How To Stream 8 Ball Pool Live For Beginners

How To Stream 8 Ball Pool Live For Beginners

Hello Everyone! This is Lekhraj and I am back today with the
another video of 8 Ball Pool. So today, I will be showing you Guys how you
can stream your 8 Ball Pool game live on the Internet. So let’s get started. So first, download and open the Omlet Arcade
App. You can get this App from the Play Store and
I will be providing the link in the description below. So the next thing you’ve to do is just tap
on the Go Live option. And then a dialogue box will appear and now
just select the 8 Ball Pool game. So I will be streaming it live on Facebook. So Guys, You can stream it live on the Omlet
App itself. You can also stream on Twitch as well as YouTube. You can adjust the video quality here. You can turn the mic on and off from here. Then, tap next. Here you can edit the caption before posting. You can write whatever you feel like. And then tap on done. And here you can select where you want to
post this on Facebook. I will be posting it on the Official 8 Ball
Pool SuperGroup. And now, let’s start streaming 😀 So Guys, this is how a Live Stream will look
like on Facebook. And Guys, I’d strongly recommend you to WiFi
instead of Mobile data while streaming because the live stream will consume too much of data. So to avoid that use WiFi. So that’s it for today’s video. If you still have any doubt, feel free to
comment and I will reply them for sure. So If you like this video, please give a thumbs
up, or drop a comment and please subscribe for more upcoming videos. Till then, Take Care Everyone.

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  1. brii you are the best i need a streaming app . you solve my biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig problem bcoz youtube gaming app not work on my mobile

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