(sick sounds) *Explosion* *papapapap* Waddup gamer person here That is right… wait *his voice echoes* Hello? *echo* I can hear myself! THIS IS SO ANNOYINNGGG In case you haven’t realized this is a game that uses my voice That’s right everybody. One hand clapping. That’s how you do it in case anyone is curious. Let’s check out this game. This is so annoying.. Can I turn this off? Hello, hellooooo *indian accent* Hello Okay, sing, hum, or whistle your lowest comfortable note… aAAA What do I sing??? *in a higher tone* Wha da hell is dis???!?!? Okay. Alright, I’m walking. *laughs* Hey, hey… Why is it so awkward to use my voice in the game? *gibberish* time to recalibrate okay sing or whistle to affect the world 5 mil on YouTube in six months never done before What the hell is this? Dab on them haters! DAB ON EM *Higher tone* Dab on them haters. Hell yeah That’s it, that’s it, that’s what I thought CAUSE BABY YOU’RE A FIREWOOORK CMON LET YOUR COLOOOOORS WORK MAKE EM GO UP UP UP *Ear rape* dEEEspaCITO *felix’s horrible singing* wOOOOOOOO eeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEE Cmon man, cmon cmoon Cmon you can do- OOOOOOOOOOOO *Zoo sounds* *Skratta* *ear rape* *Felix tries to go Super Saiyan for the first time* My god Jesus Christ Is anyone still watching after that my god, that was beautiful, thank you. Wow, what a great game you played Felix. What a great idea to play this game Jesus Christ ‘Aight whats happening OH! NO BEGONE BEGOOONE GET OUT OF THE WAY Did it. works every time. You gotta assert dominance. *clapping* That’s what this is all about *clapping* Voice: “Now that’s what this is all about” *Two notes* *Felix trying to copy it, fails horribly.* What the hell *Two notes* *moose mating call* Within your range. You don’t know my range. *Two notes* Okay I got it *fails horribly* *Tone deaf screaming* *Girly Giggles* That was so close I Gotta make a bridge out of my sound waves.. Wow! This is a double rainbow *moans* I better redo that Deeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ‘Spacito Heck yeah Come on man, that was epic Hello everybody, my name is Jacksepticeye and I love video games That is what I do. Very sharp bridge deck top of the morning to you laddies My name is Jack Spedicy Pie. I love to play video get to why did I do that? hu hu how’s it going bros my name pewww *laugh* That’ll never work Hello everybody, my name is PEWWWWWdiepie I have a very small penis, and everybody wants to see it, but it’s a big secret *More psychedelic humming* *Giggling* It’s like that Beyonce clip *Beyonce singing “Oh”* *Horrible singing* Oooooooooooooooooo- That is so cool! What a brilliant game I’m super impressed. I just thought it would be another like early version garbage, but this is actually really cool Oooh- *lauging while singing* *Wheezes for air* Ooooh- *voice cracking* *Childlike giggling* Maybe it’s better for people that can’t sing but you know, I got it done. I got it working. All right Oooh- OOOH Yeah! *gargle* Oh great not- not this again.. Ba-ba-ba-ba *Excited noice* First try! *Wraaah* Yeah, heck yeah guys we’re killing it *Holding a note* I hear myself. Oh God, is it that bad? *laugh* Oooh- Oooh- (with echo) Oooh- (with multiple echoes) *Gargling noise* *Voice reading on screen text* Oooooh- Briiiie- *Moves away from the mic to breathe in* Riiee- *lauhing* I love it. So awesome. *laughing echo* Here we are, beautiful. Oh god, it keeps going How long is this game, dude? “Watch-“? Baa-baba-baaa-baaa-baaaa Easy-easy. Penis man, you ain’t got nothing. Oh, he’s following me. Now. What is this? We’re gonna sing together I love singing yay Hell yeah That’s what I’m talking about. That’s what this is all about I just want to fight a boss with like an epic sing battle, you know, wouldn’t that be epic? Come on hide it better. Why are you shining on him? Guys dare dare dare judge air *Harmonious singing that cannot be described through words* You feel free to lick my butt because it tastes like skittles Hej, hej Monika, hej på dig Monika (“Hej Monika” playing) Oh my god That was beautiful (“Hej Monika” playing) Oh wow, that’s what this is all about. (“Hej Monika” playing) One hand clapping that’s how it’s done everybody. What a great demo or game. I don’t know either way. I had a lot of fun (“Hej Monika” playing) Thank you guys for watching! Leave a like if you had fun-eh, watching me screech. And I’ll see you tomorrow with another video. Good bye. *IM BLESSED*

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  1. Pls ignore me, I'm just here to place the timestamps that are used on the "La La La" song made for Jack and Felix


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