Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes Launch Trailer

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes Launch Trailer

[Okay, I’m looking at what appears to be a deadly bomb] [Roger that
You’re going to have to defuse it] [But how?] [MUSIC]
[Keep! Keep Talking!] [Don’t worry]
[Describe what you see and we’ll talk you through it] [But there’s a blinking light and I’m scared] [MUSIC]
[Keep! Talking!] [Steel Crate Games presents the co-op
bomb defusal game that everyone keeps talking about] [MUSIC]
[Keep! Keep Talking! It’s got the countdown!] [You’re looking at the bomb
but you don’t have the info to defuse it] [You’re friends have the info
but they can’t see the bomb] [Can they talk you through it?] [The defusal manual says there’s a serial code] [There’s not] [It should be on the side!] [I’m looking!] [With two players or more, you’ll have to communicate if you and the friendship are going to survive] [It’s the game that’s always changing] [And the risks rearranging] [Find out why everyone’s having such a blast] [Don’t just keep watching:
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes!] [MUSIC]
[Keep! Keep Talking!] [XBOX SOUND]

49 thoughts on “Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes Launch Trailer

  1. I'm always looking for more party games and this is perfect. I played this once on a PC, but a console in the living room is just better for parties.

    I will buy this with Bing points.

  2. Fantastic game. It’s got a real retro premise behind it with the palate instructions but people really should try this it’s great fun with friends and family

  3. This works soooo much better on PSVR. People could just turn around and see the bomb. On PSVR, it's like you're talking through a walkie.

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