How to Get All FNaF games free! (PC) Working 2019! *No Clickbait*

How to Get All FNaF games free! (PC) Working 2019! *No Clickbait*

Hi! Today guys, I’m gonna be telling you how to get all of these five nights at Freddy’s games The link the download link is in the disc in the description down below I’m not it’s The folders being uploaded might I’m not sure if this will work, but let’s see the the link for the download for all of fanaa one to four and Also sister location will be in the description down below. But let’s see if this works. Okay. There we go Guys go check for yourself I check for yourselves This hundred-person works guys. It’s a guarantee I would never ever betray you Okay, the the first game let’s go ahead and look at the second one and It actually works I’m just going to the custom night because I don’t I really don’t feel like doing the other nights So we’ll just go on that. I’ll show you guys everything You can press control everything That’s all for yourselves it works it works 10% works, let’s get them to the Third game You don’t need to worry about anything Let’s get on to the final game and Yeah, lets you you guys can check this out as well. This is also 100% true. Nothing nothing like For some reason it isn’t coming fullscreen dammit But it’s a hundred percent. You can get I could guarantee you guys it’s great. It’s great. This game is great, man It works Oh for some reason. Oh, okay. There we go Everything works you guys, let’s see for yourselves All right Alright never mind that let’s go to the fifth to one which is sister location I’m not going to show everything because destiny because this this night is pretty long, you know Welcome back to your last day on the job. That is the last day of your first week There we go So guys if this video was helpful Why not give it a like and subscribe to my channel. I’ll see you all in the next video buh-bye

77 thoughts on “How to Get All FNaF games free! (PC) Working 2019! *No Clickbait*

  1. Yo I have a question why is there a file name "Five_Nights_at_Freddys_3.exe" when there is another one that says "Five Nights at Freddy's 3.exe" so whats does the other one mean.

  2. It worked 😀 thanks it's super fancy xD I'm going to play it with my friend so I don't poop myself playing it alone ;~; xD

  3. Eyyy what's up good video liked and subscribed
    You truly are LEGENDARY
    I thank you personally.😉

  4. This really works I was very worried of getting some kind of virus or something but everything went well there were no problems thanks I will comment again after a week to say if anything has happened since then.

  5. It works!After scott founded and reported 99% of links to download fnaf games for free, i finnaly found one!!!!After 2 weeks of searching

  6. How many of you want to get FNAF VR for free? Well, the video is coming out soon. Go to this link for early access of FNaF VR for free:

  7. OMFG it works
    I was unsure at first but after everyone’s comments I tried and it worked
    Thanks bro I have subbed and liked


  9. mega says store files on device is this normal? just saying a little fishy but then again it is a downloader

  10. Its ok I fixed the problem. The problem was that a file was missing only 1 and done 🙂 thanks to the dev for giving me the 1 file

  11. I hate adfly pls remove it forever not for a week (haven’t used the link so I don’t know xD) and if you have Avast or a professional virus detector can you prob make a video of you scanning all of them with avast or something? (Avast is a really good virus protector)

  12. How do I get to the %appdata% file if their even is 1 because I wanna skip nights in fnaf 3 but its ok if u dont know Ive already beaten fnaf 1 and 2 alreay by skipping nights and got 3 stars.

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