INFLATABLE BOOBS! (5 Weird Stuff Online – Part 28)

*whispering* This…video was brought to you by Lootcrate *Inspirational music* *Pewds mating call* Doesn’t work does it? I’ll tell you what does work. Inflatables. Today’s video is all about inflatables. Whats inflatable, Brad? *Laughter* My ego is so inflated, that I need to fill it with other items, and that’s what we’re doing here today on the poodiepie channel. Let’s go! Guess what the first item is. (is it TITS?) That’s right, you guessed it! Pteranodon..? Inflatable Camerman: Say that again, what is that, sorry? (oh) Its a pteradonon (pteranodon) pterran p ptera pteran pteraanodon ptera pteranodon Aw, man, this gonna take me so much effort to blow this up (oh really, Pewds? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) *sigh* The things I do for you, bros… *gasp* I’m exhausted Oh P’aw man So much effort! Fucking hell! Fuckin’ in hell! Ayyyyy *laughs* Collect them all Go pteranodon! (flies away majestically as pews throws it) (Flight of the Valkyries plays) Woah! Woah dude That was f**king awsome He’s a good pteranodon I thought they were called pterodactyls He knows He’ll- He’ll put me under his wing any day pokemonodon: “That’s right!” Is that a good voice? (dinosaur noises) *laughs* The fu*k did you say about my mother? Shut the fu*k up!! I will destroy you! *dramatic music* IT’S STILL ALIVE!! WHY WON’T YOU DIE?! *sad piano music* shhhhh *gasping* SHHH shhh shh shhhh :'( I don’t know what it is We’ll fill it up with my ego and see what comes out Is this a furry costume? You got me a fu*king furry costume? Who do you think I am? Pyrocynical? Oh my god, that’s awesome! *laughs* This is how I got Marzia 😉 This is- This is how I got mar..zia I thought that lost like half the air Okay, here we go here we go why? i just realize, why? *laugh of shame :v* I buy this oh it’s for kids yeah nono..that was pretty shit the next item is oh it’s hilarious that’s that’s funny it’s a walking frame *audience laughter* whooooaaaa dawg yo, dawg this is cool man alright, let’s blow this shit up just like your mother does yeah that’s right alright it’s done now let’s see if this thing works *huge sucess!!!* i’ve fallen!!! IM DYING!! HAHAHAHA HEU HAHAH HELP ME EDGAR HEEELP help me EDGAR!! YOU SON OF A BI**H!!! What is the one thing that we all want? (Bewbs, obviously) That’s right Boobs Inflatable boobs Let’s give it a go *gasps* One titty! This is the kind of video that if my child- my child will see *laughs* If I walk in, my kid is watching this video NOOO!!! Hi guys, welcome to Sssniperwolf’s channel You got roasted! *explosion* *breathing heavily* *muffled scream* *screaming continues* The next item is for, uh, cats I don’t have a cat But I have Edgar EDGAR! You’re gonna- hey, you’re gonna look adorable, alright? Just trust me, alright? *laughs* *lil’ fart noise* Ooooh my god, yes! *gasps* *laughs* YOU’RE SO CUTE! OH MY GOD! Edgar: No, don’t look at me Don’t look at me DON’TTTT This is how I kiss dogs *fails to deep-throat Edgar, chokes on his massive head schlong* *gags loudly* Okay, so the next item is… Party boy, inflatable party boy I probably bought five of these in my lifetime which is five more than you should ever buy I mean, love- that’s love at first sight right there Look at those orangey lips and blue eyes I’m not even going to blow this up cause he’s gonna use too much of my ego I kinda like him just as a skin suit You know? (no we don’t Pewds) Is it-should I…kiss him? *awkward silence* *Romantic Kissing music* So, so how are you guys doing? T-t-tell…how are you guys *eagle screeches* What’s dat? *eagle screeches* SPONSOR EAGLE *sponsor eagle intro* Sponsor eagle is here! AHH THANK YOU *blows kiss* Alright, lets op- OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH We gotta lil bit o’ that Oh, you know what that means ladies A little foreplay And Loot Crate, I love you- you’re the best Like, think about We work with a lot of different brands… Loot Crates are the only one that let us do what we want *chuckles* Check our Enter the code ‘Pewds’ OHHHHHHH OH I’m opening last month’s theme which is dystopian The theme changes every month, the 19th So you gotta order before then if you want the theme Next month’s theme…is futuristic The only way to find out about the future is to order in the present *brief holy music* Oh, it’s exci- it’s a good package *rattles box frantically, Pewds begins to seizure* OOHhhhh ahhhh Oh, god damn it was so neatly packed A T-shirt Ho-ly shit, this is a cool one I like this one It’s Robocop with like a Japanese style No it’s not uh that was racist I mean why’s there a sun behind it? Is it? Really fucking cool, I like it That’s really cool UUhhh we have a Matrix puzzle because the Matrix is a puzzling series of movies- trilogy It has three hundred puzzle pieces You have to be 17 plus to su- WHYY? What the fuck is in this puzzle? I have never seen that before I wanna fucking do this puzzle now What is in this puzz-le That’s a brilliant thing I wanted to see Trinity’s titties since I was 13 Literally, Michael is terrified of me touching this item… because he thinks the box is cool and he doesn’t want me to ruin it so… *inhales sharply* Uh this is really cool Fallout vinyl collectable *Pewds clatters box* You get scared Michael? Don’t worry nothing bad is gonna happen Oh Brad has it, it’s gone Michael: Are you happy? So the next item…. GRAAHHAHAHHHAH *laughs* Did I scare you? I scared bra-AHAHAH wha-what are these? I don’t know what it is Someone in the background: its for a cake- you bake a cake No I don’t think it’s for cakes You wanna b- you wanna make a terminator cake? That’s ?”terrifly”???? Ooooo I love this, I love this pin I am a big fan of pins This is a cool pin We have Bioshock Infinite- I love that game I am so excited- what could this be? A key blank…OH wait That was the key! Where’s the key? OHHHHHHH Oh, it’s like in the game! Oh that’s cool If you play the game and know the reference you’d be like ohuhhuhh That’s the- that’s the Loot Crate value, you know? So its got the bird or the cage- is it the bird or the cage? *kiss* Loot Crate I love you Thank you for supplying me with awesome items every month Guys, if you haven’t checked out Loot Crate yet, I recommend that you do so… Not only because it supports the show but I really appreciate it Thank you so much Check out Loot Crate- go to Enter the code “pewds”, you guys know the drill Sponsor Eagle will hook you guys up *music* Hurry up with item It’s a spa- it’s a portable spa Everyone, it’s a spa. It is a spa. I bought this with real money *Sigh* I need to relax *Breathing* You’re so tense Felix Background person: You’re so tense Felix *Laughs* Thank you Brad, you know I’m a hard worker Say I’m a hard worker Background guy: You’re a really hard worker a- I know yeah I-I work overtime a lot Background guy: hey, why not try- why not have a spa Tell them- tell them how humble I am and how much I donate to charity. You’re so humble! I am! Brad: I can’t believe you don’t have an ego I’m not here to talk about my charity work.. or all the time I spend helping out other people and just been an overall good person.. But.. You know what? I think I’ve earned a day off! So let’s blow up the spa! if you get enough subs you can live the high life! That actually feels really nice! I’ve earned this! Oh I work so hard! The real YouTuber Life! It got in my fucking eye! What you doing? It’s a spa! I need to be like.. I don’t like this! Stop! Hey! Stop! You’re ruining the champigne! Ahh Ok, do it again, Brad? *peace* No! NO!! No! It’s sinking! Who did this? Who did this?? You son of a bitch! No! No! Don’t film this! Help! No! I’ll get you for this Pterodactyl! I’ll get you for this!

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