JOKER Smash Ultimate TODAY! | FAKE Switch Mini Shell |  MK 11 NS | GameStop Redemption? – PE LIVE!

JOKER Smash Ultimate TODAY! | FAKE Switch Mini Shell | MK 11 NS | GameStop Redemption? – PE LIVE!

Alright alright what’s up everyone
Oh Joe over here from player essence and things have been glitching out on me
nothing is resetting I don’t know what’s going on with like what my streams
that’s the stuff like I’ll fix it and then it doesn’t fix it just resets so to
whatever I have last so I’m sorry about that guys but welcome to another PE live
today we got a good show for you guys cuz I fix all this stuff over here got a
good show for you guys we’re on ours mere hours before Joker drops mere hours
before Joker drops so thank you guys so much for joining me on this glorious day
April 17th 2019 let me tell y’all something right here
let me tell y’all something right here real quick this is the hokages message
to the ninja here in the village you Twitter weirdos y’all can come you guys
can come into here okay you Twitter you Twitter weirdos go ahead and come into
here but what you don’t realize is that you’re doing this for free you are
wasting your time coming into here crying and complaining for free let me
know when you realize that you want to have a life people want to be here
because they want to spend their time here its enjoying the entertainment but
when you come here and you want to just come here just the troll because you’re
a Twitter stalker and a weirdo with multiple accounts and you don’t have a
life or you feel that or you feel that this is gonna somehow annoy me or get to
me in some way you don’t realize that I built seven years up to this point and
we got the ninja in the village ready to take you down as soon as you say
something dumb don’t waste your time don’t waste your time don’t waste your
effort this isn’t some other person’s stream where nobody’s gonna notice who
you are as soon as you say something dumb you’ll be clapped plain and simple
plain and simple okay things are run a little bit differently around here they
don’t call it the elite ninja village for nothing okay so weirdo in the chat
not even gonna sit here and give you any type of cloud then I not even gonna do
it not even gonna mention your name first and last one you stalking me on
Twitter now you’re coming over here with your stupid picture with your dumb son
glasses and stalking me on here when you don’t like my content
you don’t follow me leave first last morning thank you for coming to the
stream thank you for the free view I appreciate that but gonna have to have
you chill homey okay so like I said not even gonna say your name you know who
you are say something else dumb to try to sit
here and troll they’ll be you’re done you’re clapped okay and this is for the
entertainment of my village I don’t care or know who you are you’re an aunt
you’re a complete aunt here where you’re at you’re an aunt in this life okay
nobody knows or cares who you are I know you’re looking for clout looking for
attention that’s fine I mean you’re gonna get me to say your
name man so just chill enjoy the show and be entertained sit down shut up and
enjoy sit down shut up and enjoy the entertainment the free entertainment
that you’re getting on me all right so let’s go and let’s get into the ninja
news for today sorry about that guys you know when the Hokage has to put his foot
down the Hokage has to put his foot down you know what I’m saying like we gotta
we gotta make sure we let people know in these streets you know gotta let people
know in these streets so thank you guys so much for joining me today
I do appreciate all the real fans that are here we got a good show for you guys
already got 100 to 50 people in here make sure you hit that like button and
share the stream if you can let’s get some more people in here let’s continue
going on and we’ll kind of say that shout outs everybody here
ninja news you guys don’t know what’s going down today Joker’s going down
we’re streaming as soon as he goes live we’re streaming so just be ready for
that guys be ready get ready we’re good we’re gonna be streaming as soon as as
soon as he’s ready to go so so set outs the true dog true dog acts with $1
donation through super chat thank you so much to dog X that does make you the top
stream engine and my boy she comes over look upon you thank you for the doll
donation to dog to dog X with that Dallas how this for the Dallas Thank You
Man appreciate that all right all right so let’s continue on
here with the shoutouts shoutouts if you want me to say how do you feel free guy
stop crying about what’s gonna get nerfed they’re not already all right
chill out we’ll talk about that so just say hi and I’ll say hi back to you then
we’ll talk about all that it drops at 5:30 you didn’t watch
my video today Solomon solo drops at 5:30 my boy 5:30 p.m. Pt that’s 8:30
p.m. Eastern Time let’s see her TC rx gaming says what up
looking forward to trying out Joker yep what’s up right how’s it going
Blu satire what’s up man how’s it going this is the man the myth the legend
star mix what’s up man pizza and what’s good penis that’s the Deena’s Jessie
what’s up jazzy I’m leaning to jazzy elite ninja Hunter n64 elite engine
dnase once again elite ninja Tyler epic what’s up man thank you so much is
acting it’s acting upstream labs yeah maybe a little bit
Nyko what’s good snake how’s it going blazer link what’s good blazer link good
to see you here leading to poison link here
what Rico gamer weeaboo Phil galaxy be Isaac Sullivan elite ninja fairy tiger
Rinnegan user fairy tiger co-captain Viking nation is here GG’s is here
what’s up man hunter and 64 once again juxta for Glen gunslinger KJ $23.99 Dave
gaming Eileen Engine Dave gaming is here as well monkey boy Elizabeth Lizzy’s
here could see his e civilized sovereign ain’t gonn user civilized son is here
Cody shade Lee what’s up man super March 1990 what’s up dude
Eddie Eddie been a while dude Eddie where have you been bro it’s been like I
haven’t seen you here in months maybe since like last year or something like
that I mean yo how’s it going man J – blue
what’s up J – blue elite ninja J – blue sexy jutsu are written sexy jutsu master
scar tech life with the subscription thank you so much Scott – quite welcome
to leave ninja village of player essence we have high expectations of you my boy
thank you so much for joining the village balto dirtfish what’s good man
yo iron ninja putting his foot down man sometimes you got to put it down
sometimes you got to put the foot down on some of these Twitter weirdos they
don’t realize that I don’t need I don’t need you guys to be like a lot of
youtubers are out here yeah subscribe they won’t they won’t you know put their
foot down on subs because because they don’t need them around you know what I’m
saying like they don’t they don’t need them like or they want their numbers to
be high but thing about it is that our village is so solid we don’t need to
have 200 or 300 or 400 thousand YouTube subscribers I mean we’ll probably get
there someday if I keep on doing this but we don’t need that we’re doing just
fine with the dedicated ninja here and the new ones that want to
come and be a part of something better than the typical oh you go to a YouTube
chat nobody the youtuber the the person streaming doesn’t even know who you are
doesn’t care who you are no personality sit there and play a game and look at
the chat every single five minutes you know or only say something when somebody
donates or something like that you know what I’m saying or only answer a
question when that happens we’re trying to do things completely different here
so I don’t give a damn if I lose numbers as I which I lose subscribers all the
time that’s fine I don’t care get the hell out I don’t want them in I want
people here I want to change the landscape I want people here that are
really willing to make a difference and be a part of something better as a
community not this typical YouTube garbage that we see you know what I’m
saying we’re just a bunch of weirdos in chat saying dumb things I don’t want
that I’ve never wanted that and that’s what player since is about shoutouts the
fuzzy is that fuzzy fuzzy baozi Bazzi moto thank you so much for the
description thank you so much man appreciate that what was it leading to
village my boy I think I saw you in here talking about different stuff um real
quick guys people who don’t have profile pictures get profile pictures please for
those who don’t have profile pictures let’s see here always learning 60 paint
fat purple what’s good Johnse what’s up man Mandee Lee what’s not man d-league
good to see you here oh nice little sitting down tix on there Thank You Man
Rhett enigma what’s good man just said put the foot down on the G brownies yeah
man sometimes got to put the foot down on
those pre Ganon’s you know let’s see here
why does Joker release so late cuz because he does let’s see here um let’s
see here oh nasty what’s good kid raccoon Gabriel what’s good man been
working a lot and going to school it’s all good man good this is good to see
you back in here so toxin gaming was sitting while working it’s all good man
Zino what’s up man Sam yo what’s good Boise Boise and how Slayer
what’s good Ambler been he says yellow I’m hi Ian Morley Renee Gordon are not
running on shutting down user Ian Morley sir good to see you here elite ninja
let’s see her party man China said we think I’ll use a party Matt the
bodyguard the bodyguard party man Danielson what’s good man how’s it going
gabe calm 21 what are you hit that like button says a hunter in 64 one of the
elite ninja here definitely pearly 21 I’m doing good man
you doing today the big the big is the big bigs man what’s up man
5:30 p.m. PC guys 5:30 p.m. PT Edgar yo Edgar were you bid homie put this C the
elite ninja Edgar almost going towards that working towards that shit ain’t God
good to see you here man what’s up Edgar I’m jut mom what’s up jump on shoutouts
my boy John what’s your bad change and think that you’ve been sitting down
forever okay yeah very soon very soon you’ll be a part of the reigning gun
users one of the few super elites here let’s hear well I’ve always got this
energy calm down jazzy uh beatlejuice beatlejuice y’all homie where you been
Dawg dawg where you been Beetlejuice good to see you here as well man
shoutouts five nights at Freddy’s what it did my my bad change it was that
tomorrow it’s got to be tomorrow cuz your batch hasn’t changed yet Shawn so
it’s got to be tomorrow Tenshi ho what’s up man gizmo
what’s up gives my obh 54 good to see you here all right let’s see nothing
early just glad to see you still killing it yo shout-out to my boy good to thank
thank you for the continued support on the channel alright so what do you guys
want to get you guys want to get into the soul switch mini leak since we
already got 205 viewers thank you guys so much
I do appreciate all of you guys being here so um let’s get into this let’s get
into this Twitter stuff that I saw with this switch mini this fake switch mini
thing that was going on here fake switch mini thing that was going on
and you know first of all guys first of all follow me on twitter follow me on
twitter i’m gonna put a link in the description here or sorry in the chat
there is a link in the description but make sure you guys follow me on twitter
yo what’s up murdoch local good to see you here my boy elite ninja murdoch
local mouse so you guys follow me on twitter if you’re not already following
me but let’s check out this leak here or got the sleek let’s check out this this
switch mini which is obviously fake this shelf or this switch mini this is a fake
thing that’s the reason why I wanted to talk about it because people are trying
to spread this around as if it might be real or questioning whether it’s real or
not and it’s not real its fake so we’re gonna go ahead and go over it straight
over to this and as you guys can see right
here I’ll shout outs to Daniel Ahmed who’s a big dude on Twitter I think he
has a lot of followers yeah he’s like a hundred thousand or I know he has a lot
anyway I don’t know how is he not verified at this point anyway either way
he does like he crunches numbers for like night ghosts like some Chinese
company or something like that and he posted up this is someone posted a
suppose switch mini show on Chinese social media
real or fake and I’m gonna go ahead and say a fake
you know what I’m saying like super fake brothers like fake this fake you know
I’m saying like it’s exactly this quality of this they shot this with a
Game Boy camera do the Game Boy camera color I mean with the quality of this
photo you’re looking like looking like my first camera like Fisher Price like
what’s going on here like what what’s going on here with with this with this
Fisher Fisher Price camera this is definitely a fake being with this switch
this back of this switch case I don’t see it I don’t see this being real at
all you know what I’m saying like it’s probably it’s probably a it’s like it’s
like one of those knockoff Chinese it’s like the the switch Nintendo the switch
it’s called the switch Nintendo not the Nintendo switch that’s probably
something for that man people out here faking it faking stuff man so so yeah
man it is what it is there yo whatup k-19 good to see you my boy
let’s see here has instead of taking the photo that it was not gonna take this
photo down I mean if they’ve taken it what do you mean if that have they taken
it down yet now they have it look look you’re still up this isn’t real this is
this is not a real thing you know what I’m saying
but what’s with this weird rainbow over here do they let me add a little let me
add a little bit to it this is like somebody took like a gameboy color and
Lisa Frank put together yaaow release a Frank back in the day so what he’s like
a Lisa Frank a Lisa Frank camera with with the Game Boy Color and said alright
guys let’s go let’s go let’s go ahead and let’s go ahead and do this you got
to be order to remember Lisa Frank you gotta be order if you don’t remember
so Frank that you’re not old enough to remember Lisa Frank Oh guys it’s the
cover that Hammond I want to show the sort of the back no alcohol a lot Brett
this is the least this is the least to cover their hand I mean I could put
anything but like I Lisa Frank being on this on this here and and you know it
looks like a protective shell yeah I mean that’s that’s what it is
that’s what it is it’s it’s a shell that’s that’s what I put in the that’s
why I put in the title the the thing here is it’s a shell for the suppose
which meant it’s not to switch mini itself it’s a shell for a switch mini
but it’s a fake shell force which mini so I mean I don’t believe this Lisa
Frank switch mini thing you know so let’s see what he has to say here it
seems to be fake based on a few things such as the model number and the FCC ID
on the back being the same as the original switch so probably just a 3d
print or something yeah pretty much I can see it as like a 3d print or
something like that man I mean I can I can see it is that I remember Lisa Frank
she is making a cup she is Lisa Frank making a comeback but she used to have
all those little beads and shoes and necklaces and all sorts of stuff that
you can make like now like bracelets just all sorts of stuff that you can
string together as like a kid and put things like make it was like for like
little girls well yeah Lisa Frank it was back in the day you still like if you
have like book like book orders like they used to give you like when I was a
kid they don’t do this anymore but when I was a kid that’s what they used to do
they used to like when you go to school I don’t know if they still do this maybe
they do but I don’t remember Mike my daughter bringing home anything from
this but um maybe I know I do remember doing something but it was different was
like a fundraiser but they used to they used to hand out these things to schools
called book orders and there used to be all sorts of colorful weird like you can
get like little toys little trinkets and like every it was like every like
quarter or whatever you would get a book order you can order something really
cool from there so so yeah I just saw at least a frank and different types of
like aren’t there or whatever like different types of books I’m Clifford
just stuff like that that you can order from them
Lisa Frank was like always featured on there like when I be looking through the
book order so so yes classic book orders showing my age you gotta be in your late
twenties probably mid to late 20s or 30s or above to know about book orders I
because I don’t think they do that anymore but from what I understand cuz
like I have a daughter that’s old enough to be at the same time when I was
getting book orders and I don’t see a she never came home with the book order
she came on the fundraiser stuff but never book order so so yeah man
I remember them as classic book order form yeah yeah man they were like they
were like I think they had like mine had like white trim with like yellow like
the pages were yellow with white trim and like there was just all sorts of
color for stuff with the prices right next to them and I’d be like man I got
money for nuns my mom would only get me one a year I was only allowed one book
order a year so man I really thought hard about what I was gotta be thinking
I’d sit in my room and I’d be looking through that book order like crazy like
which one of these Clifford books am I gonna buy which which one which one of
these Arthur’s am I gonna buy here you know what I’m saying so it was it was
interesting I was interesting back in the day he said oh I don’t see why
you’re saying it it’s BS but I mean you say you’re 15 you remember those back
from elementary like I said III don’t know if they still do it or not I mean
I’m not trying to sit there and say that they don’t I’m just I’m just saying I’m
not sure if they do I was very clear so there’s no need to be seems like you
were upset that that I thought I didn’t know that 15 year olds that your little
calm down Tyco Jesus Christ calm down Tyco so anyway let’s see here
um Jim qu’est-ce que I don’t know if he’s doing that he’s that it’s real I
think he thinks that the switch mini Israel I don’t know if he thinks this
actual thing is real so there you go all right so let’s go ahead and get back
to here guys so yes so yeah that’s basically the whole switch from anything
it’s not really anything really that some I think that’s real but hey we’ll
have to wait and see he said my kill still my kid still brings them okay they
still bring him alright so they’re still or they’re still around so there’s thon
that’s cool that’s cool I think it’s like a 3d laser print art thing
that’s what I think it is kind of like how like guys remember how Attica made
that the fake joy calm like the fake joy Kong controllers right like with the 3d
print and rent and then like somebody made like the fake Stewie Griffin
Nintendo switch controller to you guys when were that remember that Stewie
Griffin football controller that people are saying like with the screen on there
and the the analog sticks I mean like the Stewie Griffin controller too so I
mean like I mean this type of stuff happens all the time dude so so so yeah
Atika with the fake switch it was like it fake switch like joy conk wasn’t the
joy the joy count controllers I think he also did a switch to right but I
remember you did droidcon controllers too but yeah either way yeah that was
that you know what I’m saying so there you go on back guys it’s it’s fake it’s
it’s not it’s not real don’t don’t worry about it don’t think that it’s real I
don’t think it’s real so so yeah anyway moving on to the next topic here we’re
gonna talk about some few more tidbits with Joker you know that 11 saw I mean
sock and I actually didn’t really give more tidbits he just basically talked
about it you’re gonna get like Joker’s dropping tonight guys you guys all know
Joker’s dropping tonight and Joker is going to come with the persona stage
which we’ve talked about him you know various different videos already live
reaction you guys saw that we also saw it with my video that I did this morning
Joker’s gonna come with 11 songs from the persona franchise I think it’s like
3 3 from persona 4 or 4 from persona 3 than like 4 from my persona 5 some newer
range of hints and stuff like that sounding really good really high quality
nice stuff there I’m he’s gonna cope with the stage mementos and based on
what music is playing like the kind of a color of the stage and kind of what
happens with it the interactivity will change as well so really cool it’s
actually really cool I’m loving what they’re doing with Joker I talked about
it in my video – I mean like Joker just looks so dope he doesn’t look high tier
like a lot of like I mean anti who just by the way just got picked up by t1
which is a I think a South Korean South Korean eSports organization but
anyway my favorite content creators and smash
with those players anti said that he said he doesn’t think that based off
what they showed he doesn’t think that Joker’s kind of like broken or anything
like that or is gonna be broken and same thing with me I don’t think Joker just
looks like a joker looks like a solid mid tier mid top like higher mid tier
you know I’m saying or like a high tier like a low-end high tier you know I’m
kind of looking at Joker in that response from what I see now once again
that could change later tonight once we start playing but yeah we’ll have to
wait and see but let’s talk about update 3.0 let’s talk about buffs and nerfs if
what’s gonna happen here because a lot of you guys were already popping off in
the chat and saying well I think this is gonna happen well I go whoa look listen
here guys let me tell you what’s gonna happen
wolf is getting nerf okay if wolf doesn’t get nerfed it will be a miracle
it will be an absolute miracle if wolf is not nerfed in update 3.0 it will be a
miracle I think his blaster is gonna get nerfed I think the hitbox on his blaster
is gonna get nerf I think the damage output is gonna get nerfed on his
blaster not the distance that it goes but the the hitbox might get nerves some
way and I think that the damage outputs gonna get nerve just that’s just that’s
just what I think man that’s just what I think just because wolf he’s obviously
an S tier you know or some people have very upper upper upper a tier but he’s
obviously an AZ in my opinion he’s a clear s tier like wolf physically rest
here in the game you know he doesn’t have many weaknesses you know really
he’s slow his recovery can be gimble however it’s very risky to try to GIMP
his recovery because he has crazy hit boxes on his upbeat and his side beat
but he is slow and his recovery isn’t the best in terms of distance so that he
does have some clear weaknesses because his foot speed is he’s just slow wolf
was just not fast at all so I don’t think he’s gonna get like too much of a
big nerf but I mean like I think he’s gonna get a blaster nerve I don’t really
think he needs to be nerfed at all both you guys want my opinion nobody should
be nerfed not a single character in the game should be nerfed they should only
be buffs you know would be great if every
II was asked here but that’s not that’s never gonna happen but like we just need
buffs we don’t need nerves I don’t really think personally after shoot on
you know one with Oh Lamar and we haven’t really seen a little more win a
big tournament yet I mean we’re seeing Karen we’re seeing like you know M Kao
kind of use Marth again you know I mean we’re seeing I mean I people were
talking about how I Cal good you know I just won a major tournament before I
mean we’re seeing a lot of variety in terms of who wins I know cosmos is doing
this thing with ink Lane I’m leaving scene 0 get pretty far using clouds so
we know clouds viable I think cloud could win a tournament could win a big
tournament we saw Mars use ESS which nobody puts ESS in in the s tier
category everybody puts her and maybe like a lower some people even put her in
a B tier character you know because of that laggy grab that she has grabs are
already bad in this game and then she also has a tether grab which even makes
things worse you know that’s super laggy so I mean we saw we saw you know Mars do
his thing and beat nitro with with CSS you know Paulo Tina is a good character
now as one big tournaments you know naira want to turn Nepal Tina I think
there’s plenty of I mean there’s there’s no need for nerves like why change
somebody in one tier to another just buff the bad characters just buff the
bad characters and leave everybody else the same I don’t really think like Zuck
like people out here talk about Zelda you know what I’m saying some people
Zelda doesn’t need an Zelda doesn’t need a nurse she needs zero nerves like into
that like I said to those Twitter Jim’s to those Twitter Jim’s you know that to
say by the way I’m gonna have a video on scrappy-doo by the way like he wasted
too much of my time yesterday and I didn’t I you know III wanted to make my
value of my time that I put at him I valued my time that I wasted on I’m
scrappy-doo at about a hundred dollars that’s what I valued my time that I
wasted in my opinion so therefore I need to make a video to make up for my lost
time talking to Scrappy Doo who was a follower on Twitter so we’re gonna have
a video and we’re gonna have a nice funny video on scrappy-doo
we’re just gonna call them Scrappy Doo um so so yeah we’re gonna have a nice
video on scrappy-doo but anyway that would be later
but anyway either way let’s see Mortal Kombat switch gameplay is out we’ll talk
about that in the next topic we’ll talk about that in the next topic um so yeah
that’s basically I mean you guys let me know if your 3.0 update stuff 3.0
updates so what do you guys think tag me app player since our hashtag players
since again ninja nerf it’s coming right okay t1 picked up Larry ler and anti ok
nice that is very nice t1 picked up Larry learn and anti good stuff man kind
of like the new Immortals you know how mortals picked up like DeLong from melee
and or shrooms and they also picked up anti a few years ago and then they kind
of let them go now t1 pick it up Larry alert and anti so that’s nice man
not greninja needs above it’s a joke hunter in 64 geez remember how they just
kept on nerfing greninja which Ben engine needed a side B nerf I think he
personally needed a side beam earth in the original game or sorry in smash 4
but I mean we’ll see how they do it Joker comes out at 5:30 5:30 p.m. PT
5:30 p.m. PT men let’s see you’re putting gyms in their place yeah putting
see these scrappy uses scrappy gym scrappy do that since I think that’s his
full name Jim Jim scrappy-doo Jim Jimmy Jimmy
scrappy-doo yeah sorry um
ace the simpler gonna did a persona agency yeah it’s gonna be nice it’s
gonna be very nice yes she does Ella’s broken nerve her to the ground
if you Andre chill I know he’s just joking around the knob nah not guys grid
old greninja thing Green ninja being nerve that’s just a joke because in
smash 4 greninja got nerfed all the time even though like nobody was winning in
tournament super ninja nobody felt that greninja was like super st or anything
just like a solid heights here like they just kept on nerfing the hell out of
greninja like every time greetings you got nerve green engine got nerve green
engine i got everyone’s like why are they nerfing greninja to the ground and
nobody is complaining about greninja being overpowered or ID and they just
kept nerf and greninja like they just kept nervy them and so that’s the reason
why people say better nerf greninja hey wolf blaster wolf wolf blasters to
good Inklings roller to good you know peach too good better never
good ninja I see yeah Zelda Zelda is broken dude she slowly broken party – I
agree people insist that peach and wolf need nerves because they just have
problems fighting against them but once you learn how to fight against wolf and
Mike I fight against Wolf’s all the time with cheeks and believe it or not even
like even like yo what’s up Vanessa how’s it going even like like Elite
Wolf’s that I can see play and no because they’re doing fair strings and
all that you know I beat some good wolves obviously I can’t beat like a
wolf like the quality of like some of the like Seagal Joe or some of the
professional players out there but like a lot of the wolf’s that I’ve played
that I know that know what they’re doing on elite smash you know I’ve beat them
with Sheik like but then again I’m a wolf main so I know how to use I know
how to use you know same thing with peach I beat some elite peach peach
players but like once again peach can be out ranged I mean yeah she can come with
a hell are you interfering edge guard I mean but she has to work for it’s just
the flow she has to go offstage I mean peace just
doesn’t I mean her protect that’s kind of weak you know so it’s like a turfs
well I mean it can combo but our projectile isn’t like there’s way better
projectiles like Nikita’s buy it way better I mean like I would even say like
Falco blasters way better I would even say like wolf I mean there’s way better
projectiles then you know peaches turn up although it’s good but there’s way
better projectiles and peaches turn them so I don’t think peach needs a nerf
I don’t want people to talk about that but I really don’t think she needs a
nerve I already know there’s Mortal Kombat’s which gameplay guys I or I
literally just talk about that like I just said hey we’re gonna move on to
that and about a minute or so okay we’re still on this so give us just a bit and
then we’ll talk about the Mortal Kombat switch gameplay okay but I literally
just said that I said all right Mortal Kombat switch gameplay we’ll talk about
it we’ll talk about it just a bit you know what I’m saying so we’ll get to it
the next topic I don’t need like 15 reminders I got it thank you guys and
we’ll show it off in just a bit okay let’s just finish up this topic with 3.0
and what you guys have to say and then we’ll move on to Mortal Kombat okay guys
most characters are viable if you put the work in I know I won’t because I’m
not going to put putting the time well I mean I mean anybody smash the ultimate
anybody can be evenly like the low tier characters right like Little Mac like
little Mac’s very strong on the ground he does a lot of super armor he’s just
really bad when you’re off stage but I mean like yeah
putting the work I mean I’m pretty sure you can be viable with them but I mean
are you gonna beat Nero are you gonna be any of the best characters and again
like best players probably not thicknesses I agree we don’t need we
don’t need any nerf to be fair the person that needs a buff is Little Mac
i’m hype for joe Krathong tonight yeah I think Little Mac might need a little bit
of a buff a rash yeah I already know that Joker’s in four hours I’m very well
aware of that I don’t think you’re watching my videos I knew the exact time
so I’m very aware of when Joker’s coming to smash brothers so thank you let’s see
here I’m dead serious I’m I was doing one B once against someone using random
and I have it have me Zelda and I three stalked him easiest hundred dollars ever
easiest hundred dollars ever so you’re using it so Andre you were using randoms
and and you and you three Stockton easiest hundred bucks that you ever made
it I know seriously it’s such an easy thing did was that person scrappy-doo
let me just love where you fighting against was his name scrappy news it was
his handle in one day brought took me seven years to build this platform
scrappy scrappy do what are you so free I’ll take you you can’t fight me looking
like retarded Conor McGregor and twitch like this dude no problem alright hundred dollars it was so confident so I said I saw
buddy match oh hey guys what’s the fake switch cell we already talked about the
fake switch saw you can record you can rewind it if you want to know about that
or you can wait till the random random do name we’ll talk about it some more
should we be worried worried about what um let’s see yeah that needs to be
clipped he didn’t want to lose money well he said that he bodied me free no
problem he said he I know he didn’t want to lose money but he said that he bodied
me free no problem using randoms and three stock me so I mean like like I
said we got we got scrappydew man let’s see
Oh Jay let’s have a money match well I could get these hands money hands one on
one all right I don’t have a problem like the thing about is like I don’t
even need a money match but it’s just one on one but the only reason why money
matched them the only reason why money matched him is because he said he’d beat
me 300 with randoms if he just said if it was just a regular match and
scrappydew wanted to want it to catch some hands then I probably would’ve said
okay we’ll just have a little message making a little bit of an event you know
what I’m saying but the fact that he started adding a little bit of extra
sauce on it I said okay money match because now you’re trying to sit there
you’re trying to embarrass somebody or you’re trying to be you know I don’t
know what you’re trying to do you’re being overconfident you’re trying to
embarrass me or whatever the case is so if you want to do that then okay let’s
raise the stakes because now because now at this point you’re trying to embarrass
somebody you’re it’s not a fair fight it’s not something that you I mean
you’re saying here saying I’m gonna play randoms I’m going to three stock you
okay that’s fine you want to talk trash okay that’s fine let’s let’s raise up
the stakes you know what I’m saying let’s raise up the stakes um so so yeah
so yeah and you know what you said bro you just remember why I’m just good if
you unsubscribed why are you here here let me let me help you on the way out
let me help you on the way out missa get out of here get out of here thanks
thanks for uh thanks for on subscribing we don’t want you here
in the first place get the hell out of get the hell out of here we don’t want
you here but why are you if you unsubscribe why
are you here why are you here freaking loser get out of here why I don’t
understand scribed what are you doing here
do you watch channel what are you doing here
bye Felisha misery that fake fake account Canali I’ve never seen I have
never seen you here I have never seen you make one comment or even be in one
livestream get out of here freaking liar people on the any of you lying like hell
do you like your a lot I’ve never seen you here at all never seen that name or
using soccer cows use the soccer camps get the hell out of here we don’t want
you here anyway we got 232 people here we don’t need you you’re only 1 you’re
nothing you’re an ant moving on let’s see here oh when will Joker come guys
I’ve already said this multiple times Joker’s coming at 5:30 p.m. PT that is
8:30 p.m. Eastern Time 8:30 p.m. Eastern Time so yeah man
Alessia that that duty challenged see why is he working cuz he didn’t lose
money because he knows he’s all talk he knows he’s all talk alright guys let’s
move on to some Mortal Kombat game play Mortal Kombat gameplay here Mortal
Kombat game play let me look it up so where is this Mortal Kombat’s which
gameplay at guys where is this Mortal Kombat’s which gameplay at all right so
I found it it’s on Nintendo everything shoutouts the Beetlejuice with the $3
donation it says yeah duck you’re done you’re done you’re done yeah
you’re done man come out of here you don’t need I don’t like I said I don’t
need you here we village does not need your since I don’t need your 1
subscriber counter I don’t need I don’t need you bro I don’t need you more
successful than you better-looking than you got a bigger footprint online than
you got a bunch of the immense that backed me up we don’t need you playing
some I don’t know why these weirdos come here and like seriously nobody needs you
bro leave what are you doing here people are gonna get mad like we bro for you to
be here um alright so Mortal Kombat switch gameplay let’s go and get my
first reaction too ok hold on I’m gonna clip this
all right guys let’s go and get my first reaction to Mortal Kombat Nintendo
switch gameplay alright first reaction the Mortal Kombat switch gameplay going
down right here this is the first time ever that we’re seeing this you guys let
me know right here during the livestream everybody subscribe as soon as one
jabroni leaves we got real ninja to join the builds let’s go
alright what’s going to move over here to this reaction and now we’re gonna
check out some of this gameplay mobile commerce gameplay starts the Nintendo
everything looks like Warner Bros posted a video on it so we’re gonna go ahead
and move over to this here and check out some of this Mortal Kombat switch
gameplay the realms are in crisis we’ve gone to take out in other realms army
now okay it’s actually looking pretty good no it’s actually looking free though the
arc of universe to my okay that’s freaky like Friday fish on our
face what is he’s gonna get us killed take your fight on the go the environments are definitely lower still looks guilt Oh doesn’t look bad
all portable Bo – you gotta buy this game for the culture you got it you
gotta buy this game for the culture man that’s that’s really if you don’t you
gotta buy this game for the culture plain and simple you got to do it for
the switch for the switch culture man if you ain’t buying this game just because
of the fact that Mortal Kombat is returning there’s something wrong
there’s something wrong there’s something definitely wrong although I do
got to change the top stream ninja Tex because bill just did the $3 donation
not true dawg sorry about that beetlejuice
but either way I’m actually pretty impressed with it it looks good and from
what we heard it runs good – so not bad deftly not as good as ps4 and Xbox one I
can tell but still it looks at the game is all intact there the game is all
attacked and um yeah it’s gonna be a good thing so I’m definitely gonna buy
the game I’m definitely but I don’t know if I’m gonna play it like hardcore
anything cuz Joker and everything but uh but yeah it’s looking good not bad at
all not bad at all let’s see what’s for the comments today here so let’s see
what some of the people are saying let’s see a moral common level antenna switch
this better be okay this better be okay Zeus place for a second with minimal
minimal graphical downgrading use up a purchase katana speech on Baraka gave me
goosebumps came with the place story mode I’ve been I’ve been waiting for
this all to booze Johnny Cage series to mess up his face young Johnny yeah okay
so yeah so yeah everybody’s think it’s looking pretty good it’s got two point
nine thousand likes and nineteen dislikes so people are liking it people
are thinking it’s looking good I think it looks good like I said not as good as
piss from an Xbox one but that’s expected but that that’s a quality it
looks like a quality port based off of what we know what people played at PAX
and based off what we saw right there looks like a looks like a high quality
part of the game so shot house are you saying it was too gross thing you’re
getting I’m gonna I’m glad no no no it is too gross for me to play but even
remember back when I said it I said that I said I’d buy the game but I didn’t say
I’m gonna stay here and play I just said right now I’m gonna be doing Joker’s so
I’m gonna buy the game for the culture it’s not because I want to play it I
said I already said even back then when I said it was too gross it’s two girls
for me to play normally but to be honest I’ve been a little bit more desensitized
to it because I’ve been watching it a lot more and watching it a lot more but
at the same time it’s not a game that I want to play but I buy it yeah I’ll buy
it just because it’s cool to have I want to collect it I want more don’t come
this is the first Mortal Kombat in like 11 years I want the game not that I want
to play it I think David Drake David Drayton is here you know what I’m
talking about like I want I want to collect it I want it but I don’t want to
play it if that makes any sense but I want the boxart
I want the cartridge because I think it’s cool that Mortal Kombat comes on a
car I mean it’s it’s a partial download or it’s like 15 gigabyte download but
with the cartridge but it’s cool that you can get Mortal Kombat on Nintendo
system again like it’s been so long so I grew up playing Mortal Kombat man so
it’s for the culture grow a little lucky Nick with the twitch followed thank you
so much welcome to the fire nation also cable nine nine nine nine with the
follow as well thank you so much cable welcome to loser village of player
essence yeah what’s up chips and sticks are you doing today my man does MK Levin
require partial down I just said that yeah it does require first time when I
said you have to download like 15 gigabytes it’s like a 15 gigabyte day
one download it’s 8 gigabytes like or they’re using an 8 gigabyte cartridge
and it’s a 15 gigabyte download let’s see your chips it doesn’t matter if the
mode turn off the blood and gore like the old ones does doesn’t it have a mode
to turn off the blood and gore like the old ones it might it might for the most
part but I mean like like I said it doesn’t guys it doesn’t at the end of
the day it doesn’t matter who cares what I think when it comes to if I want to
play if it’s too gory or now I’m buying the game so they’re gonna get might
they’re gonna get my money regardless it’s gonna count towards getting more
games like this whatever you want to say ulterior motives for people buying this
game I’m buying it for those reasons so who cares if I die if I think it’s too
gory or whatever the case is I don’t really feel like playing it because I’m
not a competitive Mortal Kombat play or anything like that I’d rather get good
at Smash Brothers because I do play locally here I’m trying to get good at
me I want to travel out to some tournaments and stuff you know at some
point probably like if I can get suck a big tournament like later this year and
the like here in the West Coast maybe likes
it like a 2gg of it that I can do that um but like I don’t really feel like
playing will comment like that I mean I might try it out but I mean it’s just
like I don’t really care you know it’s not like a big deal to me I’m to play
the game but I’ll buy it I’ll probably buy two copies or I’ll probably give
them one copy away on the channel we’ll probably do a giveaway for one of the
games yeah we’ll probably just do a giveaway when the game comes out we’ll
have a giveaway we’ll have we’ll put it together I will make a gleam giveaway on
Twitter and whatever or I’ll make a giveaway so we’ll probably just do a
giveaway for the game as well and why not let’s see here that story mode looks
like fun the story boats always good that’s the thing that I kind of want to
play the story mode man let’s see your monkey voices I peered of
the cut both copy on the eShop says that I can play it on the twenty-second game
stuff pickup 123rd on the ps4 okay good stuff
Anthony Albert says that story okay are you but that shuttle pieces I sort of
fell off the Mortal Kombat fandom I’m picking it up because I’ve pretty much
lost all interest in the Mortal Kombat franchise alright um gotta buy Mortal
Kombat for that switch third part yeah exactly it’s for the switz third-party
support it’s for the fact that it’s finally coming back you know Ed Boon
really wanted this I don’t think this is a WB thing I think this is an Ed Boon
thing most so than anything I really think this is an Ed Boon thing and not a
WB WB doesn’t give a damn does not give a damn about the switch they just they
just don’t care you know and they just don’t care about the switch um so I
think that Ed Boon really wanted it in my opinion I think that so then they got
at Duncan’s that boon has a lot of pull in terms of the platform’s and what he
wants to do you know and like where the games come because I keep yeah I mean he
wanted like injustice and stuff like on the Vita you know like Mortal Kombat he
wanted that stuff on the Vita and like they got it you know so I think that’s
really what it comes down to yeah what’s up about how outcasts are you doing
today um is this team running until Joker’s out no the streams not ready
until Joker’s out we’re gonna go for about two hours I’m gonna take a break
and then we’re gonna be playing G we’re gonna be playing Joker all night I’m not
trying too much on it stream for that long because we’re gonna be playing
Joker for hours so I’m be labbing with Joker I’m gonna be just trying out the
new stages looking at the listen to the music
labbing just doing all sorts of stuff with Joker’s so so yeah Joker’s not out.get yet guys Joker come
you guys man y’all buggin so me y’all buggy I don’t watch none of the but
y’all don’t want none of my content y’all buggin I’m gonna put this up here
I’m gonna put this up here blend Joker comes out if anybody asks that question
I’m a frickin I’m a timeout anymore y’all buggin with this one Joker out
thing look I’m gonna let y’all know I’m gonna put it up right here don’t time
him out you guys you guys were too quick you guys were too quick there’s nothing
wrong with asking a question he just he probably just came in he probably just
came in but look look all right Joker’s out 8:30 p.m. ET that’s what
Joker is out you can clearly see it it’s right there Joker is out 8:30 p.m. ET
8:30 p.m. ET alright so there we go solve a success I want MK 11 but I feel
like I am I have a doom situation where I won’t play it I won’t play it often
enough so yeah Pokemon is life’s precious case file just released a
trailer showing MK 11 on switch it looks great can’t wait until next Tuesday
did you just came in we just reacted to that my boy we just react to that
Pokemon his life we just reacted to that so yeah I already know we thought we
just saw I need to put that in the title before people just keep on coming in
here saying did you see the Mortal Kombat game did you see the model come
back again did you see the model come again did you see the model come back
gameplay like you see the Mortal Kombat game did you see the Mortal Kombat game
play did you see that MK 11 gameplay did you see this which FK 11 gameplay did
you see the gameplay Emma FK I let me get play okay David respect also donated Buster becoming the top strategist David
Drayton double-d showing that support bamboo black ops in the house and says
sup Oh J I thought I’d respect your time and hustle by paying you to answer
obvious questions one when will Joker release that’s 8:30 p.m. Pt young man –
will you be playing as Joker when he releases yes I will sir and 303 will you
be doing a stream tonight absolutely I’ll be doing a stream tonight David
respects the hustle and for did you see the switch mini-league absolutely I saw
it it’s not real though David but thank you so much I appreciate your donation I
really do supporting the ninja village and absolutely hopefully we got all of
your questions your questions answered buried in a timely fashion so thank you
so much but I appreciate that you guys give some love to double D for the
fantastic questions just and I’m so happy that gonna answer that for you
guys today honestly seriously like thank you guys so much and thank you thank you
David I do appreciate I do appreciate that man
I do appreciate it and those are fantastic questions you know and I think
that they needed to be answered today so yeah absolutely thank you for the table
advisor David I appreciate that oh good all right guys let me ask let me
ask you guys a question let me ask you guys a question
let me ask y’all let me ask y’all a question
y’all ready for the GameStop Redemption run you guys think gamestop can be saved
can gamestop be saved here’s a new policy from Gamestop a new
policy from Gamestop and as MK 11 and s let me just make sure I fix this
GameStop Redemption MK 11 ns all right so GameStop gamestop has a new
policy where gangs up in the US has a new policy where you can actually return
you can return games within 48 hours after the game’s launch so if you buy a
brand new game after it launches like let’s say you buy days gone
you play days gone and it’s not very good you know and you have 48 hours to
return that game and oh my god yo what is this
k9 David Drayton as a top stream ninja and says yo Oh Jay one question did you
see the new MK 11 gameplay on the switch also you’re getting it yes
young young man k-19 yes young man I definitely saw it I definitely saw the
new get a Mortal Kombat 11 gameplay I’m a Nintendo switch and I’m absolutely I’m
gonna get it I’m getting it for the culture my boy
so absolutely thank you for the donation I do if we should and thank you for the
fantastic question by the way because I’m pretty sure that that question is a
lot of things that people really wanted to to know and understand you know in
terms of where I’m coming from and I’m happy that I was able to answer that
question for you you know by the way I also want it probably answer another
question I’m probably thinking you’re thinking when’s dzhokhar gonna come out
Joker from persona 5 it’s gonna be in Smash Brothers tonight by 8:30 p.m. et
okay 8:30 p.m. et so make sure you get ready for that so good stuff man thank
you so much k 19 I appreciate that that does tie you with David as the top
stream ninja for today with the $20 so I appreciate that man
you’re also the stream boss as well so shout outs I was going to get your name
up here on the leaderboard alright there we go get you guys both up on that it’s
gonna make this a little bit smaller so you guys can both fit there you go
I just saw your video on AI some of them files and definitely keeping an eye on
it yeah it’s coming out in July July Game Stop can only be saved if they you
could be if used games are half the price of new games yeah I don’t know if
use games need to be half the price of new games but I mean it’d be nice
so it’s called like a guaranteed to love it program where consumers can return a
purchase game within 48 hours of the game’s launch and they receive a full
refund in the form of store credit not including tax the program is limited to
$60 standard edition of new releases and any paid powerup ward members bonuses
will not apply the game can be powered can be opened and played it just has to
be in good condition and must still have the receipt
so it’s called the guaranteed to love it and you won’t get your tax back but you
will get 60 bucks for the game and I honestly think that is going to be a big
personally I don’t know if it’s gonna save Game Stop but if they if they
initialize this because this is game stuff is reporting it it’s not confirmed
yet from Gamestop but they’re saying that this it’s gonna happen
sorry GameSpot is reporting it but we haven’t got an official confirmation but
if they do this that’s gonna be really big because a lot people thinking yo man
like if I don’t like this game I can return it within 48 hours even if I
opened it that’s pretty cool like I think more people start stopping at
Gamestop that’s one of the big problems with Game Stop right we’ve seen people
go in there and go nuts right about certain stuff about certain games like
fallout we’ve seen people do that with Fallout was a fallout 76 or whatever you
know and if they have this policy then this that those those freak-outs and
people getting crazy over things when it never happened so I actually think that
this is a good idea and I think that this is gonna get some more foot traffic
into Game Stop it’s actually I mean I’m not still on the board on the boat yet
but I mean like it’s definitely got me thinking a little bit more got me
thinking a little bit more so so yeah man absolutely um yo Joker when’s one’s
player since coming to ones player since coming to PlayStation all-stars when
supplier essence come into players since when’s players has come with the
PlayStation all-stars as soon as that games that games coming back when
all-stars battle royale – it’s gonna be an exclusive on the Nintendo switch to
switch mini Shadow King just considering my recent experiences with Game Stop I
don’t believe they can be saved especially when I show up to their store
at the opening time and an hour after no one is there yeah you know what that
actually happened to me when I Bob okay here’s the thing when i when i
pre-ordered the we you back in the day 2012 they said
that the they said that there they are going to have the we they’re gonna have
a midnight launch at the location they said it’s gonna be a midnight launch
right so I was like all right cool and then they dating me even let us know
I went there at midnight and the store was not open they didn’t even tell us
they lied the lady or they didn’t know or whatever the case was so then I’ll
say all right whatever so I saw the time they open in the morning so then I went
there in the morning the time of the launch of the Wii U so I was already
pissed because I didn’t get it at midnight like I wanted to and then I
went there in the morning and the lady was an hour late and I was like the same
lady that told me that they had a midnight launch and I’m like this this
lady and it’s funny because that’s the same lady who wouldn’t take my ps3 at
the other locations like she was just being I just had multiple run-ins and
after that I was like I’m done with Game Stop I stopped I stopped shopping
they’re like I complete the last time that I shopped there I bought dragon
quest 11 on the ps4 there because it’s the only place they had it and they only
they had two copies so so yeah man let’s see they had such a hard time with
around falling 76 that might actually be the reason they’re implementing this
policy well I think it’s also trying to save face too because they’re losing
their losing they’re losing badly back to Amazon and Best Buy in other places
so so yeah David wants to know when is 8:30 p.m. ET for him look I don’t know
where David lives so so yeah hey have you seen the chair for EDX which is
actually called the Nintendo switch it sounds like a unique console for a
console being a hybrid yeah absolutely I don’t know where you live David and
it’s and I don’t want to say you can tell us that tell us that the heaviness
or tell us the time zone where you live you know or what part of the United
States do you live and then maybe I can tell you but I don’t know where you live
been shadowed that see somebody getting blasted here in the chat JJ getting
blasted to smithereens these Acme acres let’s see here I think the return policy
is a good start but they need to be more aggressive on used pricing yeah
absolutely absolutely absolutely man let’s see if you’re if you’re a grown
man and you can’t convert Eastern Time if that’s your own oh my gosh the game
stop near me is good or all right guys here we go mods mods don’t time out
people for asking the question just answer their question ok if somebody if
somebody truly comes into the stream and asks wins joker or whatever they even
though it says it literally says it right there just just just answer their
question just answer their question no more timeouts for people who are just
asking it was more of a joke more so than anything I didn’t think you guys
were actually started going through it oh alright
so let’s see kr Dec it I can’t be the Hokage has to have a little bit of
compassion the Hokage needs to have just a little bit of compassion for I feel I
feel that I feel bad right now so let’s just no let’s not
it was funny for a little bit I don’t know if it’s a good let’s see there just
I could use my smartphone but I but I haven’t figured out how so I figure you
magically knows since your oj well David I think you seem more like an East Coast
guy more so than a West Coast guy so so wait a minute 8:30 p.m. ET so you’re not
in that so I mean if you’re asking then you’re not in the Eastern time zone ok
so then I would think I don’t think you’re a West Coast guy I think you’re
then you’re essential guy so I think for you it come out at 7:30 7:30 p.m.
Central right so I don’t get to play Joker til tomorrow since I work
graveyard the pain the pain the pain the pain this is fallen order yeah those
were my orders guys just yeah no more just let them know what just let them
know what time it is yeah love them know what time it is
alright so if you guys have questions on any of that let me know we can go ahead
and move into random Q&A we got through all the topics fairly quickly here
that’s good that’s good we got through four or five topics fairly quick one
more thing here guys saints row the third saints row the third is actually
getting its a Gamestop exclusive here in the West
so Saints or the third the full package if you if you’re planning on playing
this let it be known that it is is a Gamestop exclusive there’s not
gonna be many copies of this and I’m gonna go up to be honest I’m gonna go
pick this up cuz I want all this crap you get a game a game case leave it just
looks cool I’m not even interested in saints row the third too much you got a
double sided alternate inlay so it’s double sided so it’s gonna look nice
when you open it up get some what is it some console sticker sheets you get some
thumb grips you got a double-sided poster you get a microfiber screen cloth
and you get a little graphs double-sided lithographs with some of the characters
so out May 10th I’m picking it up because it looks cool when it’s less the
only reason why I’m buying this cuz it looks cool
I’m I gotta play it probably not but it looks it looks really cool this is the
freaking spawn wave edition dude this Saints real defense the the the the full
spawn wave deluxe pack me alright so there you go umm so there you go give
away your copy for free no I just said that I want to collect it what the hell
I just said I want I want I want I want the cartridge – that would be giveaway
then given would know oh wait was me collected that mean if you don’t have
the cartridge and that’s that’s the that’s the issue
I need the cartridge as well yeah you guys go buy it you want this you want
all this crap go buy it I’m ready to give it away Mortal Kombat um but anyway
there you go I’m not giving away my he’ll give away Mortal Kombat though
alright so that’s that um spawn wave the third does that one cost more yeah it’s
gonna be 60 I think it’s gonna be 60 bucks or no no no it’s gonna be 40 bucks
no wait let me let me double check not 64 it’s gonna be let me double check on
the price 39 39 99 $39.99 for it yeah it’s it’s confirmed $39.99 yeah it’s
confirmed confirmed $39.99 so there you go is there stream lag jazzy so the the
the stream lag is bad if there’s room lag refresh your stream if you’re having
stream lag out of the blue okay let me see maybe it’s because we have too many
too many windows open and stuff so let’s close out some stuff shall we okay so
maybe that that should reduce it if you’re having stream lag just hit the
refresh button I mean I’m having stream lag too yeah my CPU is being taxed and
taxed at hell out of out of nowhere for some reason I don’t know what’s going on
yeah for some reason my CPU is just going it’s just going nuts yeah it’s
just my CPU is just going absolutely nuts right now I don’t know why it just
is oh no it’s not time for a new CPU my
CPUs fine if there’s there’s obviously some type of error or something hmm
but just skipped frames there’s obviously some type of error or
there’s something wrong I’m not really sure I don’t know why is there something sorry guys let me do a little bit of uh
let me do a little bit of maintenance real quick let me know in the chat how
if you got if it’s still having issues guys all right my CPU is fine it’s never it’s not
supposed to be like this that’s the thing hunter it’s not supposed to
there’s some type of error going on it’s not supposed to be like this I usually
only use like maybe like 15% of the CPU it’s not supposed to it’s not time for
me to switch it’s just there’s something there’s obviously an error okay I’m fine
right now but it’s all I’m fine with all-out attack at this point okay let me
know guys is there any issues at this point are you guys still having any
issues with with the stream I’m good but only lag during the
transition okay maybe the transition cause the cause that type of lag okay
well sorry about that guys I will look at maybe optimizing some
things I see that I am dropping some few frames but it looks like everything’s
back looks like everything everything is back so there you go all right
my voice is muffled hmm this is interesting let me double check I don’t
know what’s going on all right how about now it’s freezing a
lot yeah guys I don’t I don’t know I don’t know some people are having issues
some people aren’t if you’re having issues just refresh the stream refresh
the stream again if you’re having issues I’m just gonna continue as if there’s
nothing wrong because some people are having issues and some people aren’t so
if you’re having issues refresh the stream if you’re not I mean if go over
to my twitch channel too so I head over to twitch and you might be able to watch
it better so so I do have a twitch channel and it seems like I’m looking at
my twitch and everything’s running good everything’s running good on twitch so
there you go go over my twitch channel if you’re having issues
alright figure tiger donated $1 donation and he says 3 a.m. CET for Joker guess
it’s time for bed lol three hours sleep then game then game on
play something a smash slash persona alright man thank you so much for your
tiger I appreciate that and yeah man that’s pretty rough pretty rough for for
you guys over there it’s say that there’s only 16 people watching the
stream all right let me double check this might be a YouTube game this might
be a YouTube thing – guys this might be YouTube servers acting crazy because it
seems like twitch hey twitch boys is everything is everything looking okay on
twitch twitch boys so this might be a YouTube thing guys might be a YouTube
thing doesn’t say that will check everything’s good here looks like
everything’s good on my end so let me know how the music sounds guys
shoutouts the k-19 with a 34 bits thank you so much I appreciate that
thank you for the bits also shoutouts to Robert just yo J just a little song
request a Lunger symphonic suite viking nation all right no problem Robert will
definitely that going for you as long as it’s not copyrighted thank
you Robert for the two alternates you co-captain of the Viking nation Robert
give me some love to the village with the shimmy thank you guys appreciate
that um I wish they’d also give us burn my dread from persona 3 it was one of
the favorite songs from that game right well just be happy we’re getting just be
happy what we’re getting we’re getting been yeah like I’m looking at I’m
looking at it and my guys head over to twitch head over to twitch if you’re
having issues I can’t make for cup X cup had switched tomorrow mods link link my
twitch channel YouTube’s having some issues if you’re
having issues go to twitch don’t complain in the YouTube to just go
to twitch if you’re having issues because I can’t think I can’t fix it but
YouTube’s doing twitch everybody saying twitch is good so go over to my twitch
channel up here if you’re having issues and I can see all your comments on
twitch too so don’t worry alright so that’s the last time I’ll address it
mobs you guys can take care of like if somebody asks like if they’re having
issues just let them know let them know that twitch is better or that twitch
it’s it’s working well on twitch it’s lagging here to be honest it’s lagging
there on twitch 200 not maybe that might be a thing here uh-oh that’s something
gotta look into after the stream is done alright let’s see here so for those who
aren’t having issues I’m just gonna continue on if you’re having issues
that’s unfortunate but there’s I don’t think there’s anything that I can do I
don’t think I don’t really think there’s anything I can do at this point because
I don’t know what’s going on because everything was working fine yesterday
and today I think there’s just some issue with my probably with my my
software hold up probably probably with my software that
I’m like my plug-in software that I’m using so I think that’s probably what’s
going on here what’s what’s causing some of the issues so I got it I gotta take a
look at that and the transitions and everything that I’m using and then we’ll
we’ll take it we’ll fix it tomorrow completely so so yeah so because you’re
having issues sorry about that guys I can’t fix it
but we’ll we’ll probably what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna cut the stream off just
a little bit early today just so I can make sure that I fix the issues for for
the stream tonight let’s see your what’s your prediction of
so if you guys have questions feel free to tag me a player since our hashtag
player essence so yeah let me know let’s see fair checker don’t another two
dollars and says Oh cuphead two is tomorrow almost four lol almost forgot
about that one pre-loaded a week ago nice i’ll starts
with neil sonic one to four thank you so much for the twitter follow welcome to
the Fire Nation thank you for your check up of donations
man that I really appreciate that I really really do them so yeah dick beam
says what’s your prediction on how many Joker will you run and smash online and
the smash will get a syllabus of course that’s gonna get a sell booze but I mean
like how many Joker’s I’ll run into our mind probably a lot probably a lot let’s see your cup head is so hard yeah
Cup it’s it’s a bit difficult it’s a bit difficult alright let me go ahead and
move on to the next song here it’s just muscle memory though once you
remember some of the stuff it’s easy to be oh it gets easier symphonic alright here we go
I’m just a symphonic suite let’s see I will be played as Joker and my squad car
in my squad car tonight at work nice I have a card nice Andy mine says hey have
you talked about the other guest about having on the podcast yet or did you
forget yeah I’ve already talked about it I mean
there’s any there’s no way that we can do with that early cuz people have work
you know so there’s no way that we can get it that early because it’d be too
early for everybody else cuz they do it after work so that’d be the unfort
that’s that’s the unfortunate thing with doing it like that early like you know
two o’clock my time or three o’clock so so yeah I’m not answering any of you guys Joker
questions so tag me a player since our hashtag player essence if you guys have
any other questions I’m I’m not answering like when Joker’s coming out
questions like I’m not answering any of those so feel free to ask feel free to
waste your time yeah I’ll be I’ll be working I’ll be streaming I’ll be
streaming tonight once the Joker comes up yeah any line says one last thing up till
2:00 a.m. another chance wasted yeah I’m sorry about that Andy it’s just like I
can’t I mean we wouldn’t have anybody else on the podcast it’ll just be me you this song is a Lunger symphonic suite it
was requested by by a Robert from the Viking nation what do I think about
stage builder oh I think stage builder is really cool I’m glad that they’re
adding it back in definitely that they’re adding it back in very Tiger
donated two dollars and says oh and Robert you better come here tomorrow LLL
need to play cut pad while drinking coffee and my PE mugs a little Viking
nation play something Xenoblade shout outs man thank you so much
sad I’ll thank you appreciate that Robert or sorry appreciate that very
tagging Robert get over to his house she got some play some cuphead the stream
will be right one joke when Joker comes out guys Michigan one Joker comes out let’s see any news of MK 11 yeah we only
talked about there’s a trailer out for MK 11 on the switch so just going on
YouTube the official Nintendo page just type in
Mortal Kombat 11 switch trailer and you’ll see it so yeah it’s already it’s
already its they got a trailer out so there you go why does every Kirby Mason says why does
everybody hate smash tour um smash tour cuz it’s stupid and it barely makes
sense dozens of unique geese thank you for the twitch file appreciate that man
welcome to the Fire Nation Richard talk who save the world says a person’s face
which me original post got deleted on the Chinese website okay God bleed on
the Chinese website got it got and I already knew was fake that’s why I said
I already knew it was fake Toronto misses as someone who plays
quick play online a lot who do you expect to get some nerve some buffs
since the balancing team seems to use online modes a lot while they use elite
smash to help balance and I think that Wolf’s blaster was gonna get nerfed I
don’t know what else is gonna happen I think Sheik is gonna get a slight buff I
think little Mac’s gonna get a buff Kirby’s gonna get a buff I think like
Zelda could get a buff I think Richter and Simon might be able to get a buff I
think okay I think there’s gonna be a lot of kickers to get a little bit of a
buff so yeah let’s see Shadow King says do you think hollow Knight soap song
will get a physical release was wondering since I’m picking up the
physical edition for the first game at end of the day then to me I think
eventually I’ll get a physical release yeah yeah that’s our video editor coming as much
it’s cool battlefront X I like the fact that they’re having it in there for easy
video editing so yeah that’s cool it’s also cool what smashed or smashed or is a mode
that was in super smash brothers for Wii U it was like a board game thing that I
think Sakurai and Bandai Namco made when they were they were drinking like
they’re having drinking like sake and they were they were like drinking and
they made that mode I don’t know what that mode is just I don’t know what that
mode is it’s just a really weird mode in smash smash for Wii U corn and greninja
need buffs I think corn definitely needs a bob Renan juh he can use a buff but I
mean I don’t think he needs it but I think corn needs about corns corns fare
should kill a higher percentages it doesn’t kill the corns up here kills but
is fair should kill you need another subspace I don’t know if we need another
subspace but it would be nice let’s see mementos what about mementos
Azumi so it’s Suzumiya zoom yet what about it who’s my main my main is
Goku Goku is my main let’s see your j2 blue says do you think Paul town will
get a buff Paul Tanna no I don’t think malt a little bit much
yeah this this song sex is pretty dope Goku be no actually Goku from like Super
Saiyan Goku from Dragon Ball Z not Goku me
Super Saiyan Goku is my my my main Super Saiyan Goku is in is in Smash Brothers
he’s my main not the not that me me fighters are dumb I won’t use me
fighters my girl Pauline is fine don’t touch her
I mean if she got a buff that’d be good but I don’t think she’s gonna get a buff
she’s already ate a tear character so I’m not gonna say your name but I’ll
answer your question says do you have any advice on beating a donkey kong
maine beating a donkey kong ring yeah be patient be patient against donkey kong
players they got big hip boxes so i mean you can usually combo them to look to
try to rack up the damage on donkey kong mains and then really trying to just be
patient don’t run into silly things you know that they can do this donkey kong
is really strong get ready to mash just donk young dunk dunk players are gonna
want to grab you so just be ready to slip dog to be ready to be ready for
that grab you know just be ready for it you know let’s say do you think they
should add taunting for online and smashin no they shouldn’t add taunting
cuz there’s no there’s no need to there’s no need to talk somebody online battlefront x says do you think captain
falcon needs a nerf no he needs a buff i feel like he’s kind of underwhelming and
slow with his moves okay so i don’t i think you meant buff you said you think
captain fucking needs a nerf nerf is bad and then you went out say he’s kind of
underwhelming so i think you meant buff um yeah i think it needs a little bit of
a buff yeah that’d be nice yeah you meant buff yeah yeah um thanks for yeah
just look out for the grabs just look out for the grab as well why though
taunting is part of the game yeah part of the game when you’re playing with
your friends yeah talking is part of the game but there’s nothing that there’s
nothing that taunting does that gives you any type of advantage or
disadvantage so there’s no reason to talk somebody online there’s literally
no reason to talk somebody online so if you’re worrying about talk to you should
be worrying about winning the match not worrying about taunting somebody online
you don’t know it’s stupid there’s no need for it there’s no need to talk if
you want a tea bag you can teabag go ahead and see if you want to keep back
somebody taunting to you bag whatever but there’s no there’s really no need
there’s no need to talk somebody does nothing doesn’t and help the game or
anything like that it’s just it’s just your own mind somebody’s on mindset of
doing something for no for absolutely no reason it’s useless
Luigi’s one character in the game there’s like 80 characters or whatever
there’s like 70 characters you guys mention one person TCR X says thanks for
the saints row update no problem but do I think about the new update yeah I’ve
already talked about multiple times lazybones xx make sure you guys
subscribe for those who are asking me questions that I don’t see here often I
don’t know if you guys are subscribed or anything but make sure you guys
subscribe and watch my videos cuz I’ve already talked I literally put my live
reaction to it and I also did a video this morning I mean so if you just anti
stream yesterday so I mean if you haven’t seen my reaction to it I mean I
don’t know what’s going on maybe you’re not looking but either way my reactions
already up on the channel my react my live reaction and my thoughts on the
update in terms of what I think I don’t wanna spend too much time repeating the
same things over and over that we already talked about multiple times in
videos then I already talked about even in this on my string but I think I like
it it’s looking good the update deepen I was looking really good but I think Pac
Man should get a buff or a nerf I think Pac Man should get a turf it’s somewhere
in be it’s it’s it’s not a buff or if it’s a perf it’s one of those it’s in
between let’s see here a player says what does tech mean I’ve been hearing
the word in Smash TV never knew what it means there’s a couple things that it
means it means that somebody’s discovering new tech or different types
of things that you can do in the game to exploit or take advantage of it or it
could mean like tech as in somebody like when you fall down like you can press
the shield button at the same time as soon as you hit the ground and you tak
that’s called a tech or if you get hit off of a wall that’s also called I can
you press the shield button right before you hit the wall that’s also called a
tech it softens the blow so you don’t get like slam off of it and you know go
down or you can tech roll you can roll to the left or to the right once you hit
the ground or when you tech you get right back up so that’s what tech means even when you even when you put it
literally right there on the screen people still people still will ask like
you can’t even put stuff on the screen people will still ask the question where
doc poco says players it’s okay random question
I know the Viking nation origins but who falls under the Fire Nation I have I
just wanted twitch anybody who’s on twitch as the Fire Nation black nation
is anybody that’s from like sweet in that area over there and then the
regular village hears players let’s just yeah
you’ll be ninja villages right here yeah it’s like literally on the screen I mean
at this point I mean I think I should probably do maybe I should just do this
I mean with this just I mean like it’s just is this something that would just
you guys just want me to like is this probably something that I should do
that’s better so we can just make sure that everybody just note knows what’s
going on you know like I think at this point like maybe this would probably the
best option to do you know because I mean some people literally are not even
look like they’re not even looking at the screen like I like they’re not even
watching this you know just in the chat so so I mean I think it came can we all
see can we all see here is everybody is everybody okay but this year so yeah
we’re just going to do this it’s going to do this there’s no way you can miss
it at this point let’s see here some sirens and flashing lights yeah but like
we you know I’m saying like that’s what we need that’s what we need
all right guys keep the questions coming if you have questions I got answers for
you and the only reason why Jackie that
anytime you you ask the question I’ve been I’ve been showing a little bit
because you were trolling me earlier with a bunch of stuff that you’re asking
so you told me I’ll call you back you asked legit I see that you’re starting
to ask more legit questions down so maybe I’ll answer them more truthfully
or just normally but I yeah that’s the whole thing so yeah oh my gosh
oh my gosh I might even I’m not even gonna sit here and I’m not even gonna
sit here and answer anything like that when people say I thought it was I
thought it was fine 550 it wasn’t so that’s the time well Joker Bo P know why
would why joke are gonna be Opie based on what are you getting covered on the
switch a rash I already have cup head on the switch I I also played it on the
channel I’ve talked about it multiple times rash I talked about on a multiple
streams I talked about it on that I already have that I’ve uploaded videos
i’ve i’ve streamed it that’s well oh i think you’re here a lot but then you
asked me questions that are like you asked me like sometimes you ask me
questions that are like you’re not you’re not looking at all i get it you
guys can always watch every single video but at least look at the video pages at
least at least look at least look at least look for those who come here all
the time at least look but yeah i’ve talked about of multiples i have the
game already i’ve had the game for like over a week that’s a year bottle der
first says what dlc fighters would you like to see no predictions or anything
just your fantasy picks fantasy pigs chrono chrono from chrono trigger who
else so they’re gonna happen but like
Shippuden naruto trying to give like my alternate fantasy picks like probably like a resident evil
character like a Leon s Kennedy we all asked Kennedy yeah Leon s Kennedy who
else fantasy picks anymore fantasy picks that I couldn’t bingos I think that’s it
I think that’s it man that’s it damn you guys you guys banned
him hmm so yeah that’s it and you got banned already all right well thanks for
coming up to the stream Elliott foggle it was weirdo name thank you man thanks
for coming out this thank you for the view appreciate it um I Goku I don’t
want to go goo okay sorry I need to limit the questions feel students are
you and no you no you’re not you’re not annoying me I’m just gonna let you know
that like you don’t need to limit the questions you can ask the questions but
like you should at least just check the page like you say oh why are you gonna
get cut well it’s like I’ve already we’ve already talked about that I mean
even in streams that I know that you’ve been here I’ve literally talked about me
playing cuphead while you’re here that’s the thing like I’ve already talked about
it multiple times like in multiple schemes that you’ve been here that’s all
there’s been seven your duns and three bands today so far yo kidneys graces
yeah a lot today dude a lot of a lot today I don’t know what’s going on then
I don’t know I think it’s because of the we’re getting a lot more we’re getting a
lot more people to subscribe in everything and a lot more people to get
come in here so sometimes some of the some of the weirdos come through they a
lot of people don’t expect them to actually get attention though that’s the
thing a lot of people don’t expect them like they don’t they don’t expect them
to get attention so but I’m just just next time for the date beam next time
just time him out and then give him a warning I think that was a I think that
was a little too fast on that a little a little too fast on the on the ban so
just next time I’m gonna unhide him but just a time out next time if you feel
that he’s being disrespectful because I did until you see his comments or just
next time little little time out let’s see here um vici says a lot of
Joker came a lot of Joker’s came out to play okay that nice little play on the
words there um let’s see hey do you know what a really specific stand of time I
think I think that’s how you say it German artis I think it’s time for you
to I think it’s time for you to learn time zones my boy that’s what I’m gonna
tell you I think it’s time for you to learn time zones if you don’t know your
time zones it’s time to learn them so um so yeah go ahead and use that internet
type in a tight type in 8:30 p.m. ET – Pacific time or whatever time you want
it to go and I think it’s time it I think it’s about time you learned some
time zones my boy or bored you can simply use the power of your smartphone
there’s lots of cool things that you can do with these smart phones you know a
lot of times with these smart phones you can you can find out time zones they
have apps that you can go on there to know what time like for example I can
tell you guys right now with the touch of a button on my clock my clock app I
can find out what time it is instantly and Stockholm Sweden it’s 12:05 a.m. in
Sweden and Melbourne Australia is 8:05 a.m. in Melbourne Australia I know what
time it is in London in London right now it is 11:05 p.m. I know what time it is
in Africa in Nigeria – its 11:05 p.m. in Nigeria as well so these are things that
you can instantly that you can use the power of the Internet to simply find out
things that are very simple things for you to find out you go and learn today
let’s see here so sign off the iron destruction with the subscription also
set us to system bro hashtag gaming with the description as well thank you guys
so much welcome Fillie dinger village of playwrights – appreciate you guys being
here hopefully you guys enjoy the stream hopefully you guys enjoy it let’s see
here what what time is it in a time machine
what time is in a time machine I’m not really sure get a time machine then I’ll
let you know well what ancient ain’t well what
ancient alien technology are you talking about Oh Jay seriously man
seriously let’s see what the technology were using at this point ignorance is a
choice it’s pretty much yeah it’s pretty much a choice you know it’s pretty much
a choice I bet nobody just now show your phone telling them like that that’s what
time Joker drops in a few minutes well I should have known that if I put
8:30 p.m. Pt p.m. et people asked well what time is it in my timezone you know
which you should not be anybody over the age of like 10 should no time zones if
you’re over the age of 10 you should know time zones like I think even
younger than that but like that’s about when I learned time zones was 8 to 10
years old I didn’t understand time zones before that but around by the time I was
10 years old I knew what time zones were and I knew at least here in the US like
central Eastern West Coast time you know what I’m saying like I knew about that
now I learned other stuff like Hawaiian and other things like that I learned
those later and even like overseas times I learned those way later you know but I
mean if you’re here in the u.s. you shouldn’t be asking well what time is it
in in in NPM in my time or what time like that’s that’s that’s absolutely
ridiculous that’s asinine that you would not know a time that you don’t know time
zones it doesn’t if you’re over the age of 10 if you’re over the age of 10
that’s ridiculous I’m shoutouts to shadow 2 to 2 to 6 6 with the with the
Twitter follow and he thank you so much welcome to the fire nation we appreciate
that why don’t you hang those cool posters why don’t I not hang the cool
posters no I don’t hang the posters cuz I don’t want you to be honest because
I’m gonna be redesigning the room anyway so there’s no point in hanging them when
it’s just gonna they’re just gonna come down later anyway so yeah
what Mortal Kombat character would you want to smash I don’t want any Mortal
Kombat characters in Spanish Wonka still says can you please explain what the
tethered recovery is in smash that’s uh that’s how you say yeah it’s anybody who
has like some type of like whip or some type of thing that they can use to
recover for example like you know Simon and Richter like when you see them like
using their whip to latch on to the ledge and recover that that’s a tether
recovery or a tether grab you know like luigi’s vacuum you know poltergeist
thingie or whatever it is zero suit samus has like a low electric whip or
whatever it or I don’t know what it is you know plasma whip you know those are
that that’s a tab that’s a tether in recovery people that can do that Lucas
has like that snake that’s a tether he can tether recover with that tether grab
as well so yeah that’s what a tether recovery is samus with the grappling
being exactly Sam’s with the grappling beam I can
to be a tether recovery as well so yeah wait oh wait can samus’s concep can
samus’s grappling hook recovered tether I mean I don’t really see people do it
in smash ultimate can it any Samus mains in here can it actually recovered I know
zero suit samus camp I don’t know about like some regular samus it might be able
to actually link cannot tether with the hook shot link no longer if you’re
talking about regularly regularly no longer has that I think if you’re
talking about when you talk about Toon Link – link yeah or young link one of
those – okay both samus’s can okay well there you go
most services don’t use it though there’s no point Samus already has a
good samus has a good recovery so I I just don’t see Samus players use it very
often so yeah regular regular link doesn’t have a tether recovery anymore
he used to though not anymore right regular link has it has a normal
grab which is good which is good you know shout outs to the out the alpha
wolf 1 to 4 with the subscription thank you so much the alpha wolf – appreciate
you being here welcome through leading to build to player essence hopefully
enjoy your enjoy your stay here katana zero or cup head players since I think
the pike katana 0 first before I tell you that psycho bosses did you talk
about the switch minute yeah yeah I already did there was a fake there’s a
fake Chinese fake Chinese a week that some came out about the switch mini it
looked dumb it wasn’t there wasn’t actual it’s not it’s not real and the
site deleted it but yeah it’s not it’s not really looking like a laser printer
or somebody’s just making a joke but it’s like a switch mini shell a fake
switch mini shell that we already devote link clones referring to young link and
and tuned okay well yeah you just said link you got to make sure that you say
which ones that you cuz like there’s a link young link and then to link you
know and regularly doesn’t have it doesn’t have a tether recovery he just
has it regular well his recovery is kind of bad but I
mean at least his hitbox is right you said okay you originally said link
clones oh yeah you’re right you’re right wrong on that you did say wink clones
but the thing that I think the reason why I said that link doesn’t have those
aren’t really clones regular link is a – link isn’t a clone a regular link they
actually operate very differently a young link actually operates
differently from Toon Link so they’re actually not clones that’s the thing I
mean they have similar move sets but Ryu isn’t a clone of reuse not a clone of
Ken and Akuma is not a clone of Ryu or anything like that so they they actually
have different things so that I think that’s what threw me off a little bit
but you’re right you did say link clones but link link to link and young link
aren’t clones that’s the thing they’re not even echoes so yeah
there’s still links yeah but they’re not clones though yeah that’s the thing
though they’re not closed they’re not clones or echoes they’re not even like
the same height they don’t even look the same like regular link looks it’s tall
looks different from two and when two lengths is completely Jon differently
and youngling looks like the Ocarina of Time they’re all from like different
like whatever is you know tomb link young link are two of my
favorites yeah yeah oh my gosh it literally says the time it literally
says the time and people just still it literally says the time Joker is out at
that Joker comes with update 3.0 so it literally says it right across the
screen I told you that I I mean like it I don’t know how more how much more I
can do it they like it let’s see here the links are somewhere and I have and
I’ll have a link in their names so I call them clones okay
yeah that’s that’s fine Jackie and that that’s cool I mean that’s cool but I
mean like you just gotta be careful with that because like you know in
competitive smash and like for most people who play the game if you call
them clones it’ll be like that they’re not clones you know because there they
are they are actually very very different in terms of how they play like
young link could do a bunch of things that toumelin can do
and normal link can do a bunch of things that normally or that Yuengling can’t do
and like they’re all I mean like I said they have similar movesets but they’re
all actually kind of different like some of the combos and what works what
doesn’t work you know there and how they’re they’re like for like for
example to uh to link has a completely different forward smash it if it’s
completely different from from young from the other the other links you know
from from that and also like how their bombs work for example you know regular
link he has remote bombs which is a completely different and I mean that can
that can be like the make or break between if you play this character
between other ones like the edgeguarding regular link is so much more potent
because he can throw bombs offstage like that and like detonate them when he
wants to like the setups like how their boomerangs even work like even like how
the arrows work like young link can shoot you with multiple arrows and it
combos you up and their fire their fire arrows so it puts that property on them
so I mean and even like young links some of this cobbles and how those work like
tilts in like the down heirs to the down air like the amount of lag ending lag
between like two links down there and regular links down there I mean there’s
so many change there’s so many differences between them like I don’t
like using two linked or young link but I like using regular link you know so I
mean so I mean I get what you’re saying like you know that’s how you’re talking
talked about but we just got to be you know careful in terms of how it is
competitively but yeah I see I see what you’re saying no I don’t disagree with
you per se I really I don’t really think that they’re semi clones I think that
they’re I think that they’re just they’re different they’re completely
different I mean they’re they’re just different
I personally for me but I’m a competitive player if you’re a
non-competitive player then yeah they would seem similar but if you’re a
competitive player they’re very different you know somebody who uses
Toon Link doesn’t mean they’re gonna be good with regular link if you use Toon
Link doesn’t mean you’re gonna be good with with young link if you use young
link doesn’t mean you’re gonna be good with with with the regular link so I
mean as a competitive step however if you’re more of a casual then absolutely
they’re very they’re very similar so I can see why you know you think that let’s see you’re my combos as young link
are ferocious with the dares and the fares and there’s bears there’s bears
there’s bears chairs there’s there’s young link has ridiculous frame that he
does to me got some good friend dad but I think toolings probably the
weakness the weakest weakest out of the three in my opinion I think it’s I
personally feel now other people disagree but I think it’s linked young
link then Toon Link in that order however I think you can change young
Lincoln too and regular link I think you can interchange in terms of who’s better
because young link has some pretty nasty combos but I just love being able to
throw a bomb and a like that bomb can kill that his detonation bomb kills
that’s the thing that makes tooling like very very deadly is that if you throw it
off stage and he hits you with that that bomb can kill you off the side of the
stage I mean sometimes it throws you up in a different direction but I mean that
bomb can kill you and it’s ridiculous edgeguarding tool you know it just makes
people do things it makes you recovered if it changes your game plan so much you
know let’s see yeah TC says will you be playing the next splatfest in splatoon –
I know that game kind of got ruined by that with the hacking yeah the game kind
of got ruined with the hacking for me from what I understand though it seems
like a lot of people are saying that I mean they’re getting back into it well I
try it out I might try it out I think probably like the last thing that I know
that I’m going to do 100% is like the last event for splatoon like the last
major event for splatoon before they stopped doing major events like
splatfest I know I’ll play that for sure I know oh I know why my stream has been
lagging oh my god silly so um do you guys remember when we watched the Mortal
Kombat xi trailer and I said I’m gonna let’s do my library action I’m gonna
record it looks like I forgot to hit the stop record button on no it’s not a bad
window it was literally the record button I was recording
when you when you stream and you record at the same time it puts it puts a lot
of strain on your computer no matter what if you’re recording at like 8 like
because like I record at 1080p footage you know so when I record it it’s at
1080p so streaming doing the stream which is a 1080p stream also while
recording high quality audio while there’s a lot of stuff going like
graphics and stuff like that going on that’s the reason why things got jank
this is because of that I totally forgot to hit the stop the record button so
everything that I’ve been saying since the Mortal Kombat 11 thing that’s been
being recorded so so yeah that’s that’s and now when I do that my CPU drops all
the way down to 2 20 20 % all the way down so yeah we’ll make a mega mega lo
mega lo so yeah I’ll make a little oh man with the the Big C word in the chat
wow wow the Big C calling me a coon very interesting yeah go ahead and hide that
person if anybody sits there and calls me that word oh man that is just wrong
Melanie Mendez I’ll pay you $100 to come if you
can come with your picture like with your actual who you are I’ll pay you
$100 if you come and debate me live why I’m that why I’m that word but with your
with your camera actually in in your in IRL your actual picture and everything I
will pay you $100 to come and and say and like give me give me the reason why
I’m that $100 hit me up on Twitter you’re banned from here but hit me up on
Twitter if you think that I’m that I’ll pay you a hundred and I know I’ll make
more than a hundred off of it because of the ninja village will come into support
so I’ll pay you 100 to come and prove that I’ll put a and David Drake David so
we’ll give you $200 to come and prove that out that word $200 to come on live
but with your face your cuz you’re probably a guy I don’t think you I don’t
think you’re a girl a girl wouldn’t see something that dumb so you’re I know
you’re a guy so I’ll pay you will pay you $200 $200 to come and prove that and
alive to me and I think we got some more people
saying double 200 bucks let’s see here Alucard says I’ll put it in one hundred
three hundred dollars three hundred dollars to come and prove it you’ve got
to come prove it though you come on live and prove it you get
your money so give me give us examples give this good examples of why I would
be that so three hundred dollars to come prove it camera and everything Marlon shoe soo sOooo says I like the
Naruto theme of your channel thank you I appreciate that there’s actually very
small difference between peach and Daisy I think it’s a turnip damaged or
something yeah there’s very small things yeah
that’s your your right JT blue that’s that’s an instant band that’s it
especially for that especially for that that’s to me that’s actually worse than
some of the other things people call you know African Americans out there that’s
actually worse because that’s like yo wait a minute hold up here you saying
that I hate myself okay you’re saying that I hate I hate my people that that
to me is that’s worse that that’s ridiculous
I don’t think anybody would sit down and say that about me but hey like I said I
love I’ve had other people it’s like I’ve had other people tell me that Tom
and stuff like that I’m like hmm come prove it nobody wants to come talk to me
about it um let’s see here we am says the clues ask for a money match I saw
the Twitter posted other day he said that he’d like the money matched me at
some point he said that he liked the money match at me but I mean I don’t
have a problem just playing clue you know playing uh playing close normal you
know what I’m saying like I have no problem playing him normal the reason
why that I don’t even money man even people the money matches I don’t tell
people to money matches at all I said that if you think that you’re gonna
three stock me and pick randoms then I’ll challenge you to a money match if
that’s what you think oh you had the money matched hundred dollar money match
no problem um let’s see here go on Urban Dictionary struction go on urban
dictionary and look up what that is not Uncle Tom look it up on urban dictionary
who’s better Diddy Kong or Donkey Kong and smash ultimate I personally feel
that I personally feel that Donkey Kong is a little bit better but I don’t think
Diddy Kong is bad let’s see yeah you’re right gray fuller
you’re absolutely right yeah you’re absolutely right although you know there
are different two words differ in terms of the meaning but yeah yeah well I
guess we’ll just leave it right there right Biddy Congress seen better days
the only problem with diddy kong is this banana-peel that’s the thing I don’t
think Diddy Congress is bad as what people say diddy kong is but the promise
that did ease the whole gimmick of diddy kong was a banana peel right and now the
banana peel and now the banana peel you didn’t have to delete that um you didn’t
have to delete that comment thank me that was fine didn’t have to delete that
comment and that grateful or put that was fine but uh like I think the whole
problem with diddy kong is that people think oh well he’s not as good as smash4
so he sucks and that’s not the case the key cog is still good he still has his
frame data he still has his company still has his down tilt combos he still
has his stuff and the only thing is that his banana peel is this stupid little
like it’s like this 2-part little yeah it’s like you like William Shatner’s it
you know everything like it and then he throws it and then it goes at this arc
it goes at this arc that’s really hard to just like back there and catch it so
it’s just that’s the problem with diddy kong’s that you can’t get the cheap
banana you know the banana throw kills you know
so yeah you know what up credit astray says well what do you what’s up LJ what
do you think is gonna get nerfed in smash ultimate update ah maybe Wolf’s
blaster so yeah I think that that’s gonna get nerfed maybe I hope nobody
gets nerfed though I really hope nobody gets nervous
oh is it Thomas Thomas Mutis I think we pretty much hit five subscribers during
this stream guys so I think we hit our goal yeah we did actually cuz cuz we had
we had how many subscribers is we have during this we had um one two three four
five six seven new subscribers during the stream dude I think that’s like a
freaking record man during the swole no it’s not a record but during like a PE
live that’s that doesn’t happen very often so thank you guys for the
subscriptions appreciate it welcome to the village all the new people thank you
thank you I do appreciate that I do appreciate despite what some people
think I’m not just this mean dude that sits there and gets mad at his users
I’m actually a really nice person it’s just that I want to talk to you guys
realize the Hokage I talk to you guys real nobody none of these other YouTube
content creators they don’t want to look like they won’t talk to you guys for
real you know what I’m saying so we talk to you guys for real here
also shout outs to Aragorn and curry with the subscription as well thank you
so much Eragon as Eragon curry I appreciate you subscribing welcome to
the village and if you’re not subscribed when you’re watching them and you’re
watching definitely make sure you hit that subscribe button thank you also for
the new subscribers make sure you guys follow me on Twitter too so if you’re
not follow me on Twitter that’s gonna get you guys updates when i stream cuz
you two barely works YouTube barely works at times Reggie Reggie got some
cool stuff man I’m gonna I’m gonna talk about what Reggie got later we’re almost
done though we have five more minutes on the stream so so yeah that’s a year I
don’t use Twitter bro it’s all good if you don’t use Twitter that’s cool but
those who do use Twitter follow me on Twitter rabbee rabbee as well with the
description thank you so much jax ways thank you so much for the
serpens guys appreciate that i just sub thank you welcome welcome little ol more
picture main guy thank you so much I appreciate that guys that’s definitely
more than ten subscribers for the stream that’s that’s definitely a record for
regular PE live absolutely for and not like a special event with special events
we’ve had way more like a thing like the Game Awards in 2000 or 2017 the Game
Awards like we had 20 people subscribed at one like literally 200 people hit the
subscribe button at one point and it was literally just flashing but between like
the freaking shadow clone for like like an hour dude or a I have to cut it off
because so many people subscribed at one point alright thank you also Jordan are
with the subscription as well man thank you appreciate that let’s see here the Lycans gone good job yeah the lag
was there because because I was actually recording the thing about recording live
recording is that it’s instantly available so it taxes your CPU a little
bit if you’re streaming and you’re in your live recording it’s gonna be a it’s
gonna be a little bit of a CPU tax you’ve got to have something at 720p but
when I record my footage my gameplay footage it’s at 1080p so having a CPU
running a stream with all these graphics and everything that I have stuff
switching and alternating and all the stuff that I have on top of that having
like recording a 1080p plus streaming in 1080p yeah that caused that caused some
issues that caused some issues because yeah the stream goes up to 1080p six
this stream it runs at 1080p 60 frames for a second and then I’m also recording
at 1080p 60 frames for a second that’s gonna and from and to be honest for me
too to have it to where some of you guys weren’t having issues and that’s that’s
I think the CPUs good dude I think my CPUs not bad I think the fact that like
my string didn’t completely crash I think that’s pretty cool I mean it’s
pretty cool Tower epic says what Mike do you use for your channel yeah I use the
audio technica this is one of the best high quality high quality not super
expensive and high quality mics that you can get is the audio technica once again
shoutouts to you know the village you guys really helped me out with this one
last year I think I got it so cuz my mic quality was trashed
oh using a blue Yeti was not good and I got this audio technica last year and
I’ve loved it ever since it’s very very very good very good very good mic sorry
sorry about that guys I put it down and it freakin hit the side of my of my desk
I need to really I need to get that bad thing right there was if I might the
super crisp quality rode microphones are high called yeah I got a rode microphone
– I’ve actually got a rode microphone shoutouts to Matthew Hammond and for the
ninja village you guys helped me out with this one but I’ve got one right
here so yeah I do better button microphone those are good those are good
um I didn’t drop it I just it just the what’s called the side of the mic like
that the the kickstand thing clanked off of clanked off of the side of my desk so alright guys we got the support can be
the last question and he says speaking of smash brothers ultimate fighters
packs I have a prediction what are the chances of getting crash been very very
very low very very low very low I don’t think crash mannequins gonna be
the game but you never know right you never never know all right guys that’s
gonna wrap it up for this one here thank you guys so much for watching I really
do appreciate it sorry for those oh my god out of nowhere
yo send us the Miles Morales at the very end with the Tobi blaster let’s go
swooping in like the Hokage at the end the stream thank you so much Miles
Morales I appreciate that you are also finishing the stream as the top stream
boss k-19 had very little HP left and I thought k-19 was gonna win it for today
but uh no Miles Morales with the two $20 donation that’s the very last end killer
and says yo J can you tell me what time it is here in Philly
JK put your Dallas put your Dallas in your pockets let’s go for the new
subscribers and for the new people I will tell you the dabas in your pocket
story later so come out for Joker later tonight if you want to know what that
stupid thing that I just did and what that means with that donation if you
want to know come out later tonight and I will I won’t tell you guys the full
Dallas that was in your pocket so thank you so much man appreciate it appreciate
it so we will see you guys later dank meme one of the mods dank meme he
actually just put my latest video so make sure you guys check out my latest
video if you want my reaction to Joker that’s already up as well but make sure
you guys check out some of the videos view counts aren’t necessarily too high
on there you guys give some shoutouts and some emotes tomorrow
as well the $20 donation do appreciate that but the video the the views aren’t
necessarily too good on the videos we’re doing okay make sure you guys check out
the latest 3.0 update that I did video and also my live reaction to the to that
as well make sure you guys check out both of those I will have a Mortal
Kombat 11 live reaction that we just did I will have a reaction to that up on the
channel at some point so look out for that I guess it should only be like a
minute long but then again I forgot to end it well but anyway I’m Ron I might
not even upload that because I forgot to hit the end record so anyway thank you
guys so much for watching I do appreciate it yeah wolf is one of my
main so wolf is one of my mains let’s see let’s see what they do so guys we
got a couple more hours till Joker Joker is gonna be out in about two hours two
hours Joker will be out so we’ll see you guys back on the stream will probably be
starting up a little bit early well download Joker we’ll go through the
whole process and then we’ll get right into it we’ll get right into Joker and
the persona stage and everything like that and the music so thank you guys so
much for watching I do appreciate it and I will see you guys very soon make sure
you guys check out the rest of the videos if you want more Joker talk live
reactions all that stuff I have on film channel also make sure you guys check
out my switch news video on like Marvel Ultimate Alliance I got a release date
so for those who are new you’re looking for the next one I’m also another video
that I think a lot of you guys are probably like would be the why I’m
terrified about next gen video why I’m terrified about next gen okay why I’m
worried about next gen so check out that video too if you haven’t seen it check
out a good video you have pretty good views it’s like 3.3 thousand so not bad
not bad on the view count there so you guys check that out watch the videos get
informed on all the different latest news and we will see you guys back later
here in about two hours for Joker premiere Joker gameplay thank you guys
so much for watching thank you guys so much for the support today I do want to
go over real quick before we before we finish I do want to go over all the
people who did support today that’s one thing I’m gonna start doing a little bit
more is kind of going doubling back down and going over the people that did
support so let me load this up so shots the miles Ross thank you so much man
appreciate that for the 20 very tiger and also Robert as well thank you guys
for the donations appreciate that also a canine teen with the donation big Toby
Laster thank you and also for the bids as well also they
you too David Drayton as well for the donation to so thank you man I
appreciate that and I thank you for all the new subscribers as well everybody
that subscribed thank you guys so much appreciate it all right we’re gonna be
back soon so I’ll see you guys later bass

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