What’s up, My Gods and Goddesses, this is your boy Egypt God Anubis And I’m here to show you guys how to get free Steam games Now this is working for 2018-2019 Is probably gonna still work when it’s 2020? So this is the best thing you can do when it come to getting some free games for Steam But first before we hope into that I like to give a shout-out to the notification squad that come in and comments on videos that I make and everything The next time I get the first notification person. I will be putting you up on my next video to show my appreciation Appreciate that so much. So with that being said, let’s hop into this video So guys first thing you’re gonna want to do right here is go to Dot-com okay, once you go to key, it’s gonna pull up this site right here that you can see Keymailer is connected to youtube, twitch, mixer streamers for Xbox. It’s for all of them This is a cool system that you might wanna get. They don’t matter if you are streaming on YouTube Or anything like that keymailer help with all the game for PC for a PC game for ps4 Xbox one Nintendo switch VR games They got the whole nine as you got it right here is showing the steps alright They simple there’s simple steps all you have to do is link it to your YouTube or you twitch or you’re up mixer account and Link them up with keymailer once you do that and it confirmed that them accounts all yours You already halfway there. Next thing you want to do is step two just Browse to keymailer and request your Steam and console game that you want You can also do this VR game if you have a VR system. Alright? So with that being said the next step is to redeem your key played a game on the channel and all you have to do is tag it So what you have to do pretty much is when you get a key from whatever game that you choose you have to tag it tag the game when you put it up on your channel or twitch or anything like that and that help your Profile grow a little bit more on keymailer. This is a great system. I use it all the time I love getting free games. I have a whole bunch of free game. Just because of this right here So I’m going to show you how to get into it Once you sign up its gonna put it bring you to this page right here Put your full name your emails date of birth the country and your password Once you do that it’s gonna login into the system So guys with me already having an account as you can see Egypt God Anubis at YouTube with me already have an account This is the whole inside of the site These are games that just came out brand new game look just cuz old just came up You can request a key right there Click on a quest key. It’s gonna pull up the game once you pull up the game All you have to do is sit and wait Basically sit and wait if you get a key lucky you sometimes you get one Sometimes you don’t it is what it is, but trust me once you get keys you’re gonna enjoy it Trust me like these games right here the upcoming games You have all kind of up and coming game and live games You wouldn’t believe how many games on like I said before all you have to do is find the game All you have to do is click on this request key when you click on the request key. You just sit back and wait I’m gonna show y’all guys See all these Steam game Steam game Steam game Steam game. All these keys was offered I had me much redeemed among all I’m queues often These are nothing but free games all these are free games I know you guys will enjoy and more keys right here Mikey. These are coming These are games that I already redeem. All these keys are already redeemed. I have them games I do be playing them and they show you what your pending request is Also as you can tell I request a lot of games I do request a lot of games That’s all the way. You’re gonna get some keys from keymailer. Get some games that you play some games. You don’t play get them That that’s gonna help you out in long run. So just like I was saying before it have your YouTube account if you have one you got a twitch account if you can’t win here Twitter account and also a Mixer account if you have one What’s this gonna do once you hooked on it up he’s gonna take you to the bottom you’ll see your stream information It showing my games. I got all the games you saying I got all again this And then if you have YouTube or Twitter show information here so guys when it come to rank the More games that you play and upload on your channel and tag them from keymailer The more your rank going to go up the more your rank go up the better chances Are you get the better games when they come out and you request the tape? So I can show you guys that these games actually do work. I’m gonna show you one. Okay the floor plan Hands-on addition you have been offered a key all I have to do is redeem the key You’ll go redeem take me to my key and your key is right that guy’s the key is right there We’re gonna get bit and we’re gonna put that in steam Alright guys now. We’re your own steam my Steam account once you go on your steam account It’s just like when you activate any type of game that need keys you’re gonna go to it activate you gonna put the key in once you put the key hit-next Is shown right here guys? 100% that this worked activation successful for plan for beta testing go to finish it’s gone upload Once the gang get the uploading That’s it. You’ve done everything you had to do guys. That is it All you doing is waiting for it to download and you have your free games. So there you go everybody I hope y’all enjoyed this video as you can tell right here The game is inside my library on Steam this game was for free. This do work a hundred percent And everybody that stayed to see if it did work. Thank you so much. I hope this helped you out Hope y’all get a lot of free games Enjoy if you enjoyed the video. Make sure you subscribe to the channel hit that thumbs up and I’ll catch y’all in the next video PEACE

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  1. Thanks man! Just starting my channel so this helped a ton. I really appreciate it and can’t even demonstrate how thankful I am for this video, because otherwise I would’ve had no clue about this site. When I get my key and post my first video on YouTube playing it, I will be sure to put your channel link in the description and tell everyone to go hit up your channel!!!

  2. DOPE!! so how long does it usually take to get the key, and do they look at the account associated with YouTube? because I honestly wasn't intending for my account to be a gaming channel so I just uploaded a bunch of random stuff

  3. Hi I’m looking to get atlas how long will the key take and if I turn my computer off will the key not come through

  4. So basically I get free keys and record the games on my channel? Can I keep them after? Will they burst open my door if I just take the keys and run?

  5. DUDE keymailer doesnt work and theres not city car driving and when i tried to get the euro truck simulator 2 key it wasnt working! it didnt gived me the key for like 2-3 days

  6. You can get free steam wallet codes, enter giveaways, and get free games! –>

  7. if i will get a key from this site to game which i want how many videos i need to film on it? or it is enough to film 1 video and ill get the game forever?

  8. There are 3 ways to get free games

    1. Steal your Mums credit card
    2. Just buy them bcs this is fake
    3. Ask steam developer for free games


  10. Bro Please Reply My Comment I Want To Get GTA 5 And I Press On Request Key Then It Said Your request has been submitted for Grand Theft Auto V – Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack
    How Much Time Will It Take To Give Me Key Please Reply If I Get The Key I Will Be Very Thankful To You And I Will Subscribe You And Support

  11. Is this working? like you got game key so you can redeem it in steam then u can get the game?

    P.S. When you will get the key?

  12. yep you can definitely trust black people… -_- don't trust them they always lie have you seen the song called the black people song

  13. 3:58 he just actually said My Key but if you turn the youtube transalator on it will show MIKEY XDXDXD

  14. man i got my subcription now i wait for it to get me a key hopefuly if it works you get the bell too but if it fails i dislike and take back my subscripttion.

    I will comment on this when it works for me and get the game.

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