LETS HUG IT OUT! | Expert Wrassling (Funny Moments)

LETS HUG IT OUT! | Expert Wrassling (Funny Moments)

what are you doing to me? Hi guys I am
Buttons and today we are going to play some wrasslin and I found this game it
looks awesome I’m this little guy with awesome hat played a little bit just to
see what it’s all about and you just wrassle the things up wrestled the things out you wrestle now
I don’t think that’s how wrestling coaches where all my got I’ll give you
some wrestling goes what are you doing in a flying you can put hats on these
heads I don’t know what that is it’s a fishbowl who or what is going on is
people-to-people harding people just starting I’m getting so many men in a
slam these men on my man just slamming down Matt slamming the men half-naked
men speedos hey hey stop trippin you fat fuck ok I can get my jumping by yeah I have a
mustache I’m the man who will head to head to me we got a little Batman mask drove good they all know I am lying underneath
me know how dare you I’m just hugging everyone I get a little
bit more who have violent hugs no one likes are any of you I am the champion
on what I just decide when we drove me how I don’t fly out yeah this looks like
it’s a nice predicament again pile of men suffer that one can now join
us you want to join us now no fatties in
town patties in town no just thrown off by it
you know people to be able to do all my goodness you’re so many fatties in town
this is not the bus airline no I just hit him in the air I am amazingly strong
am a lie like that yeah yeah great guy that not
all great guy what are you doing dude seldane years just want everyone to fly
play your dreams don’t let your dreams be dreams fly ol you can’t 5 p.m. sorry
your genes are gonna have to stay dreams called restless it’s fun I think he can
play with friends so they seem to be finding thank you so much for watching
the video you guys keep on smiling if you like the video press the button or
press me and I’ll see you later no body

20 thoughts on “LETS HUG IT OUT! | Expert Wrassling (Funny Moments)

  1. This is pixel porn!
    Somewhere a pixelated wrestler is watching this like "oh yeah! Wear that fish bowl!!"

    The Batman impression XD
    HAHAHA this was another great find

  2. There he is naked face buttons 😀 Is this the 500 man royal rumble?! Slam those dudes! WHO KILLED HER! WHERES SCARECROW …. IM NOT WEARING HOCKEY PADS! The champ just went flipping out of the ring haha. Man Tower is the best tower dude you know that.

  3. Wrassling yay! Haha Batman, "Where are the drugs?!" hugs are the best. LOL thanks for the laughs buttons! Oh my goddess xD This is not the buffet line. Oh my goodness you're so witty. I'm rather jelly xD Thanks for playing this!

  4. OMG….hahah I can't believe it.. you actually had the exact same thoughts as me playing this game… the farting noises… haha I played this for my 3 free games… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vCtwqQWFIs if you wanna check it out!! Great stuff!! It's such a fun game hahahaha

  5. 0:25 8 bit sex baby! Who wrestles with a fish bowl XD I was thinking the same thing, are all these half naked men farting??? You jump off that screen with your non existent mustache XD "Harvey Dent" Mask flies off Those are some violent hugs XD 3:03 omg did you just run off the screen….. ahaha! How did you have him in the air?!?!?! You are strong buttons! OMG You rode that fat guy like a surf board to die shortly after XD

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