100 thoughts on “Learn to Stack Dice || Learn Quick

  1. Nice shot mike you are way better then me of dice stacking it only took you like a couple of days and it took me like 5 months😅😀😀😏

  2. Eres mui perseverante me encantan tus videos yo quise armar el cubo de rubik asiegas y tarde 3 meses pero si se puede tuve que hacer muchos intentos

  3. Imagine being friends with Mike. Life would be so much easier and interesting. You go to play basketball, he is spinning it on his finger. You locked something and you lost the key to the lock. No worries he can pick a lock. You are about to drown well no worries he can hold his breath for like 4 minutes. There is someone trying to rob you, well guess what he knows how to throw axe, cards etc. Just imagine.

  4. I noticed that Ben actually just let the dice stack fall on the other stack, instead of pushing it down like how Mike did

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