How To Get A Cool Steam Game For Free?

37 thoughts on “How To Get A Cool Steam Game For Free?

  1. Its that time again the TGIF weekly giveaway here on Tech OF Tomorrow. Make sure to follow the guidelines for a chance to win. Winners will be announced next week, Cheers!

  2. Subbed since the Radeon 7970 days, you were one of the first guys I found for building custom PCs and you also helped me a lot when it came to benchmarks etc. Thank you so much for your consistent informative content. Hope you are good!

  3. Excellent script free vid, haha! I've heard a lot of youtubers saying they are randomly losing subs and money. Google is getting stingy or they changed their algorithms.

  4. I can confirm you've been trying to hook me up with a game code for a game I don't already have all week. You the man Elric πŸ‘

  5. im finally unsubbing because you just ramble on and on and you should put the word giveaway in the title and stop tricking people. later

  6. Thumbs down might be because he said 'we know people subs for the giveaway'. Which is wrong. Subbing to a channel just for giveaways is not the subs i would want for my channel.
    But thats entirely up to you Elric. (By NOT saying anything about the giveaway in the title instead kinda forces people to watch the video before knowing theres a giveaway. I never watch a video with 'Giveaway' in the title. If i need something, or want something, i can go buy it myself.
    I watch tech channels for the info and news about tech stuff. I could'nt care less about free stuff.

    Love you vids still Eltic. Keep the tech vids coming.βœŒπŸ‘½

  7. just watched amd e-3 announcement video / shows 5700xt running world war z 1440p at 117 fps beating the gtx2070 . / and the attached video im sharing with you a 0:32 shows a radeon rx vega 64 playing world war z 1440p at 119 fps . ( video title ) vega 64 beating gtx2080ti in this one game . but this means the 5700xt is not as fast as vega 64

  8. I have been subbed for a year now ! you videos !…though i just watch enough !..will start liking & comments to help a lot more now !!!

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