How the Grinch Stole Christmas (7/9) Movie CLIP – What’s Christmas Really About? (2000) HD

Hike !He cleaned out that icebox
as quick as a flash.Why, that Grinch,
he even took their
last can of Who-hash.Then he stuffed all the food
up the chimney with glee.And now–
…grinned the Grinch–I’ll stuff up the tree.And the Grinch grabbed the tree,
and he started to shove,when he heard a small sound
like the coo of a dove.– Excuse me.
– Eee ![ Narrator ]
The Grinch had been caught
by this tiny Who daughter…who’d got out of bed
for a cup of cold water.Santa Claus ?
What are you doing
with our tree ?[ Narrator ]
But, you know,
that old Grinch…was so smart
and so slick,
[ Coughs ]he thought up a lie,
and he thought it up quick.[ Chuckling ] Why, my sweet…little tot.[ Narrator ]
The fake Santa Claus lied.There’s a light on this tree
that won’t light…on one side.So I’m taking it home
to my workshop, my dear. Hee-hee-hee-hee !
Ho-ho-ho-ho ! [ Giggling ]
Ho-ho-ho !
Hee-hee ! I’ll fix it up there, and I’ll bring it back here. Santa, what’s Christmas
really about ? – Vengeance !
– [ Gasps ] Er, I mean, presents, I suppose. Hmm. I was afraid of that.[ Narrator ]
And his fib fooled the child.Then he patted her head,
and he got her a drink,and he sent her to bed.Santa ? What ?
Don’t forget
the Grinch. I know he’s mean
and hairy and smelly.His hands might be
cold and clammy.But I think he’s actually
kind of… sweet. Sweet ? [ Jingles ]
You think
he’s sweet ? Merry Christmas, Santa. Eee ![ Narrator ]
And when Cindy Lou
went up with her cup…Nice kid. Bad judge of character.he went to the chimney
and stuffed the tree up.

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