It’s Time to Stop TechRax

It’s Time to Stop TechRax

Today my friends IT’S TIME TO STOP! TechRax is a channel known for
pointlessly destroying expensive electronics as a gimmick to
get people to watch. Oh, and trust me,
people do watch. Take, for example,
his most popular video, “Taking a bath in a Giant 1,500 Gallon
Coca-Cola swimming pool,” which was uploaded
a couple months ago and has over
40 million views, guys. This shit is more
mysterious to me than Elsa Vs. Spiderman. And that shit
fucking blows my mind. I don’t really get this channel.
It’s rage-inducing, it’s confusing. . . . He’s flaunting his wealth. He basically just buys shit that
he knows that people out there want and destroys it
just to aggravate you. [Depressed sigh] It’s crazy guys, let’s have a look here
and see what’s going on. – What is up guys, TechRax here
So, it’s a 1,500 gallon pool of pure Coke, and what we’re going to be doing:
we’ve got Mentos. We got ice. We got a drone. – He says he’s filled up a 1,500 gallon pool
with pure Coca-Cola. First of all, where’s the Pepsi Max, dawg. Second, I don’t fucking
believe you, dude. I don’t know what’s in there.
It could be raw sewage for all I know. He’s saying, here’s 1,500
gallons of pure Coke. If you crunch the numbers on that, [dramatic music]
those are 2-liter bottles of Coca-Cola. [DRAMATIC ROCKET SCIENCE] there’s about 4 of those in a gallon, if there’s 1,500 that means
3,000 bottles of Coke. and, judging by the video,
It just took you 20 seconds to pour that bottle. [Keyboard clicking sounds]
Today’s computers would require years to solve — Are you seriously trying to
get a goof by on me, dude? I will bust your meme so hard. 3,000 bottles of Coca-Cola
times 20 seconds. MALE VOICEOVER:
Computers of the future are being developed… We’re looking at 60,000 seconds. Divided by 60,
divided by 60, 17 hours of pouring
Coca-Cola into that pool. Let alone, where the fuck do you
put 3,000 bottles of Coke. And where’s the coke graveyard? Look. This video’s off to a shaky start.
This guy’s already betrayed my trust. Okay. He’s withholding facts,
his memes are already busted as far as I’m concerned. Meme Busted. TECHRAX:
We got Mentos, we got ice, we got a drone, We got the whole package.
[Coke fizzes] This is amazing guys. So first thing we’re gonna do
is just put a little bit of Mentos – Little did they know,
before they dumped 3,000 bottles of Coke
into this pool, “allegedly”, that they didn’t read that
it needs to be Diet Coke! So here is the culmination of their
epic experiment here, guys. TECHRAX:
Let’s just go ahead and– – Nothing. – A little bit of Mentos,
just a tiny little bit of a spice… – Actually, nothing. [prideful orchestra music] Oooh! No way! TECHRAX:
We got a little bit of fizz… – Oh shit, dude, did you see
how those fucking Mentos made a slight…buzz
in the swimming pool? Almost like if you throw anything
in Coke, that’s what happens. This guy is so rude. kids in Africa could’ve used those Mentos
in their own successful experiments and put them on YouTube and made
way more entertaining videos. Send your supplies to
kids in Africa, dude. They’ll make way cooler YouTube
channels than this shit. TECHRAX:
So now we’re gonna make this pool extra cool
with some ice. We gotta make sure– [ETHAN] What’s with the- I don’t even understand the ice. So far they’ve dumped sewage into a pool- they’ve put a packet of mentos that basically equated to taking a little fart in the pool. Now they’re pouring ice into it 40 million views? What’s happening?! I would’ve way rather watch OckTV’s Spiderman and Elsa superhero flick Than this shit. -THIS IS ETHAN! SLAAAAAAAAAAMIN’! -We gotta make sure, And pour… About 200 pounds of ice. Pure… …Coca-Cola, guys, this is something You wouldn’t even see in the movies. You would NEVER see, A 15 hundred gallon pool of Coca-Cola with ICE in it in the movies. THAT’S not even possible. -…You wouldn’t even see in the movies. Guys, our production budget is so insane, That movies don’t even have budgets like this. We literally spent 500 dollars. Blockbuster’s movies, they’re still getting there. And what have we done with our budget? Blown the… whole world. [Dramatic Music]
You guys see those Mentos fizz? And the ice?! You can NOT see this in a movie. -Absolutely amazing, lookit this ice! CGI, all the money in the world, cannot buy you anything as cool as a fart in the pool, A little below room temperature thanks to a bag of ice. -…Run and jump into the pool… So lets see how this goes guys, this is gonna be kinda crazy Lets do this. Coca-Cola pool… -WOO! Oh… my gosh! Have you guys ever possibly seen anybody jump into a little bit of liquid before? [Splash] Pff… Dope! We fuckin’ did it! Eat your heart out, Hollywood! You have NEVER done this before,
[dramatic music plays again] You have NEVER seen anything like this before! -How does this feel? Just… take a dip inside! Like, swim in there like a fish. -Woo! Oh my god, I’m in a pool of Coke, man! -How does it feel, dude? To be the first man in a pool of Coke? It feels like I’m in a pool of… Coke! -Oh my god, I’m in a pool of Coke, man! -Very insightful, my friend. Thank you for participating in this experiment. -Dude this looks… Amazing! I bet that feels amazing too, right? -Looks amazing, feels amazing, guys… This is the most pointless fucking confusing video I’ve ever seen with 40 million views. Alright so here’s where it gets really obnoxious… This guy, like I said, he’s known for just destroying technology… And wasting shit, and being a bit of a cunt. So here you’re gonna see the best part of the video. -Alright guys so we got a DGI Phantom 4 right there, The new one that just came out. [Buzzing] [Flapping and buzzing] [Buzzing is slowed to a stop] -If you’re going to destroy a 15 hundred dollar, very desired piece of technology… Can you do it in a more fuckin’… DUMB way?! You’re like, you couldn’t even do a cool-ass shot where you dive-bomb it down… A little fuckin’ swirl… It was such a stupid, pointless little end… to that… [Sad music]
Wonderful drone’s life. That drone could’ve flown with the best of ’em. He had a dream, he had a destiny, He had a drone family. And you just executed him in this, “Coca-Cola pool” You flew him right in, and for what? [Buzzing] You almost took out your friend, too, by the way. [Buzzing] Maybe it would’ve made this video a little more fuckin’ interesting. If you would’a severed one of his arteries. [Buzzing and flapping] [Echoes]
For what? All the kids in Africa, dude, they could’ve been doing CRAZY… Diet Coke Mentos experiments with insane drone-shots. And this is the video we get instead. -…Pool. -And then this is the one surviving shot from the drone, watch this stupid-ass shot. WOAH, DUDE, ITS FUCKIN’ SLOW MO! …OH, NO IT WENT IN THE POOL, IT WENT IN THE POOL! Oh shit! That’s it! Woah, that was so crazy guys, that was totally a 15 hundred dollar shot! Stay tuned next week for my collab with Spiderman and Elsa, Featuring Creepy Saw… Scalpel guy, who’s gonna be dissecting Ethan’s foreskin live, on camera. But if this is his most popular one it really… does not bode well for the rest of his videos. But I am curious just to peek and see what other dumb shit this fuckin’… Ding-Dong is up to. -What is up guys, TechRax here. So this video I have a giant 15 hundred gallon pool filled with slime. You guys, I’m also including an iPhone 6s in this video. -Got the 6s, let’s jump in! [Splash] -Cool, dude! Did you see that? That was crazy, he jumped in a pool with a iPhone! [Dubstep Music]
-That was sick, dude! You’re my fuckin’ idol, dawg! -15 seconds in this pool, And the audio is already dead, I’m trying to play a song. -Apparently it’s supposed to be filled with some kinda goo, it just looks like green water. We need to get like, an inspector up to this guy’s house because you cannot be dumping… 3 thousand gallons of raw sewage in your neighborhood, dawg. -Okay guys, let’s fire up the drone… -And here’s your boy back with another Phantom 4! [Buzzing] -Oh… And it’s gone, guys. -What was the point of that fucking video?! You literally just jumped in a pool! With an iPhone! And then drove a Phantom 4 into it! WHAT was the point of that, dude?! IT’S TIME TO FUCKIN’ STOP, dawg! Put that shit away, dude! Where are your fuckin’ parents at?! Destroying and wasting shit isn’t cool, dude, it just makes you an asshole! It’s time to fuckin’ stop, dude. Tune in next week guys, where I go to the forests of Brazil, and burn down the whole forest! Next week on TechRax, we’re gonna let 10 thousand dollars and one dollar bills on fire, In front of a homeless shelter. It’s gonna be so sick guys, I don’t know what’s gonna happen but it’s gonna be crazy. Actually, that sounds more interesting than the shit you’re doing. You should just take a pile of money, and burn it. It will look cooler, and then the federal government will actually have a reason to come arrest your ass. Here’s one of his classics from 2013. He refers to HIMSELF as “kid” This one’s called, “Kid Microwaves Grand Theft Auto 5” What is up guys, TechRax here. So, I did receive a package just now in the mail. Looks like it is… Okay. It’s the new, uh… GTA 5 copy for the playstation 3. -What do you think he did with the game? Huh, let’s find out! Well it’s all in the title, really… -There you go. Okay. [Beep] Ooh… That smells bad. -Orsen Welles GIF standing. AMAZING video dude! “Kid”, I like how he refers to himself as “kid” It like a little special little clickbait like, “Lookit this dumb kid!” …Who happens to be me, heheheh! -On this video, We’re gonna be smashing the brand new Playstation 4 right outside a GameStop. Uh, I’m doing this just because it’s just the pure fun of it. I think it’s something awesome, uh, epic, y’know. And it’s just a form of entertainment. And I’m not a hater… I’m not a hater, I just have a lot of money and extra time and I just want to make people angry online TECHRAX: My buddy right here ETHAN: My buddy right here He’s only friends with me ‘cuz I buy him stuff Usually people don’t really like me, that’s why I do this, my parents don’t love me they never watch me My grandma raised me, I don’t even like that bitch I’m doing this for attention, clearly And yes, I do have way too much free time and money That’s why I’m doing this guys Please stay tuned next week when I go to Australia and destroy all the coral reefs. It’s gonna be a lot of fun guys, I’m gonna dump 10,000 gallons of Coca Cola into the coral reefs and destroy the whole ecosystem guys It’s gonna be a lot of fun Shit The thing is strong! Just so stupid, it’s just so dumb So dumb Why, what is the point, dude It’s so stupid There has got to be a better use for your time, dawg There’s gotta be better videos for you to make You’re just wasting shit Do you want attention? I will give you attention
[Dramatic music plays] [Banging] I will mentor you dawg [Buzzing and flapping] I will make you dinner and be your friend and shit, you don’t even have to pay me dude -We got a little bit of fizz Is that what you want? Companionship? Why are you doing this? [More banging] At least make something cool with it -This is something you wouldn’t even see in the movies Do the Diet Coke and Mentos so it actually looks interesting. Can you not fuck everything up? -Go, go, go, go -Oh you missed it! You can’t even get the Diet Coke shit right, dude [Banging] It’s time to stop, dawg… Welcome back guys, to another episode of Memebusters, today we will be bustin’ some memes. Pound it! One bottle of Coke, and one bottle of Diet Coke. -…You wouldn’t even see in the movies HILA: Ooh! Did you expect that? -It’s a little more than I expected. -You sure you know what we’re doing? -Hila! I know what I’m doi – -…You wouldn’t even see in the movies Let’s move on the to the Diet Coke, hopefully I’m not really embarassed right now, ‘Cuz I’m here to bust memes and not get my ass busted Alright Hila, you ready? That is more! But, at the same time, I feel like I think maybe you got busted Maybe I got busted? Look at this, meme busted! C’mon! HILA: (laughs) Meme busted? *sigh* You got busted by the meme [Upbeat Music]
-…You wouldn’t even see in the movies -Absolutely amazing, look at this ice

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  1. according to the courts, destruction of private property is illegal, even if it's your own property, and you also get sent to anger management classes…or in his case he'd be sent to nut house

  2. Just saying with 4 people thats about 4hours and 25 mins but still i wouldent spend that time with my parents let alone with abounch of cuckholds

  3. Holy shit TechRax is probably the ugliest YouTuber I've ever laid eyes on. What immoral being created this monstrosity of a human. Jesus, it looks like a little kid made his face out of Play Dough.

  4. My smart dad that aced every math test in school:Is he dumb


    My dad: it whould of took them 5.66 hours because there’s three of them


    My dad:excuse me COME AGAIN

  5. He does this for experience that people can learn from and also it can be helpful to apple to make their products better 😑

  6. Mentos should fizz a lot even in plain coke so i think it was just a bunch of water and enough coke to make it brown…

  7. I think Coca Cola changed the formula so it doesn't react that way with Mentos anymore……someone literally died from drinking the combo and having the violent fizzing reaction in their stomach. Coke didnt want any more lawsuits

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