Lewis Hamilton and Gran Turismo Sport – Introduction

86 thoughts on “Lewis Hamilton and Gran Turismo Sport – Introduction

  1. I love the shot at Lewis pointing at the diagram and syncing it up with him describing his driving level, so cheesy but meh, I love GT

  2. Also, I love that at around 1:05 Lewis seems to be nodding his head to whatever is said in Japanese as if he understands

  3. Lewis agrees top job on GT Sport. Well done Kaz and the team at PD love it absolutely wipes the floor with the competitors offerings in every way, looking forward to the coming content in the full game and the never ending FREE DLC tracks cars and extras you add over the life of the game. This is Sport!
    PS cheers for the extra demo day too ;O) “o=o¬ RCYAL8R

  4. So much respect for kaz he really , really puts his heart and soul into his games. He cares about what he does and he cares about us .
    kaz , guys n girls from gt …….
    Thank you .

  5. kinda find it funny how his brother works on project cars and he is doing stuff for gt sport. that said this stuff you have to talk with a pinch of salt as like with other games before studios have paid drivers to promote there game and do things like this and its never really been as good as they say in the promo videos maybe because they them selves have not played many other sims in the past apart from there proper sims for f1 etc so dont have a base point to judge of

  6. Better than Gran Turismo with NASCAR that's for sure. So will there be a Lewis Hamilton special section like there was Sebastien Loeb in GT5 and Ayrton Senna in GT6?


  8. My children will play this kid's game while I play iRacing on PC with my $1500 OSW direct drive steering wheel and $1000 Heusinkveld pedals.

  9. So what build was this recorded on? Because on the public demo my T300RS pedals behave like Dualshock joysticks: 50% ingame is at 75-80% of pedal travel. And it's not the pedals, as GT6 and others behave as expected (as close to linearity as I can tell).

  10. Just…. fantastic. I can't fined other words than this. I know some people will claims that GT is Fake racing game but I see the future of motorsport on this PV.

  11. OK really nice. But… the game track list really poor. Only six real locations. We need at least six more. GT6 have much more than that… a new game should never goes backwards! And please complete remove the auto correction that prevents spin off when expert driving is selected… we all know that some cars have stability control… but not all.

    A 33 old, 20 year simrace gamer.


  12. I'm so hyped to get this game, I've played and loved all the Gran Turismo games . I'll be live streaming as much as possible when it's released. Boom!

  13. guys i want to know your thoughts. In online so many People ram into me and my sportsmanship goes down. I hate it. But the game is still amazing.

  14. 誰だよ挙動がリアルじゃないとか言った奴…ルイスを越える走りができる奴なんだろうな!?(#`皿´)

  15. Interesting….the big bucks budget of GT Sport gets Lewis and Project Cars gets little brother NIck. Both fantastic racing games just not enough hours in the day!!!

  16. オープンベータプレイしましたが、すごく進化してて感動しました。

  17. what is this wheel? or the "wheel addon" propably to t300rs / t500/.. that GT wheel look sick and cant find it on thrustmaster website

  18. I Played GT Sport and Have Som problems Misions… U are 1st and u have penalty seconds… but any way I receive gold. Status.. should this fix…for more fun…

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