sat all the way through. Time to start donating. Hope this fantastic little girl is all better. Had me tearing up, and that don’t happen.

  48. You know when a 5 year old being taken care of doctors and on 24 hour care AND pain medicine tries to tell an adult about the pains in life. Give me a break

  49. When Danny Thomas could not find work he was at his last hope he prayed to St Jude and God and asked for a miracle and he said if work I will build a hospital .after he prayed he got his 1st big hit and went on to be a great actor and St Jude hospital was born from Danny Thomas ❤️

  50. Hey yall im an inventor trying to create an app that pays people to look for Amber or Missing childrens alerts to get 100s of people involved instead of only a couple. End cancer and child obduction..❤🙏💯.

  51. I think Ellee could be better cured with natural nutrition and avoiding all the meds and treatments. Our society now is too geared toward making people sick with fake foods and keeping them sick. I work in a hospital part time and the food they make in the cafeteria is horrific and offers virtually no nutrition or health giving benefits

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