Interland: Play your way to Internet Awesome

Interland: Play your way to Internet Awesome


82 thoughts on “Interland: Play your way to Internet Awesome

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  3. I see that "reporting bullies" is a major mechanic in the game, but ironically Google/YouTube is terrible in this regard. You can only report comments for very specific reasons (like race hate) and even then Google is unlikely to actually do anything. Maybe if you guys actually practised what you preach the issues covered in this game would be less of a problem for children and adults alike.

  4. 1. The music is really good…
    2. It supports cyber-safety education…
    3. The graphics are amazing…
    4. I spent about 1 hour playing it…

  5. "Be Internet Awesome"   I have a better ideal, how bout "be an web-browser" and STAY OUT OF OUR LIVES!  We don't want your Temple of Set satanic garbage!

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