IGN News – Rainbow 6 Patriots Pre-Orders Removed From GameStop

IGN News – Rainbow 6 Patriots Pre-Orders Removed From GameStop

I’ve got an update on kfor you, although it’s
probably not the update you were hoping for. The game has been formally removed from GameStop’s
database, and is no longer available for pre-order. Now, some retailers automatically deactivate
database entries after a lengthy period of time in limbo. But according to a source with
intimate knowledge of the retailer, GameStop “actively flipped a switch” to eliminate Rainbow
6 Patriots from its system. GameStop tends not to remove high-profile
games without an official confirmation that they are dead, the source said. Moreover,
it’s exceedingly rare for GameStop to delist a game that appeared on the cover of its Game
Informer magazine. Amazon, and other retailers, meanwhile, retain
a listing for Rainbow 6. While the removal from GameStop isn’t confirmation of a cancellation
or delay, it brings up the question once more: What the hell is going on with this game? Rainbow 6: Patriots was announced in 2011,
but Ubisoft has spoken about the tactical shooter very little since then. It told IGN
last year that it’s still in active development, and recent comments from Ubisoft indicate
Patriots could have been moved to next-gen consoles. Ubisoft’s response to IGN concerning this
delisting was, “We have nothing further to share about Rainbow 6: Patriots at this time.” Perhaps we’ll learn more about the state of
Patriots at this year’s E3. You can watch Ubisoft’s E3 press conference live on IGN
on Monday, June 10 at 3pm Pacific. Until then, stay tuned to IGN.

100 thoughts on “IGN News – Rainbow 6 Patriots Pre-Orders Removed From GameStop

  1. lokinf forward to R6 just please dont use somethyng like frostbyte 2 1/3 , i like games beacouse they look like games

  2. In the Vegas franchise players can take cover and they will enter 3rd person, thus the majority of the game is in third person

  3. first ubisoft fires creator assassins creed and artist, then they cancel project 1666, and now this. WTF

  4. I reeeeeally hope they are taking time to make this one good, although without Red Storm's help ( as shown with R6 Vegas and Vegas 2 ) it could be a bad R6 game. I love the franchise and Vegas was a good set of games, but they didn't feel like R6. Raven Shield is still the best in my opinion. They'll have to do something impressive with this one to sway me.

  5. Call of Duty is the best selling game every year, do you want to know what game sucks every year? Case, and point. Ubisoft has turned AC into it's Call of Duty. Patriots would have been a much better game to play, could have easily contended GOTY for it's gameplay alone. AC will most likely receive zero awards this year, especially with all that's coming out. Even Ubisoft has admitted that it's expected to do worse, in sales, and most likely quality. (considering the time frame)

  6. No. You COD drones need to stay on you're own shitty ass game and leave tactical fps to real gamers. I can tell you are a console gamer as well lol.

  7. I no the rainbow series has been out a long time BUT DAMME another fkn 1st person shooter are ppl afraid to take chances to try make 3rd person games really ? defiance was last 3rd person and it sux but keep trying for the love of god and make them for the ps4 please .

  8. Are you fucking mental again? High profile franchises are never ever low profile. People will always speculate about the next game to be added to the franchise. You must live under a ROCK if you dont know what GTA is, Let alone if there was a GTA 5 trailer out and you didnt know about it. Especially since it was advertised on Xbox dash and shown everywhere. Please stop, Rainbow 6P is probably scrapped

  9. Well the game better be fucking awesome. They're letting Millions of customers. they could at least give us an appropriate time frame in which the game should be expected to Release.

  10. not really it only goes to 3rd person when u lean against a object like a wall or whatever , when u move it goes to the MW2 MW3 , BO BO2 , MOH MOH2 see all the same lol

  11. As a personal request make the game strictly 3rd person. I think switching back and forth makes the game a bit clunky

  12. they had to trash the whole project due to suspicion of homegrown terrorism, fucking bullshit how we can mow down an airport full of civilians in call of duty but couldnt play the game and die in the eyes of the terrorist

  13. I don't disagree that first person is better I just think the game should be one or the other I mean ghost recon future soldier nailed as far and fluid game play goes

  14. Im guessing this will now be pushed onto next gen consoles day one release to earn popularity against the growing FPS franchises such as battlefield and call of duty…. hmm pretty good scheme

  15. Announcement I am organizing an event on rainbow six vegas 1 it will be on xbox but playstation can do there's also at the same time we are trying to populate rainbow six vegas for one day we will be starting at 5:00 o'clock eastern time come join us today June 1

  16. You spell like a 12 year old and apparently think like one too, ergo, nobody gives a fuck about what you're saying.

  17. for me rainbowsix 2 was the best online shooter..no killstreaks perks,and all off that shit.bring it onalready!!!!!

  18. Actually its a first and third person shooter, some of it takes place beyond the eyes of your character lul

  19. No worries take your sweet time guys, cause i got The Division & Watchdogs on the list already! Thank you Ubisoft!!!

  20. Ooh, apparently UbiSoft ruffled someone's panties with the story line and IGN is backing off. Good news though. This story line is pure propaganda bullshit.

  21. If people can't separate propaganda and video games, then they should stop playing video games. While they're at it, stop watching TV and movies and stop going outside. People are fragile minded over this game

  22. Perhaps Ubisoft have nothing to share because they are fucking Nazis who need to be sued for outright propaganda!

  23. watching alex jones this morning….mid day i find my Rogue spear disks……currently….browsing game play and such…and i find comments about RS and NWO Propaganda…and ODD coincidence.

  24. I know, total BS. Rainbow Six Vegas is still one of my favorite first-person games to this day but apparently it's not important enough.

  25. how is ign backing off? and how can you honestly judge the storyline before you even play through it maybe you would like it.

  26. Hey man after the Boston bombing Ubisoft is going to try to wait it out before the company re-releases it again

  27. its because they are making it for the ps4 and xbox one now, so now its just coming out later than before.

  28. It's because of the homegrown terrorism here in the US, it would be a bad public relations move by Ubisoft to launch a game about homegrown terrorists right after so many real-life tragedies like Sandy Hook and the Boston bombings. I'm sure they will still release it. Probably sometime next year when all of this has settled.

  29. Frisky Dingo, I see you have subscribed to Stormclouds Gathering two weeks ago. Hopefully, by now you can answer your own questions.

  30. I sleep in a warm bed at night, eat three meals a day, and have access to the internet, but my mother won't buy me an ipad. I am the 99%

  31. It didn't mean that it wasn't good. Just because you don't like it, it doesn't mean that other people don't want to play it.

  32. I am one of the 200 (probably less) that play vegas 2 on the 360. We deserve at least a comment about what in the world in going on with the new game. this is just said UbiSoft

  33. I never said anything about whether other people will play it or not. Of course they will. It doesn't change the fact that IGN had to back off of promoting it because of the scene's content.

  34. If this game was released people would revolt against the system we have in place today. Do your research kids America is a fascist police state.

  35. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson,and Benjamin Franklin were labeled terrorists by the British. We call them True Patriots!

  36. Why is everyone being a bitch over it? How many games are Russians, Koreans and Chinese portrayed as the bad guys and the good guys are Americans? Too many times. About time we had a game about how corrupt they are.

  37. yeah americans take the place, ok go ahead i don't care,cause i agree that it's corrupt all the people in the government come straight from hell,what america speaks for is being striped by us as we speak by those money and power hungry bastards that don't care about anyone but themselves.

  38. who cares if this is slandering the American government can't make it look any badder then it is, wake up,they control all media,newspaper and everything. They want to make money get power then brainwash and send us to hell right with them.

  39. Seeing how Tom Clancy's (all due respect to him) games have been falling off as of late… PLEASE don't make another Splinter cell unless you get Ironside back AND better writers / designers* I honestly am not surprised by this. This company is falling off like Capcom has.And it's sad because I've played ALL rainbow 6 games thus far.

  40. you people all need to relax. when this game was first shown i already knew it was comming out for the "next gen" of systems it was clear if you seriously think ps3 and 360 could run this game you need to go to a college for PC's and learn your shit lol. so just relax it's obv comming out just for ps4/xbox one.

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