Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (6/10) Movie CLIP – No Ticket (1989) HD

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (6/10) Movie CLIP – No Ticket (1989) HD

Well, we made it. πŸ˜€ When we’re airborne, with Germany behind us, then I’ll share that sentiment. Relax! Speaking in German. “Excuse me! Wait! Do not take off yet!” Have you seen this man today? Speaking in German. “Seen him?” Speaking in German. “No sir, I have not.” Tickets please. Speaking in German. “May I see your tickets, please?” Speaking in German. “Good day, Mr Jones.”>:D Speaking in German. “Your tickets sir?” Speaking in German. “What?” Tickets, please. D:

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    Plz ready fighting

  2. I have some question and is all german character played by american people and speak german in this movie

  3. Why is Hollywood unable to use real German language in this kind of movies? Always sounds like an American talking who never heard a German word … Too expensive? Well …

  4. The German, which they are speaking, is terrible. No German native speaker (I am one) would say things or would give answers/responses the way they did.

  5. Not gonna lie I fell out of my chair laughing the first time I saw this scene, watching everyone shoving their tickets in Jones's face after he says "no ticket" always cracks me up

  6. when will harrison ford and !sir! scotland get arrested for sexually abuse of minors which didnt even exist!?

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  9. Can some please explain to me how a Hindenburg full of helium gas was supposed to survive without someone striking a match or another spark..Can't comprehend..

  10. Why is the music playing in the background from 0:23 onwards the "Gilderoy Lockhard" Theme from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets?!

  11. Less than a million views????!!!! Welp time to do my part to get it over a million 200,000 views here I come

  12. I love his eyes when sees Indiana. Its one of the best "OH CRAP, I'M SCREWED!!" LOL! One of Speilberg's best funny moments. "NO TICKET!!" My dad, my sister, and I laughed so hard with the theater and clapped along with them. Oh I remember him surprising us with tickets that opening night and standing in the long line that draped around the theater. What a memory.

  13. Lol seen this movie hundreds of times. Always though it was funny that he was reading the paper upside down. Wonder if that is what gave them away.

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  17. Leaves all luggage behind. Beats up guy with no ticket and throws him off flight. Scares all passengers. This is the beginning of Delta airlines

  18. I always love when Indiana Jones hits anyone it sounds like a bowling ball fell two stories into a bag of rice. It sounds like it hurts so much.

  19. This is honestly one of my favourite scenes of the movie because of its broad humour and the music that's playing in the background.

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