How to Get the Minty Pickaxe

what up YouTube my name is Jack Truong
and in today’s video I’m gonna show you how to get the minty pickaxe so let’s
get right into the video just letting you guys know I’m doing a minty coat
giveaway at 20k all you guys gotta do this
subscribe turn on post not up a casing drop a like and leave a comment why you
deserve to win a minty tote all right I have one code and I’m gonna give it to
one of you guys alright right now the channel is sitting at
15,000 379 subscribers so we’re about 20 once one of us subs away from 15,400 so
if you guys can help me I’d be appreciated let’s get back to the video
you luck to everyone the entry to giveaway if you would like to support me
in the four night Adam shop usko JTF there’s three letters J TF and uh I will
really appreciate that and if you want to find out how you can increase your
chance of getting them in C code just watch until the very end here’s my
question for today’s video are you guys enjoying the chapter –
season 1 a fortnight yeah yes or no let me know down in the comments let me know
how you think you need the updates you like the mobility just let me know in
the comments all right so basically how do you get a
four-night code all you really do is go to your local gamestop and purchase a
fortnight item and they give you a code with it actually but to be bucks card in
and they gave me two – Mitzi card right and when what I know that each GameStop
only holds 100 codes so like you need to get it as soon as you can right so I’m
gonna do one how you redeem it and uh show you guys how to do it if you guys
already got one all right well let’s do that so I’m gonna go to my screen
alright and it tells me to go to for night calm slash reading so we’re gonna
do that let me open another page go here one night all right I’m gonna sign in yes well
that’s doing that I’m gonna I’m gonna scratch the card and punch in my code
but I’m gonna show you guys the code anyways I’m gonna use this code
basically bila enter and I’m saying the wrong screen alright so this is the
website you supposed to be on my bed you know the code I just shared you guys to
Conan up to you so I have another code that I haven’t scratching it and when
I’m gonna give it away at 20k all right so it’s gonna be NT 5b m GN GN 6 3 w RR
e jg r you’ll buy into this right c9b he’s conferring that you would like to
activate code on your account activate assess your code has been
successfully redeemed login to your partner count the bodies and cool
alright so this set I already have it so let’s go ahead and make sure we have it
on this account that’s crazy – like there’s a lot of people that play for
tonight and there’s only 100 code for each game stuff and in my local area
this pi like 2 to 3 this 3 game stops within an hour away from each other so
you look to everyone who’s trying to get a cone luckily I managed to get one I
went to the mall and basically I got one code delay I was like oh my good another
one do give away or something so I end up going back and buy another V bucks
card the guy was pretty cool about it but it was like some rules people get
it’s only for one person one item for one person or no matter how much for 90
you buy item to you my so I I got lucky you got to so I want to give it to what
are your lucky subscribers on the channel part of J trunk family I’d be
great but this is taking so long I’m gonna end this part and the record once
this vlog all right I’m logged in sweet I’m gonna
hit play yes thank you for hitting 15k you guys appreciate it J trunk fam you
guys are amazing thank you so much I could have done it without you guys cuz
I’m hot pitching down in the count and subscribe to myself so I like to thank
each and one of you guys – share this channel subscribe to the channel and
turn on posts not vacation I promise to try to upload more also working but do
my best alright the goal is trying to upload at
least once a week at least 90 though
we are logging in hopefully I login hope you guys days are doing well so
yeah so we’re in for tonight on for you see
we get the item we should though BAM get that Mary mint X all right so
that speaks to how to get your own pickaxe or how to redeem it if you
already have the code and I just told you guys the story how you had to get
your own pickaxe so good luck to everyone and I’m gonna go ahead and end
this video get some joy peace out all right so basically you guys if you
guys made it to the end of this video I was saying how you guys can get her free
pick a scone Australian one of you guys lucky one you’re just gonna get pickaxe
code at 20k all you guys got to do is go to the link
in the description go to the video I’m about to say it’s gonna say pickaxe
marry mint pickaxe giveaway whatever right you guys gonna drop a like and
subscribe to the channel and comment why you should win the pickaxe at 20k
alright what are you lucky the winner just gonna
get this all you guys got to do is go to that video and leave a comment subscribe
and make sure you leave your AG and discord IG or Twitter in in your comment
as well alright so good luck to all you guys and thank
you for 15 K go back once again I’m doing the the giveaway for 15,000 on
another video I just got got a pick a winner at this
point so good luck whoever won hopefully they
reply within a day if not I’ll PI choose someone else so you look to you all you
guys and thank you once again for 15,000

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