How To Play Steam VR Games on Oculus Quest For Free – VR Tutorials

How To Play Steam VR Games on Oculus Quest For Free – VR Tutorials

hey there guys welcome back to another
tutorial so today in this video I’m gonna show you guys whether or not you
actually need this see this guy here this is a rift s this just came on the
very same day that guy right there came up the oculus quest well I’m gonna show
you whether or not you even need this and if you already have it maybe you
might have made a mistake and maybe just maybe you should probably get your money
back because what we’ve actually found is that you can play the exact same
games you could play on this guy on that guy maybe even a little bit better maybe
even better than the vive pro and that is exactly what I’m going to show you in
this video stay tuned for the tutorial ok so what I’m gonna show you today is
100% free and very very quick this is another side little project but when
you’re done doing this you’re actually gonna be able to play games from your
steamvr library as well as your ref library if you guys find this tutorial
useful go ahead and hit the like button and if you haven’t already please
subscribe it absolutely helps me out so I can continue to make awesome tutorials
just like this one now on to the tutorial alright so the very first thing
you guys want to do is go to the very first link you see in the descriptions
this will take you right over here the latest version at the time of this video
is alpha 4 we’re gonna want to download right over here the AL VR portable
zip as well as the client that’s the apk that’s someone that’s actually gonna go
on the oculus quest probably not paying for winzip today OVR and extract it for
whatever reason I always have to put it on the desktop alright so you can see
right over here it’s trying to find the headset see that server that’s that not
found I’ve actually got some pretty nice options here you got an h.264 or you got
an h2 65 I’ve got mine h.265 by default it’s totally gonna depend on you and
your own personal settings your own hardware so you might have to play
around with this a little bit but you’ll get it 30 Mbps for the bit rates
recommended we go all the way to 250 we wanna just get really nutty with it
something tells me I don’t think our computer can handle that I’m gonna try
30 just to see what happens again if you have to tweak it tweak it it’s all good
100% is 20:48 by 1024 you can go 200% 4096 by
2048 I’m putting to keep I’m gonna keep this one at 100 and buffer size keep it
up to recommended I think can enable controller you’re gonna want to control
this thing right sound other fake base station add fake base station for some
games launch only steamvr without steam suppress frame drop for 60 Hertz debug
do not touch this panel it says so stay out of the debug menu and drivers out in
salt so install the driver and the driver installed but before we can
actually mess with that what we really want to mess with here is our apk so
next step grab our quest plug her in and we’re in make sure within proper
directory so we’re gonna go CD C slash ADB and now we simply type an ADB
install 8lv our apk in success yet again right pull this guy out now anytime you
side load anything always be sure to restart your quest okay so here we are
in the oculus quest gonna go to library for if you’re not already there unknown
sources a lv r lv r us connect button on a lv r server it’s the only thing we
have to do mmm IV RFA’s so we’re gonna go back to that guy there
open up a lv r see that oculus quest 72 FPS hit connect connected and now very
important start server updating steam so the first thing you need to do believe
it or not is set up your room scale controller ready headset ready awesome
next pull will hold the trigger I mean I guess we’ll do it the way it’s supposed
to be done I guess I kid you not this is nuts right it’s seriously crazy and now
just like that steamvr check this out let’s try
something that’s actually not on quest right now how about the vacation
simulator yeah well go to launch welcome back human load up your pass and
pull the lever whenever you’re ready to vacation grab a vacation pass up a table
to get started I don’t think you know let’s go mister this is crazy I mean I’m seriously not even kidding
use this is like so fluid Wow so hollow it okay so we move by pushing it’s a
little crazy by pushing in on these stick go to a mini fridge here anyway
you guys get the idea I mean seriously this is like so freaking fluid on the
vacation anyway you guys get the idea and we can actually play this with any
steam VR game and from what I’ve tested so far it’s been pretty awesome actually
so that brings us to our question do we actually even need to have the rift
s maybe even the valve index I gotta tell you this guy right over here is so
freakin advanced that you’re actually getting better visuals that I was
getting in the vive Pro when I tested it this might not be as good as the valve
index I’ve never tried the valve index but I gotta tell you for 399 starting up
to $4.99 for this guy here it’s gonna be kind of hard for me to ever use that
thing again so I hope you guys did find this tutorial helpful
if you did please like I said before leave me a like I do appreciate it if
you do really helps me out and if you’re not already and you look forward to
having more tutorials maybe even some gameplay videos go ahead and subscribe
thanks and have an awesome rest of your day bye for now you

20 thoughts on “How To Play Steam VR Games on Oculus Quest For Free – VR Tutorials

  1. I'm thinking of selling my rift to buy a quest just for the freedom of not having a wire. But I fear that oculus will block it somehow.

  2. Your video says you can play games from your Rift library too. How do you do that? Steam works great.

  3. Hey mate. Just a couple of things. You came the closest of anyone to show the room scale setup process, but cut out before showing it. This has been my biggest problem with setting up ALVR on my quest.

    Secondly, you're screen recording your pc, not the Quest, so we've got no idea of the quality you're experiencing.

    Your video is oddly choppy, but I've given it a like, because you're trying to make great content. Keep it up!

  4. How well does this really work for you? I'm about to go buy Ethier a Quest 128 and play my PCVR games with ALVR or I'll by a Rift S but I can't decide.

  5. Hey, when i type in "adb install alvr.apk" is give me a message saying "can't find 'alvr.apk' to install" any info would help a lot!

  6. You totally saved me $400.!!! I had been debating rather or not to get the Quest or Rift S!😅👍 thanks brother

  7. hello good video but you kinda skipped some steps on video example the apk file you didn't show WHERE to exactly put it but in comments you tell people where to find it lol im not that tech savy so your kinda gonna have to explain it a little better for others

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