It REALLY Is The Beginning Of The End For GameStop

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  1. This is so true. I hate that the online industry is closing down retail stores. People are trading experiences for convenience

  2. Perhaps a new store with a better business model will open up! There is a chain of local game stores in the Kansas City area called “vintage stock” that I would invest stock in in a heartbeat if GameStop goes under.

  3. EBay and online digital is actually doing the trick for me. I haven't been in gamestop once or twice this year

  4. I mean speaking of Gamestop's crisis here and stuff, a way I think could work to keep this kind of thing alive could be to perhaps combine the gaming store with a gaming cafe or hangout or something like that. We've already seen this kind of thing with boardgames and some of these club cafes do offer rental or sale of whatever products they specialize in. So yeah something like that could work with a company like Gamestop if they place their cards right

  5. I almost never use GameStop, the last time I bought a full game not on sale from them was battlefield 1 for the steelbook

  6. You can resell physical copy’s or let friends or family borrow them . Or trade them . Can’t do that with digital copy’s .

  7. Big companies are low on stock like amazon,Apple and Microsoft but they have enough consumers to be fine

  8. GameStop went up a little today but I think buy the end of the year GameStop will file for bankruptcy just like toys r us

  9. I go to gamestop and I browse through offer up. Is a regular xbox one for 120 and 3 games worth it? I have a ps4 slim already. I wanted a little upgrade and I've been having a itch of just getting a xbox one because well why not. Or should I get the xbox one s which is a little upgrade from the ps4 slim.

  10. The main reason why people hate gamestop is that they don’t understand economics. As soon as you buy something the price of it drops immediately and every day you have after that slowly drops. The only thing that stops this is if the specifically tell you how many days you have to return such item or if it’s damaged. For example if you bought a car 2 years ago, don’t expect to get the same price as what you payed. It’s not how it works people.

  11. You have to account for a good portion of the games being bought digitally are digital only games with no physical copy. But that might actually further the point haha if I can get a physical copy of a game, I’d rather have that

  12. I go into my local GameStop all the time and have nothing but positive experiences. It's hard to grasp that they might be on their way out.

  13. I'm curious as to what will happen with people who pre-ordered games at GameStop.

    I pre-ordered Smash Bros. Ultimate in April at GameStop, and I'm just wondering what will happen should it go under. Will they simply give me my money back? Or will Nintendo still send me the game since I already paid for it in full?

  14. Well there's Amazon where so many gamers and players get their console games. When it comes to PC, gamers will go to GoG or STEAM

  15. I've never liked game stop. I've only bought 4 games there in my 20ish years of gaming. The trade ins are bull, and the deals are typically crap

  16. don't really understand honestly. i'd rather be able to sell my games back and get some money off the next one than to spend full price on a game, play it for awhile and then never use it again but still be stuck with it. maybe i'm just lazy but GameStop makes it easy for me.

  17. Is anyone shocked?
    Of course this was gonna happen.
    Physical media is dying, people don't want to get up to get a physical copy when you can just order/buy and download it online. I hate that fact, but it's true. We as humans will try to do the things that are most convenient, and online ordering is way more convenient now.
    Still, if it does happen, it'll suck. I'd miss GameStop.

  18. I stop buying games for consoles. Switch to Pc gaming and I pay monthly for humble bundle 12$ per month and get tons of games.

  19. My local radio shack closed for 6 yrs and it opend a gain I love just going in and getting help it may be bit expense but they helped me get what I needed

  20. I wonder what will happen to landlords when they have all these empty lots. One thing I saw in NY is landlords charging craaazy rent. I think brick and mortar stores could offer better deals if their overhead was reduced. And I know that overhead includes advertising, customer service lines, etc., but damn rent isnt cheap in America.

  21. They better not close before I pick up my Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition or I'm kicking someone's butt.

  22. I actually went to GameStop last week to buy Mario Tennis and they were tryna make me pay $65. I thought the person was joking but she meant it. So I went to buy it at Best Buy instead

  23. To be fair. There is other places that do the exact same thing. Best Buy, Walmart (I was shook when I saw it), Target (SHWOKED), etc etc. What's the point anymore?

  24. A couple months after New Years I went to a GameStop at the mall and I bought wario ware smooth moves I was excited to play it but when I put the game in it said could not read the disk I was mad the next day I was back and they gave me a refund but they didn’t have any more of it but then I bought it on eshop on the Wii U

  25. I swear Microsoft had a hand in shutting down the used game rental. Game pass was announced soon after GameStops deal.

  26. Gamers still remind each other of when Gamestop ruined their integrity by removing a digital download code from several copies of a new pc game and then selling the now opened games as new games. This is one incident that ruins a company to a point that it would take years to repair their reputation.

  27. That financial advisor needs to advise them to sell themselves out to another company because that would be the more smarter thing to do instead of trying to keep changing things.

  28. GameStop is in the same position as Toys R Us. If they won’t stop being greedy, they too will shut down and we will be left with the scraps regardless. Personally, I will never stop buying physical, however I don’t remember the last time I’ve bought a game at GameStop. The whole rental thing sounds like GameFly, by the way but no one uses that. Also, the Fortnite overlap of gameplay really doesn’t match the topic.

  29. If there was more interesting games on the market, sales would probably be better. Maybe gamers lost interest in buying/playing games. 😕

  30. Does the chart account for games that ONLY have digital versions? I think that's a pretty important metric to keep in mind.

  31. I still try and buy all my switch games as physical copies… though it isn't convenient to switch them at all.

  32. I hope gamestop doesn't close down now to after toys r us </3 gamestop is the only game store we have here…..

  33. Ya! Bc we're FORCES to buy games digitally now. Everything is downloaded! Even if u get a disc y have to download it! For No Reason!! It's Soo annoying! I don't want to buy a two hundred dollar exturnal hard drive on top of my 500 dollar console. I also want to play the game I bought right away and not wait for hours for it to download when I get home! Also, many p have a data plan for thier internet. Dkwoading games wrecks thier internet! ALSO! I brought a game to a friend's house the other day and we not only had wait for hours while it downloaded, but he had to delete one of his games!!!

  34. I remember going to GameStop to buy a Nintendo DS and it was so exciting and awesome. I'm not exactly sad GameStop is going, but I am sad that experience might be leaving.

  35. I like going to Gamestop but half the store is merchandise and pop figures. I like when I pick out a game, the employees getting excited and it makes me feel good about the one I picked because someone else likes it. Buying a new game is a little scary because you can't be positive sometimes if you're going to like it. Their magazine is good, we have a club account. I like getting physical copies of games because they can be resold.

  36. Man I remember going in as a kid and seeing all the gameboy color and later on gameboy advance games in the rack all lined up. It was my greatest joy just looking at them. I usually bought one or five, but sometimes I just went to look. The dudes at gamestop always recognized me and talked to me. It's like going to your favorite bar and having everyone know you by name. It's like that. The day Gamestop officially closes I will probably cry some of the most legitimate tears I've cried in my life.

  37. Save the world is awesome, people say it’s worse that left 4 dead but let’s be honest, left 4 dead was awful

  38. Gamestop did it to themselves from being greedy and not listening to real gamers… controllers are the only thing I buy from Shitshop aka Gamestop. and when Gamestop leaves, by no surprise they won't be missed by 85% of people.

  39. I really feel exactly the same as you in this video. Gamestop's business strategies may not be the best, but seeing that some of these stores slowly go has an impact on those who have gone in, and experienced what its like. I can tell those who don't really like Gamestop all that much may also kinda relate.

  40. Dude, when you talked about all the brick and mortar stores closing and the memories people will NEVER experience from those stores, that hit me hard…

  41. Gamestops are going the way of arcades and pinball machines. It's funny what you say about your sons not being able to enjoy the gaming experience the way you did as a kid. My nephew sees me play the NES and SNES on my Wii and he thinks all the old-school games are fanmade hacks. He's never held a cartridge in his hands much less seen an actual Nintendo in action.

  42. A few days ago I went to gamestop to trade 3 of my games for 2 other ones the games that I traded was the division for ps4,amazing Spiderman 2,and a 3ds game I got a total of 28 something dollars for all three and bought some pretty old games but fun ones which are Batman arkham knight and dying light there both for ps4 so when we walked out me and my dad decided to check the cases to see the disc we checked dying light first it was in there we checked Batman arkham knight it wasnt so we went back in there to get the game we get the game but instead we end getting a gamestop case not the original but the fake one I was dissapointed for not getting the original case so we went home to try Batman arkham knight and guess what it said the game was damaged or dirty so I decided to clean it with my shirt cause why not I put it in after cleaning it it said the same thing I did it for about 4 more times it did the same thing so the next day I went to gamestop again and told them the situation and they gave me the another copy of the game with no scratches or dots and with its original case and it worked I still love gamestop its just there customer service is not that great at all

  43. man it sucks that all these places we used to love are just dying and yeah I'm not a fan of GameStop but the game store I used to go to close a long time ago also I remember I used to get this thick anime magazine that had a bunch of anime in it and you can't get that anymore it's online only

  44. Amazon can save them.

    And they have the same market, Amazon enetered the game industry witht the bought out of twitch.

  45. I hope either Best Buy or Amazon buys GameStop. I do not want to see another retail go out of business just like Toys R Us.

  46. What experience did you like the one where Game Stop always hounds you to get a warrenty on the game or the 1 where they hound you to get a pro membership every time yeah I sure would miss that and there high prices

  47. Obviously digitally downloading games is the future. I still personally like to buy the actual physcial copy, but a friend of mine buys 100% of his games digitally, so I really see how physical games are going to go away.

  48. That physical vs digital chart is so misleading since it includes PC games which are only available digitally these days. A chart examining physical vs digital should be console only.

  49. "I need physical copies" = As a former employee that doesn't mean Gamestop needs to exist as they are.

    I like physical copies too. Amazon or Ebay anyone?
    Gamestop's leadership is so disconnected from the gaming community anyways in the most cringe-inducing way you can imagine. That being said, like all things that have worn out their time, it needs to die.

  50. I did like a BlockBuster too. I even bought some shares @0.30 cent and sold it @0.20. I even remember a rumor that SK Group may buy the BLOCKBUSTER. It did not happen…… However, as a customer I did like Blockbuster. I signed up Netflix after they are gone 🙁

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