How the Grinch Stole Christmas (3/9) Movie CLIP – I Hate Christmas (2000) HD

## [ Piano ]
For some reason,
when he came home that day,he really got
into the Christmas spirit
for the first time.[ Man, Falsetto ]
#Baby, picture you and me #
Perfect !# Hangin’ ’round
a Christmas tree #
Whoopsy.# Colored lights
and an angel up above #
Ahh !# Christmas of love #What a lovely family heirloom ![ Chorus ]
#Gather everyone
And they’re gonna come ## Have a lot of fun
at Christmas time ## Now it’s on the way
Everybody say #
Whoo-hoo-hoo !# We’re gonna have
a Christmas of love #The fires of love !# Baby, make a little wish #This will be perfect
on the top of her tree.Oh, Martha !
Oh, Christmas!# Everything you been
dreaming of ## Christmas of love #
#Love, love, love #I want you all
to look your best tomorrow. You don’t have a chance with her. You’re eight years old
and you have a beard ! [ Happy Chattering ]
[ Teacher ] Has everyone
given their gifts ?[ Young Grinch ] I haven’t.
– [ All ] What ? Merry Christmas, Martha May.
[ Students Laughing ]Why do you have
a bag on your head?Probably because
he’s embarrassed by
that hideoderous gift.[ Laughing ]
Mr. Grinch,please take the bag off.Yes, you…
take it off, hmm ?Put the book down. And your foot. –[ Young May-Who ]
Look at that hack job !
– [ Laughing Raucously ] Stupid present ! -[ Screams ]
-[ Young Grinch ] Stupid tree!I hate Christmas ! The anger.
The fury ! The muscles !
[ Pants ] – [ Growling ]
[ Screaming Continues ][ Martha May ]
It was a horrible day, when
they were so cruel to him.And…
I could hardly bear it!

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