Kevin Durant Holds Court Over His Free Agency  | Game Of Zones S6E8 (FINALE)

Kevin Durant Holds Court Over His Free Agency | Game Of Zones S6E8 (FINALE)

And together, we’ll rule the world… from edge to edge. Thank you, Kyrie. I’ll be in touch. What’s ​he​ doing here? Oh, he was just… asking questions. What are ​you​ doing here? I thought it was quite generous we let you hang around for six battles. Now you’re just being greedy with my time. Clearly my defense has yet to earn your respect. I respect your​ effort​… and I heard you said nice things about me after the battle. You’re a worthy opponent. If you like me as your opponent, you’d love me as your teammate. Free-agent talk will wait until​ after ​the tournament. Oh, come on. Have a little fun… gods know you’re not having any here. If you want some scrub, go to an eliminated house. If you want a king… earn him. Wow, pure gold. It’s funny. I thought your throne would be made of salt. You’re insolent. I’ve dropped 40 on men for less. They were lesser men. Oh, please. Didn’t I just drop 50 on you? We’re done here. Well then, I guess good luck in New York. Who says I’m going to New York? Oh…everybody. The Garden is the biggest stage in the Realm. I would be the GOAT if I turned that house around. And if you fail…on this “biggest stage in the Realm”? Wah! Can’t win with those cats. Listen to your burner. You can’t win with those cats. What you need is a dog. A hungry, loyal hound. You’re proud to be a dog, eh? That’s a new one. Men love dogs. What they loathe are snakes. If you’re trying to lure me to House Clippers, you’re doing an awful job. You know, now that I think about it, House Clippers would be a terrible fit. I mean, we all know you only take… the hardest road. And House Clippers would be…smooth sailing, really. You’ve got Lord West, builder of empires, two max slots, the best lord commander in the Realm and a bunch of hungry, loyal dogs just looking for their alpha. It’s almost too easy. And besides, if you came to Los Angeles, It would be so unfair to King James. Upstaged night after night in his own city, by the man who was always second-best. You know, for a free agent, you’re very loyal to House Clippers. Loyalty is what dogs do best. Hey, uh, KD? It’s my turn to sit on the throne. I should be going. You’ve been very generous with your time. We should talk. Well, maybe if you didn’t miss all those threes… We got jinxed by The Truth… He’s a bloody monster! Who could’ve expected Fred VanVleet? Men, we gather today to celebrate For if the whispers are true, Ser Giannis will be anointed the Most Valuable Knight. Thank you, but how can I be deemed the ‘most valuable’ when I couldn’t even get us to the Finals? King James used to crush House Raptors without breaking a sweat. They were a different house then. They didn’t have that…monster. We should be proud. We won 60 battles this year. Yes, but it is all for nothing. Our tournament is over. The offseason has come. If the Maesters are right, Durant will be heading East, which means it’s going to be hard for us to even make conference finals again. We should ride home. We should test the market. Maybe sign with House Pelicans again? Or House Bulls? I hear House Lakers needs talent. As a former knight of House Suns, I know misery, and this is not it. Sure, we’re defeated, but we are not without hope, for we have the honor of fighting alongside true greatness. Not just of skill, but of character. The King of the North may rule the East for now, but I recognize only one true king. And his name is long and full of letters. Giannis Antetokounmpo is my king from this day until his last day. And you know what? I DO want to be here.​ Last year, I fought side by side with King James. I didn’t think we’d find another GOAT in the East… not in my career. But I was wrong! Giannis is not only the Most Valuable Knight in the Realm. He is The King in the East! Assuming Kawhi leaves, of course! I remember the days when Brandon Knight was our​ best ​knight… or maybe it was Ramon Sessions. As Giannis has grown, so has the dignity and respect of this house. We have not known hope like this since the days of Ser Alcindor and the Big O… and it’s all thanks to Giannis. The King in the East! To next year! -The King in the East!
-To next season! -The King in the East!
-To the future! -The King in the East!
-The King in the East!
-The King in the East! Oh, how quickly they forget Nine years, I ruled the East. From 3-1 down, I slayed the Warriors From the brink of baldness, I have restored my hairline And from the ashes of a lost season… I will return. Rested Reborn Re-groined To reclaim my throne As the true king… Of…the… Sea! Jam! All right. Cut, cut! JaVale, you dunked on the wrong basket And Melo, what are you doing in front of me? Why aren’t you in the banana canoe? Because I’m a star, Lebron And stars should be in leading roles All right, well, hold on— Matt Barnacle, stop strangling Derek with the fishing wire Well, it says here in the script that I swam 95 miles to kick his ass so I figured I’d—figured I’d do it. Completely uncalled for! You’ll never be Kobe, LeBron! -Yeah, you ain’t never gonna win an Oscar!
-Yeah! OK, can someone get those guys out of here? Also, where did Magic go? He was supposed to be here. Um, excuse me? Can I play Kevin of Durant in the Monstarfish? No, Brandon. You’re—you’re in the wave. Ugh, I think we need to do a rewrite. This is just not working. What’s up, fanlings? It’s me, your favorite Game of Zones character, the Joker! You may know me from such episodes as— Oh, that’s right. There are no episodes about House Nuggets so why would you want to subscribe? Don’t subscribe. This show is dumb.

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  1. ok two thing 1. who was the guy in the dark robes standing next to KD when he was sitting at his thrown 2. I did not see that ending coming

  2. here here. watching this episode makes me hope that you will be able to get 10 out a season. Even if they come after the news breaks, they are great to watch in retrospect.

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