I Took My Pizza Delivery Guy Around the World

I Took My Pizza Delivery Guy Around the World

In many cities around the world but more specifically in Los Angeles when aspiring artists and entrepreneurs start out They usually need a second form of income to help support their real Passion and in our very own city of dreamers a lot of young people decide to work for apps like ride-sharing And food delivery to earn extra money on their own schedule by charging scooters riding a passenger around or the classic Delivering pizza, it’s a profession that requires long hours and doesn’t necessarily always pay a huge salary And so we wondered what if we reward one of these people who is hustling to make their dreams come true By taking them to the destination of their dreams. What if the next time we order food? We ask the delivery driver first If they have a passport Second what their dream destination would be and third what they want to go this weekend and so on Tuesday afternoon we ordered way Too much pizza, and we’re ready to pick a random delivery driver to take on an epic trip somewhere around the world Thank you question no, but now we have a pizza No one bound Put the pizza with I think this is him Walter. Yes, I do man Great. I got a quick question for you. Yes, do you have a passport, ahh no And it’s hard to find people passport third driver of the day John about to arrive feeling the butterflies Say I have a feeling John is the one he’s got an adventurous looking profile picture Every question you have a passport? Yes, I do What’s been your dream destination is like somewhere that you have just always wanted to go to I never died I never been Italy. I’ve never been an upper hand. I love photography. You’ve never been out of like North Central America’s great Okay, what do you do this weekend? What about you Clark and then we go in to finish this conversation 22. Okay. Are you still at school or no? I am just a freelance photographer and just do post meets for supplemental income right now It’s full time since March is the dream to be freelance photographer. Yeah, either full-time We’re working with the company anything in the creative design mood. So I love okay I just finished my resume and portfolio like my website and everything’s up And then now I’m just getting into more professional amazing And you said the places the two places that you’ve always wanted to go to our Italy or Alberta Canada? Yeah. Nice So today’s videos, I think someone who’s always wanted to go somewhere particular for a very specific reason and I can’t make that happen I used to be a pizza delivery driver when I was a sophomore in college It’s one of these things we were thinking like what would be the most random thing that I would have? Encountered during my time doing this and definitely someone offering to let’s go anywhere. That’s horrible. Yeah So our question to is do you want to go to either of these locations this weekend? Yeah, I can’t say no Are you guys you have to think about these things? Yeah. Yeah this one life You have to make sure you already know what you want to do in case something happens All right, JP has just arrived he has zero zero idea they were actually going to Italy and not Alberta We told them we were going out Berta. We’re not gonna reveal to him just now but probably once we was there for it, let’s Rock it Good to see you we have very exciting at your plant and we’re not going to deal too much right now We’ll reveal it when we get to the airport Good when I blew it, you know what he said We will know where yeah, how do you feel right now can’t believe it I don’t I don’t know What did people say when you told your friends and family because I was being a kidnap We deal with JP where we are headed he now knows we’re going to Italy because of Thomas’s blunder we are going to Vinicius Venice really understand it. Yeah probably the most beautiful place in all of JP is gonna lead the way with his photography skills and just his good looks Kind of funny that we’re going from Venice to Venice. What’s the guy that we ordered pizza from? There’s a joke there somewhere Well, what is it? Do you have sir? Are you having the greatest time of your life? This your first time having a screen definitely one that you can touch the future has arrived JP It’s all accessible at your fingertips. All right. Well, that’s I’m sitting next to a lizard Yeah Blandon of your desired location. Were you expecting four days ago to be in Italy right now? 15 hours of traveling finally made it So we’re taking a water boat to get to Venice I’m ready to go swimming yeah Honey I’m home we’d heard that Venice was beautiful and we had seen the pictures but actually being here is a whole different experience It’s freaking surreal man, you know in Disneyworld where they take you through those pants Yeah, this is like the non-creepy version of that ha ha. We’re about to step foot officially in Venice Do you have your own room with this welcome to Venice I was Ladies and gentlemen, the day’s here. We are going to explore the most beautiful city in the entire world Matt you always say this. Yes, but this one’s true. I checked yesterday. It was voted the number one most beautiful city I would suggest in fact, I would enforce that. Nobody brings folks and we get totally lost how we’re gonna find our way back we Using our intuition have the greatest day of our lives This program to bring you a special report quick intermission to mention that Looking at the stats this morning and it says that 54% of the people that watch our videos Are not subscribed so I’m here to tell you please Scroll down below and click the red subscribe button If you’re enjoying this video and you want to stay continue making more subscribe now back to it This is gonna be the whole day left to right Well, I guess our 24 hour and his excursion with no phones no map no itinerary begins To be where we going down this alleyway don’t know where it goes I’m trying opening that Let’s go in I don’t know if we’re like hardcore trespassing or not Oh chica Voices in here Jetfire do much. Well, he’s like This guy just gave us shots Daiquiri and rum, it’s so delicious that we’re about to have cocktails at 11:30 a.m probably a terrible idea, but you know only in Venice for 24 hours, so a Little silly right now. That was like way stronger than The best or the worst decision we made off T-boogie is just kayoed Cocktails at 11:30 am a good idea again. It was like way strong Well, yeah definitely passed by that we’ve been going in circles now for the past 30 minutes no idea how to get out of this Area, it’s so hot right now that we just need to go home and lie down for a second Don’t know how to read maps anymore. So you start and so you think we gotta cross again or what? We got a good night Have some goddamn hope with all is lost one seat of hope will carry you through We don’t start to tell how hot it is outside, but there’s a heat wave in Europe right now Wow, this is actually really cool All right, thank you man, oh my god, this is the most romantic thing we’ll do Thomas is living his best life This is so relaxing, this is so chill What’s happening boys we’re going out we’re gonna party. Yes, sir. Wait, did he just join his hair for this wait? Don’t you join your hair for this did you? I get a pizza delivery to their address and they ask me where what I’d love to go for a dream vacation And what did you say? I said Italy? Saluté JP is leaving and very early in the morning. So we have to say bye to him right now Unfortunately, I’m also in my boxers. So this is a little bizarre but It’s all good. Hey everybody This was such a crazy adventure guys. I have not any last words. Oops. Try not to pass down opportunities get out there What are you doing I’m fading out Meeting JP reminded us that knowing what you want and being prepared is the ultimate first step to actually Realizing a dream as the saying goes Opportunity is where luck meets preparation and JP was truly a manifestation of that So if there’s a big dream or goal that you’ve had for a while we want you to ask yourself What are you doing right now to get yourself prepared to that point. Would you be ready if someone offered you that opportunity today? if the answer is no we want you to think about what you could do to get one step closer and take this week to Make that first step happen comment down below to let us know what your first step is that we can all keep each other accountable

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  1. I saw this youtube channel by accident last month and I never stop watching all the videos since. I wish you guys can come to Malaysia. I hope I can meet you guys in person.

  2. Yo, yes theory sending love front fort Myers Florida, I’ve been watching your videos for awhile now and I get so inspired and every single video touches my heart man don’t ever stop creating content and keep on shining bright. Thank you for all that you do. I hope one day to run into y’all! Much love

    Pat moonjava Abernethy!!

  3. Tener suerte y el pasaporte al día, dudes that was amazing offered to him that trip to Italia and bring more positive future for all urs 😘😍🤗😂

  4. If I was delivering pizza and they asked if I had a passport I’d legit probably panic and lie thinking they were going to kidnap/traffic me or something 😑

  5. I would love to go to Peru it was my plan when I went traveling to Australia on the return trip but money was not there.. then got married and with 2 kids it’s hard to have the money to do this but one day I hope!!

  6. The day these guys will annonce their retirement from YouTube wich unfortunately is inevitable I will cry so much . I love you guysss so much your amazing!!

  7. I want to use my fantasy to write – stories, handbooks, maybe something in gaming industry, like backstories or quests and campaings. I also like fashion so I'd like to get more involved in that by making reviews. I'm gonna start today by practising writing and learning writing structures.
    Thank You yestheory

  8. Preparing myself to move to Japan, I do not speak the language nor do I have a house or job waiting for me. I just started packing my belongings and thinning out what I have, true that things came between me and my plans this year but it only means I will be more ready next year. Even if next year doesn't go as planned either, I will make sure to move to Japan as it is the place I wish to be. Nor do I have a house really, i'm renting a room at my friends house right now so kinda already 1 step closer in that regard as well. Looking at it from the positive side, I had enough shit happen in my life and not letting it dictate my life!

  9. My first step is to take a 2 gap years from college starting now as a college freshman, get a job, work a year at a full time job for the first year, and travel and do whatever I want that gets me closer to being an entrepreneur the next year.

  10. The fact he said he wanted to come to Alberta out of all of Canada is just great. I’m from Alberta and hearing him say that is so awesome.

  11. YT: Dream location incoming!
    Elon Musk: Hold my rocket while I ask a stranger to go to every planet in the solar system.

  12. I disagree that Venice is the most beautiful spot in Italy. Funny enough I think I was there around the same time as you guys. I love you all.

  13. You guys realize only 23% americans have a passport,…and know before Mexico made it mandatory a few years ago,…it was below 15%… and Trump is worried about a wall….he should kick all the Americans out to go see the World

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