Homeless Woman on the Streets of Los Angeles for 15 Years.

27 thoughts on “Homeless Woman on the Streets of Los Angeles for 15 Years.

  1. i love your work and i love the people you are talking to! please keep up the good work and give a voice to the ones that normally do not get a chance to tell their stories! lots of kisses and thoughts from a german fan 🙂

  2. 15 years? Not to sound mean but she should consider moving out of southern california. There are a lot of job opportunities outside of that region that she may not be aware. In the small towns I see "help wanted" signs everywhere. I moved out of Los Angeles because it was so expensive and it was the best decision I made in a long time.

  3. She is the kind of person who should get housing…… If I was to ever win the lottery I would house every homeless person I could…. I have housed one family and the children were so sweet…. I would love to help her if I could…… Homeless people are not what a lot of people think they are…. God Bless her……

  4. pisses me off world power gives billions in aid to foreign countries leaves its own citizens unable to afford housing nothing but governmental mis use of money . throw crumbs to not starve but keep them struggling everyone housing rental costs need capped in uk and usa. nothing but greed. give me money ill put afforable housing around the globe stops this gov greed, landlord greed.

  5. Stories like Jassalyn's keep me humble and grateful. They help me remember that I'm just lucky to have food and shelter; it's not because I am better or work harder than those who don't have food and shelter.

  6. Jossalyn I pray God looks after you an looks after you while you sleep. Its so sad that you hear the shelters are so bad to stay in. You would think there safe. Thank you Jossalyn for sharing your story love..

  7. Lived out there for 13 years if it hadn't been for my mom I would have been homeless too that damn City needs to lower their rents it's ridiculous yes it's a beautiful state but people are fleeing out of there because of high rents and the crazy politics I am so sick of that town robbing people for the rents that they do and the cost of living. It's a beautiful state but not worth all this BS

  8. The employed can barely afford tho live in LA. The mentally ill don’t stand a chance. They have to create institutional housing. This poor woman needs a system of support, safety, and nutrition. We have to care for the mentally ill.

  9. It is outrageous that this most 'successful' country in the world can't/won't house the vulnerable affordably.

  10. Go to another State….15 yrs being Homeless in LA is Ridiculous… it's alot of Cheaper State…But she says she Mentally ILL… so that explains her Situation…

  11. LA is a disaster for the homeless! It is horrible for those with mental health issues! I don’t care what anyone says I believe most people that are homeless are mentally ill and they are in a situation that they simply don’t know how to fix. If they knew better they would do better.
    They would certainly not be in LA of all places!!!! They should be taken out of LA and put somewhere nice and warm with free (not affordable) housing.

  12. She did your interview and she told you her last wish was something to eat because she was hungry. You couldn't even get her something to eat?? 🤔

  13. But the CRIMINAL ILLEGAL ALIENS get housing ASAP. People, stop voting democrat!!!!! The democrats’ only goal is to create chaos in society. They hate black people in particular. VOTE CONSERVATIVE. VOTE REPUBLICAN!!!!

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