How A Blazer Should Fit – Men’s Clothing Fit Guide – Sport Coat Sports Jacket

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  1. I have an athletic build, and I have lots of problems getting clothes that fit. My chest is 46" and my waist is 32", and my thighs are 27". Can you do a video on options for people like me? Also I have a cafe racer motorcycle, could you show how I can achieve a modern vintage style to go along my beautiful motorcycle. Thanks

  2. Ashley,

    I saw you mention you worked with Kevin Hart, so I hope you can help me. I'm 5'4", 158lb (naturally more muscular upper body, bit of a concentrated gut around midsection), probably about 34 waist 28 length. Can you give me any tips for getting a proper suit? I know shoulders are most important but that's about it. And most I've seen in my size (38S or so seems to feel best) had those low armholes. I just got myself a tailor, but am clueless on how to buy. Please help!

    Also, if you could make a how to properly measure (and base sizes off that measurement) video, I'd be eternally grateful. Thanks!

  3. Wrinkling on the shoulders is caused by wearing a jacket that's too narrow in the shoulders. it's got nothing to do with quality. And divots are cause by armholes being too high. If you look at 1950s pictures of gangsters those guys were wearing suits that were 2 sizes too big for them but none of them had divots. A higher armhole is necessary for a slim contemporary fit but if it's too small you get divots. Off the rack suit shopping is really a treasure hunt because you're looking for such a specific fit. There's things like posture of the jacket and proportion too, not just sizing. Hugo Boss jackets just don't fit me, and they are super well made. Happy Hunting.

  4. Hey Ashley! I could use some advice on a quick (if you skip the background info) question (at the bottom).

    I am a suit novice – one of those guys that didn't realize it's a huge deal how a suit fits and looks, because they are apparently not all the same – and I'm learning from recent research that I've been looking like an idiot in the one suit I own. I just spent an entire weekend driving around trying to find one that fits. 10 stores, 10 salespeople, no luck. Aside from the fact I am not sized/shaped right for suits off the rack and need a lot of tailoring, I evidently also have some messed up shoulders; every jacket I tried on had some degree of divot in them. I don't know if they are too round, too broad, too slender, or what (there's nothing visibly wrong with them, I swear. I thought they were normal), but it looks to me like the padding sticks out beyond where it's supposed to, so the fabric needs to return to my arm, if that makes sense. I tried bigger, smaller, different brands… Some are not as bad as others, but even the expensive ones I couldn't afford had small divots. I know that's the one thing a tailor can't fix, so I'm reluctant to buy one that has a divot, even though I intended to buy because I should wear one for this weekend. Most of the salespeople were unfortunately more into selling than helping, but the few that seemed to have my best interest at heart did acknowledge it was there. One guy even called his co-worker – and then their boss – to come over and see if they could figure it out. They brainstormed and found me some jackets with smaller divots, but nothing like the line I've seen in every photo, video, and illustration, and nothing like the jackets the salesmen were wearing.

    I read your website thoroughly on the topic, and even sought out that gray J. Crew Ludlow suit, but it did the same thing. I know it was only two days so it seems early to panic, but I did hit a ton of places and got a lot of professional opinions, and none of them led me to a suit that fits by the standards I've learned about. I suppose it might be possible if one was made just for me it could counteract whatever it is about my shoulders that's throwing the suits off, but I'm not the kind of person that should be buying even one custom suit, let alone however many I'm supposed to have.

    I'm really terrible at seeing things the way most other people see them, so I'm pretty useless at this. I have no idea what matters, which I guess is why the one suit I have is unwearable. Thanks for any advice!


    My shoulders are apparently unusual and every jacket I've tried on has divots. Should I just accept it and try to minimize the damage so I have a suit even if the shoulders look bad, or not even bother and go without one? Should I buy a custom suit regardless of cost because it's that important to have one and that important it looks good? Thank you!

  5. hello! one question" how should sportive jackets (i mean winter coat, spring coat, short jacket, ecc) fit in the end of sleeves? I f it is not clear let me know and I try to reformulize the question. thanks from italy

  6. Perhaps you can do one on how a sports jacket should fit. It won't be much extra work, I can send you a recording of Morgan Freeman saying, "sports jacket", he sounds super sexy cool. 🙂

  7. I wished you would have used an actual Blazer instead of a suit Jacket. The lines between the two are blurred today and it seems like no one sells an off the rack Blazer that don't look like a suit jacket or sports coat. Please help because I am looking for a Navy Blazer with Gold or Mother of Pearls button that retailers screwed up for this trendy skinny look.

  8. is it okay to have a pull when we button the top button of the blazer of a suit or a sports coat?

    because that pull gives that V which makes it even more good

  9. Thanks so much for you fit guides!
    I'd like to try certain Sport Coat/T-Shirt combinations but am unsure, what the Sport Coat's propper sleeve length would be then, since no shirt sleeve will be showing, obviously. Should the Sport Coat hit the top of my hand then, when bending my wrist?

  10. This video reminds me of another you have done, I'm not sure which one though. If you have, you give us a link to the video 🙂

  11. This is great, compared to the suits in Skyfall and Spectre. Jany Temime and Daniel Craig should watch this and get rid of the ugly sausage wrapped look for the suits for the next Bond film.

  12. The dubbing is annoying AF! I'm going to start using the dislike button much more liberally to make sure these videos don't appear in my feed. Unsubscribed.

  13. ty for the 5'9" and under part!! i am 5'9" and next time i buy a suit, i will keep the length of the jacket in mind 🙂

  14. my blazer fits perfect except that the sleeves go a little bit over the hands. Am i breaking a big rule now? 🙂 ive been to a tailor but didnt found it worth my money shortening the sleeves

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