Let’s Play ONE NIGHT ULTIMATE WEREWOLF | Overboard, Episode 6

Let’s Play ONE NIGHT ULTIMATE WEREWOLF | Overboard, Episode 6

– [Clayton] Welcome to Overboard, Polygon’s monthly show about board games. Today, we’re playing One Night Werewolf, a quick and easy hidden role game where no one is sure who they can trust. The goal of this game depends
on which team you’re on. Villagers want to find
and execute the werewolf or werewolves in their midst. While the werewolves want to avoid dying. The twist is that you can’t ever be sure which team you’re actually on. At the beginning of the game, each player is dealt a role card, and three extra cards
are played in the middle. Once everyone knows what role they are, they all close their eyes. Then, using a script from the rulebook, or the game’s handy mobile app, players secretly take
take turns performing their Night Action. These Night Actions all give players the chance to acquire
a little information. For a werewolf, that means finding out if they have a teammate, or if not, taking at peek at one of
the cards in the middle. For others, it might mean stealing someone’s role card, or
switching the role cards of two unsuspecting players. That little sliver of information gleaned during the night is critical, because the moment everyone
finishes their Night Actions, the countdown begins. Players only have a few
precious minutes to debate, accuse, and lie about who needs to die before they vote on who to execute. If a werewolf dies, the village wins. But if a villager is
accidentally executed instead, or if a majority of the players
can’t agree on who to kill, the werewolves win instead. Here’s where it gets tricky, though. Remember that some roles
get to switch cards around as their Night Action? That means someone can
start out as a werewolf, but end up on the villager
team without even knowing. And that means teammates
can’t even be sure if they can trust each other. And that makes information
the most powerful weapon in the game. For example, if somebody says they swapped your werewolf card with another player, can you be sure they’re being honest? Or are they just baiting you, hoping you’ll spill the
beans and reveal your card? Withholding information and
using it at the right time is key, but here’s the best
part about One Night Werewolf, it’s fast and easy to play. Many hidden role games require players to construct lies that have to hold up round after round, and
it gets pretty stressful. One Night Werewolf’s
single round is not only less stressful for deceitful players, it also means truly outrageous lies and absurdly risky gambits are a lot more common, and a lot more fun. It’s merely enough for a
werewolf just to run out that timer with some crazy accusation. So now, before the night falls, let’s play One Night Werewolf. – Hello, and welcome to Overboard, today we are playing One Night Werewolf, a hidden role game that only
takes one round to play. Was that okay? – Let’s do it. – [Announcer] Everyone, close your eyes. Werewolves, wake up, and
look for other werewolves. If there is only one werewolf, you may look at a card from the center. (intense music) Werewolves, close your eyes. Seer, wake up. You may look at another player’s card. Or two of the center cards. Seer, close your eyes. Robber, wake up. You may exchange your card
with another player’s card. And then view your new card. Robber, close your eyes. Troublemaker, wake up. You may exchange cards
between two other players. Troublemaker, close your eyes. Everyone, keep your eyes closed, and reach out and move
your card around slightly. (cards sliding on table) (laughing) – They’re real warm. – [Announcer] Everyone, wake up. – Good morning. – Hey, good morning. – Hey, good morning, everybody. – Hi, how was everybody’s night? – Restful, I think, peaceful. – I feel like the robber
might’ve accidentally sort of thrown a card into
my finger, but I’m not sure. So we’ll see. – Could’ve been anybody. – Are you accusing someone of theft? – Curious, I heard some
movement over here, I thought I was being
robbed, is what I was saying. – Really.
– Whoa. – Interesting, a prolific robber maybe? – Yeah. – But then who can say
what happened after that? – After that, who knows. – Perhaps, mayhaps, things
perchance were swapped in this fine village. – Alright.
– Interesting. – But how and why? – Wanna talk about the
robber from somebody we don’t know much about. – So let’s get right down to it, I am not the werewolf,
and I have some feelings about who may be. – Interesting. – I actually don’t have
any feeling about it. – Actually, let’s just,
can we just have everybody go around and say that they are not– – I am not the werewolf. – Okay, I didn’t finish what I was saying. – Yeah, no, you were right. (clamoring) – Think the lady doth protest too much. – No no no no no no, that
doesn’t make any sense to me, ’cause I was so ready to
say I was not the werewolf, that I said it immediately
as she was saying it, okay? – Okay, fair. – Maybe you guys were
on the same wavelength and you’re both werewolves. – Ooh, I like that. – I can promise you that it’s not that because I am not the werewolf. Again, now I’ve said it again,
but in a different situation, so, Simone, have you said it yet? – You’re not the werewolf? – Simone, could we?
– Simone, could you say it? – I would love to hear.
– I am not the werewolf. – Wait, hold on, it sounded like you said I love to be the werewolf. (laughter) – I have been enjoying
my time as the werewolf. – Simone, werewolf and
loving it over here. – Simone, that was both so suspicious and yet I believe you, which I think says something
about you personally. – It is a known problem
with me in hidden role games that I have an air of dishonesty about me. – Hmm.
– Hmm. – But I am not a dishonest person. – You just sound like a liar.
– Okay. – I’m gonna put some things around, ’cause I know I was a villager
at the very beginning. – Okay, so we can just– – So I know that that was, I
know that I was a villager, and then I know that the
robber swapped with me, in which case I was the robber, but maybe somebody swapped me again
at that point in time. – And I’m going to copt to
the fact that I am the seer, and looked at Jenna’s card,
and Jenna is a villager. – Okay.
– Or you were the seer. – That’s true. – Well, it doesn’t
matter, because the seer goes before the robber? The seer goes right after the werewolf? – But the seer could now be a werewolf. – Before the robber. – Yes, that’s true, the
seer could a werewolf. – Jeff, what are you? – Hold on, are we supposed
to look at our cards now? – No!
– Okay, good, good. What if I know who I am? And it’s not a werewolf? – So, were you a robber? – I’ve never robbed. – I’m sorry, Jeff, can you just say that you’re not a werewolf real quick? – I’m not a werewolf real quick. The werewolf, or any sort of werewolf. Fuck.
– That’s a lot of… – Here’s some facts about me. – You changed your
article halfway through, you said I am not a werewolf,
I’m sorry, the werewolf, as is maybe there are two? – I’m sorry, I didn’t know. – In this space. – Here’s the thing, my grasp
of the English language is not great sometimes,
especially in situations that are high intensity. – Why are you so nervous? – Can you just say, I’m not the werewolf? – I am not the werewolf. – Can you say, I am not a werewolf? – I’m not a werewolf. – Okay, I’m also not a werewolf, in fact, I’m gonna bust everything
all of y’all just said wide open, I was the robber. I did not steal from either
of you, I stole from you. – Oh no! – Which is how I know you’re not the seer, you’re a liar. (gasping)
Werewolf! – Also, funny thing, I know
who the seer was originally, it was ya boy. (laughs) (all gasp) – Oh, okay. – There’s two fucking
wolves in play right here. – No, absolutely not. – They are not that coordinated. – No, you have played with him before! You know what he’s capable of!
– No! We killed him. – No, so what happened is, Jeff’s hand was, I wanted to steal Jeff’s card, but his hand was like this over his card. – Yeah, I realized. – I hit it, I hit his hand
as I was pulling it away, and I was like, I fucked
up, I’ve gotta fuck with everybody’s cards except for Simone’s, who I think I did move,
but I didn’t, I panicked. – I did realize that I did
it and it felt very bad, I was like, I hear
something else. (laughs) – I know, I could see your hand move away, and I was like, I gotta swoop in there. Patrick 100% is a werewolf. Absolutely one hundo percent. – I would take two hundo percent. – I’ll believe that. – This is, you’re fucking up here. – But wait, so are there
two or just one werewolves? – That’s the question. – You’re a robber. – I can vouch for Jeff and
I can vouch for myself, by extension of being a robber, please don’t imprison me. – Hmm.
– Yeah. – Wait, what are you, are you villager? – So there are still three
villagers, so, if these are two, yes, I started as a villager,
I know that for sure. So if we are assuming that
this is correct, okay, that means that there are two
werewolves or two villagers or the troublemaker, but
if somebody said that, I feel like I heard the
troublemaker making some trouble, is what I’ll say. – I know who the troublemaker was. – How do you know? – Wait, do you know in a meta way? – ‘Cause I was the seer. – Oh, that’s right, that’s right. So these, you flipped them after. – Yeah, but I could’ve moved those. – But who was the troublemaker? – Yeah, who was the troublemaker? – Simone.
– That fucking figures. (laughter)
– Classic renegade. – Simone, which cards did you switch? – You and Jeff. – Okay, so then it’s definitely Pat. (Jeff laughs) because if the robber took this one, and she was the seer,
and I was a villager, and then Pat would be the werewolf, because there’s no other villager, unless there are two
werewolves right here. But that seems very unlikely to me. I think that, and also,
just for the drama of it, we should kill someone
in this first round. – Yeah, and it should be Pat. – So it should be Pat. – Just to get our fingers. – It should be Pat, agree.
– Mistake. – Should we vote?
– Okay. – I think we should vote. – I think we should vote right now, so I’m gonna pause this. – Or hit the vote now button? – Oh, vote now, that’s what I was saying. – [Announcer] Everyone,
three, two, one, vote. – Flip it. – So we unanimously have killed Pat. (cheering, clapping) – Hey-oh, that was a good round though! So that means that I was the robber, okay. – But lying about being a
seer was a great gambit. – That was a solid gambit. – It just did not–
– Didn’t really pay off. – It’s just that I saw it. – Alright, we are playing again, and we’ve added a new card into the game to help the werewolves this time. (smooth, jazzy music) Let’s go. – [Announcer] Everyone, close your eyes. Werewolves, wake up, and
look for other werewolves. If there is only one werewolf, you may look at a card from the center. Werewolves, close your eyes. Minion, wake up. Werewolves, stick out
your thumb so the minion can see who you are. Seer, wake up. You may look at another player’s card. Or two of the center cards. Robber, wake up. You may exchange your card
with another player’s card, and then view your new card. Robber, close your eyes. Everyone, keep your eyes closed, and reach out and move
your card around slightly. – My forearm’s tired. – Oh, you wanna talk about tired forearms? – [Announcer] Everyone, wake up! – Point of order, is there
a troublemaker in this game? – They might be in there. – There’s a round, yeah, in this round. We swapped out a villager. – Right, there’s more
cards than players, gotcha. – Alright. – So I guess Pat’s not the troublemaker, but could he be a werewolf again? – Seems like the troublemaker– – I could be faking it, it could be some troublemaker strats there. (exclaiming) – That is the most
troublemaker-y thing to do. – Is there a troublemaker in the house? (laughter) – Put your hand up if
you’re a troublemaker! – I am not a troublemaker,
nor am I a werewolf. – Not a troublemaker or a werewolf. – Interesting. – I’m not a werewolf. – Very interesting. – I definitely heard some shuffling, I think it was during the robber’s turn? – There was some robber shuffles. – I heard some shuffling
during the robber. – I could not be sure
quite where it came from. – I felt like, I don’t
know, it felt like here, so I feel like it might’ve been some, I feel like there was more
shuffling than there was just for one card so I
think they did a pro strat. – Well, I feel like my
card got robbed, perhaps. – Oh really, so who were you originally? – Yeah, who were you originally? – The seer, again. – Hmm.
– You’re a liar! – Here’s another thing–
– You’re a liar! – That seems extremely like a lie. – The seer, again! – Again? Well, what are the chances that I could be the seer twice in a row. – To be fair, it’s one
in five, so kind of. (laughter) – Well then, seer, if that’s
the case, who did you see? – I saw Pat’s card. – Yeah?
– Yeah. – Do you wanna explain what it was? – He mighta done some robbin’. – Oh, so you’re saying Pat was the robber. – Yeah, I’m vouching for Pat this time. – Interesting, Pat, can you
confirm what your card is? – Yeah, I started as the robber. – Okay, so started as a robber. – Now we’re here. (laughter) – I think Pat is lying
and I think Jeff is too! – I agree! – One of them might be minion! – That’s despicable, me? (Simone laughs hysterically) – Look at that, that’s some
collaboration if ever I saw. That’s some real, I would
never, I would never laugh at a minion joke! Pat’s a werewolf.
– Yeah. – But if one of them is the minion, which one is it, ’cause
we can’t kill the minion. – Okay, yeah, that’s a
good, ’cause you can’t, killing the minion is just, yeah. – You do not wanna do that.
– That’s fair. – That’s just killing a person. – Exactly, they can reform their life. – Wait, was anyone the seer
actually, let’s back up to that? That is a joke. – Saying that that is the case, Jeff would be the seer in this situation. – Assuming that I am correct, which I am. – I mean, if either of them, okay, so if one of them’s a minion
and one’s the werewolf. We can’t just not kill either of them. – I understand that, okay,
I understand why you don’t believe me.
– Yeah. – Yeah, ’cause you’re lying, is why. – So some robbing,
here’s the thing is that, you said that you thought you were robbed, so that would mean that– – Pat probably has one of us. – I can say who I robbed. – Who did you rob? – I robbed you. – You robbed me? – Well, then, I got troublemaked. – I’m a villager now.
– Okay. – Then I might’ve been troublemaked. But I heard some shuffling,
or maybe, I don’t know. – Wait, now I’m confused. – I just heard some movement in the zone. – Simone, who were you? – I was a villager.
– Okay. – Okay, well, we’re
running into a problem, because I was a villager,
and if Pat is saying that he robbed from Brian,
that’s three villagers. – Brian should know if he was a villager. – Yeah, which I was, and I was robbed. – Which you weren’t, ’cause,
unless Jenna’s not a villager. – I was a villager. (clamoring) – Until the moon came out! – I believe Jenna, I don’t believe Brian. – Hold on, what’s the order
of operations in the thing, it goes seer, robber. – So wolves. – [In Unison] Werewolves, minions, seer, robber, troublemaker. – And no one was the troublemaker. – If Jeff was claiming to be the “seer”, then he isn’t a minion, but
then why is he defending Pat, who is a liar? (laughter) – I saw his card, I
thought it’d be dramatic to see what his card was and
see if I could catch him twice. – Or you’re a minion! – That’s an interesting thing though, because if we assume that he did see, and then we pulled a villager here, then that means Simone
claiming to be a villager seems very sketchy to me.
– It is, yeah. – Okay wait, let’s back up to where I– – Let’s not back up, wait! – No, let’s cut back to
where I called out Brian for probably not being
a villager if you and I are villagers and now he is
trying to pin the blame– – No here’s the thing, no– – Oh, no, you’re fucking
werewolves, and he’s a minion! – No, I saw his card,
and he took his card, he’s the robber, you’re
probably the villager now, so it’s these two who are somebody– – No, you’re trying to
take advantage of me. – It’s not both of them.
– It’s one of them. – Either all three of them are lying, which I’m not discounting,
or Simone is lying. – I am not lying, I am a villager. – You’re so trustworthy Simone. – Simone, it’s so difficult… – Brian is absolutely not– – Can we just remember,
last round, Simone was like, this is the problem with
always seeming untrustworthy whatever I say, so why does
she sound so trustworthy right now?
– But she always does! – I don’t feel like I sound trustworthy, I feel like I sound like
a liar, which I’m not! – I dunno about that, Simone… – Brian! I am definitely…I
think we should vote for either Brian or Pat. – It’s not Brian or Pat. – Alright, what do we
think is in the middle? – But here’s the thing
though, the troublemaker could’ve switched… – I don’t think there was a troublemaker. – I think there was a
seer, I don’t think there was a troublemaker. – So you think we don’t
actually have a seer as well. – I think we have a seer and
a troublemaker in the middle. – No, I’m the seer. – And then two werewolves
on the board, wait. – I seethed it, I seethed it, hmm. – Okay, wait wait wait,
if you and I are that. – I’m not the minion. – And then that’s that. – Don’t fucking make that mistake again. (laughs) – That’s fair, that’s fair,
we have already killed you. – I am telling you you’re wrong– – It wasn’t a mistake last time. – Stop! – People who aren’t a werewolf
which one’s the werewolf? No, I didn’t ask you, you’re the werewolf. – Sorry, we didn’t discuss that. – I’m not the werewolf! – Honest to god feel like
it’s Simone this time. – I’m getting werewolf vibes this time. – No, you’re–!
– We have one minute left, one minute left, wrap it up. – I think it’s either Pat or Simone. – Speak your piece. – I think it’s either Pat or Simone. – It’s definitely Simone. – But I feel bad because
we already killed Pat. Entirely justified, but. – It’s a game, yeah, you won. – This is very bad if, I mean, we’re not gonna win. ‘Cause they’re all on the
same side, is the thing. – No, you’re saying, we’re not gonna win– – Yeah, you’re right, she’s right because we don’t have the votes. – The werewolf doesn’t– – Unless these three are– – The werewolf doesn’t know
who the minion is, though. – Well, as long as we three– – I’m telling you he’s the
minion, that how you know. – No, I’m not the minion, I know that! – The minion is gonna split the vote. – How did I did know has the– – If there are two werewolves
on the board and a minion– – How did I know he was a
robber if I was the minion? – Guys, I’m sure it’s Simone,
we’re down to 12 seconds. – I am not a werewolf, okay? (Jenna groans) – I cannot believe, 10
seconds, eight seconds, c’mon. – I’m gonna go with Brian,
it’s either one of the two, I’m sorry I have to go with
Brian, I’m voting Simone. – Okay, it gotta be Simone,
ready, set, and we are– – [Announcer] Time is up,
everyone, three, two, one– – What if it’s not Simone? – It’s not Simone. – You fuckers!
– Simone, flip it! – You jackasses! – I knew it was Jenna! (laughter) It was Jenna, wasn’t it? (Simone yells)
I knew it! – I was the minion. – [Clayton] What team
are you on right now? – Am I on right now? I’m the robber now, I don’t win. – You got switched.
(Jenna cackles) – Welcome to the winning team! (Brian groans) – He said he switched me for a villager, at which point I was
like, oh, does that mean he’s on my side now,
as an extra minion now? – So if I know that I got a
shot at the minion then I should – I can do that.
– Then I should try do remem– – I can rat some folks out. – You can’t necessarily trust what I say. – I couldn’t, exactly. – [Clayton] Someone could be baiting you to give them information,
just remember that. – In this round we have
added another villager, the tanner, the tanner just wants to die. – Ready, set, and go. – [Announcer] Close your eyes. (smooth, jazzy music) (drumming on table) – Scratch it up. – [Announcer] Everyone, wake up. (gasping) – Hi!
– Hi, good morning everyone! – Good morning, fresh faces! – Did we have a troublemaker in the game? – Good question. – I think it sounded a little
like there was a troublemaker. – It sounded like might’ve had one. – I can tell you, there was, and ’twas I! – Alright, you don’t need
to–whose cards did you swap? – Wildcard! I’ll tell you when
I think the time is right. – Okay.
– Wow! – This is very important. (clamoring) – Classic troublemaker move! – Classic troublemaker. – Wow, she came to play. – That would be a really solid
thing for a werewolf to say, right, especially if
everyone is not sure about a troublemaker, for them to be like, I did switch around cards,
but just be like, not really. – Only if there’s definitely
the troublemaker here and not there. – Assuming that one of us
also isn’t the troublemaker. – Although she did wait for
like a moment to say it. – That’s true, it was a
good strategy if I were a werewolf, I am not a werewolf. – I–I was the seer again. – Jeff!
– Oh no, Jeffrey. – Mother–
– Look, God has blessed you with this sight, you have to understand. – I can’t help it! – What did you see? – She’s the troublemaker. – Are you sure?
– Yeah. – ’cause that’s the first one, right? That’s the first round,
so that would make sense that it wouldn’t get swapped
around with anything. – And you can’t swap your own when you’re the troublemaker? – Unless he’s a minion or a
werewolf and I’m a werewolf! I’ll throw us all under the tracks! (screaming) – I think Jenna has been
waiting to be the troublemaker, so like it’s–
– Her whole life. – My whole life! – Yeah, she’s kind of seething
with troublemaking energy. – Honestly, the way she’s
acting, she’s making herself a very big target, and I
think she might be the tanner, so let’s be careful. – Ohh.
– Okay. – I’m not, I’m the troublemaker. – No no, she’s definitely
acting like a troublemaker, I think.
– Really playing her role. – So do we think there are– – What does that mean? – Who knows, who knows? – Alright, if there’s a minion
and two werewolves, that’s– – We may be bazoned. – Yeah, for sure, ’cause
that’s an immediate– – Do you care to claim? – I can claim that I am not the minion. I am the minion. – Trusting wording.
– Yes, okay. I can say that because I think
I was swapped by the robber. – Interesting. – Is anyone here claiming robber, though? – I’m not claiming robber. – I’m not Robert. – Interesting.
– (laughs) Robert. – I’m not Robert.
– He’s the seer. I’ll go ahead. – Okay, so, why wouldn’t
the robber claim robber? – Yeah, that’s really interesting. – So the thing is, because
then they’re the minion. ‘Cause I’m saying that I know
I’m not the minion anymore. – But they wouldn’t know.
– Mine was taken. – They would not know that
they were the minion, though. – Yeah, no, the robber does. – Oh no, the robber gets to look at his! – ‘Cause the robber picks it
up, they can immediately say, oh I’m the minion now, and so
now I know that I shouldn’t be claiming to like, help
out the werewolves anymore. – Wait, so you started as a minion? – I started as a minion. And then I got robbed. – No you didn’t, there’s no robber. – No no no.
– Yeah, who’s the robber? – I’m not saying that
someone is not the robber, because then if you say
that you are not the robber, then you are able to say
that I am the minion. – There’s an incentive to not say. – I can help out the werewolves now. – So there might be a robber, if they are, they wouldn’t say ’cause
they’re the minion now. – Exactly. – Oh, I get it, I get it, sorry! – What did you start as? – I am a villager. – Okay, so, one villager. Okay, alright, okay. – You started as a–
– That seems– – I started as a villager. – Wait, so, remind me of the order, I know troublemaker goes last, it’s seer, robber, troublemaker?
– Yeah. – Interesting. – And you’re the seer? – Yes.
– What’d you see? – Me.
– Troublemaker. (imitates gun sound) – But now there’s, again, troublemaker shifted some things
around, and if we can– – Yes, I certainly did! Do you guys want to know
who I switched around? – Yes. – ‘Cause it’s gonna break this wide open. I switched you two. – Okay, alright, well then, that’s unfortunate, ’cause now, okay I’m glad I didn’t–
– Does that make me– – I’m glad I didn’t call
out any of the werewolves, is what I’m saying now. – A minion, or a robber? – Well, if you are the robber now, if the robber switched with Brian. – Okay, actually lemme
break this even more open, I actually was the robber,
and I switched with you and I was the werewolf, and
then it got switched back, so now she’s the werewolf
and we should kill her. ‘Cause that is the actual
truth, I just lied about that. – Are you serious?
– No, no you are not! – For the whole thing,
yeah, it’s the truth, I stole from this one,
I did, and I was like, oh, if I play as the minion,
then people won’t kill me as the werewolf ’cause
I switched with someone. – No, no!
– I like that as a strategy. – I can promise you that
Simone is the werewolf now. – Wait, no, I’m the robber. – Again, because, okay,
lemme walk it out for you. – Let somebody more trustworthy. – Hold on hold on hold on. – So you know seer, you said
she was the troublemaker, she is the troublemaker,
okay, I knew I was the robber, after you saw something,
I swapped with these two, I saw I was the werewolf,
okay, at that point I was like, alright, I gotta keep it chill for a bit, she swapped us back, though,
now she is the werewolf again, because I stole from her in the beginning. So she is definitely the werewolf. And this time I’m not just
throwing Simone under the bus. (laughter) – I love this.
– I promise you. – I love this, I wanna
pause and interrogate Pat. – Yeah.
– Okay yeah Pat what’d you do? – Wait, why are you taking
the attention away from him? – It’s the truth, that’s why. – ‘Cause I just wanna
interrogate what Pat is, ’cause I know the two of us, probably. – What is this slack-jawed expression? – Unless okay, here’s another option. So Pat I wanna investigate
you, here’s another option, Jeff might be lying about being the seer since I did come forward
saying troublemaker, he could be lying, just
throwing it out there, Pat let’s talk about you. – Yeah, you’re right. – That would make it easy. – I was the seer, she did
start off as a werewolf. – Interesting. – I don’t know if I
was swapped after that. – Are you kidding me? – No, yeah, you started off as a werewolf. – No!
– Okay. – Who did you start off as? – I started off as a fucking villager! – No, she definitely
started off as a werewolf. – Well then, why is Jeff lying? – Because, he’s–
– I’m not lying! She’s the troublemaker.
– ’cause he’s the minion. – No!
– But yeah you only said that after I said I was the troublemaker. – Oh, no, no!
– Simone is lying. – So I were lying you
were on the same boat. – It’s gotta be–
– What if– – What are you talking about? – No no no, that’s the thing,
if she had gotten swapped, that like why I’m not–
– Well why are you saying this now and not earlier, when Jeff? – Because he wanted to
figure out the motivations. – Because I wanted to
bait this fucker out. (laughs) – Here’s the other thing,
Jeff’s being so quiet. – Yeah.
– But what am I gonna say, I only saw your card,
it’s the only card I saw. – Yeah. – That was very, here’s
the think, I think Jeff- – It’s hard to argue with that. – Trusted that she was
the troublemaker so hard that he was like yeah, I saw her as, because that only happened
after she claimed. – Yes.
– And so he had a point to be like, as a minion, or as a werewolf, I can say, oh, this is definitely true, get her on his side, and then it makes it harder for him to get
killed, or for Simone to get killed who is definitely
a werewolf, once again. – I am not a werewolf! – Real quick– – Are you saying Jeff is a werewolf? – Pat, real, quick, you were the robber, is that what you were saying? – No no no no, I was the seer. – Okay. – And I flipped her card
over at the beginning, I don’t know if it got swapped after that, but she began the game as a werewolf, corroborating what is it–
– Yes. – But I don’t know if I follow
you all the way after that. – It is, I, okay, so it
definitely makes sense, that’s all I can say,
’cause the only two people that can swap cards are the
robber and the troublemaker, I was the robber, stealing hers. – Are you a werewolf then?
– I think it’s one of these. (laughter)
– Don’t look at that. – What is that fucking smile?
– I don’t know! – Are you a werewolf, or not! – I’m not– (laughs) – I think he might be a
minion, he looks like a minion. – No I’m not a werewolf. – I think it’s these two. – I think it’s him based on his appearance in the real world. – I’m sorry, it’s gotta be, Simone, I’m sorry to call this again. (clamoring)
– It’s not me! – I don’t think it’s Simone though. – Simone. No, guys, we don’t have a thing. – Oh, sorry, I don’t think it’s Simone. – We don’t have quorum, (Brian groans)
we did not have quorum. – Do we do it again or no? – Definitely Simone! – Yeah, what happens? We did not agree. – We didn’t get a quorum, what’s the deal? – [Clayton] You failed. – We failed, that’s it. Y’all.
– I believe your energy. That was a very good bluff though. – I think it was very bad bluffing, ’cause I was very confused. – I played my game wrong, a little bit. (Brian chortles) I should’ve been, but I was
hoping that you were lying, so then I would look like a liar? – Yes, that was so good,
I was so glad that we got two swaps.
– Fucking spectacular. – There was a double–
– The double blind! – That was good.
– That was so powerful! – If only it had paid off. – You’re both so smart. – I should’ve voted for you. – Yeah, you really should have, yeah. – I’m glad you didn’t. (Pat groans) – This is the last round
that we’re going to play and we have made it extra confusing by adding in the doppelganger. – If someone could press
that–we can all together, one, – Two, three. (smooth, jazzy music) (drumming, cards shuffling on table) – We can open our eyes, I think. – That was really scary. – Alright, cool. – That hurt me, I’m glad we
don’t have to do it again. – Whew, yeah.
– Ah, god. Okay, this is a–
– Clusterfuck. – Clusterfuck.
– Yes! – Do you want me to– – I’m the villager. (laughter) – I am also the villager, how does that? – I’m Spartacus. – Okay, I’m gonna make a very
super bold claim right now, alright, and that is that I
am the doppelganger, okay, this is a very bold claim,
but it’s so I can say that I know that Pat was
the drunk, so that means I got to swap my doppelganger
thing into the middle, so I don’t know what I am anymore. – Yes, what!
– How fun. – What?
– Why are you so– – Brian’s lying because I was the drunk. (all exclaim) I thought you were gonna say
that you were the troublemaker. Okay, okay, why would he be lying though, and why would you be lying? – I don’t know because
I’m not smart enough. – That’s not true, Simone. – I was just really, here’s my theory. – Try to cast doubt on Brian. – I was really excited to get the drunk because I knew it was the
role that would require me to do the least logical thinking. – I believe this.
– I believe this to be true. – You know that, that I am an
honest, dishonest-appearing person, who is bad at following
logic, and I would like to pursue this line of thinking
about why Brian would say that Pat was the drunk. – Okay.
– I’m confused by it too. – Alright. – ‘Cause you were not, what were you? – I’m not ready to
reveal that now, Simone. – Okay, interesting. – Pat is holding off on that information. – Alright, well, hm? – I don’t know why Brian’s
being, I was the seer– – Okay, alright? – Were you?
– Were you the seer? – No, he was the doppelganger, I don’t know what he picked, though. – Okay. (Jeff laughs) – Very curious to me. – Simone’s falling apart!
– So, yeah. – Simone, not to complicate things– I am gonna complicate things,
I was the troublemaker, I swapped you two.
– Okay. – Okay, you swapped me and Jeff? – I swapped you two, which I
guess doesn’t mean anything, ’cause that means you’re
both still villagers. – It doesn’t mean anything for me, but it would mean that Jeff is a drunk. – Is the tanner in this game? – [In Unison] No. – Not in this round. – No, that wouldn’t
mean Jeff is the drunk. – It means his card is the drunk, but it doesn’t change anything because he’s still a villager. – Oh, gotcha, gotcha, gotcha. There’s no villager in it. – Well, “villagers”. Yeah, airquote villagers. – Village person, I’m a village person! – Okay. (Pat sighs) – It would mean that my card is a mystery but Jeff is safe. I mean, my card would be a mystery anyway, because I’m the drunk– – Yes, but it’s double mystery. – ‘Cause you swapped it regardless. – Would anyone like to
claim robber or robbee? – Robbee?
– Robbee. – Robbie Williams.
– Robbie Williams. Uh, no, is the answer to that. – Why would Brian want
Pat to be the drunk? – That’s, asking that question assumes that you are the drunk. – I am.
– Which I don’t believe! – The drunk though. – That’s curious.
– I don’t believe it. – No, I believe her.
– Thank you. – Honestly, it’s kind
of meta-game-y but just, literally, I know Simone well enough, that when she said she was
excited to be the drunk because it required the least– (laughter) the least amount of thinking, I was like, no I feel that, that’s
totally, it’s been a long day. I know where she’s at right now. – Wait, okay, so you said
you were the doppelganger. – Yes.
– Okay. – Which Jeff corroborated. – And you doppleganged the drunk? – Yes. – Oh, maybe that’s why he wants– – So that would mean he
would instantly have to do that action.
– Yes. – Which means that I
swapped it out and therefore I don’t know what I am anymore. – Okay. – He’s created like,
a blind where he can’t know who he is now. – Yes.
– Yes. And so have you.
– Yes. – Okay, where does that leave us? – Plausible deniability. – Yeah. – You were actually– – Are these two werewolves? – No, wait, and then you aren’t revealing what you were yet. – To rely on Brian’s
logic, in a previous round, statistically speaking,
yes, either of them can be werewolves. – Statistically speaking
Simone’s been the werewolf. (laughter) – Math kills, math kills, everyone. – I could be the werewolf
’cause I don’t know what I am now.
– Mmkay. – And Jeff is definitely
not the werewolf, because– – So that he is the doppelganger– – It’s possible, again, I only know. – ‘Cause he’s either
the seer or the robber. – Did you claim troublemaker? – I am the troublemaker. And I swapped these two. – Okay, what’re you gonna do with that? – I’m cleaning my glasses. – Okay.
– Sorry. – You’re scaring me, I thought you were gonna blow a big honker. – Yeah, very serious.
(laughter) – Challenge you to a duel. – Okay, wait.
– Okay. – Okay, so Jeff is
corroborating Brian’s story about being the doppelganger,
claiming that he’s the seer for the fourth– – No, no, the third time. The fourth time was a lie,
then it ruined– (laughter) – Yeah, you claimed, you claimed, you have claimed four
out of the five games to be the seer. – Yeah, that’s fair. – And you were for some
of them. (Jeff laughs) – He’s drawn to it. – So either, okay, so
there’s a chance that they are both telling the
truth or they are both lying. We’re in a situation where the are both telling the truth or they are both lying. – So you doppelganged a drunk. – Yes.
– Fuck, what a statement. – Doppelganged a drunk. – You doppelganged a drunk! – “Doppelganged a drunk”
’cause he actually doppelganged whatever
you were, which you’re not revealing.
– Yes…wait. – No, he doppelganged you. – Yeah, he doppelganged you. – He doppelganged me? – He ganged the drunk, yeah. – Oh, I thought you were
saying you doppelganged Pat. – No.
(blooping) – I know that Pat was the drunk. Which is why I was able to– – In that case.
– In that case, since I am the doppelganger. – Wait, wait, are you sure you didn’t say you doppelganged Pat? – I know that Pat was the drunk. I am 100% sure that I said you. – No, 100%, he said he doppleganged
you and became the drunk and then swapped out immediately, he doesn’t know what he is now. – He didn’t literally say
that Pat was the drunk? – I know that Pat was the drunk. No, I promise you that I
said that I swapped with you. – He said he doppelganged with you, and then I said I swapped the two of you ’cause I was the troublemaker. – I’m confused too.
(crunching wink) – ‘Cause I thought that he said– – I thought he doppelganged me. – I thought he doppelganged you as well. – I thought he said– – But hold on, I’m the robber. – Okay. – At the time of robbery,
he was in fact the drunk. – And that would’ve happened
after the doppelgang round. – Which makes things even more confusing. – That doesn’t make any– – Which means that Simone is– – No!
– Hold on. (clamoring) – Let’s weigh this for one second here. Because it is like a very high probability that there were two werewolves in this, it hasn’t happened yet,
sure, but, (Jenna laughs) if anyone were to be the werewolves, it’d be the two drunks, who
swapped in with the things. So it like it stands, I am
saying that I know that it’s possible that that’s me
claiming that I am a werewolf, but I am saying that of anyone,
it would be Simone or I, because two drunks
swapping in to the middle. (yelling) – Why do Pat and I both
think that Brian said that Pat was the drunk and
that he swapped with him? – I don’t know, it might
mean that Brian’s lying. – Fuck you, dude. – Okay, alright, well
then I promise you that, it again makes the most
sense that it would be Simone or I.
– I know what happened here. – We’re so low on time. We have to decide on somebody to kill. – But you, by the time
the robber round came up, you’re saying that Brian was the drunk? – [Announcer] Only 30 seconds left. – Is that what your claim is? – In these last 30 seconds. – I think he is the doppelganger. – Trying to get three
people to vote on this. – I think Pat might be a werewolf. – No, I think, Brian is definitely lying, – Brian is definitely lying. – I think Brian is definitely
lying, there’s no tanner in the game, dude’s lying, I
think we should go for Brian. – But he could be a minion,
and we shouldn’t vote for him. – Okay, but then who
are we gonna vote for, we have five seconds. – Simone makes the most sense. – I’m voting for
Brian–(everyone groaning) I’m voting for Brian,
I’m voting for Brian. – Vote for Simone! – [Announcer] Time is up! – Vote for Simone! – [Announcer] Everyone,
three, two, one, vote! – Motherfucker. – God damn it. – Oh, so it’s a fakeout, no
one voted for three things. – Okay.
– Yeah, so we. – That’s good, because I
actually checked out Jeff’s, which was the minion, which
means that we had two people on the werewolves’ side,
which is why I called you out, and I just missed my
saying it was the drunk, ’cause I didn’t hear anyone
pull during the drunk, I could’ve guessed literally
any of the other ones. – Does that mean I was right
about Pat being a werewolf? – You were 100% right. – Werewolves still won. – And I was gaslighting
you, I’m so sorry Simone. – No, no! That has been One Night Werewolf, it was very strenuous and
mentally taxing for all of us, make sure you subscribe to Polyon so that you can catch
more episodes of Overboard when it comes out, and
all of our other videos. Thank you everyone! Have a good day. – Awoo! I couldn’t do it. (all howling)

100 thoughts on “Let’s Play ONE NIGHT ULTIMATE WEREWOLF | Overboard, Episode 6

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    Honestly I scared even myself that night w the ammount of manipulation going on.

  8. "Everyone, reach out and move your card slightly" everyone starts DJing with theirs cards like an 80's HipHop band


    well he is a theater kind

  10. The way I played it you are supposed to kill the card, not the person. So you have to track down who was a werewolf at the start and where that card went.

  11. Editing to put this under a read more, bc sort of spoiler.

    Honestly, the last round would be extra good if two werewolves, two minions, and a tanner. Like, it's already v good and chaotic. But if the one who isn't a werewolf or minion wants to die… the one person wouldn't feel gaslit.

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  15. The Seer is such a powerful role. If there’s only one werewolf, the werewolf can claim to be what they saw in the middle. Looking at two in the middle is so much better than looking at someone else’s card, because you can call that werewolf for lying

  16. I'm Imagening a really strange situation right now:
    Minion:"I am the werewolf!"
    Doppelgänger:"I AM THE WEREWOLF!"
    Taner:" No! I am the werewolf!"
    Werewolf: "what if I say, that I am the werewolf."
    Simone: "wtf"

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  20. the (???) above Brian's head was exactly me
    also uhhhhh Simone is so wrong all the time and also Jenna is. way too powerful. nobody suspects

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  22. Can we just appreciate that last round?

    •Pat and Jenna are both werewolves. They know each other are werewolves.
    •Jeff is the Minion. He knows Pat and Jenna are werewolves.
    •Brian’s the Doppelgänger. He copies Jeff, but because the Minion’s turn requires action from other players, he can’t really do anything.
    •Simone is the drunk. She swaps her card out into the middle.

    Now, since there were two werewolves and one minion, as long as they weren’t dumb, they could win no matter what. However, Jeff is the only one who knows they’ve already won, and Brian has no clue about what to do.

    Now, since he knew Jeff was the minion, he COULD have just targeted Jeff, or targeted himself. Instead, he decided to go 100% wild card.

    He claimed Pat was the drunk and he copied his card. When Simone said she was the drunk, he called her suspicious. When everyone agreed, Jenna thought “wait, why is he lying, is he the minion?” and claimed HE only claimed to have copied the drunk. He IMMEDIATELY jumps onto this train, then begins throwing HIMSELF AND SIMONE under the bus, claiming technically one of them could be werewolves (which, for Simone, could technically be true at this point). This makes any villagers suspicious of him and Simone, and hopefully any werewolves and the minion would go along with this.

    Considering how they successfully convince Simone that she misheard or misremembered Brian saying he copied Pat, and how they then DEBATED that fact for some time, I would say the term “gaslighting” is accurately used in this scenario.

    And that’s why this game is insane.

  23. I cringed soooo hard after second round reveals (didn't watch the night phase) and seeing 3 people played really bad.
    and ye not watching the night phase to try to figure out stuff is a thing so u could maybe just chill with the onscreen commentary

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