Horrified: Universal Monsters | Game the Game

(lively pop music) – Sometimes, things go bump in the night. Sometimes, there’s a creature
inside of your lagoon! And sometimes, you just want
two monsters to find love. Today on Game the Game, I will guide you through us playing Horrified: Universal Monsters. Let me introduce you to my guests. The noxiest of all the
noxes, Nox Weiler Berf, painter of minis. Welcome.
– Thank you! Thanks for having me. I’m excited about this. – I’m excited that you
painted all these minis! – Yeah, it was a journey. I’m really excited to see
what we can do with them here on this board. – We’re gonna play with them. – Yeah, let’s do it. That’s what they’re for.
– That’s what we can do. – Yeah. – What did you have in mind?
– Paint them again? – Oh. Not today. Katie Michels! – Hi, hello, that’s me. – You look straight out of the 1950s in this world that we’ve created of old-timey monsters. – Thank you. What a compliment! – Hey, look over there. Whoop! (all laughing) Havana Mahoney! – Consent is important, Becca! What are you doing? – Do I have your consent to stick my finger through your hoop? – You can’t ask afterwards but you do, always.
– Doesn’t count afterwards! – (laughing) Jesus Christ! – Havana…
– Hello, hi! Hey!
– Welcome. Are you ready to get Horrified? – I’m ready to get scared, spooped. Miffed.
– Miffed? You wanna get miffed today? – I’m ready to get miffed today. – Wow.
– Okay. Today’s the day for a miffin’. (all laughing) – A blueberry miffin’.
(all laughing) That’s all. – You can’t laugh any more! This is a scary game and a scary world. – I’m scared by how much
fun we’re already having. – I know! All right, this is–
– The world is ending. – I’m scared by what we’re laughing at. – This game is cooperative, in which our team of
defenders of the villagers must defeat two different monsters, or in our case, three, because we have both
Frankenstein’s monster and the Bride.
– Power couple. – Yes, power couple indeed. – Really good power couple. – I mean, literally,
have been electrified. Filled with literal power.
– Absolutely, ooh! – What would their Brangelina name be? Frankenbride? – They really have the same name. – Frabride?
– Yeah, it’s just, she doesn’t even have a name.
– Doesn’t really work. – She’s just Bride.
– Look. This is an old-timey character. Women’s lib has gone a long way. We don’t even call it that any more. – No.
– It’s just called feminism. (Katie laughing)
Hashtag feminism. All right, if you would like to know how to play this game, we have a link in the description below describing the rules
and setup and whatnot, and we will assume you’ve
already watched that and jump right into gameplay. So, what we need to know is who is the last person to eat garlic? – Uh-oh.
(eerie, dark music) – I don’t know. What was your last meal?
– I haven’t eaten garlic for 25 years.
– Uh… – Why?
– I’ve been dead that long. – Oh. – Well, you’re not gonna go first, then. I don’t think I’ve eaten garlic for at least three days,
probably, on some pasta. – I’m so sorry.
– Yeah. – Garlic is the fruit of life. – It’s not a fruit.
– But still. Could be a something of life.
– I don’t feel like I’ve had garlic in the last three meals. – I can remember specifically I ate dinner leftovers
for breakfast yesterday and that involved a garlic
and ginger situation. – That’s a clear winner.
– Nice. – Yeah.
– Prove it. – I smell like garlic! It’s through my pores all the time. I love garlic. It’s good for your immune system. Speaking of immune systems, I am playing the Archeologist. – Ooh! – Do you have a special?
– I do! I can pick up items
from an adjacent space. – Cool.
– And that’s very important, because our goals here
involve items, as it were. Now, as you can see, there’s various locations on this board. We have Frankenstein at that side, and the Bride of Frankenstein. We’re calling him Frankenstein. We all know Frankenstein is the scientist, but in the rule-book,
it specifically explains that they know that
Frankenstein was the scientist. But because there’s so
many monsters in the town, the townspeople just
call him Frankenstein. – They’re ignorant.
– Calm down in the comments. – And calm down in the message boards! (Havana laughing)
It’s not necessary. We’re okay.
– Yeah. – The forums! Calm down in the forums! – Here’s what we have to do. For Frankenstein and the Bride, we have to teach them to live peacefully. They need us to educate them on what is appropriate behavior, and to do that, we will need
to go to each of their spaces. For the Bride, we must discard blue items, and depending on the
strength of that item, we will move their dial
up that many spaces. Same for Frankenstein with yellow items. I believe those are
spiritual and intellectual. And when we’ve got them to the maximum of their civilized–
– Capabilities? – Capabilities.
– We finally convince them that breaking villagers’
necks is not okay. – Ooh, bad move. They don’t like it when
you do that to them. Then, we have to get them together. If they are in the same space before then, the terror level of the village increases. If we ever reach that skull up there, that’s bad news, we all lose. The Creature from the Black
Lagoon has its own board, or their own board.
– We don’t know. – We’re not sure, yeah. We go to the camp, discard
items of any color, and move this little boat
up to that next color of the item we discarded. And when we get to the lair, then we can go find the Creature, defeat him by discarding
one of each color item. So, that’s our ultimate goal. In-between all that, we’re gonna be trying to save villagers’ lives to not make this terror level go up. We’re gonna be running away from monsters when it’s their turn to go. We’re running to them,
to try and fight them, when needed.
– Collecting items? – Collecting so many items.
– Sounds horrifying. – Yeah, I’m already horrified. – That’s almost the name of the game. – Whoa!
– Horrified. – Horrified.
– Horrifying. – I’ve said, what character
are you playing, Havana? – I’m playing the Explorer.
– What can she do? – She can be placed, I can move her to any non-water space. – Dope.
– Yeah, basically. Fast travel.
– Excellent. Nox? – I’m gonna be playing the Professor, and the Professor can move any hero or villager a single space. – Ooh, damn.
– So, assisting, I think. Maybe giving some of that long-earned lore that the Professor has gathered and sharing it with his friends. – According to my studies, you would be safest in the museum! – And into my dungeon!
– Hmm! – That’s not the voice I’m going to use, but it’s close.
– A big statistics nerd. – Yeah.
– Okay. I’m playing the Courier. – I’m gonna call you Pip.
– Pip, oh! – I’m Pip, I’m a little boy.
– Hey there, Pip! – And I can place my hero in
any space with another hero, because I’m a little boy and
I like to be around adults. It makes me feel safe.
– Hold my hand! – Yeah.
– Hip hip! – I can fight monsters, but I can’t cross the street by myself. (all laughing) – Get it, scary. All right. Mr. Archeologist is gonna
start his turn by one, retrieving this item.
– Woo, woo, woo. – Ooh, nice.
– What day is it? – Two, move into the tower. Three, running away to the theater, and four, picking up
this item in the tower, because it’s my power.
– It’s adjacent! – I could’ve done that
in the opposite order and it wouldn’t have needed
my special power, but– – It’s fun to use special powers. – He likes to show off.
(lively string music) – The actions are on the top here, so that’s how many of…
– Yeah. – Yeah! It’s different for different characters. Most characters have four actions. The Mayor is a sweet card that gets five, but she doesn’t have another power, and the Explorer just gets three, but your special action’s super OP. – I get to move wherever I want. – Yeah.
– That’s amazing. – Just like real life.
– Nope. – Let me do a monster turn real quick. Monster phase happens
after each hero phase. I have flipped over, ooh! A spooky card. Now, first things first. On the top of this card is a number, and that’s how many
items I add to the board. – I love items. Can I just say?
– So, let me add precinct. Laboratory.
– And each of the items, Becca, tell you where to place it? – They sure do. They have a name on the bottom. An institute.
– Ahh. – Easy as pie.
– Two magnifying glasses? That’s one for each eye.
– That’s basically glasses. (women laughing) – Oh my god, you’re right.
– Yeah. – Yeah!
– If you don’t wanna commit to full glasses. – I think they’re binoculars. – Maybe. They’re low-level binoculars.
– Yeah. – Really dumb binoculars.
– Yeah. (group laughing) – This card, we check
the symbol in the middle. If it has the villager
symbol, we always do it. If it has a specific monster symbol, we only do it if those are monsters we’ve chosen to put in our game. It says, “Place Dr.
Crannleigh at the laboratory.” He’s one of our little…
– Dr. Crannleigh! – Villagers here.
– Former associate of mine. – Dr. Crannleigh! – We went to doctor school together. – But what happened?
– We were roommates, and he wouldn’t do his dishes.
(others gasping) – And now he’s evil?
– He’s evil now! – He was evil then!
– Oh. – Did you not hear the dish thing? – Well, I mean, he was
fine, and then one day, you came home and you were like, “This is a bad man.” – Okay, the first symbol
is the Invisible Man. He’s not in our game. The second symbol is the frenzy symbol– – No!
– Which means, whichever monster is in your game and has this frenzy marker on their card is going to activate. They will move the number
indicated on the monster card, and then you will roll attack dice if they happen to be in the space with the player or villager. And they’re gonna move to
whichever is the closest hero. – Right, and I think Frankenstein and Frankenstein’s Bride will
also move towards each other? – Uh, they…
– Aren’t they drawn together? – They are generally
trying to move together, but basically they still
operate by the rules of moving towards attacking other players. – That’s a different special
action when they do that. – If they happen to be in the same space, then terror happens, yeah. – Then they kiss and terror happens. – The PDA gets out of control.
– Same. – Everybody gets really… It gets awkward.
– Yeah. – Everybody’s uncomfortable. – So, Frankenstein is the only
one that moves of this card. That’s a special rule because it’s the only
monster card with too many, so you just move Frankenstein when the frenzy action appears. And he’s moving to the church, and there’s no-one there to fight. So, that’s it. Okay, Havana. – I will go now. My turn. – Good, good job.
– For my first action, I will pick up this item. Ooh, a tarot deck, that’s cool. I think I’m gonna go to
crappy binocular land over in the institute.
– In the institute. – If somebody wants to move me. – Sure, I can help you out. – Can I pick up the two
magnifying glasses, please? – Two items in blue for you.
– Two items in blue. – Okay.
– The junk glasses. – Mm-hm.
– That is my three actions. – Here’s a monster card! – Okay, zero items added to the board. This card is called Reincarnated Soul. – Ooh!
– But, it only affects the Mummy in the middle part.
– Oh, yeah. If no hero has a soul sign,
give it to the current player. Move the hero–
– We don’t even read it? If it has–
– Oh I see what you’re saying. Okay, okay. Well, then, it says Wolfman, Vampire. So, yeah, this card does nothing. – (gasping) Good job!
– You got lucky! – A dramatic moment for the game. – Yes!
– The turning point. – Nox.
– Okay! So, the first thing that
I can do is move, so I’m running past Frankenstein.
– He’s distracted. – I’m a coward. Well, I can move one,
two, three up to here to the mansion, and I’m gonna grab both those items. – Yes.
– Smart. Economy of movement! You passed right by that crucifix knowing you could get
more bang for your buck. Picking up at the mansion. I like it.
– Yes. That’s right.
– Okay, monster flip. – Okay, so, then it’s the monster phase, and I draw one of these cards. For Retreat.
– No items. – Which is, yeah. No items from that, but I can place the
Creature in the Lagoon. – He’s already there!
– But he’s there. – Well, there you go.
– Okay. And then we go down this line here. We do have the Bride of Frankenstein. We don’t have the Wolfman. But she’s gonna take one move.
– Correct. – And then she has no-one to attack, so she just stays there, right? – Ah, but then we do the frenzy one, too. – Yeah, the frenzied
creature moves one as well. – Frankenstein.
– Uh-oh! Towards me.
– Coming for you. – Yeah!
– Like I’ve hurt myself there. But that’s what it is.
– I mean, he could just as easily go mess
with the little boy. – Yeah, but he goes for heroes before villagers if they’re equidistant. – No, I’m a hero. How dare you!
(group laughing) – Yeah, you’re just so small, Pip. – How dare you, Pip!
– I forget about you, Pip! – Listen, in 10 years, come and see us. You’re not ready to be a hero. – All right, your turn, Pip! – Well, guess I’m working on my own here since I’m not a hero.
(group laughing) I’m gonna pick up this
shop, this bear trap. – You love bear traps! – This bear trap is my favorite thing. – It’s the 1930s, it’s rated for all ages. – All right, and then
that’s my first move. Second move, I’m gonna pick up all… Uh, move. Third move, pick up all these things at the laboratory, because
I love breakable stuff. Ooh, an experiment! – Centrifuge!
– I pick up an entire experiment. I’m going to, because I
have this villager with me, move this, even though it’s a risky move. – And Dr. Crannleigh would love to make it to the precinct up north there. – Hmm.
– Yeah. – Come with me, Dr. Crannleigh! – To make him face his crimes.
– Yeah. – He needs an escort.
– You didn’t do the dishes! (group laughing) – Monster phase. I was like, I’m done! – This scientist would like
a little boy to escort him so he feels safer.
– He’s a coward! – I’m scrappy, I know my
way around the streets. – You do have a bear trap.
– And I have a bear trap. And a full experiment,
and a centrifuge, so… Okay. The Hunt is On. Two new items get added to the board. (humming)
(items rattling) – Two, all right. So, this one goes at the graveyard. Which is there. And this one goes at the tower. There you go. We don’t have the Wolfman, so
we don’t even look at that. Webbed Hands…
– That’s us. – That’s us, yeah. – I have that. I have it right here, I can look. The Creature. So, he moves, or they move, one. No Dracula. Frenzied monster is
Frankenstein, moves one. – Up to you. Would you like them to
come to the Professor or to the Courier? – Um… – One of you will have to discard an item if he rolls a hit on these attack dice. – He can come to me
‘cos I have more items. – Okay.
– You’re a real hero, Pip. – I know. I can punch him in the knees. (group laughing) Okay, so first, I set up my bear trap. Roll two dice… – Oh no!
– One, that’s great! So, no hits. It says rock the–
– Uh oh. – Here comes the Bride. Move the Bride one space
toward Frankenstein. – Oh, I see, okay.
– Would you like for me to? – Yeah.
– So, but, doesn’t the Bride then walk
onto your square there, Becca? – Yes.
– She does. – Does she attack automatically,
or just stay there? – She does not, because her
symbol was not activated. It’s just a little dicey. – She’s breathing on you. – You’re just up against the wall, hoping she doesn’t see you.
– I’m hiding. I’m architecting, beneath the floorboards. – You designed a building
that you can hide in. – You’re not a architect!
– Have I been saying that the entire show?
– No, no. – Okay, great. That’s a hobby. Archeology is my profession.
– Archeology. You’re only in the arch
stage of your education. – Absolutely.
– Right, right, right. I like things that start with A. – Right.
– You become a xylophone. – Anarchist, archeologist, architect. – ‘Tis my turn! Me, the archeologist. – You almost messed it up again! I saw–
– No! – I saw the tect about to come out. – No, it could’ve been architectologist. – Mm-hm? – Because I studied tectonic
plates and archeology. – So you’re also a–
– Seismologist. – Yeah!
– I like to call it an architecologist. – We have another thing. It’s called a perk card. Everybody’s got one. You can get another, as I mentioned, when you deliver a villager
to their safe space. Mine says, Show of Force. Choose one. Place the Creature in any space, or move any monster three spaces. So that’s what I can do
during any hero phase. What can you do, Explorer?
– Uh, I can. Each player… (laughing) Each player draws and places
one item from the item bag. – What’s it called?
– It’s called Overstock. – What?
– Yeah. – I’m sitting on a Taxi Ride.
– Ooh! – So I can place a hero
in any non-water space. – Wow.
– Water taxis are separate. A separate situation.
– Different card. – That’s cool.
– Yes. – A gondola.
– I have Hurry! – That’s so Pip.
– (laughs) I have no patience! Move each hero up to two spaces. – Cool.
– Oh! – On any hero phase.
– Whoa. – We could do that now, if we’re feeling too close to monsters. – That’s a lot.
– Which, I feel fancy free. – I’m sweating over here.
– Hey, I’m ready to party. – Everyone else is in dire straits. – Yeah, ‘cos literally everyone’s in that. You get to move, but maybe
we should do that now. – I’m, no. Don’t move me, I have plans.
– Whoa. – I am an archeologist–
– Wow! – And here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna use my power to say, (stammering) Aloharchior! Just is the spell I say.
(Nox laughing) And then this tower–
– What? – What do you think an archeologist is? – I cast a spell and I summon to me a cosmic ray diffuser, ‘cos I can pick up items
from an adjacent space. Now, Bride of Frankie– – That’s not how archeology works. – You don’t know! You don’t know how many things I can do! – Okay.
– Accio cosmic ray diffuser. I pull it towards me, and now, me and… B-O-F, as I’m calling her–
– Oh. – Are in the same space.
– Bof. – Yeah, me and Bof–
– That means something. – Me and Bof are chilling here. So, here’s what I shall do. I must move the Bride as many spaces as the strength which I impose upon her? I don’t know.
– Mm-hm. – So, I’m gonna play this
two item as my second action, and move her two spaces. I’ll move her to the tower,
and right back to the theater. Then, I will use my third action to play this other blue item, go up one, two, three. So, the rule-book
specifies I may move her. So, I’m just gonna move
her two, to the Dungeon. – Nice.
– Monster time! – Oh, gosh.
– Flip. – Judgment-free zone.
(Becca exhaling) (Becca clearing her throat)
– Absolutely. I mean, who doesn’t love a good dungeon? One in the precinct. One in the shop–
– Two whole guns? – I found a silver cane, and oh yeah. There’s two pistols in the precinct. – Oh, that’s the cane on
my card, that’s for sale. – Ooh.
– On sale. – This card is Thief. It does not apply because we
don’t have the Invisible Man, so at the bottom, we’ve got… Mummy, no thank you. Mm, Creature! Creature gets to move
one and roll three dice. – Three?
– For faster. I am so sorry.
– Oh, no! – Spicy.
– Yeah, this mansion is no place to come in contact with a Creature from the Black Lagoon! – Ooh.
– One hit. – Horrified! – You may be knocked
out, or expend one item. – Well, I’m gonna get rid of an item. Frankenstein takes blue,
and the Bride takes yellow? – Mm-hm.
– Frankenstein takes yellow. The Bride takes blue. Creature takes anything, but
red is the closest to him, meaning the worst to play right now. – I’m gonna hit him with a fire poker. Or, them with a fire poker. – Stab their eye out! – Well, you just have
to discard it, though. – Yeah, well, I’m getting rid of it. – Okay.
– That’s what I’m saying. – We’re building a narrative here! We’re building a narrative here, Becca! – I get it! – The Professor throws
the fire poker at them. – Okay, incredible.
– So, no. This is a game. There’s no, you didn’t, though. – Oh.
– Is that, am I doing it wrong? (Nox sighs)
– Improv? Yeah, you are.
– I’m doubling down. (others laughing)
No! – No, but…
– Yeah, no. No.
– No. – Nor…
– I’m also gonna get hit. – Oh. – I sorry. Yeah, Frankenstein doesn’t
like what you’re doin’ with Dr. Crannleigh there, and he says, two hits to your face!
– Well– – Little boy.
– You know what? Frank, this is what I have to say to you. Take this experiment and take this bear trap!
– Ooh, a bear trap. – A bear trap experiment?
– Yeah. I just threw ’em both at him. Neither were activated.
(group laughing) – Love it, okay. Good monstering. On to you, my dear.
– All right. I’m the Explorer.
– Ooh. – Ooh, it’s me! I want to go, we’re really doing a number
on the Bride of Frankenstein as far as teaching her about forks. So I’m gonna go ahead,
use my special action to transport to the dungeon.
(others gasping and humming) If you could move me.
– Wow. – So, that’s action one. Action two, I’m going to
advance two with my blue. So she’ll go up to seven.
– Woop! – All right.
– And then I’m gonna just move her to the tower and back, so you can just leave her there. – So she goes here, and then back. – Nice.
– And then I’m gonna use my last action to hit her with
my second magnifying glass, and that’s gonna do her up by two, and she’s maxed out.
– Oh, wait! – Perfectly civilized,
and then she runs away. – Let’s put her in the Docks, please. – You made her good!
– So, what happens? – We flip her! She’s happy now!
– Woo, nice job! So well done, quick! – She’s so much prettier when she smiles. – Wow.
(Nox exhaling) – That is my turn. I kinda wanna use my special card, though, because it would just be fun to have some more items
on the board, I think. – Ooh, what’s that?
– So, each player draws and places one
item from the item bag. – (gasping) Cool.
– You go first. – Do we have a discard pile for that? – We do now! Uh, here you go.
– You started it. – There you go, I can move my items back. – Right, this is going to camp. – Yeah.
– Becca? – (gasping) I’m not next in rotation. – Oh.
– Oh, okay. So I take one item?
– Yeah! – All right. I’ll take a blue tower. Oh, it’s a kite.
– Oh, wait. Do we take ’em or put ’em down? Sorry.
– Oh, d’you take them? – What does the card say?
– I think place them. – Each player draws and
places one item from bag. Sorry about that. I can put it anywhere I want, right? – No, what it says on the thing. – On the bottom. So, it goes to the tower.
– This goes to the abbey. It’s a stake.
– Ooh! – And not like a hump steak, like a– – Medium rare, please. – You know my favorite thing about church? Wine. – Ah.
– There you go. – That seems like a
really non-efficient way to get your wine.
(group laughing) – No, I like–
– Go out wine tasting. – Sure, they’re holding the cup. But I really take a big swig. (Nox laughing)
I always have the refills. – Can I get a monster card?
– You may. – Oh, okay! – Before Becca reveals a little too much. – We’re there. We’re there. – This is called Worried Fiancee! – Three!
– Three item placement. Ooh, this is not good, as far as– – No, it’s too many, no, don’t look! (group laughing) – What was that gonna spoil?
– Gonna spoil the whole game! – Well, we’re done.
– There’s another camp item. – Another camp item?
– Wow. Camp is really cool.
– Yeah. – Camp is the place to be.
– Yeah. (tongue clicking) – I don’t know where the laboratory is. – Boop!
– Boop. Okay, so place those three items. Place Elizabeth at the mansion. – Okay.
– Elizabeth, oh my! – She’s so worried at the mansion! – Oh, my, she’s wearing a wedding dress! – She’s beautiful.
– Where does she wanna go? – The mansion.
– The tower, mansion. Eventually, she would love
to make it to the tower. – Got it.
– And then, this is not great, because it’s Frankenstein,
Bride of Frankenstein, and then–
– Oh, my gosh. – Frenzy.
– The frenzy. So Frankenstein’s going to move one. – He doesn’t need to, he just attacks. – Really?
– Oh, no. – That’s how it works?
– Mm-hm. – Pip! Look out, Pip! – Safe.
– Clear! – Dodged it, I ducked.
– He farted and he got scared. Okay, then Bride of
Frankenstein moves one. – Boop!
– And she’s not near anyone. And then frenzy, so
Frankenstein doesn’t move. Oh, sorry, just two. (dice clattering) (group groaning) – Not great. – Move the Bride one
space toward Frankenstein, is the exclamation point. And then, one hit onto Pip.
– Fine. I’ll throw my centrifuge at him. – Fine! – That was my mother’s centrifuge. – Excellent, good monstering.
– Thank you. – No?
– I mean, if I did a good job, it’s a bad job, though, because… – You’re stepping into
the shoes of a monster. You’ve gotta do your best. – And they’re such big shoes. They’re Frankenstein’s shoes. They’re, like, size 20.
– All right. I have a villager in the space with me. So, if I would like to either move or take that villager with
me, I can do so, right? – Absolutely.
– If that takes one action? – They move for free when you move. – Oh, okay, so it’s just
my regular movement, then. – Yes, or you could also
choose to guide them, so you can move them to
or from an adjacent space. – And where does Elizabeth wanna be? – The tower.
– The tower. – Right over here.
– So she can look longingly out at the sea.
(others humming agreement) – And then for my perk, I
can do that at any time, and it doesn’t cost me any actions, right? – Whoa, place the hero
at any non-water space. So, I have ruled that place
is not the same as move, and you don’t get to fast
travel with villagers when you use a place action.
– Understood. Well, then, what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take Elizabeth with me, and run away from the
Creature of the Black Lagoon. One, two, three, and
then four, to the tower. (others gasping)
– Oh! – She loves the tower!
– She’s now marrying you! – Well, I didn’t commit to that. But let’s see what
happens in a few months. Let’s just try moving in together. – Ceremony’s canceled. – You guys should have some wine first. – Yeah, I don’t… Becca’s taken all the wine, I, ah… – There’s perks.
– Okay, there is a perk. So, I get this now. Does she stay on the board? – No, she’s now removed from the board. – We saved her.
– Okay. – She’s in hiding.
– Power of the Ancients. Choose one. Place the Mummy in any space, or move any monster three spaces. – Oh, that’ll be nifty!
– Well. I actually think I’m gonna use it now. Because we can protect the Bride from getting any closer
to Frankenstein, correct? – Sure.
– I like it. – Yes, she’s awfully close.
– So I’m gonna go ahead and use that perk, and
then I’m gonna move her all the way over to camp.
– Ooh! – Oh, but I was gonna go there. – Or the cave.
– What about the cave? – Uh, I can only move her three spaces. – Oh, thank you.
– So, camp would be it. But she’s not harmful to anyone now because she’s found her humanity, right? – No.
– Yeah. – She needs to be bonded
with Frankenstein first. – Gotcha.
– I can move away once I… – Okay, cool.
– Okay, well, yeah. And she may move. So that’s it, and now
monster phase, right? – Sure is time.
– Oh, gosh. – So I’ll draw the monster card. – I’m really–
– Uh oh. – We haven’t gotten
any bad, bad vibes yet. – We might.
– No, it’s good, we’re still at zero. – Because I have no way to protect myself. – ‘Cos Pip’s a real hero! – You need to move away from that monster. – I haven’t had a chance! – Pip, move away from there!
– Pip’s the hero. Stop throwing bear traps at that monster! (group laughing)
Come back here, Pip. – I’ve thrown all my bear traps! – I don’t wanna have to
explain to your mother why you’re dead. – I don’t have a mother any more! – Oh, god, Pip!
– Tragic backstory! Surprising!
– It’s not tragic. She left to pursue her dreams.
– You still have her. – Her dream of being as far
away from you as possible. – She’s a touring artist.
– How many items do we draw? – Two. Two items, The Hunt is On. Becca’s really against the backstory here. – Right.
– Wow. – We’re just fighting the clock, you know? It’s like, I’ve gotta
kill monsters all day. – Uh, the church, Becca’s
favorite place to be, look! More wine!
– More wine! – They’re stocking up, ‘cos they heard Becca’s
coming this weekend. – Yeah! – The store room is the place to be. – And then I have no
idea where the inn is. Is that it, over on the far side? Oh, it’s there. Place that there.
– It’s way out, there. – But–
– Shut up. – But The Hunt is On, if no hero has the hunted emblem, give it to the current player.
– Oh. Sorry, you hunted.
– What’s the hunted? – No, it’s the Wolfman. There is no Wolfman.
– Yeah, we don’t even read it. We don’t even read it! Okay, but now, monsters happen. – I’m just putting this here. Fair enough. So, the Creature does a move now. One space, right? Towards the nearest, which
is probably over here. – One, two, three. Or one two. Coming towards Pip.
– Only, yeah, there we go. – Oh my gosh, they are out for Pip. – Now, Pip is pretty spectacular. – And is gonna get attacked.
– And then unfortunately, the frenzied monster then attacks, which is Frankenstein still.
– Uh-oh, two dice. – Okay.
– But whichever feel lucky. – Uh, which do you think? It’s your funeral.
– Wait, but the… (mumbling, trailing off)
(group laughing) – Pip, you were a wonderful sidekick. We’re really gonna mourn you. – Ooh.
– Uh-oh. – Oh.
– Yeah. – But what if it attacks
the villager instead? – That increases the terror level. Yeah.
– Dang it! – Yeah, it must increase it. Pip first.
– So… – One terror.
– I jinxed it. – And Pip has been removed from the board. – Pip’s taking a little naperoo. – Yeah, you’re in an ethereal wonderland. You don’t know what’s happening. It’s just a little baby coma, and you’ll respawn in the hospital at the beginning of your next turn, which is–
– Right now! – Right now!
– Right now, you’re just so– – Like Rick Grimes.
– You’re back. You’re back.
– Rick Grimes! – Can I do this at the top of my turn? – Sure.
– You can do it whenever. – Play during any hero phase,
any time in that hero phase. – Hmm, I think…
– He’s a little groggy from the ether realms. – I think I’m going to, ‘cos I am really gonna
get eaten over here. I’m gonna play this. So, move each hero up to two spaces. So, people can move up to two spaces, maybe they don’t have to move, I believe. So, I’m gonna move with that card. One, two.
– Oh. – And then I guess if
anyone wants to move, they can make a free move? – Can I move one, two?
– Mm-hm. – I think I’m good.
– Yeah? – I think I’m good. – I wanna move to the theater. – Theater? – Can you put me to the theater? – Yes, I can. One, two.
– Nice, okay, yeah. And then, I will do my actual turn. That’s this side. I will move, one action. I will grab the doctor by the hand. Dr. Crannleigh, come with me! Two. Three, (grunting) four. We’re so close. And that is it. – Monster turn. – It’s the monster phase! Okay, two items get placed on the board. (Nox laughing)
– Too late to apologize! – Two items, oh wow.
– Church is stacked. – Man, screw the camp,
I’m going to church. – Yeah, I don’t know how to tell them that crucifix is not gonna
keep Becca away from the wine. – And then…
– (groaning) Fuck! I hate garlic.
– Dracula, we do not have you. And then that armadillo is the Mummy. (group laughing) – There was an armadillo.
– I didn’t realize. – Armadillo headdress.
– Classic Universal movie. – Looks like it has little armadillo legs. Okay, the Bride moves one space. – Oh, hello, Bride!
– And rolls two dice. – Come at me.
– But that’s the only one, so. – Come at me!
– Uh-oh, exclamation. – Here comes the Bride! Move the Bride one space. So, that worked out well for me. – I’m gonna say–
– Mansion. – They are properly close.
– Yeah, that’s a problem. – They all wanna hang out at the church! – Real quick question. Does the monster have
to move towards a player if possible?
– No, in that instance, the exclamation mark for
Bride of Frankenstein says, “Here comes the Bride. “Move the Bride one space
toward Frankenstein.” – Oh, okay. – Meaning, whichever is the
fastest, one, two, three… – It’s the quickest route to Frankenstein. – One, two, three, four, yeah.
– Okay. – Party on for Mr. (singing) Archeologist! (singing) I’m an archeologist! That’s what he does every day. – Really say it in a
way that makes us feel like he is an expert in his field. – Yeah.
(group laughing) – The way he says it, it just… – Do you know?
– He has no idea what he actually does.
(group laughing) – I’m moving to the camp.
– Put on the jazz hands when he says archeologist really long. – That’s the first thing they teach you in archeologist school. – Guess what? I got three items–
– Ooh, nice. – By picking up at the camp. That was action number two.
– Nice. – For actions three and four, this Creature is about to get punched. So, I have yellow and blue,
and the order matters here. Because if I do… I am going to first discard blue, this fossil here.
– That’s three. – Moving up to the next blue X, which is the furthest I could go. And then I will play a yellow charm in order to bounce up three more. – Beautiful, beautimus.
– And that’s all that this (singing)
archeologist can do today. – And we can only–
– As you can tell. – We can only discard
at the Camp, correct? For the Creature?
– Correct. – Okay.
– For this. To find the hidden lair. Now, zero new items are placed, and the Creature will retreat–
– No! – Which is the name of this card, and go to the river.
– Oh. – Yes.
– I don’t mind. – Looks like no Wolfman, but we do have Bride of
Frankenstein activating. She’s gonna move one, and the nearest will just be right here. – Okay.
– And then frenzy, which is gonna move
Frankenstein to this bridge, close to you, Havana.
– Uh oh. – I’ve never been close
to anyone in my life! What a dream.
(group laughing) – Oh, my.
(Havana laughing) – That’s–
– Are you done? – Yeah. – I just wish I had four moves. But I’m gonna, can you move
me to Frankenstein’s square? – Yes.
– And then I’m gonna, ‘cos that’s one action. Then I’m gonna use this one card to make him be a nice boy. – (gasping) Be a nice boy!
– Oh, nice. – Be a nice boy.
– That’s a good nice boy card, ‘cos it has a strength of three, so you get to go up three.
– Oh, I’m a ding-dong. Thank you. – I move him three?
– Yeah. – Oh.
– Move him three! – Okay, let’s get him away from the Bride. So, let’s put him in the dungeon? – It’s horrible luck. – Let’s just get into the institute. – Right?
– One, two, three. – You do not wanna see her
before the wedding day. – And then I’m gonna
teleport to the church, and by that I mean explore
my way to the church in a very fast way.
– Ooh! – And that’s all my actions,
so, monster card, please. (woman slurping) Okay, maybe just 100% less slurping. (group laughing) – We’ll try 50 and go from there. – How does this happen again? We just got this card. Retreat. Zero new items. Place the creature at the waterfront. – Oh.
– It’s a different card, then. There you go.
– That’s okay, though. – He’s just a coward. – No Wolfman.
– He’s the best man at Frankenstein’s wedding.
– Aww. – They have to get ready.
– That’s cute. – Bride of Frankenstein moves one. – Come at me, because I have items, and I will discard them at you, lady. – But wouldn’t she go towards the hero and the villager? – Because they’re both one away it’s up to you, controller of player.
– Oh. I thought we were trying
to be in-character as the monsters, and she’s like, “Do I kill one or two?”
– Yeah, but you’re forgetting. I’m an (singing) archeologist! – Well, yep, definitely. – You are entranced by the dance. – Entranced by the dance, all right! – Oh, not great.
– Not great at all. – That’s a hit.
– Yeah. – One hit.
– I discard these. Ooh, they’re both yellow. I’ll just do the lower strength. It’s a flower! – You throw a flower at
Bride of Frankenstein and she goes, “Oh, that is so nice!” – My bouquet!
– Oh! – Makes me think of my news. – And then moves one closer to Frankie. And that’s it. – Good turn, good turn. – This entire game is just a setup for the wedding sequence.
– I know! This is like Mamma Mia!
– Yeah! – This game is just like Mamma Mia. – Exactly like that.
– That’s exactly what it is. – Absolutely.
– All right, so I’m in the tower right now. The first thing I wanna do
is pick up these two items. So, they’re not really powerful, but I am gonna grab them. Now, my best bet here, since I don’t have a color of item that can affect Frankenstein, is probably to try to get
over to the camp, right? – Come to camp!
– You could use your Taxi. – Oh, I could use my Taxi.
– Use the Taxi! – Let’s take a Taxi to the camp! – Oh, I thought your nose
grew like you told a lie. (group whooping)
(whistling) – What on earth is that?
– Ding, ding, ding, ding! – It’s a whistle. – So, I’m gonna move over to the Camp, with the archeologist–
– Hello. – Ah, it’s not a competitive game. You don’t have to get angry. – I’m holding in a lot of feelings. – Okay. – It doesn’t have to
do with your movement. Hello, and welcome to camp.
– Thank you! I see that you’ve been
archeologically working here at camp. (players mispronouncing
the word archeological) – Archeological is my correct
pronunciation that I– – What do you do there?
– At camp? I think you have a good time, and you learn about friendship. – Yeah.
– Havana. – I’m going to discard–
– Adults are weird. – Don’t you know it, Pip! Don’t you know it. I’m gonna discard a blue item. – (gasping) Excellent! Moving up two towards the lair. – Yeah, I’ll just–
– Ooh! – Oh, there we go. That’s pretty good.
– That was a strong discard. – Just like a trash can over here. – So, that was only your
first move towards trash can. – It was, yeah. It was a free action, so it doesn’t even count as a move, right? – The finding the hidden
lair was your first. – Oh, yes. I brought two kites with me, as one should when going camping. – Ah!
– One for each hand. – One for my friend, an archeologist. – No, no friends.
– That hurts. I’m gonna give you a kite.
– You love it. – And then that advances
to the next blue, right? – Mm-hm.
– Oh, nice! – I can’t think of any show
tunes about flying kites. – I’m gonna drop another kite, because I’m prepared.
– Wow, you are so– – Dropping kites at the camp? – How are we gonna fly a kite now? – Uh, that’s… You’re gonna have to get
it from the Creature, who– – We threw them in the lagoon.
– Yeah. We hate kites. – But the lagoon Creature’s
having a real good time. – Yeah.
– Yeah. (imitating Creature groaning happily) – We’re so close to this
lair, it’s not even funny. – You know how water
monsters love flying kites. (imitating Creature groaning)
(group laughing) Very rich lore. So, we’ll draw a card, and it’s the Ent of the Enthralled. So, it’s three items.
– Ooh, nice. – And place Lucy at the theater. – Feel like she’s already out and about. – Here she is.
– Yeah. – Oh.
– Lucy’s walking the streets! Looking for the party. – Laboratory? – She would love to
make it to the mansion. – Yeah, she would. – She’s just sick of the theater. – Okay, and the items are now placed. If I look at the bottom here,
Dracula’s not on the board, but the frenzied monster is.
– Frankenstein! – Where is Frank?
– He’s in the institute. – One, two. And that’s it, because
none of them can attack. – Ha, ha!
– Onto you, Pip! – Ah, Pip is going to the
precinct with the doctor to take him home.
– Nice! – Here we go, daddy!
(group laughing) – I’m not your son, kid. – I didn’t say you were my son. I said you were my dad!
– I call everyone dad! My dad left me too! Here you go.
– Thank you. – This is canon for the game now. – Villager leaves the board.
– Place the hero in any non-water space. That’s very good, it’s another taxi ride. Okay. – I guess we should’ve shuffled better. – Sounds like a not-me problem. (group laughing)
– That was one… – ‘Cos dropping him off is not a action. – No, so that was one. So, then I will pick up.
(imitating slurping) Sorry, sorry! Sorry, sorry.
– What if… – He just made zero discussing… – To be clear, Pip just picked up two guns! – I got–
(group laughing) Double pistols, baby!
– One for a friend. – Oh, 1970s.
– Different than kites. – Yeah. Pistol for me, pistol for you. All right, and then I will (laughing)– (Nox laughing) – What a horrible era.
– So, maybe what I’ll do with my special action, is those, one, two. I’ll go to the camp. – Oh, that is a cool ability.
– Mm-hm. – And then I will throw this pistol. (group laughing) Not shoot the Creature
from the Black Lagoon! (grunting)
I’m a kid! (group laughing) (babbling) This thing won’t go off! – There’s no bullets!
– Perfect. – Was there safeties back then? – I move the boat one, and–
– The EPA won’t allow us to have a kid shooting a gun. – We gotta throw it!
– That’s all my moves. – Monster time.
– Monster time! Ooh, cool green card. The meeting!
(cast inhaling sharply) – No!
– Two items go onto the board. – Oh, my.
– It is two. A pitchfork goes in the barn! – And we haven’t even
hung out in that barn yet. – They need to break onto that barn. There’s a lot of pitchforks.
(group laughing) – How many? You only need one pitchfork.
– Does it bring you joy? – A rapier in the theater.
– Oh, of course, it was– – A rapier.
– A rapier in the theater. All right. Move the Bride two spaces
towards Frankenstein. – Uh oh.
– Mansion. – Oh, no.
– We’re outta here. – Okay, Lagoon moves two. – Towards, uh-oh. Towards Lucy, I think.
– Yeah. – And I think–
– No bueno. – She makes it there to the theater. – Oh!
– Guess what? – Only one.
– Okay, it depends on whether or not this die
hits, but if it does, Lucy dead.
– Only one die? – Mm-hm.
– So, they’re attacking Lucy? (die clattering)
(gasping) – Well, that’s not bad.
– That’s another hit. That’s a rock the boat back. He throws the pistol back at me. (group laughing)
You throw it in the lagoon, just flies right back out. – Flies right back! – He also doesn’t know
how to use a pistol. – No.
– I mean, you’re littering. – He’s just mimicking you.
– You are littering. – Well… – First things first,
I am an archeologist. Just a humble archeologist,
just me here in a camp, and I have a wolfsbane! Wolfsbane. And I will throw it into the lagoon and move us up two
spaces into this yellow. – Mm, we’re getting there.
– Mm. – So, that was one action. Now, what else? I guess Frankenstein loves yellow pieces, but you’ve got the church, so I’m gonna go towards the
abbey, my favorite nightclub. Oh, oh, oh, oh. I’m gonna go. So that was one action, then two, three. And guess what? Mr. Archeologist is famous
for his discoveries from afar. I’m gonna adjacently absorb this stake. – Absorb the stake. – You know what goes great with steak? A little wine.
– It’s like a wooden stake. – Oh.
(group laughing) Point stands, point stands. – I’m gonna use my show of force. – Oh.
– I know that it’s so tempting to have Frankenstein and
the Bride so close together, because I am tempted to see
what happens when they meet. – Mm-hm.
– A little kissing. – It’s probably not good
for winning the game. – I do wanna see them kiss.
– No PDA here, please. – I think I’m gonna move Frankenstein back to the institute.
– Nice. – You stay there.
– You stay there! – We gotta study you.
– Not done learning. – How many spaces could
you have moved him? – Three. Actually, instead, I’m gonna
move Bride of Frankenstein one, two, three into the crypt. – Oh, okay, there you go.
– Yeah! – Now you’ve made the choice.
– Now choice is done! Okay.
– Monster! – Now monster flip.
– It’s a monster flip! – May I have the bag?
– You may. – I have flipped the innocent. Place Maria at the barn. There’s Maria. And then–
– My child! – I love pitchforks!
– (laughing) She does! – Research in the tower…
– Where does she wanna go? – Oh, she wants to go to camp, which– (exhaling heavily)
Makes sense. – Kids and their camps.
– Right? Kids love camp. – Look at this little
kid in camp right now. – Fierce kids. – Oh, she’s got a thing for Pip! – First kiss! – It’s Pip’s little girlfriend. – Ooh! Sorry (laughing).
– Okay, Maria has been placed at the barn. Now, Frankenstein is
activated for one movement towards, ooh. I think that’s gonna have to
be towards both me and Havana. – Okay.
– Then, uh-oh. – Choices, choices.
– Uh-oh. Then Bride of Frankenstein moves one. – Uh oh.
– Yikes. – To the abbey. – Just can’t keep these
two away from each other. – They’re so in love.
– Magnetic. – It’s like teenagers at a gym dance. (group laughing)
– Yes, a classic gym dance. – Leave room for Jesus!
– It is the 1930s. (group laughing)
Where do you dance? – And then–
– I’m a little boy! (group laughing) – You don’t dance anywhere, Pip! – Bad news bears. – Bears?
(group laughter) Oh, my!
– Yeah. Here’s what’s up. Frankie’s coming for me,
and I’m gonna roll three. – Ah, here you go. (dice clattering) – One hit!
– One little punch. – You know what? I’m just gonna take that
hit right to my face and allow the terror.
– We have terror to spare. – Terror to spare. Good name for a band.
– Yeah, let’s make music. – Okay, what are you
gonna do, Ms. Explorer? Going ham?
– First action. Pick up all the yellow bitties. – Yeah! – You got so many bitties! Pick up bitties in the church.
– My second action, use my special ability to
transport to Frankenstein. – All right.
– Nice. – Third action, advance
with my top leading one, which is this crucifix (laughing). – Nice. – And that’s going to,
one, two, three, four. – There’s a Seven!
– Roll up to Seven, and then I get to move him four spaces, so I’m going to move him
one, two, three, four, back to the institute.
– He loves it there. – A learned man.
– Back into your cell! – How many spaces does he have left until he’s civilized?
– Seven to eleven. You do the math.
(group laughing) I refuse!
– (laughing) Okay. – Four-ish.
– Eight, nine, ten. – Four-ish, we’ll call it five. Is that the end of the monster turn? – No!
– It’s a co-op game, Becca! We’re a team! God! Okay, reincarnated soul. Zero new items. We don’t have the Mummy. No Wolfman, no Vampire, no Invisible Man. – You’re really good
at drawing those cards. – My second one.
– Yeah. – Yeah.
– Okay. – Really good at picking
up worthless things. – Hey, Pip, it’s been
really great hanging out. I’m gonna leave, so.
– Uh… – You’re good by yourself, right? – Yeah, you’re okay.
– You’re an adult. You can do whatever you want.
– Yeah, just, uh. Keep throwing bear traps at things. – Okay.
– I’m gonna move, I think– – Do you have any spare pistols? (group laughing)
‘Cos I do! – Is that a threat, Pip? Because now I’m running away from you. – Uh, not a threat. I just like having two.
(group laughing) – You threw the other one away. I’m gonna stop buying you guns if you treat them this way.
– Okay. – I’m gonna run away from Pip, all the way to the villager over here. So, that’s–
– One, two, three? – Yeah, and I can move one more, right? – Yeah. – And I can take that villager with me to save Lucy.
– Amen. – But she wants to be at the theater. – She wants to go to the mansion. She’s at the theater.
– Oh, okay, okay. So then I can move back. Okay, so I’m gonna do that.
– Nice. – And save Lucy.
– Aww. – Well, you haven’t saved her yet. – All right. Well, maybe she saved me. – Maybe.
– We don’t know. We’ll see.
– Who saved who? – Monster! – Find out how my wife
finds out about this later. – Wow. – Number two, it’s the thief. We’ve drawn this one too. Place the Invisible Man anywhere. So, we just ignore that, right? But I place two items. – Uh oh.
(ominous, ghostly music) – Why uh oh?
– I read ahead. – Oh, this is great. Hey, rather than using
guns all the time, Pip, why don’t you learn to play an instrument? – Wow. That was pretty aggressive.
(group laughing) – I think you’re the dad.
– That’s a serious package. – It was pretty aggressive. – A violin? Boring!
– Boring, I wanna play drums! – And here’s a flower for the docks! – I only play the guns.
(group laughing) Pew, pew! – So there is a symbol
which I don’t recognize. That’s the Mummy, okay. So, we don’t have a Mummy. We do have a Creature, so
the Creature then moves one. – Ooh.
– Towards us, oh no! – Now–
– Or me. – Oh, no, or the villager. No, it moves for the hero.
– It moves towards the hero, which is on the–
– No. (group laughing) – So I roll three dice
for the attack, right? – That’s so many! That’s all of them.
– In fact. – All we have. Okay, and that–
– Oh! – Is a hit and an exclamation point. – This is great. – You don’t have any items to discard. – I don’t.
– You go to sleep. (Nox groaning) And Lucy is, indeed, not saved, as I predicted.
– The boat goes back. – No.
– To where? – One on the terror. – And then the exclamation is for– – Yeah.
– The boat goes back, okay. – The boat has been rocked.
– It goes back one? – All right.
– Boat’s been rocked. – This exclamation point
points to what happens. – Going one spot back
doesn’t seem that crazy. – And I think this is
the Frankenstein symbol. So, Frankenstein also moves one. – That’s correct. – And doesn’t have anybody to attack, so just moves here.
– Laboratory. – Guarding all the blue bits.
– Yeah. – Who needs ’em? – And that’s the end of my turn. – Pip!
– I’m gonna do something. – Go, Pip!
– I’m going to– – Take a nap.
– Eat a snack! – Take this taxi ride over here. – Who let a little boy?
– Grab… – Ooh, best friends! – So, as my first movement, I’ll pick up all these pitchforks. – You came to her, but
she was gonna come to you. – Well, I’m taking her to me! Back to me. Come with me, little girl! We hold hands for the first time. It’s weird.
– Your hands are real wet. – Yeah, really. – Your hands are real wet!
– Thank you. Oh, her voice. – Ooh, good Maria.
– Okay, so one, two, three. I grab you. Four. – Oh, you grabbed multiple villagers? Sick!
– Pip’s a real hero. – Absolutely.
– I picture Pip, they’re sitting on each bicep as he runs. – He’s holding the gun in his mouth. (group laughing)
– Get a pocket, Pip! (imitating Pip screaming)
– Over my corpse. – Yeah! – Which is right in front of you. – He’s just sleeping,
don’t worry about it. – It’s fine.
– Okay. He told me he was gonna be fine. He left me at the camp.
– Oh, wow. You’re so strong, Pip.
– Oh, monster time. I always forget about the monster phase. I’m like, that was it, it’s great! – This is great!
– Happy day! – Okay, the delivery. Three items.
– Is it a baby delivery? – Um, no, it looks like milk, but it’s the wrong milk.
– So, yes? – It’s fine (laughing).
– So, yes, what I said. – The graveyard. – You are a great archeologist. – Another stake.
– Another stake! – Good spot for stakes.
– And then, okay. Wilbur and Chick at the–
– Is that Abbott and Costello? – Okay, at the shop. So they go–
– That’s Wilbur and Chick, not to be confused.
– Where do they wanna go? – Dungeon.
– Why? – Their favorite spot.
– Uh, you don’t wanna know. – Wilbur and Chick love to
go to the dungeon together. We let them do their thing.
– Right. – Because there’s no
more room in the pantry. We needed to store some dry goods. Okay–
– They like an adventure. – Stop.
– Frankenstein, right? That’s Frankenstein?
– Yes. – Frankenstein moves one. – Uh, Wilbur and Chick are not safe. – Uh oh.
– Roll three. – The Bride–
– Wait, hold on. – Oh, sorry.
– Roll three dice. – Roll three. Oh, no, Wilbur and Chick. The two of you were so distracted by each other!
– No! – They are the most dead you could be. – Each got punched.
– Oh no. – Oh my god! Are we gonna lose?
– Maybe. – We have to hurry. Okay, and then–
– This wasn’t intense until it became intense.
– The Bride moves one. – Okay, roll. She’s got so many items. It’s you, Havana, but you’re item full. – Okay, one item. – One item, if you wanna not take a hit. – The wine, throw the wine!
– And the exclamation says she moves one towards the dude. – Oh, my god. – And then, the frenzied monster also moves.
– Uh oh, this is it! – This is bad, because they’re
gonna be in the same space. – Yeah, yeah.
– True love cannot be stopped. (roaring)
– Oh, my god. – They bite each other! – Can you make them hold
each other and kiss? – Remember three turns
ago when we were like, we have terror to spare!
(group laughing) – Yeah, I chose to die
instead of discarding an item. – I made them dance.
– Aw, they’re dancing! – He’s pushing on her face. – They’re both a little handsy. – So, what happens now that
they’re in the same space? – Wow, they dance a dance of sadness, and then she goes in the dungeon, and he goes to the graveyard. Well, goodbye to dear Wilbur and Chick, who stepped into a shop and were quickly eaten by Frankenstein. – That’s the way the cookie crumbles. – Yep. – But, happy days are here again, because I’m gonna spawn in the hospital. I’ve just got this stake that
I was willing to die for. Maybe I should’ve (laughing) discarded it, because our terror-o-meter
is getting pretty scary. But–
– Pretty terrorific. – Mm-hm, amen. So, Havana, it seems like you are pretty much covering Frankenstein. You can fast travel and
you’ve got a lot of yellow. So I’m gonna focus on the
Creature from the Black Lagoon. So, I need to get to the camp. I have a yellow to discard, which will bring me a little closer, but it looks like without blue, we can’t get to the final stage– – Get some blues! – Of finding his lair. So, I’m gonna do that, I will. – Get some blues!
– Dang, but I’m so far away. So, I guess I’m gonna spend my whole turn. One, two, three to the shop. Four to pick up everything–
– Look at that! – Lot of goods!
– Special ability! – Very good, I forgot about the ability That was nice.
– Smooth. – I improvised. – I’m an argargeologist (garbling). (group laughing) – A monster! Three items in…
– Oh, no! Becca!
– The title of this card is, the itch theologist.
(group laughing) Ichthyologist.
– How did they know? – They knew. They knew, that’s kind of freaky. – Theologist?
– I feel horrified. – It’s horrifying.
– Ichthyologist. – There are some people who
spent ten years in college that are very horrified right now. – I-each-three-ologist, I’m sorry. – Itchy?
– I want comments from whoever has this as
their field of expertise. We had one at the inn, one at the mansion, and one at the institute. – And then place Dr.
Reed at the institute. – Oh, Dr. Reed knows.
– Where does he wanna go? – Camp! Oh, sorry… – The institute’s the opposite. – He’s as far away from camp
as he could possibly be. – He wants to go to the camp?
– Yeah. Everybody wants to go
to camp, but they don’t. (group humming)
– Then you get there and you’re like, this isn’t that great. – It’s not what I thought it was gonna be. – I’m very sweaty.
– I forgot bug spray. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – So, the Creature shall move one towards, uh oh.
– Me. – All the children.
– You’ve got so many items, I’m not worried about you. I’m gonna roll two dice. – Uh oh.
– One item to discard. – And I throw my pistol at it again! – Is that your lowest one? No, that’s worth six.
– It doesn’t matter because she’s fighting the Creature, and he doesn’t care about numbers. – Yeah.
– But it is a gun. – Yeah. – It’s just fun to throw a pistol. It’s kinda my thing. – Oh wow, Pip, you’re so brave! – Frankenstein moves one.
– Maria? – I have a name. – Sorry, I got so distracted in your eyes. – Oh. – Oh, eye contact’s weird at this age. (group laughing) – Your hands are wetter somehow. – Yeah. I was fighting the Lagoon monster. – Contact is strictly forbidden when you’re under 15. – (laughing) Leave room for
Jesus between those eyes! – They have two chaperones, too. I don’t know what they’re even doing here. – Leave room for Jesus! – What do you wanna do? – I wanna move to
Frankenstein, my best friend! – Boo, boo!
– Oh wait, actually, sorry. – Special move? – I just wanna pick up that item first. One.
– So that’s one, yeah. – Then do special move. – Special move!
– Then advance using this. – Four? That means he’s all the way to eleven! – All right!
– Up to eleven. – He’s a real man.
– Then we get to move– (group clapping quietly)
We’re clapping for his… – He used a fork like this. He curtsied before offering
his hand for a dance. – And then since I advance four, I get to move him four. (spluttering and mumbling)
– Oh, yeah! – So, let’s just move him as close to the Bride as possible. ‘Cos once they’re together, it’s resolved. – I’m gonna go.
– Yeah. – Towards me? One, two, three, four. (group groaning) – It’s getting close.
– All right. And then I’ll take a monster card please. Oh, wait. That was three, right? Yeah, please, monster card.
– You may be slow in actions, but you are powerful.
– Thank you so much! That’s the nicest thing
anyone’s ever said to me. – Oh, look, garlic! You love that.
– That goes in the inn. – I do love garlic! – And then this goes in the museum. – Museum, great.
– So much yellow in there. Okay, it’s the Invisible Man, so we don’t need to worry about that. Mummy. Creature moves one, roll three. – Just gonna come for Pip.
– Just gonna roll three at me, which is a lot.
– Can I have dice? Oh, thank you. I already had two. (dice clattering)
(group gasping) – And I will throw this pitchfork! Hiyaah!
– Describe it, Pip. – Don’t worry, I have multiple. (group laughing) – And then it’s going to be Frankenstein, which is actually great. No, it’s not. He’s gonna move away. – Oh.
– Yeah, he’s coming… – Towards the player.
– You can bring him towards me or towards Pip. I say towards me, because
I’ve got expendable items. – Sure, I’ll go to you, but there’s nothing there to attack, so that is resolved.
– Nice! – That’s my turn.
– All right. And he’s still not too far away. I respawn at the hospital. Would you mind?
(woman sighing) Thank you.
– Ahh, refreshing! – Yeah, oh, being dead was rough. I gotta say. But that Pip’s a real hero! (group laughing)
– Thanks, mister. – He sure is!
– My heart warms over there. – I’m gonna move back over to the museum, so that’s three. And then I’ll use my final
to pick up all those items. – Get those.
– Good haul. – Yeah. So, I can use these, I think, either on Frankenstein
or the Creature, correct? – Yep, yeah.
– Okay. – Sure can. – And that’s now monster phase. Ah, the meeting. That’s a good thing.
– What is that? – A meeting?
– Yeah. So, move the Bride two
spaces towards Frankenstein. – Yay!
– Happy day! Good card draw!
– Love lifeline! – So close, ahh!
– Here comes the Bride. And then– – Two items need to be revealed. – Oh, I did that action first, sorry. – I think they’re blue.
– Hey, you were excited. – I was.
– It was a great card to draw. – The docks gets another knife. So, now that we have two
of something on a square, we can go to it. And the mansion gets a box.
– (gasping) What’s in the box? – Only the mansion can know. – And then this Creature’s
gonna attack me again. – (sighing) Yeah, I’m sorry about that. – With only one dice, though.
– Okay. So, the Creature’s gonna
strike out at Pip– (dice clattering)
for a hit. – Ooh.
– Here’s another pitchfork! – You’re just throwing things, Pip! – I only have things in doubles. – Oh my goodness. – And that is the end of my turn. – Okay, Pip’s gonna go!
– Get ’em, Pip! – So, Pip is gonna use the… I don’t remember. Guide. So, I’m gonna guide Lucy to the mansion. – Smart. – ‘Cos that’s where she wants to go. – Good move. She’s immediately
jumping into the mansion. – And then I get one of these?
– You do. – Perk!
– Perk. – Did we go down a terror
when we save a villager? – That would seem nice. – Break of dawn. Skip the next monster phase. Draw and place two items from the bag. So, I can play during any hero phase. – Whoa.
– So, that’s amazing, yeah. – Do it now.
– I should do it now, right? – Yeah.
– So you don’t get punched in the face.
– Sure. – Just so we’re in control.
– Stay safe. – The Creature’s right on top of you, and they mean business. – So, I’m gonna skip that phase, and draw and place two
items from the item bag. Nice.
– Win-win. – Okay, so–
– It does say it, cute. – Oh, a rifle in the barn. Pip wants that!
– Typical. – More guns!
– And more garlic for the inn! – The inn is loaded.
– The inn is stacked. – Okay, so I’ve only done one
action so far, technically. Now, I’m going to move
for my second action, with Maria–
– My love. – Your girlfriend.
– It’s not official. My unofficial–
– We don’t like labels. – Yeah, we don’t like labels,
but we like each other. So, then, she is returned
to where she wants to go, immediately comes off the board as well. Get another one of these. – Wow!
– On top of it. – Yeah!
– Rush. Move a hero up to four spaces. Play during any hero phase, so. – I accept. – Do that, if anyone
needs to go somewhere. – I would like to go to the camps. – The camps? – Just throwing it out there as an option. – We can do that at the top of your thing and then it’s all easy. Unless you need to move immediately. – No.
– There’s no monster turn, so it doesn’t matter.
– I have things to discard. – Oh, yeah, there’s no monster round, so it’s not gonna even do anything. Okay, so…
– Suck it, monsters! – For my third action, I
will discard this bread. – All right. Is a red for the Creature, though? Are we still–
– To go (vocalizing)… – Oh!
– Whoa! – Look at that! – And then for my fourth action, I will pick up this violin
and start learning it. – Nice!
– That a boy, Pip! – Hobbies for the future. – It’s gonna build so much character. – Oh my gosh, no monster phase. – I am taking a nap.
– Okay. – Oh, no monster phase. – No monster phase.
– Done. – And then we can use
this on your hero phase. – Can I?
– Yeah! So, move a hero up to four spaces. – That’s exactly how many
I would like to move. – Amazing.
– Okay. – Okay, there you go.
– One, two, three, four. Now I’m at the camp!
– Got it. – My second action will
be to use one camera to move to the hidden
lair of the Creature! And while I am here, I
shall move to the Creature. Then I shall, in the Creature’s space, use one yellow, one red, one blue, and drive the Creature away to defeat him! (quiet clapping)
– You’re my hero! (imitating explosion)
– That hurts, Pip. – Back to your… Now he’s gonna go. I feel like– – Maybe he retires in a mansion. – He is ready to take… Oh, retire in a mansion. That’s good, he does love a mirrored box. But there’s so much happening at the inn. Turns out he can do wonders with garlic. – Garlic.
– They’re a chef. – Yeah.
– What if goes, does a live theater
production of Shape of Water? – Oh, wow.
– Okay. Well, good thing the theater
is very nearby the inn. So, absolutely gonna happen.
– Lucky placement. – Monster crisis.
– I feel great. – This might be a good thing. – Yeah. Guess what? It may be confusing. I’m gonna put him in the
waters nearby the inn, so no-one’s confused that
he still needs to move, because he’s out of here. He’s defeated. A hurried assistant needs
to be placed at the– Fritz! Place Fritz at the tower.
– I’ll do it. – Oh my, Fritz is a little intimidating. – Oh, oh. It’s the hunchback.
– Item in the institute. Item in the barn. Item at the camp. And now, Havana.
– No, you didn’t move the– – Yeah.
– Oh, I got so excited. (gasping) Frankenstein moves!
– We want that to happen! We want it to happen. – Okay, so Frankenstein’s gonna move one. One, two, three away from Havana and Nox. One, two, three away from me, so I’m gonna move him
towards me… (gasping) – We won the game!
– Win! The monsters meet! – If the both dials
show the monsters’ faces they are defeated.
(woman humming) (imitating kissing) – We win!
(lively, triumphant music) – Cover your eyes, Pip. – Yeah!
– Um, I have a girlfriend. (group laughing) – I thought you weren’t labeling. – Uh, we decided to change it up. – Whoa.
Congratulations, Pip. You’re grounded.
– Oh. – Friends! – Yeah, that was me the whole time. – I know. I didn’t actually think
we’d pull that off, so that was good.
– I thought I was so confident for half of the game. Our terror level was so low.
– Oh, wow. – And when I voluntarily
went to that hospital it seemed like everything
just went downhill. – It really can skyrocket fast. – It snowballed.
– Yeah. – It really did.
– Just like medical bills. – Yeah.
– Exactly! Which are horrifying!
(group whooping) – Oh, that’s the real horror of this game. – Bring it back around to reality. – Well, that’s not what this show is for, so why don’t we sign off? Friends, I love playing games with you. Thank you for being here. – Thanks to you.
– And you. – And you.
– And you. – And thank you.
– And you. – And thank you!
– And you. – Thank you!
– Thank you both. All three of you.
– Thank you. – Thank you! – Bye!
– Bye! – See you later!
(group groaning monstrously) (lively, upbeat music) (funky jingle)

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