How to download any Xbox 360 Jtag/RGH game for free in 2019

How to download any Xbox 360 Jtag/RGH game for free in 2019

Hello Friends, today i am here with a new Youtube video In this video i talk about Jtag/Rgh xbox 360 regardless of the launch of PS4 & Xbox one Peoples are still using Jtag Xbox 360 but peoples don’t have idea regarding how to download Jtag/RGH xbox 360 games online so in this i tell you about a cool website through which you guys can download any Jtag/RGH xbox 360 game for free & then you guys can install them in your Jtag/RGH xbox 360 console with the help of USB stick Let’s begin Link will be in the description of this video simply left click on it & it will opens up in new tab Now how to download a game from here It’s homepage looks like this then simply scroll down a little then you’ll see labels on left side then simply left click on xbox 360 Jtag/RGH tab & new page will show up now the cool thing is that you don’t need any account here and it’s all free Just simply left click on Jtag/RGH tab as showing in video after that scroll down a little and you will see all the Xbox 360 Jtag/RGH games now you can even find any specific game here by using the search box Let’s suppose i search a GTA 5 game which is the best game for xbox 360 In order to search a specific game type the name of the game & hit search to see results scroll down a little So basically the name of the game is not GTA 5 it’s Grand Theft Auto 5 so to find the exact game you need to enter the correct name of the game like i am doing now i am changing the name from GTA 5 to Grand Theft Auto 5 and then hit the search button again then scroll down a little and you will find what you are looking for So now it basically show you the full collection of Grand Theft Auto Games now you see it even has oldest GTA game too and we clearly see a GTA 5 games comes at top Now the easiest way to download the Jtag/rgh game from here is that simply find the game title that has Jtag/rgh written in it then right click on open link in new tab button & page like this show up next scroll down a little & you’ll see all the details of the game now this game is on 2DVD’s plus they also include game’s DLC’s in it Now what is DLC, it is a Downloadable Content which releases after the launch of a game now if you also download DLC’s alongwith game then you able to play after release packages of the game too Now if you scroll down a little then you will find links through which you can download the game for free try to download the game via Link Mega cause it’s easy and fast way to download simply right click on download tab and left click on open you can even get your password here after downloading when we extract it in PC from zip folder then it requires that password you can even download games via Google Drive Link too but as far as my experience download the game via megasync cause it provide fantastic download speeds after opening the link page like this show up next solve a captcha and left click on click here to continue tab now wait for 10 sec and it’ll provide you a game link next left click on Get Link tab now a megasync link is opening and it will opens via website which allow free downloading after that all of the game’s data show up like that now you can see it’s a complete game & has both disks in it now you need to select all files simply press Ctrl + A to select all after selecting all files right click on it and then left click on download tab then you download will begins automatically before downloading you need to create your free megasync account first you can find link in the description of this video simply open it & create your free account first After registering an account with them you can download unlimited amount of data from here & you can also increase your quota for free see i have 40GB of transfer quota to increase the quota simply left click on get more bonuses tab & then you see all bonuses next simply install the megasync software in your pc / laptop and get upto 40GB more transfer quota you can even get upto 30GB more transfer quota just by installing their mobile app on your phone on top of that you can get more transfer quota by simply inviting your friends here so it’s quite nice and easy way to download the Jtag/RGH xbox 360 games for free & i hope you will find almost any game here Let suppose if i write Resident Evil here and press enter then if you scroll down a little then you will see all parts of Resident Evil game From Old to Latest you will find all games here now if i type in more specific like Resident Evil 5 and then hit search and then scroll down a little then Resident Evil 5 game will show at top You can download ISO files too but i recommend Jtag/Rgh version cause when you download Jtag/RGH version then you simply need to paste all the game data in your xbox 360 console and the game will run without doing anything further I hope friends you like my tutorial now don’t need to buy your games from market all Jtag/RGH xbox 360 games are available to download online for free simply follow the video create you mega account, install their apps & download as much games as you can in addition you can even increase your quota by inviting new users to mega or simply create another account and repeat aforesaid steps in that so this the way guys to download and install xbox 360 Jtag/RGH games for free without paying anything If you find this video useful then don’t forget to like it & consider subscribing my youtube channel so you get a notification whenever i upload a new video Thanks for Watching my video Friends, Have a Nice Day & Good Bye

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  1. How do I play it dude, you are just showing a website to download it…..tell me/us how to play in on Xbox 360!!!!

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