I Found Some Of My Old Game CDs

Hello friends, I welcome you back to my channel In this video I want to try something different I have some old game CD boxes without CDs So I want to show you those boxes and their contents In 2009 I had a lot of games During that my 10th grade exams had just finished So my Dad bought a lot of games for me. First of all I will start with GTA San Andreas as it is one of my favorite games of all time This is the box and if I look inside There was a map I lost the map but It has this booklet that I have preserved carefully It has a city guide and everything Description, etc What you can do in which city and all. I used to read this a lot When I used to not play I used to read this It was a lot of fun to explore Different types of areas. What’s there in San Fierro? What’s there in Los Santos? Which are the other sight seeing locations? What you can do in Vinewood? And all this stuff. So it was a lot of fun. Along with this There was a booklet of e-play which had a list of other games Many games to buy As you can see this is a big list of games And looking at this I used to dream of playing all these games too. And that I wanted to buy these CDs as well At this time Steam was not that big of a platform. So still physical discs Were preferred by us. The other game I played a lot was NFS Carbon. This is the cover of that CD. Right now there is no disc in it There is some Nokia N-Series disc inside it. I lost the original disc. We shifted a lot During home shifting I lost a lot of discs. But I have kept these boxes as a nostalgia memory Now coming to the next game The next game is Sims 2 A very old game. For this game There were 2 boxes. There were a total of 4 installation discs. I had a lot of fun playing this game as well And fortunately inside the case there are those original discs as well There is Disk 1, Disk 2 both. Disk 1 and disk 2 is there and Let’s see if there is Disk 3 and 4 as well. Yes there is Disk 3 and 4 as well! Personally I am looking at these discs after After so many years And even this has a booklet It has instructions regarding controls All those stuff. And there’s one more booklet. Let’s see what’s inside There’s tutorial menu and All the features of the game. How to create families and all Is in this booklet This particular booklet I didn’t look at it much. I instead prefer San Andreas booklet and liked it better. So I used to look at it again and again Sims 2’s booklet was not that interesting for me Nonetheless I enjoyed playing the game. Did a lot of crazy stuff in it. If you know what I mean 😉 😛 You know what crazy stuff I am talking about Even I am guilty of all those :p So that was Sims 2 Now coming to the next game Next game was GTA 4’s Episodes from Liberty City This was the pack Now let’s see what’s inside. I can see a map Game’s map is there And this is The game guide. Let’s open both Is there anything else left? Ooooooooooooooo. Look at this! I even got the disc!! Disc 1 and Disc 2. So even now I have this game’s installation disc. It’s original! So I can even play it now Let’s see what is there with this inside the box Let’s find out what’s in the booklet and in the map First I will show you the booklet. This booklet has All the controls, And all the activities you can do in the game Video editor, basically all the features Inside this and there are a couple of other things Details about storyline Mostly nothing much about the game itself Aaaaand At the backside there are all game credits Whoever had worked on this game have been mentioned here And behind there’s also my CD key Which I cannot share with you guys 😛 And now coming to the map As you can see I still have the map It’s a big poster of the map I cannot pin it on my home wall for obvious reasons :p So I will show it to you I don’t know if it can even be seen entirely So this is the entire map (Oops, poster!) Episodes from Liberty City Soo…. (eh, eh eh) Now you can see why I can’t keep the poster on my home wall. Anyway, I love this map (khikhikhi) Not map, poster xD And now if you can see here This is the entire map Map of GTA 4 GTA 4’s map basically And again this game was a lot of fun!

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