How To Replace Gamepad Controller with Keyboard For All PC Games

How To Replace Gamepad Controller with Keyboard For All PC Games

Important Notice :- This video is not fully explained, its just used to show the idea. I will post the complete tutorial after my exams How to use keyboard insteam of controller for almost any pc game So let’s get started….. In this video, I’m using joytokey application, link is in description Download the software from the official site. there are three ways to download this, choose and one, I prefer to use the first one, its quick and safe I already have this file so i will not download it again change the administrator settings… Now open the software this is the software, the version of your downloaded software may differ in future, but the use will remain the same the option that you are seeing right here is the controller keys I have created a mapping settings for you guys, I will post the link to it in the description If you want to create your own, you can go to the new option and create one. this is mine mapped setting file, download and replace it in the software folder these are the setting, if you want you can change settings according to your preferences pause the video and take a look at the right side (comment section) These are the keys of the controller you can add keys as well as mouse movements, even the special keys like shift + W Its like configuring the keys, its that simple, just need to bind the keys this section shows the mouse movement and scrolling settings this software have many other options that you should try So thats it, sorry for that UNdetailed tutorial, this video is highly requested video after DBC 17, thanks all the viewers for the suggestions. I know this video is not that in detail, don;t worry after exams, I’ll create a full tutorial explaining everything πŸ˜€ If this video works for you don’t forget to leave a like. Share this video with your friends to get more videos like this one.

61 thoughts on “How To Replace Gamepad Controller with Keyboard For All PC Games

  1. There is the problem in Game (DBC17) only, I tested this on dirt, dbc 14, its working on every game.

    This is a short story of DBC17 for keyboard undetection problem.
    I just recently asked the developers of DBC ants studioes and they said you can't play, cos they have blocked any external application for running/controlling the game, it comes under hack if they tried to do so, they will get banned. its all marketing scheme for Labtech (controller joystick company in Australia). They have that commotion for them, that's why they haven't added keyboard for this controls and they just want that "promotion" for that Labtech controller joystick.

  2. DBC 14 cl jayega kya usme x360 open hone me problem ho rhe he unheendlit batata he frnd pls helf

  3. Thanks, it works great. One problem, I cannot save my preset keys. Every time I open the application, the preset is gone… Please check this problem.

  4. Hey there, the program isn't detecting your .cfg file even though I have it set in the same folder as the application.

  5. I am problems after installing joytokey how can I permanently remove it from my PC.It is messing with the other games.

  6. So I'm using an xbox 360 controller on my computer and for what ever reason my buttons are set to seemingly random keyboard keys so now when ever i play random things will happen while i play and knock me out of the game so I'm wondering how i could just have my controller simply set as gamepad so this would stop but would also like to know how to set it back to the keyboard and set it to my chosen keys because that dose help for certain games i would just like the choice

  7. you just tell me one thing why you are creating video in english? your channel's name is Hitesh KS : Hindi Gaming

  8. I have problem in assassins creed 4 black flag when I open game in my laptop keyboard controls not work Xbox controls is there please help meπŸ‘πŸ‘

  9. I want to play dirt 3 with my friend on pc using split screen but i don't have joystick so my question is how to make my keyboard working as joystick

  10. Hya 😭😭😭😭😭😒😒😒how to start the game ..plz say me…always says press A to continue but i tried every button but it doesnt start wth–,,😒😒😒😭😭😭😭plz help me…uploader

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