How To Get Free Games By Running Your Computer // GAMES FROM SPACE REVIEW

hey what’s up guys Hazet here back with
another video and today I have a really interesting video for you guys because
in today’s video I will show you guys how to get free games by just running
your computer now this might sound scratchy to you maybe you may ask
yourself really how can I get free games by just turning on my computer but don’t
worry this is a 100% legit and free way to get your favorite PC games and in
this video I will be also explained to you how this is works and how you can
get free PC games and what’s the games you can get so make sure to watch the
full video alright guys so maybe all of you guys know about the thing called
crypto mining where you install a program on your computer and there you
have to turn on your computer and the program uses your graphics card and
processor power for mining and for the exchange it pays you through crypto so
also today in this video we are gonna be doing something very similar but no we
are not going to download the same types of mining program and mine with that and
then withdraw that payment it pays us and then use that to buy the games you
want no we are not going to do that because that’s a lot of works and it’s
gonna take you a week to do it so for making all those things simple and
easier there has an application exists called game from space what will also
use your computer power for mining but here you don’t have to go through all
those buy and sell corrosives for getting any game so here what you have
to do is that you install the program in your PC and run it for mining and here
you will get points for it and when you have a certain amount of points you can
redeem the points to buy the game instantly and directly from their store
without using any third party exchange method to buy sell crypto for getting
any games so it’s a lot quicker and safer way to get your favorite games and
also the game’s key that provided works 100% all the time so you don’t have to
worry about that you bought a game and key didn’t work the key will work all
the time so now you may think well how many games I can get from here and how
quicker I can get all those games now the answer of the question is 100% up to
your computer power and the price of cryptocurrency
so if you have a really powerful graphics card you can get a lot of goods
games in a very short time and also the price of the cryptocurrency can affect
on it so when the price is very high you can make a lot more coins than if the
rice is low now if you don’t have a very good computer then also don’t worry
still you can get a bunch of games too but maybe you have to wait for it a
little bit longer but you can get any of those games even if you have a really
bad computer not like all the program you need for our 6 gigabytes theorem for
mining here you can use the program and get free games even if you only have one
gigabyte B RAM and this is the thing I really like about it because most of the
mining program wants at list 4 gigabytes of vram and most of the budget gamers
don’t have that much memory but here still you can mine with only one
gigabyte graphics card to get your favorite games so huge thanks to games
from space for doing this for all those budget gamers now if you understand what
the program is and how this is works so now let’s see how actually use the
program I’ll write at the first just go to at the link of the description or
just go to games from space comm and from here you can download the program
so as I said before for using the program you need only one gigabyte
Nvidia graphics card or a 4gb AMD graphics card but I’m sure that’s not a
problem for most of you because I know most of you guys do use Nvidia graphics
cards and even some AMD low-end graphics cards has 4 gigabytes P Ram so just
download the program and when it was done simply install it after the
installation complete it will ask you for login so just click on login in the
browser and it will take you to your browser now just create an account if
you don’t have any and if have them simply just log in so at the first one
you will open the app it should be looks something like this so for starting
everything just go to the engine-room and from here you can set the afk
timeout that’s mean after how many times not using your computer this program
will start mining so if you set it to 10 minutes then if you turned your computer
on but didn’t use for 10 minutes then it will start mining because sometimes you
could forget to open the program and start mining
under than that you can set your GPU to always on so it will always start
running your graphics card whenever you will turn on your computer
and you can also change the GPU equalization to know using your full
graphics power now this time please give attention guys because you have to
select your PC configuration and if you didn’t do it right the program will not
work so this one is for most of the NVIDIA GPU have more than 4 gigabytes of
vram and this first one is for 1 gigabyte of erm graphics cards and the
last one is for AMD graphics cards so make sure to select the right
configuration that you have other ways the program will not work you can also
go to the advanced setting and select the server closest to you now after all
of those setup done you are good to go for mining honestly the setup was really
simple compared to the other mining programs now you can go to the store and
browse all those games they have and actually they have a lot of games it’s
even a hard Pro search for you to browsing all those games because they
have a massive number of games and also they keep adding new games all the time
so I’m pretty sure that you will be able to find all of your favorite games if
the games are not too rare as you can see they have all the most popular games
like you can get all the Call of Duty games GTA series The Witcher minecraft
drift The Sims pub G rocket League and a bunch of popular games I don’t even know
the name of most of them so just find the game that you want and click on add
to the queue and now you can see how much time it will take you to get the
game and also if you want to see how much you mining each day take a look at
the down left side and now you can see how much you are mining each day now you
can see that the amount you can mine a keep changing now as I said at the
beginning of the video that it’s changed how much you can mine each day by your
GPU power and the price of ethereum and aetherium prices keep changing all the
time and your GPU also can’t mine at the same amount all the time so it’s harder
to say that you will be earn the same amount points that it’s showing but it
most of the time it stay really close to it alright guys so that’s how you can
use the program hopefully you understand everything so now let’s talk about the
withdrawal process there you can get any game or gift card
from their store instantly if you have that amount of coins but sometimes if
the game gets sold out they will take only 12 hours to give you the game which
is not a big deal at all for me because it’s not something happened all the time
so it doesn’t matter to me and also the way they give you game is by Steam or
origin keys and also redeeming a game from here is super easy just find the
game you want when you have enough coins now click on the game and click on buy
using coins and now just conform your purchase and then go to the items option
and click on view and now it will give you a chest or whatever that is just
click on that and you will be received your key so just copy the key to your
clipboard and then open up steam if it’s a steam key now click on add game and
then click on activate a product on Steam now press next degree the License
Agreement now just paste your key and press next
and as you guys can see that activation successful so that’s mean and I get the
game now I can install and play the game if I want so that’s how you can redeem
games from here so alright guys that’s how you can get free pc games by running
your computer now if you ask my recommendation that should you use it or
you should use any other mining program then I will 100% recommend you for using
games from space because not only they are making everything simple fast and
easy for you even on that they are giving you some really good deals too if
you calculate then you can understand that even if you mind with a different
program and buy the game it will cost you away longer time to get the game for
an example if you want to get the game f1 2015 from games from space it will
take you only one day and 13 hours of mining with a gtx 1070 but if you –
areum by yourself with a different program you will get average 30 hash
rate with that and with it you can make only 60 cents per day and if you take a
look at the price of the game on Steam you can see it cost 40 bucks on Steam so
if you calculate then you can see that it’s gonna take you more than 64 days of
mining but only one day and 13 hours on games from space just like GT
three will take you four days and 16 hours on games from space with the gtx
1070 but with other mining programs it will take you almost 13 days also the
same Walking Dead will take you 5 days and 15 hours on games from space but
more than 40 days on any other mining program and those are not the only game
you can get faster on games from space there has a lot of more games that you
can get way more quickly than those but I’m not 100% sure that how they can able
to give you those huge discount but I guess they have a good link with the
game developer and they bought a lot of games so they can may be able to get
some discount to give you those games quicker so to be honest there is no
advance to use any other program because this one has everything all you need
it’s easy fast secure and the best it gives you a lot of exclusive offers so
if you have a pretty good system then you can easily get 4 to 5 really good
games every month I know it’s gonna cost you more electricity but still
electricity isn’t that expensive in most of the places and if you stay at your
parents home and don’t care about the electricity then you don’t have to worry
about anything so after all I really like the program and can recommend
anyone to use it and also if you have any problem to use the program you can
check out their help desk here you can find a lot of common questions answer
you can also post on their community tab if you didn’t find your answer on the
help desk or you can also talk to their support team but my personal favorite is
their discord server they have a pretty active and really supported members on
discord so you can talk to them for help alright guys so that’s it for today’s
video I hope now you know how you can get free games so if you want to use
games from space there will be a download link in the description and if
you have any question about the video let me know in the comment down below
and subscribe if you are new to the channel I do make those types of videos
and if you already subscribed hit the bell icon so you won’t miss any of my
future updates and as always thanks for watching my name is has it and I’m out
peace you

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